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  • How to extend the life of wearing shoes
  • Seasonal shoe care and rescue measures
  • Regular measures for footwear

Today, the shoe market is wide and full of downright huge range, so sometimes it is very difficult in all this variety to choose the right fit. And we are glad if you can buy at a reasonable price fashion boots or sandals! Putting on beautiful shoes, people feel the rush of a good mood, and the convenience and durability of a slap, sandals or sneakers provide daily comfort and ease give legs.

My favorite pair of shoes worn frequently, so easily damaged. Moreover, our lack of knowledge about the properties of the material from which it is made, accelerates this process several times. And to be perfectly honest, shoe care for many is only a hasty removal of the dust with a damp cloth just before the exit from the house. And we are starting to complain about the reproachful leading manufacturers, not suspecting that they themselves are to blame for the fact that our shoes lose their original appearance. For example, mega naimodneyshie and sneakers Now, if you break the rules of care for canvas shoes, lose the original look very quickly.

One is not the point, as always, in season and by the way, fly off the taps on heels, soles and insoles falls suddenly twisted inside, making it difficult to stop to feel comfortable and convenient. Yes, such a pair can be repaired in a shoe shop. It would be much cheaper than buying regular shoes or ballet shoes. But if you decide to fork out for a new thing, then, after the purchase, be sure to pay attention to the fact, how to care for shoes, whether it is summer, winter and demi-season. Let me give you a few simple, but also very useful tips that will help extend the life of a pair of liked.

How to extend the life of wearing shoes?

First of all ask the seller, from what made you liked shoes. If it is made of natural materials, that is natural, it is by no means the case can not be cleaned with water. Such care for leather shoes quickly lead her into disrepair. The same applies to the suede. Remember that water, these very expensive materials instantly lose their appearance and irretrievably spoiled.

Today, in specialized stores you can buy special means to ensure the correct and careful care of footwear of leather and suede. They not only effectively clean it from dirt, but also contribute to the strengthening and protection against aggressive environmental influences. These may be all kinds of waxes, gloss, creams and so forth.

We should not forget also about the various support instruments which differ depending on the materials used for the manufacture of your new couple. For suede, for example, there are special brushes with rubber bristles, and stains can be removed with the help of my best-nazhdachki. With efficient and, most importantly, safe care shoes permanently retain its attractive appearance and wear it on the environment will not have such damaging effects, as happens in the case of neglect, for example, winter or rainy season.

Boots, sandals, or made of synthetic material, so-called synthetic leather, less capricious. To ensure proper care for shoes made of artificial leather is much easier and more convenient. There is such a couple is cheaper, but wears out faster than the other, so often comes into disrepair. As practice shows, these shoes can not be repaired, you can only replace damaged parts on parts made of stronger natural materials.

By the way, did you know that shoes, sandals and boots with heels, quickly spoiled by poor quality or too worn naboek? Although any of the packaging box you will find a steam room factory replacement, we recommend immediately get rid of them. It is better to replace them with polyurethane taps. This material is quickly gaining a leading position in the market of repair services as well as a good strength and excellent abrasion resistance helped him earn a good reputation among consumers.

Polyurethane heels and preventive maintenance can extend the life of your shoes. Today, manufacturers of these products and strong brands of used metal. Of course, they are durable, but create some inconvenience in their operation. Therefore, if you do not want while walking to issue a sharp clip-clopping sound that tells everyone around about your approach, then listen to the recommendations: any shoe maker will advise you to choose the polyurethane heels.

There is another important aspect to the question of how to care for shoes. To serve you longer a couple, try to monitor the condition of the heel. As soon I noticed that fettling inoperable immediately wear shoes in the studio. After a delay in a couple of days is able to "kill" the heel, and even bend your shoes. Therefore, do not pull renovated, so you do not win.

 Caring for leather shoes

Seasonal shoe care and rescue measures

Summer sandals enough to wipe the dust with a dry cloth. With this simple thing to easily handle even a child. The soles of sneakers and other athletic footwear is better to wash with warm soapy water using a sponge made of microfiber. But with the onset of autumn rains and snowfall you should be more attentive to the demi shoes and boots, as well as winter shoes. It was in this period is a gross error, so you should dwell on the question of how to care for leather shoes in bad weather.

Let's say you come home with wet feet. For starters take the necessary measures to prevent the common cold, and then take care of shoes. The mud and melting snow have to be removed carefully with cold water. A dry winter and demi pair help ordinary newspaper. They need to fill affected by the mud shoes and leave to dry at room temperature. Shoes or boots soaked very much? Then replace the paper several times, until the end that they have absorbed the excess moisture.

In no case do not put the shoes of leather or suede of the battery opposite the heater next to the hot oven and close to other heat sources. The fact that the rapid drying does harm to the material from which the crosslinked your boots or shoes, so soon they appear unsightly cracks. As an emergency measure to dry transition and winter shoes, you can use a vacuum cleaner, the air flow in the affected couple, pre-packed with the paper. But to resort to such a method are constantly experts do not recommend, or not to avoid cracks.

After the shoe is completely dry, you can proceed to the final stage. He is to lubricate or winter demi pair of leather high-quality cream. If for some reason it will not in stock, use petroleum jelly, glycerin, vegetable or castor oil. But to carry out such a procedure is necessary in any case, because the shoe is also useful to remove the kind of stress caused by the transition from the dry state to wet and back.

 How to care for leather shoes

Regular measures for footwear

Dirt and dust falling on the shoes, degrease the surface. This leads to the fact that reliable-looking shoes, and boots suddenly begin to pass the moisture and become hard and turned once a comfortable fit in the real torture is not clear where the undertaken stiffness. To avoid these unfortunate changes, once a week is enough to put on the shoe quality and suitable in color cream. This will clean it from pollution and save the remnants of the natural fat.

Do not lose the shape of winter shoes, waiting in the wings in the closet, wooden blocks help. Do not be discouraged if you purchase failed. Decent and cheap substitute for professional fixtures will crumpled newsprint. Spread it inside the shoe so that it took the entire volume. But the appearance of cracks at the bottom of the shaft can be prevented if the top seal of boots instead of the usual two clothespins. Do not gloss over backdrops - it looks ugly. Therefore, always shoes using the horn. Taking off shoes and boots, do not help yourself a second leg, stepping on the heel or heel. Such a process certainly will be consequences for the couple, but also you risk damage or even tear off the soles. Repair is costing you a pretty penny.

Mankind and shoes - the old partners, so their collaboration depends on how we treat our sandals, shoes, boots and so on. We rely on "and so goes"?

So, are forced to spend a large part of the budget for the constant updating of the wardrobe for the feet, releasing copies of the whole is still quite, where walking just a shame because they have lost the appearance. But with proper care shoes worn long and a joy when walking. With a couple of sorry to leave, even if it becomes fashionable.

 Shoe Care: how to extend the life of your favorite pair of boots?

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