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In the early days of its appearance in Europe this shoe was met not particularly warm, but with time everything changed. Today, women ugg boots adorn the feet of many celebrities: they are happy to put an actress, singer, model, and socialites. Without this shoe does not do any one show - it is represented in virtually all modern autumn-winter collection of famous designers.

A similar situation was in Russia - the first all a huge variety of models simply did not take, considering them insufficient elegant and graceful. But the popularity of shoes continued to grow in Europe, and now our socialites and stars of show business began to follow them, chosen by Western celebrities, thereby giving an example of our simple fashionista. As a result, today, the beginning of the autumn-winter 2011-2012 season, buy ugg boots for women just want all the girls to keep abreast of current trends.

As a result, these shoes are fashionable conquered Europe and no longer seems so rough; but why did it happen?

Ugg boots: the reasons of popularity in demi-season period

Secret demand for these shoes is simple - it consists of four components; Moreover, the attention of the Russian fashionistas deserve each.

  1. Let's start with the fact that modern ugg not even close to resemble those cumbersome, bulky and unattractive models, which once did the Australians. Today, they are quite elegant, very beautiful, and even glamorous - to verify this, look at the photo collection EMU Australia of 160 and 250, MOU or Jimmy Choo.
  2. In addition, in recent seasons such shoes is consistent with the expectations of women and may be a wide variety of styles. Modern ugg boots and fur can be knitted, suede and leather, carried out in strict and vivid colors. In short, the woman with any taste preferences now easily find the model under consideration of shoes that fit her personally.
  3. This modern ugg boots can be safely regarded as one of the synonyms of practicality - wear them really comfortable. This is the most comfortable shoes - no heels, studs, sharp socks, nothing too tight and no pressure. We should also be said about the care of health - ugg boots women's winter keep a girl's feet warm even at relatively low temperatures, this is their definite plus.
  4. Well, the fourth component of success is the excellent compatibility with other items shoe wardrobe. Ugg boots fit perfectly into the style of Casual, harmoniously complementing the everyday image of a busy and active girl. But it is interesting that the shoes may be the unusual touch that adorn the "output" wardrobe, add spice to the evening dress - of course, it is safe, but that's how many of today dress celebrities.

 buy ugg boots for women

What are ugg boots are popular this winter?

On the reasons for the success sorted out, let's think about what model to choose in the 2011-2012 season, and so trendy and urgency of footwear supplemented appearance did not cause any doubts.

Of course, at the peak of popularity is the classic ugg boots, the boots have a traditional style and relaxing colors - sand, brown, beige. This is understandable, because it is such a model is just perfect for Casual style: they are seasoned, low-key and not to attract undue attention. Moreover, they also bribed his practicality: ugg boots are not Mark, you can safely wear them every day and in different weather conditions.

This popular will and more daring variations of shoes with which the image will shine bright colors, even in the rainy season and snowstorms. At the turn of 2011 and 2012, you can safely choose ugg boots blue and green, yellow and red, pink and even purple, adorned with a hidden pattern. Also relevant is the "leopard" and generally all type of model stylized wool carnivores of the cat family.

In a season already has been a super popular trend, which should be discussed separately - are women ugg boots, in which there are shades of silver. This can be a model, as done only in ivory and decorated with a complex script pattern. The main thing that they are dominated by a silver - in the remaining days of autumn it will give the shoe romantic, and in winter it is, of course, will also be more than appropriate.

You also need to say that the trend is now gone ugg decorate, decorate them lavishly. Today, almost all European designers can easily find models with lacing and fur, studs and cuffs, ribbed trim and rhinestones. And that's great, because of the decor shoes only wins, becoming brighter and more unusual. Not surprisingly, many women choose this combination of simplicity and originality - it adds positive emotions in a season of bad weather.

 ugg boots women's winter

Which European fashion houses bet on ugg boots?

The centerpiece of this shoe collections takes MOU - the brand is actively decorate their models, offering hundreds of fashionable women of different solutions, but without forgetting the classic beige, sand, brown and black. If we talk about the brave decisions, the radical, but it is already a popular option is our Emporio Armani - a house, issuing rubber ugg boots. Well, graceful in their spice model, we offer many designer: can be identified separately and EMU Australia Australia Luxe Collective, in the collections which most attention is given to this shoe.

Fashionistas, here's our advice: feel free to choose women ugg boots, the ones that you like - as you already understood, popular in the 2011-2012 season will be different to their model.

