boots Spring 2012

Spring is around the corner, and that's why all the designers in a hurry to surprise and even shock every new girl the branded footwear. We all want to update your wardrobe suitable things, so let us consider a very important topic: boots Spring 2012.

Trendy colors of spring ankle

  • This spring should pay attention to the classic boots colors: dark blue, black, brown, white, red and beige. They combine perfectly with all different styles of clothing.
  • Recent Spring 2012 boots are made of coral, gold and turquoise shades.
  • Trendy hit regarded these shoes with animals, floral prints and stripes, polka dots or abstract images. Very nice look in leopard boots - they perform a perfect complement to a black dress or suit, as well as any clothing pastel shades.

 Spring 2012 fashion boots

Various models of ankle boots

Trendy boots Spring 2012 - wedges or platform. The first most notable for its unusual and original form of various heights. Ornaments such models have become a variety of decorative elements, including metal buttons, rhinestones and buckles.

These shoes are very comfortable and convenient at the same time it will beautify your feet. Ankle boots on the platform or wedge heels are perfectly combined with a variety of clothing, whether it is a mini-skirt, dress or leggings. Very original shoes with rocker looks additions - a large zipper, metal buckle and riveting.

Equally considered trendy ankle boots with laces. They can be very bright, flashy, and unobtrusive, supplemented with lace or rivets. These shoes are best matched with a skirt, dress or tight pants, which is to fill in.

Very stylish boots 2012 spring, made in two colors on a stable low heel in the form of wine glasses. This option is perfect for everyday wear. Also pay attention to models with high heels, because of their diversity and a wide range of strike the heart of every fashionista, from lovers of original things, and to the classics.

Attracts new products can rightly be considered boots with knitted elements. They perfectly complement any knitted article, such as dress and accentuate your style. Very nice would look styles, decorated with lace, mesh inserts and colored. These shoes for those who follow fashion and are not afraid to experiment.

 Booties Spring 2012: Fashion trends

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 Shoes Spring 2012

Every girl knows - to be stylish, you need to follow the trends. For winter 2012 we need to prepare for the next season. This is especially true when it comes to the essential parts of the female wardrobe. Therefore, if you are interested in shoes Spring 2012, is to keep up with trends. So let's look at all the chips in the next season and to identify with those models that can adequately decorate shapely female legs.

 Fashion Shoes Spring 2012

Shoes 2012: Choose a style

  • Retro again promises to be a hit of the season - the girls will choose the elegant and romantic model. The success of the shoes with pointed toe low-heeled indeed achieved - is proving a collection Jil Sander, Sophie Theallet, Bagley Mishka, Erdem, Tory Burch.
  • Popular will and models thick platform - a rather daring, but interesting Shoes Spring 2012: Photo impressions of New York, London, Paris, perfectly prove this. It is on this have focused shaped Unique, John Rocha, Jaeger London, Fashion Fringe, and many other design houses.
  • Success will accompany and boots, lightweight, open-toed - is the choice of young people do not accept conservatism. Attention to such footwear attract Paco Rabanne, Custo Barcelona, ​​Guy Laroche, Burberry Prorsum - in the spring and summer season, it will be up to par.

Separate discussion deserve the heels, especially wood - is one of the most fashionable trends. It should be noted that the popular will enjoy sustainable patterns of classical or even low-soled shoes. However, the same boots with metal studs are not too tired to choose - the girls will create a variety of options for look'ov.

 Shoes Spring 2012 photo

Shoes 2012: determined with color

  • A win-win option is metallic - its cool elegant brilliance will emphasize many design houses. Collections Alexandr McQueen, Anna Sui, Philip Lim reveals the attractiveness of this trend fully.
  • Shoes golden hues also promises to be the wave of popularity - its luxurious sheen will be a great finishing touch to look'e successful women. All the beauty and appeal of this trend perfectly revealed in the collections of Moschino, Synthia Rowley, Mary Katrandzou - with the decisions of these design houses is available.
  • Another interesting option - a flesh-colored model, that is, light beige, with shades of pink. These shoes will make her maiden leg even slimmer, sleeker, more feminine - to verify this, just look at the collection of Antonio Maras, Emporio Armani, Etro, The Blondes.
  • Floral prints will also be relevant - their originality and richness perfectly suited positive and active girl. The fact that the spring and summer should be bright, we are reminded designer house Dolce & Gabbana, Preen, Tracy Reese.

