leadership qualities


  • Self-organization and responsibility
  • Dedication and hard work
  • Respect not only themselves, but also colleagues
  • Initiative and ambition
  • Sacrifice and patience
  • Positive attitude, supported by self-development

Leadership - a useful quality that will help move up the career ladder and earn the respect of the team. Leadership - a springboard to financial independence and the implementation of any set your goals. But as a rule, we do not all have the appropriate features, or just do not know what to do and how to succeed in society. But the good news is that a leader can become absolutely every woman: it is not easy, but if you are willing to work on themselves and their qualities, then you are guaranteed a positive result.

Here you will learn about how to become a leader and win the respect of others.
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Self-organization and responsibility

First of all, you need to learn how to organize their time. Often we just do not understand where it is going presently, but here everything is simple. We often allow ourselves to sleep once an hour; instead of being engaged in business, we explore the World Wide Web, or talking on the phone. All this "eats" our time, which we could spend on more useful activities. Self-discipline will help manage your time: Keep a diary to schedule your tasks for the day, burn it all your activities and time spent on them. So you can monitor the activity that will help you become more responsible and do more work.

Proper self-organization will cause you to become an example to follow in your team, and this is a very important feature that should have any leader. Just think that, as a leader, you need from your peers in the period of execution of tasks, but they can not cope with such a task. Of course, this will adversely affect the morale of the team. What you're the leader, if a bad example to others? Therefore it is very important to become a man, to whom all are equal. Work on yourself and learn how to divide their time.

 dedication and hard work
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Dedication and hard work

Set a goal and actively move in a given direction. If you are not willing to work hard, then you will never be able to understand how to become a leader.   It is important to be able to achieve the desired, because seeing your commitment and ability to implement the idea, the team will begin to show respect to you, and the leadership to think about whether it is time to trust you more responsible work.

We must remember that to achieve a leading position can only be a great dedication and devotion to your cause. If you do not like your job or activity in which you strive to become a leader, you are unlikely to be able to succeed. Perhaps it is worth think about changing your activity: choose the path that will bring you more fun. You need to love or to force myself to love your work, and then the promotion will appear on your horizon.
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Respect not only themselves, but also colleagues

Often, trying to prove himself in the team, some forget about respect for others. I do not think that you are capable of other members of your team, because everyone can make mistakes and you are no exception. This is not the case where the end justifies the means. No need to walk over burning of all the bridges. Try to be treated with understanding of your colleagues; If they ask you for help, be sure to posodeystvuyut them. Too high self-esteem and neglect relationships with others only put you in a bad situation, and you are unlikely to succeed.

Just think about how to be a leader among people who harbored a grudge on you for your previous actions against them. It's certainly possible, but most likely will not bring you satisfaction on your location. It will be much better if your colleagues will love and respect you, and when you finally manage to take the lead, they only rejoice for you, and a positive attitude in the team will lead to greater efficiency.

 respect not only themselves, but also colleagues
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Initiative and ambition

If you are overwhelmed with the idea and the desire to develop and improve themselves, then it's time to become a leader. Initiative has the creativity, so do not be afraid to express their opinions and suggestions about changing any aspect of your work. If you have in mind a lot of good ideas, but this one does not know, then how can you move from your position?

Leader - a person who is clearly ahead of all and stands out among the others, and to prove themselves, need to articulate all of your suggestions. Firstly, it will draw attention to you guidance. Secondly, even in case of failure, you'll get valuable experience that will help you to continue to review their ideas and analyze errors.

No need to wait until you note that act and do everything possible to be interested in your leadership. Passivity never nobody has benefited. Action and desire to express themselves - that's what distinguishes leaders from others.
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Sacrifice and patience

If you have long been trying to become a leader, but you can not manage it, calm down and analyze the situation. Patience - a very important quality that must develop on a path to success. I do not think that you get everything at once. Think carefully about every step and every action. No need to hurry - it is better slowly but surely come to the desired position than did miss their chance.

Leadership - it is hard work that requires constant monitoring, accountability, and often sacrifice. If you belong to the category of people who are just waiting, as it were, to quickly finish work and go home, you will never become a leader. After Leadership position will take you a lot of time: you have to stay at work often do not get enough sleep, to sacrifice his personal life and health. At the same time you have to have great stress tolerance. Think about whether you are ready for such a mode of life? If so, now you should begin to get used to such a schedule. Get in the habit to stay at work to perform more tasks: it will work out in your hard work and also pay attention to the management of your patience and dedication.

 positive attitude, supported by self-development
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Positive attitude, supported by self-development

Perhaps one of the most important qualities of any leader is to believe in yourself. Do not be afraid to fail, do not give up if something goes wrong. We need a positive attitude yourself to achieve your goals. The doubts and insecurities - the worst enemies of any person, that inhibit our growth and hamper our progress.

To become more confident in yourself, focus on self-development: this applies to the replenishment of professional knowledge and erudition sheathe expansion and growth of your physical abilities. you must be fully confident in their abilities: the team is unlikely to benefit the permanent doubt and timid leader.