 Women's ugg boots: Current trend of the season

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 How to choose a winter shoes?

Winter is coming, which means that now you need to think about buying winter boots. The proper selection of winter boots is not only comfort but also your health. After all, if the feet are constantly freezing, the health problems you provided. What should I look for when choosing a winter shoes? How to choose a good, high quality, comfortable shoes for the winter?

When choosing a winter shoes first thing you need to pay attention - this is what it is made. Better choose genuine leather shoes, because this shoe the feet do not sweat and it is better to keep warm. Also inside the shoe would be best if the fur is natural, as it absorbs moisture better, and feet do not freeze.

Trying winter boots, watch out for, so that they will not crushed and squeezed his leg. These shoes are not only fast breaks, and you will be uncomfortable, and it is cold. It is also very bad, if the leg is hanging heavily. Ideally, winter boots should be one size larger, because after a hard day's feet can nalitsya and shoes you will be small.

Choose shoes with thick soles. Since the thin-soled boots on, you will be cold. Also, the sole must not be smooth, since it is very slippery.

Of course, winter boots without heels more comfortable than heels. But it is not suitable for all outfits. Boots with heels look more beautiful and spectacular.

But choose you! Good luck!

 How to choose a winter shoes?

 Fashionable sports shoes

Sports style every season is always present in the collections of fashion designers. It impresses with its practicality and convenience. Looking back on the fashion trends spring-summer 2011, designers of sports shoes in 2012 offer us the best of the trend of the previous season, not forgetting the fresh veyaniyah.Sportivnaya shoes traditionally represented sneakers and sneakers. What are the model adequately take their place in our wardrobe in the 2012 season?

  • At the peak of the popularity of sneakers will be the boldest of colors: pink, turquoise, purple, yellow. Black and white are also held in high esteem. It is fashionable to be a bright orange color.
  • Special attention is paid to the following season shoelaces - they must be of different colors and always bright. Designers offer original models of shoes with lacing behind.
  • Fashionable shoes and sneakers are with bright prints and three-dimensional drawings. Sport, too, glamor in fashion shoes and sneakers are decorated with rhinestones and sequins.
  • For girls who prefer a sporty style but do not want to give up heels, designers for the upcoming season offers sports boots and shoes with heels on a high platform sole.
  • Leather, suede, velvet, dense fabric - a material for sports shoes for the autumn-winter season.
  • Much attention is paid to detail: lightning, decoration, various inserts.

Among such a variety of easy to choose a model, not only to create an image of everyday sport, but also to choose original shoes that emphasize individuality and provide an opportunity to experiment with styles.

Casual and sporty chic

Sports wear things convenient and comfortable, they easily fit into the style of «casual». Good sports shoes combined with skinny jeans, dresses and skirts in the style of "sport". Through relevant in the next season sneakers bright colors and kedam with original prints, this outfit will not look boring.

Fashionable sports shoes worn in 2011 in a traditional style. In the autumn-winter fashion offer experiment and try more daring options:

  • Short classic shorts, blouse or shirt, long cardigan made of light fabric, combined with fashionable sneakers create an unusual and stylish image.
  • It is interesting to look at sports shoes long skirt with a classic topom or full skirt to the knee and a T-shirt with large print labels, or funny.
  • Bright leggings, short dress and shoes on a platform sole - this outfit definitely attract attention and make your way very original.
  • Sports shoes with heels or wedges can be combined even with a cocktail dress or suit with concise notes classics.

Designers designated clothes in this style as "a bold urban chic." So add imagination, mix styles, boldly wearing fashionable sports shoes.

Trainers autumn-winter 2012 collection of famous brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas will soon appear in specialized stores. Basically it is a two- or three-color bright pattern, as always stylish and comfortable. The Nike designers this season, added a dusty shades of pink, turquoise, blue and gray.

Special attention should be fashionable sports shoes from the brand Y-3: very beautiful shoes, embroidered with sequins, leather shoes, bright yellow, pink and blue. Heath collection are very feminine boots on a high platform sole, like sneakers.

Sports style every season increasingly penetrates into everyday clothes, becoming a favorite among people of all ages and social status. Its elements - clothes, shoes and accessories - are becoming more elegance, glamor and femininity. Be aware of the latest fashion trends is necessary.

 Fashionable sports shoes in the new season

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