Autumn 2011 - the era of the 70's

Many women tell us that it was in the 70s was the most comfortable autumn and winter boots. And so it is. After the slippery ground on the run to the hairpin is not much, and to be constantly in shoes with flat soles we do not want. That's why remember the era of the 70's with its massive boots and thick heel - the ideal solution. And this fall, designers returned to us this nostalgia.

Fashionable shoes Fall-Winter 2011-2012 - is a classic color, natural material and most importantly ease of shoes, boots and ankle boots. Even the famous designers who have worked only in a bright style yet in the new fall collection of footwear made more discreet and more convenient than ever.

The main trends of the fall season - is primarily expensive leather golinische wide and a massive heel. Fashionable shoes will be tough and that model on the catwalk demonstrating combined with evening dresses.

Also, more designers bring us closer to nature, the presence of pastel and flesh-colored textiles.

And if you want to imagine the unusual shoes, then take a closer look is a shoe combined materials.

 Autumn 2011 - the era of the 70's

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 Boots Fall 2011

Autumn boots 2011: Trends in this direction are so diverse that every fashionista will find a suitable option. Autumn fashion differs more conservative than Pestryaev the branded colors and unusual summer and spring. Unchanged for many years in a row are fashionable styles autumn shoes. However, global brands presented modern fashionistas the opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with new models of unusual and unusual stylish shoes.

Boots Fall 2011-2012, a photo which an incredible amount can be found on the Internet, in fashion and women's magazines, and in various catalogs of shoes, presents the traditional rainy season colors. Choosing boots fall 2011, fashion shoes recommends as the classic colors (black, brown and beige) and non-standard colors.

Fine autumn boots 2011, a photo which demonstrates the variety of fashionable textures and combinations thereof:

  • Shiny satin and luxurious fur
  • Rough leather and elegant suede
  • Lacquered and snakeskin

Fashion Boots Fall 2011-2012 - a retro-style shoes and unfading classics . The fashion boots are back at breakneck thin heels impractical. Autumn fashion show also unveiled a craze world fashion designers massive thick high heel. The style of the seventies (by the way, this applies not only shoes, but also all the accessories and clothes) - fashion trend of the 2011-2012 school year.

As for the amenities, singularity, beauty and practicality

As you can see, the beauty of this season, fortunately, does not require great sacrifice: the festively-output version of the shoe may be of boots with stiletto gourmet and casual - 2011-2012 Autumn boots at a comfortable stable massive heels. Grace gives way to more practical. In addition, the retro-style designers have added a contemporary touch, decorated with all sorts of options for shoes buckles, ribbons, chains and tassels.

Not always cold snap at the slightest desire arises immediately put on his boots. Very often, it would be desirable to delay the onset of winter period and extend the summer. This world designers too bothered. For warm weather are possible options playful fashion boots fall 2011 - photos show a variety of options. These "boots" may appear, for example, as high woolen socks or stockings a la "Granny," dressed with trendy shoes. Of course, this option is suitable only autumn shoe for warm, dry weather.

This is the way the world's designers have tried to cover the maximum possible number of options for shoes and satisfy even the most capricious fashionistas. Each woman will be able to indulge in buying trendy perfect pair of boots, and even not one.

Possible autumn fashion shoes:

  • Stubby boots - boots
  • High boots with laces
  • Shoes paired with wool golfs
  • High shoes
  • Boots classical length
  • Jackboots
  • Rubber boots for rainy weather

The sole can be not only a plane:

  • Platform and wedge
  • Massive heel
  • Hairpin

So now more about how should look fashionable boots in the fall of 2011-2012.

"Hello again! "Or the classic is always in fashion

Fans of elegance can safely choose a classic feminine model, since they are again in vogue this season. Simple boots classic colors (black, white, brown and beige), made of suede or leather look incredibly discreet and elegant.

An example is the shoes of the BCBG Max Azria. Classical models of 2011-2012 autumn boots with ease and elegance complemented by a collection of aristocratic Gucci, presented noble colors, fine fabrics and styles.

 autumn boots 2011 photo

The game of contrasts for kreativschits

Bright boots in a variety of colors and original performance pleased his fans Miuccia Prada. Most of them are made in the style of patchwork of different materials: velvet, satin, leather and suede. Contrast - a fashionable welcome the creation of the 2011-2012 autumn shoes Prada.

It is most unusual fashion boots fall 2011: a photo gives the opportunity to join the fine. Eclectic models from the fashion house Prada - a real must have every fashionista: pumps like wearing top boots. In them you will not be able to go unnoticed! High Heel slanted inwards, and the models themselves shoe made of fine genuine leather, suede and shiny satin.