It should be said about the ornaments of shoes: very popular are various options shnurovok and transparent inserts. The first option would make the model elegant decor, while the second - safely.

Giambattista Vialli, Marc Jacobs, Pringle, Sonia Rykiel, Oscar de la Renta - all these and many other design houses give us girls the opportunity to find stylish shoes or boots, decorated the way that we want. We can see what kind of trends gives us Spring Fashion 2012: Shoes, stylish, modern and well suited to our look'am conceived, can be selected easily.

 Fashion Shoes Spring 2012

 Women's sneakers

Looking at the feet shod in sneakers for women, not so long ago in my head involuntarily an association connected with the sport longer. At the present time, the everyday, practical sports shoes became fashionable fit image.

Sneakers continue to shine in the fashion field now. Gone are the days when the shoes had a narrow specialization. Now it has become a stylish and fashionable thing.

Women's shoes often amaze us with its original design, and what is their main difference from men. Today, the weak half of humanity can easily pick this thing for themselves.

The main differences of the female from the male style

  1. Sneakers may vary not only style, but also the color and height. This is done in order to meet the different needs of women of fashion taste.
  2. Very often the models are beautiful embroidery, appliques and crystals. In this regard, the designers took into account all the nuances.
  3. Women's shoes may have a peculiar form of the upper part of adjusting to the structural features of the foot.
  4. Also may vary the materials from which they are made. Sneakers for men are often made of ordinary textiles, while for girls designers have prepared both synthetic and conventional skin.

Stylish and fashionable young people's lives will not be complete without a sports shoe, which is why the basic sneakers occupy a shelf in their wardrobe. You can also see celebrities in this shoe that support an active lifestyle. All this points to the fact that this fashion trend is appropriate everywhere.

 sneakers women high

Let's see that with what kind of clothing is worn sneakers

  • Women's shoes textiles are perfectly combined with knitted scarf, a blouse and trendy jeans.
  • Almost all models will harmonize sweatpants, which should not be forgotten.
  • The highlight of the season is a combination of a jacket. This ensemble will be enjoyed by the most desperate fashionista.
  • Pullover or colorful sweater can add brightness to your image, and fashionable handbag perfectly complete it.

Beautiful female shoes appeared relatively recently. In them during the Soviet era, the fashion and the style that we impose on the industry of the period, schoolgirls could be found on the sports field.

At the present time - is a stylish and trendy thing. Modern designers and famous fashion houses focus their attention on the brand, which is why a variety of shoes knows no boundaries.

For example, women's high shoes transformed from a simple sports shoes in everyday use. Now they have the right to be the main feature of your wardrobe, not just shoes for active recreation.

High shoes amuse us with vivacity and freshness of colors, as they have absorbed all the latest trends of the current year. Various combinations of the inserts of textile and leather are very popular today.

 Winter shoes for women 2012

Sneakers in 2012 reflected a:

  • The combination of different finishes of natural materials, suede and patent leather;
  • Colorful color laces and soles;
  • The metal plating;
  • Natural fur.

You cheat, if you think that the shoes - a style only warm season. Winter 2012 women's shoes with fur suit, even in cold weather. They harmoniously combine the warmth, comfort and beauty, have a modern design and are widely available, because they can be purchased at any boutique, so nowadays they have no surprise. I noticed that they relished the many girls, fashion designers have begun to pay more attention also warm kedam to wearing them can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Currently, these shoes can be selected on the Internet, not just in specialty shops. For those who adhere to the energetic lifestyle shoes are an essential option; They have long been considered a universal shoe, which can make you fashionable and stylish at any time of the year.

 Women's shoes in 2012