Elite umbrellas for a beautiful lady

Throughout the centuries, during which there is humanity, women have been and still are great fashionistas. Of course, the fair sex in all its subordinate rough spouses, but, without a doubt, they have come up with a simple but necessary phenomenon as clothing, learned to brush and style your hair, take care of the face and body. And all this in order to look luxurious, eclipsing the other ladies! Women's competition - terrible force, actively driving the progress!

In the wardrobe girls have always been a huge amount of clothes and accessories, without which it is impossible to even stick his nose into the street: corsets and special pillows - tyurnyury, gloves, stockings and hats .  No wonder that the publication, the lady had to spend hours only to have to get dressed, because their own to pull over so many things were simply impossible! And the modern lady velocity fees not far removed from his noble relatives: wonder about women's slowness invented so many jokes .  And did not want our second half-believing it clear that for them after trying! Even half an hour choosing a gingham throw in the bag in case of rain, we are real women, first of all think about how we look with a stylish accessory in hand, like whether the beloved! And to be sure in the selection and always be confident, each lovely lady should buy Italian luxury accessories!

The first umbrellas were in China for safety gentle milky royal skin from the harmful effects of sun rays .  And then, back in the X century BC, the accessories have been virtually an attribute of power .  Ornate gold threads, stones and carvings on ivory handles, umbrellas were ambitious cost and weight, wear them for the royals could only a crowd of servants! Over time, the product began to not only protect from the sun, but also rain and wind, their price is becoming more democratic, weight approaching normal and familiar to us, and their number is increasing by leaps and bounds! So today to choose the ideal umbrella is not such a difficult and daunting task! But if buying an accessory, then do it wisely! After all, the umbrella appears as a true friend is in trouble! And if the product will be of poor quality, you risk being left in the rain, exposing carefully laid hairstyle luxury make-up and chic suit the harmful effects of a cold shower! Wildberries offers to pay attention to the collection of umbrellas that will be your faithful companion for a long time!

In our online store elite women's umbrellas in a wide range and at the best prices. Working with suppliers directly, Wildberries avoid markups, offering all fashionistas to enjoy the impeccable quality and unrivaled style of the Italian accessories!

Let autumn is rainy, spring thunder rumbles, and interleaves the summer hot days with these storms - if your handbag is always a stylish luxury umbrella, the weather not only bring you trouble, but did not spoil the mood! Smile, because you is to face!

 Elite umbrellas for a beautiful lady

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 fashion jewelry, 2011 Photos

What can make tune female image with new colors and fill it with spicy notes of exclusivity, which, undoubtedly, will provide lady from the crowd of others. Jewellery and accessories - is the easiest way to give a style unique flavor, which is typical in this season stylists predict a special excitement around the accessories, the traditional alternative. About the increased interest in these products, says the widespread desire to fashion magazines to place on their pages information about what the fashion jewelry 2011 photo is intended to show the variety of stylistic and conceptual solutions that are trendy this year.

Reference accessories this season finally moved away from the half-measures, therefore masters of haute couture, stylists and jewelers calling ladies to hide deep in their plain box chains, small earrings and unremarkable ring. Instead, go to the nearest store and buy trendy massive, catchy and original jewelry 2011 summer, as expressed by the eclectic and ethnic motives, as well as industrial subordinated notes rebellious one rule - the trend of impressive, large size women's jewelry.

This season, allowed everything extraordinary experiments with a combination of different styles, including the image of fashionable jewelry in 2011 from non-natural materials, such as stones, wood, coral; or modeling style using the products of modern alloys. If the fair sex prefers classic precious metal, designed in the best tradition, the taste preferences and the like will be relevant. Jewelry by today's standards finally lost the status of "tinsel" and an optional element, on the other hand, those ladies who are persistently trying to avoid the use of ornaments, are not only conviction but also fall under the category of "bad taste."

Fashion jewelry 2011 that offers fashion market?

 fashion jewelry 2011

However, the modern fashionista can be a dilemma, because in a wide range, which is offered to female attention, no wonder lost, if you do not know the basic rules for choosing jewelry summer 2011 or to pay due attention to the brand manufacturer. In this case, the fair sex runs the risk of not only ruin the perfection of style created by her image, but also to pass for a lady that has a bad taste. This article - the direct guidance on the selection of the reference fashion jewelry 2011, is designed in the best traditions of modern fashion trends.