Red and white, brown and blue - always a winning combination of colors. However, a practical shoes are very difficult to call, but the fact that she is very creative and beautiful - no doubt about it.

 autumn boots 2011

Ease of suede for lovers of comfort

Suede boots Fall 2011 - Fashion brings us back to comfort. Shoes made of suede, always looks great. That is why many brands offered fair sex suede boots (Yves Saint Laurent, Blumarine) and boots (Christian Dior, Michael Kors). Pleasantly surprised his fans Diane von Furstenberg. The designer unveiled high-heeled shoes made of suede. Wonderful fit with any outfit universal suede boots in pastel colors. These models offer Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Hermes and other fashion house.

 Fashion Boots Fall 2011

Exotic boom for fans of genuine leather

Another fashion trend - boots made of genuine leather, suitable for all, except for the Movement of Greenpeace. Fashion on a shoe has reached unprecedented heights. The collection of Christian Dior was seen stunning instance of boots with lace trimmed with alligator.

Collections Christian Dior, Dries Van and Gucci shoes offer the most fashionable colors: dark blue, purple, emerald green, pistachio, yellow, red and burgundy. Peep the season - shoes python skin.

 Boots Fall 2011 photo

Luxury lace for romantic nature

Just unearthly beauty boots Fall 2011-2012 - photos which we bring to your attention - has created a fashion brand Valentino. The peak of popularity is going through a white, black lace and lace shades of powder. Shoes imitating it, and yet submitted such fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Cesare Paciotti, Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Christian Dior.

 Boots Fall 2011 2012

The softness of velvet serdtseedok

Dries Van Noten offers the fair sex plush velvet boots on a high heel stable, and Italian designer Alberta Ferretti - luxury boots from the same material. They look simple, but amazingly beautiful. Ferretti insists rather bold combination of evening and daily details of the wardrobe.

Louis Vuitton - the authority of the fashion world - and offered his collection Autumn shoes of velvet. Marc Jacobs has made the impossible possible: to combine such styles as retro, glamor, fetish and patchwork.

 Fall 2011 fashion boots

Special chic for supporters shocking

Certainly appreciate the bold extravagance collection of Alexander McQueen lovers outrageous. Bold boots on the thin stiletto and platform boots decorated with lacing on skates. Lacing did not escape their attention and Balmain, Christian Dior and Dsquared.

 fashion boots fall 2011 photos

Travel back in time to the nostalgic

Thick heel and round toe - looking at these shoes, presented by Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang and Fendi, you realize that the inspiration for the designers obviously appealed to the thirties of the last century.

 Fashion Boots Fall 2011 2012

Riot of colors gourmet

Absolutely no option autumn autumnal boots offered the fashion house Versace. They combine both the classic little black dress, and a modern military style coat. Models made Mysik open and made of suede one or more colors. Sometimes decorated with laces in contrasting color.

Very bright boots model offers fashion brand Blumarine: flat shoes purple, yellow, orange and turquoise.

 Autumn boots 2011 2012

Permanent beauty to inclement weather

Looking at the modern trendy rubber boots, a desire to explore the shamanic techniques and learn how to induce rain. At the same time and the money to buy the whole series is absolutely of the models. Rubber boots now that the season is not out of fashion. They are practical and comfortable, and most importantly, very beautiful. This season is no exception.

Designers offer two main options of rubber boots: the first - on the heels, with elastic at the ankle or wide at the top, the second - the classic sporty style. The leaders are colorful and bright-colored rubber boots "juicy" colors. Particularly relevant pearl and imitating lacquered leather pair. In inclement weather protective "camouflage" perfectly complement the umbrella in rubber boots.

 Boots Fall 2011 2012 photo

"Animals" prints for «naturalistok"

Creating a collection of fashionable footwear autumn, famous fashion designers paid special attention to "animal" colors. Became a classic leopard, tropical butterflies, green iguana - not a complete list of the "masterminds". In these boots you will definitely attract attention.

 beautiful boots Fall 2011

So, dear ladies, let's summarize. The fashion collections of brands 2011 season presents a variety of options for fall shoes: his short boots and high boots, stylish boots with thin heels and boots in a retro style on a stable heel, high athletic sneakers and shoes in combination with stockings a la "Granny" for warm weather. A very popular item in a shoe model this season - lace, especially with respect to the contrast of the shoes. Lace decorates beautifully classic boots and athletic shoes. The world's leading designers to create unique collections of shoes use the entire range of materials, from lace, satin and velvet to suede, leather and its imitation.

Autumn boots 2011, a photo of which you see on our site - it's just a small part of what you can indulge in the warm and the cool rainy weather.

 Fashion Boots Fall 2011: shoes for every taste

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