shoes with a strap around the ankle


  • Why such shoes?
  • Shoes with straps at the ankles: color
  • Shoes with straps at the ankles: accents

The coming spring-summer season gave the world another stylish footwear trend. Hearts and minds of fashionistas subdued shoes with a strap around the ankle - they have become a real trend in 2012. Furthermore, the top European designers are confident that these shoes will be popular far more than one season. Fashionistas will still choose it, and in 2013 and 2014.

So let's look at those shoes with a strap around the ankle that delight women this summer, and to determine their color and accents. That's what we do as part of this review - it is completely devoted to stylish shoes with ankle straps.

Why such shoes?

First, let's deal with the reasons for the popularity and find out, why these shoes in the trend. Why shoes with ankle straps in 2012 enthuse even the most sophisticated fashionista?

  • Such a model, even regardless of the heel, sole and toe, in any case, looks elegant. The straps at the ankle just give it elegance, emphasizing the beneficial chiseled beauty of female legs.
  • This shoe is always visible - it produces effects and memorable. Straps around the ankles - this is the stylish detail, which inadvertently striking: rest assured, these shoes will appreciate girlfriend. Pay attention to this trend, you can become a trendsetter in the shoes of your company.
  • Belts ankles are "chip" is not tied to any particular model, which gives her a certain freedom of choice. You can give preference to a pair of high-heeled shoes or secondary, closed or open-toed, and thus still remain in the trend.

In short, the increased interest in such models is not surprising - they are really worthy of attention fashionistas. Shoes with a strap around the ankle should I buy - a couple of next spring-summer season, they just occupy a central place in the wardrobe. So let's move on to a discussion of the color model. What we recommend to European designers of houses in this case?

 shoes with a strap at the ankle

Shoes with straps at the ankles: color

Of course, classic black is very popular this season, but we want to remind the girls that spring and summer as the time necessary to experiment and look for more original and even extravagant options. The same position is taken and the leading design houses - known designers offer us the following color trends:

  • Shiny gold or silver shoes with a strap around the ankle will look more than appropriate for the entire season. Metal ebb models that color just gorgeous - the perfect embodiment of a bold and self-confident girls going to a party or some other event, and configured to appear there really is spectacular.
  • Another option are the luxury shoe with a strap around the ankle, print that mimics the skin of reptiles. "Crocodile" and "snake" are in vogue this season: a shoe already are girls who are not afraid to emphasize their sexuality. And rightly so - pattern reptile skin in combination with ankle straps ensures plenty of attention to the legs.
  • Other prints will also be in favor: shoes with a floral pattern and a strap around the ankle is in the spring-summer collections of each design house. Bright patterns on the floristic theme promises to be the most popular trend in 2012, because it will give preference as a romantic and gentle, and active and are fond of the girl.
  • Bold option - bright, but succinctly made neon shoes with a strap around the ankle. In the case of these models generally true: the lower the accessory, the better accentuate the color.
  • Another stylish trend began in 2012 Nude shoes with a strap around the ankle. Models of solid colors look unusual to the extent and at the same time is quite expensive and it is interesting to be suitable for any event. In the coming summer season are fashionable women wear such shoes, literally without lifting.

With color is clear - it can be quite free to choose according to their preferences. So let's move on to the features of performance and find out what the "chips" we are pleased the European design houses.

 shoes with a strap

Shoes with straps at the ankles: accents

To begin with, from what can be accomplished fashion shoes summer 2012. This assumes a large degree of freedom: shoes with a strap around the ankle can be made not only from the skin - in a trend and even woven fabric model. Of course, the last two options require careful attitude, but they look so elegant and cute, do not include them in your wardrobe is simply impossible.

In fashionable shoes with a strap around the ankle of the sample in 2012 is generally quite a high heel and thick sole. However, in this case allowed options: footwear, located in the trend may be at a low fly.

Also, the girl can not worry about the nose, yes, closed shoes with a strap around the ankle can safely be considered classics, but there came a hot summer! Therefore, the model will open in a trend - women can safely give preference to them. In this case, the choice of the sock is not critical moment.

But the key importance accessory shoe when it comes to our model, it is necessary to make it as small as possible. The fact that the ankle straps themselves are sufficiently bright decoration. Other accessories simply reduce the value of "chips", push it into the background. So the best option - it's shoes with a strap around the ankle at all without any accessories.

Here before us is such a model, one of the central trends of spring and summer of 2012 - free enough and certainly interesting. If you need a fashionable and noticeable shoes, do not hesitate to choose shoes with straps at the ankles - these options are at the height of modern fashion.