  • Fall into the category of must-have decoration in the style of a safari, or accessories that transmit African motifs with animalistic elements such fashion jewelry in 2011 featured in the collections of Coro, Elsa, as well as the world-famous Dior. Tellingly, stylistic execution remotely gives hints of hand-made, and all thanks to the use of natural materials: decorative stone, diverse coral, intricate shells.
  • Especially popular among sophisticated bohemians enjoys line "girl-coquette." As the original can offer fashion jewelry, 2011, executed in this conceptual vein? Drapery and it alone: ​​colorful ribbons, bows, combined with sequins, decorative vintage stones in the style of 30-ies, like bunches tied with massive necklaces, chains or necklaces, and bracelets, a special highlight of which are the thick chain with inserts of fabric . Such stylistic solutions present on the stage at Vuitton, and Myriam Haskell and immediately got on the pages of women's magazines that are placed in their columns of information that is should be the jewelry fashion 2011, photo only opened to the masses all the charm of these products.
  • But for lovers of vintage jewelry will not find more creativity and originality of creative ideas than in the collection of Jeanne Azocar, the basis of its last show mineral composition: playing with colored tints Bakelite and Galatians. But not only this one is strong collection of this master, it became a hit summer 2011 jewelry using dried beans earrings and beads, as well as chestnuts and other environmental materials at hand. All lovers of outrageous and courage can safely go in search of these unique accessories.
  • But the motives of Asian ethnic slipped many masters of haute couture. Ladies, to bet on romanticism coupled with the brightness can find a lot of useful information in these product lines, for example, massive earrings with a cascade of rhinestones and intricate, whimsical patterns. Necklaces and beads impressive size with an abundance of decoration in the form of stones, beads, rhinestones, and constant heavy bracelets in ethnic style. Fashion label from Mazer, Marcel Boucher, as well as French Yoco built on the eastern sheet, cutting-edge fashion catalogs posted on their pages trend fashion jewelry 2011, photo passed romantically intriguing flavor of Asian ethnic.
  • Fangled phenomenon, which immediately ranked as one of the trend trend, steel lacquered accessories. And thanks to modern fashionista should forewoman Nathalie Costes - creator of a series of necklaces and beads of wood, varnished balls. Shine - a topical solution for jewelry this season.
  • Obviously, the creative and imaginative conceptual design solutions at its peak - is ideal for the young and trendy, bold and bright, but what is the ladies who prefer a calm classics? The fair sex, who appreciate the traditional products, will be allocated per capita in shows by Celine. Its line - this greeting from the '70s, because it is filled with hints of retro style. Jewelry Summer 2011 should not be reduced to screaming, vulgar ornaments, enough yarn "pearl."

Jewelry Summer 2011: choose and wear correctly

 jewelery 2011 Photo

This abundance of ladies' helpers in the fight for the beauty of the lost is not surprising, therefore, knowledge of jewelry trends of 2011 - no guarantee of success at creating an attractive, harmonious way. To flirt and fashionista really was a success and received the attention it is important to know how to choose the accessories that were not going to be at odds with the style decisions, and also stressed the individuality of its owner.

Although this year requires virtually all products combine weighty massiveness and some ladies standing with caution to buy such models. For example, tiny, undersized "Thumbelina" have to think twice before choosing a volume, highly decorated with beads and necklaces. They visually figure down to earth and overshadow their fragile possessor. Petite women of fashion designers recommend to pay attention to something easier, for example, products made of transparent glass beads or light, they can be combined volume trend, but it does not overshadow his mistress.

But ladies, which nature endowed curvaceous and outstanding amounts - lucky, because a massive trend jewelry trends 2011 satisfied in full and at the same time is great for obese women. Thick bracelets, earrings or a hefty cascading beads soaked in the best, for example, Roma traditions - the ideal solutions, they are designed to shift the focus from the extra kilos fashionista accessories such serve as a bright spot and a kind of "red herring."

What kind of color scheme can be advised to the fair sex, based on the sizes and models jewelry? Most often found on the boards of high fashion jewelry gold color and model of deep browns, fashion magazines rich in information that explains what should be a fashion jewelry 2011 Photo also demonstrate its range. So, the smaller accessory, the more shots and screaming could be his tone, as indicated by the unwritten rule selection of trend jewelry.

On the contrary, weighty and massive, rich pompous drapery of pebbles, shells, belts or chains are required to run accessories in muted colors, as the product risks being overwhelmed and giving hints of vulgarity.

How to combine the accessories? Designer Tricks

 jewelry Summer 2011

As the current season allows the fair sex to experiment and implement the wildest fantasies into reality, you can easily beat the variety of jewelry styles. For example, aggressive and sleek industrial with its metal jewelry with an elegant classic, considered very impressive combination of ethnic ornaments peculiar to them futurism with models in safari style. Women's magazines are often trying to find new images, so they can find pages of fashion jewelry 2011 photo exhibit that piquant unique style can be achieved by skillfully chosen accessories.

Minimalism is now out of favor, it applies to both colors and decor touches. But this is what complicates the combination of colors. Imagine if the bracelet repeats print zebra or leopard, the compatibility of such products with a blood-red coral necklace is highly questionable. It is important that the image does not lose its integrity and committed to a single idea. For example, the abundance of diversified one bracelet on a female hand will maintain the image of a youth coquette, fashion catalogs show the trend in the creation of individual style, including on their pages jewelry fashion 2011, photo already demonstrate that change - it's easy.

Far in the past are the days when accessories and jewelry were considered unnecessary sophistication and an echo of the bourgeoisie, and now jewelry is a direct indicator of a bright personality and unique style ladies. With well-chosen ornaments modern fashionista doomed to feel its own irresistibility and admiring glances involuntarily passionate spicy notes and highlight, the secret of which only opens the 2011 summer jewelry.

 Fashion jewelry 2011 - a powerful weapon in the arsenal of women

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