If you want to change your life, you should start with yourself. Work on yourself and instill the qualities that you need to become a leader. Properly organized themselves and their time, gradually move to the goal, without neglecting the others, be careful and concentrated and as a result you will achieve success not only in their professional activity, but in life in general. These qualities will touch all aspects of your life, help to realize themselves and start a new phase of success and prosperity.

 Leadership as a springboard to a successful life

 Winter clothes for children

The arrival of winter, and with it the appearance of frosts and snow drifts on the streets make parents puzzled preparing winter wardrobe for your child. After daily walks and playing outdoors need younger body, regardless of the weather outside. So how do you properly prepare the child to take to the streets on frosty winter days?

Select outerwear

If your child still does not walk on their own feet and go to breathe fresh air, lying in a stroller, you should make sure that his dream while walking was comfortable. In this case, separate sets consisting of a jacket and pants, it is better not to buy. Ease of lying in a baby stroller provide winter overalls envelope through which the child will be under the back flat surface, without any drops or lumps, which means that nothing will interfere with his sleep.

But for the older children, who may have to walk and even run, pants set - this is what you need for active play in the snow. However, it should be able to choose correctly. After all, modern manufacturers offer outdoor clothing with different fillings, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages and is designed for different kinds of temperatures and activities. In order not to get lost in all this variety and choose the right outer clothing for your child, you must have an idea of ​​the proposed insulation.

First of all, they are divided into natural (down, sheepskin) and synthetic (sintepon, hollofayber membrane).

  • Pooh -   reliable, good heat retaining material which easily recovers its shape after crushing. Clothes based on it turns out ultra-light, while it is able to warm its owner in the most severe frosts - up to -35 ° C. However, a significant disadvantage of down things is the need for chemical cleaning: washing at home can warp thing. In addition, down products can cause exacerbation of symptoms of allergies in children with allergies.
  • Lambskin   - Durable and wear-resistant material capable of sustaining the body heat when the outside temperature to -25 ° C. But the clothes with the heater quite heavy on weight, and hence is not well suited for everyday wear and for the more active games.
  • Sintepon   lost its former glory, while the more modern materials for the production of the top winter things. Gets wet, it loses up to half its thickness, and therefore begins to worse keep warm. Clothing with this insulation is able to withstand frost is not lower than -10 ° C. Therefore, overalls and jackets using it more suitable for the demi-season than the winter cold.
  • Hollofayber -   perhaps the best kind of filler for the production of children's winter clothing. Light on weight, as down, it perfectly keeps heat at temperatures up to -32 ° C. At the same time it is much more practical down, since it is based on things not deformed and can be washed at home.
  • Membrane   - The latest development to create an easy and even fine, but the warm winter clothes. There are two varieties of it: it can be the thinnest laminated film attached to the wrong side of the upper fabric of clothing, or a special impregnation, applied to the tissue. These things allow the skin to breathe and wicks moisture away from the body, not allowing it to become too cold. Light and thin, it is convenient for sports in the open air, for example for skating or skiing. But for games in the snow, it is not very suitable, as is fairly easy to get wet. With frequent washing membrane teplosohranyayuschie things lose their properties, so it is better to hand over to the dry cleaners.

 Warm clothes for the baby

Winter underwear for children

Selection of underwear for a child in winter has its own characteristics. If your baby is very small and is only moves in a wheelchair, then begin his duties on the street is a dressing cotton underwear - body with legs or T-shirts, and sliders, as well as the cotton bonnet. These things keep body heat and will not allow things to prick woolen baby's tender skin.

If you're an older mom restless age, worn under cotton is better to leave things and do not use until the spring. Greater comfort for your child during the winter cold will create baby underwear. Unlike cotton things that absorb moisture, thermal underwear takes her away from the body. After the child to remain on the street after a wet winter in the run game and things - not the best way to take care of his health. Children's thermal underwear - socks, tights, turtlenecks - high quality at an affordable price you can buy here on the site online travel hypermarket "Superpohod." By the way, you can choose underwear for walks and sports activities on the street, not only for the child but also for the whole family.

Stratification in baby clothes

Having defined with a choice of outer clothing for your child and for having bought him a couple sets of thermal underwear underwear, it's time to think about, what garments to combine these things. First of all, it should be said that often the parents of their first child, at gatherings on the street wrapped the child so that he can not move normally. Parents mistakenly believe that the more clothes on it, so it is warmer. Meanwhile, their fumes is not only warm, but a little too hot and sweaty and steaming, it can catch a cold very quickly.

Number of items on a child depends on his age. On grudnichka is put on one thing more than himself, because he is still sleeping in the stroller; a more active adult and child should be one less thing than you, do not hesitate to nothing of his movements, and he did not become hot during active play on the playground. At the same clothes the child of any age should be composed of several layers - underwear; light knitted things - tights and turtlenecks; followed by a layer of warmer clothes - pants, sweaters, sweatshirts and cardigans; Finally, on top of everything is put on the upper street clothes.

To choose the right clothes for the child for the winter, you can be sure about his health, and staying in the open air will bring him only benefit and high spirits of the games with friends in a fluffy and soft snow.

 Dress the baby in the cold