 Shoes with a strap around the ankle: the trend in 2012

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 what to wear ankle boots


  • The proportions and style
  • From what to wear boots

The most fashionable thing this spring found boots that continue to keep his popularity rating. Style ankle may be different, but the most popular among fashionistas steel model with a narrowed-toed high heels. It should be noted - this insidious shoes. It can ruin your look dramatically, exacerbating the disadvantages already not ideal figure. Yes, and perfect proportions violated if incorrectly chosen or shaped coloring. From what to wear boots, think even experienced ladies, because in the recent range of these shoes is growing before our eyes. It rapidly and at the same time quietly, won women's hearts to their convenience and style.

Ankle boots are something in between shoes and boots, with each new shaped closer to the first, then to the second. Short and tall wedges and platform, open nose, with laces, fur - how much here not to get lost? How to make the right choice? The more options, the easier wrong. In order to understand what to wear boots, you need to understand a few things for yourself. They also help in the further choice of style and in the selection of the correct image.

The proportions and style

Remember that classic ankle-length on a small heel, without cuts and adornments, tend to visually shorten the leg, making it more complete. This will certainly affect the whole silhouette. Especially the lack of noticeable when combined with skirts shoes. If your feet are far from ideal - do not experiment, leave this option is slim, even skinny girls. Models wedges must be carefully combined with a skirt.

The girls of short stature is better to choose an open model with high heels, with a cut in the area of ​​recovery - is visually pull the figure. In general, models with different cut-outs, open-finger or backless, able to do more slender legs, and your gait is lighter and airier.

Today, you can buy all ankle boots, even the most daring style and color. This footwear has long ceased to be a demi boots classic design. If you are not a fan of bright colors, and do not want to stand out, choose a gentle beige colors that fit almost any image.

Current models can be elegant and romantic, feminine and sexy. Do you want to emphasize the hard rock style - choose red boots. Hilarious cowboy image-country - brown with embroidery or rivets. This shoe fits, both in the office and in a sports wardrobe. And here is you have to figure out which model is right for you, your lifestyle.

 what to wear ankle boots

From what to wear boots

As mentioned above, the main advantage of ankle boots is their versatility. With the right choice, they can become a part of almost any style. The most successful "neighbors" of the shoe will be skinny jeans, cocktail dress, pencil skirt. But wide flared skirt did not look with ankle boots, whether open or closed model.

If you are going to wear boots, and also forget about classic trousers with arrows and long dresses. It is best to choose the length just above the knee, because the lower the skirt or dress, the shorter will appear your legs. Owners slender legs are not forbidden to wear the boots with thick tights and knee-high socks or, quite fashionable in this season.

Classic style

This style requires a smooth leather shoes, diluted suede inserts, or vice versa, suede ankle boots with leather ornaments. It is best to give preference to the hairpin or small platform, the main thing is less pretentiousness and calm tones such as beige. Closed model with high heels will be the best solution for visiting the social events, reception or restaurant.

Denim Style

By this way, you can choose open or semi-open model. With the slits on the sides, free finger or heel. Well combined summer white boots wedges with a denim skirt a narrow medium length or with skinny jeans. With the latter will look particularly good model, assembled like an accordion on his ankle. Ankle boots with laces is also ideal for sports style. This image fits perfectly in the usual walk around the city and in the club party.


Bright shoes are very fashionable this season, especially if it is the sole focus throughout the image. Do you like red? You are courageous and determined girl who is not afraid to experiment? Then the red or red boots - this is exactly what is missing in your wardrobe! The narrow dress of quiet tones, discreet accessory Brightly colored shoes - all the attention will be focused on your feet. This combination will bring to mind any man. And can create a monochrome image, but only if the magenta you really face. The most important thing is not to overdo it.

A few tips:

  • Jeans stretch in tandem with boots beneficial increase leg length. The main thing that trousers were tucked into boots.
  • Little black dress, black tights and black boots - an image that will fit almost any woman.
  • Going to a business meeting, it is better to give preference pumps. No matter how fit boots to your new dress, they lose the classic shoes.
  • Ankle boots with fur choose very carefully. Excessive amounts of fur trim looks ridiculous, like leg covers furry beast of unknown breed.
  • From what to wear boots summer version? Can you put on the open boots, worn without socks? If you are comfortable and convenient, of course, you can! This image perfectly complement a short dress and volume light tan. Dress is better to choose calm, even dark colors.
  • The higher the model ankle, the shorter should be a dress or a skirt, especially models of wedges.
  • Understated beige boots - always original and stylish. Your legs will seem longer and slimmer, especially when combined with pencil skirt.
  • Bright open model can be safely combined with tights in contrasting color.
  • With velvet suit do not wear suede shoes, and a knitted dress is better not to wear boots with knitted inserts. Boots with the fur will look better with a classic coat, but not with a fur coat. Shoes, as an accessory, must be individual.

Wondering what to wear boots, remember the cardinal rule - your outfit, including every detail must be correctly and beautifully appointed. Pick your pair, create a unique image, and be compelling in any situation!

 From what to wear boots - choose your pair!

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