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Not all of the fair sex love to wear jewelry, hats and scarves, but without them you can easily manage. But without such accessories like a stylish handbag, can not do a single woman. Unlike most members of the opposite sex, who prefer to wear their stuff spread out their pockets, the female half is very important that all things were at hand and kept in perfect order. What kind of fashion bags 2011-2012 prepared for lovely ladies famous couturier? What model would be the most relevant in the fall and winter? These issues are certainly interested in any fashionista, tracking the novelties each season. To find out, we suggest to familiarize with the latest fashion trends.

Fashion handbags fall 2011 - 2012: Trends of the season

This season more than ever rich and concise at the same time very spectacular models. Stylish and beautiful, humble and luxurious, elegant and volume - all women's handbags fall-winter 2011. And while there is nothing superfluous, they look really luxurious and deserve your attention. Whichever of these you do not preferring this stylish accessory perfectly complements your image and suitable for any occasion, whether it be the release of the trek to visit or work. After all, whatever one may say, but without well-chosen accessory no one, even the most trendy outfit will not be able to express themselves fully.

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Clutches consecutive year already do not leave the fashion catwalks. So this autumn behind them still retain the right to be the actual model of the coming season. For a trip to the theater and go out, they are simply irreplaceable.

  • Office clutches - Great for a lady. In its compact bags are reminiscent of conventional clutches, but unlike them, these models can easily take on work in the office, and on any semi-official event during the day. Compact models office clutches, bags, briefcases and small size of the folder, which can be seen this fall in most collections, certainly will appeal to many admirers business style.
  • Flirty women of fashion this season, designers offer to pay attention to tiny clutch bags, purses, are present in almost all collections. Proposed brands of Prada and Valentino model of handbags for fall 2011 is easy to fit in your hand.
  • It seems that is not going to surrender their positions and classic clutches. Such fall 2011-2012 fashion handbags presented brands Chanel and Burberry Prorsum, this season decorated with thin leather straps or chains. Designers offer to carry them in your hand and shoulder.

 handbags fall 2011

Very stylish and at the same time an original look handbags in the style of "messenger" with sewn on the outside of the purses. These fashionable bags 2011-2012, photos of which we suggest you look at our website, will not leave indifferent any modern fashionista.

For lovers of both stylish and roomy bags, designers have prepared a lot of the original models made in the form of kegs and sacks. It has long been loved by the female population of all countries of the world, including our compatriots, they have not had time to go out of fashion. This trendy accessory can be found in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Phillip Lim, and other designers.

A favorite among fashion bags 2011-2012 have become incredibly luxury models made of chinchilla, mink, rabbit or fox. Without such a stylish accessory that is sure to attract attention to your person and harmoniously complement the bright and unique way, obviously not enough coming winter.

The most vivid and memorable in the new collection was fall 2011 handbags made of colored patches in style petchvork. The number of accessories in this technique, presented in shows autumn-winter collection is simply amazing. This suggests that creativity petchvork again climbs the pedestal of fashion. This is not surprising, because in the cold season, when around a dull gray monochrome, bright color like you can not be the way.

Not spared the fashion and decorated with classical cell handbags. Also relevant tweed bag with a pattern "goose foot", which were extremely popular in the 70s of the last century. And this trend - is nothing more than a tribute to the fashion of the time.

Very popular among the female population are flat bags large sizes with small handles. Stylists are advised to wear a model in his hand as a clutch or under his arm, folded it in half. It looks very stylish, glamorous and expensive.

The collections of top designers was a place and bulk bags. This season, their choice is enormous, and it can not please those women who can not imagine my life without this accessory. Roomy form, a minimum of parts and tough frame - in such fashion handbags fall and winter 2011 2012 can hold anything.

At the height of fashion stylish bags in retro style with an abundance of overhead pockets, straps and fasteners, which in appearance is very reminiscent of school bags.

Handbags Fall - Winter 2011-2012: trendy colors of the season

 Fashion Handbags Fall 2011 2012

The most trendy colors for women's bags in the autumn-winter 2011 are still classic: black, brown, gray, white, red and beige. However, on the global podium can be seen as reserved and natural colors and bright colors, among which the most relevant for the autumn-winter season are considered red, purple cherry, burgundy, orange, blue, purple, green, with all its shades, emerald green and yellow .

Unprecedented popularity in the new season deserved fashion handbags reptile skin. Still would! After handbag with snake print it looks very elegant and luxurious. For fans of animal prints, designers have prepared a variety of models - that stamping reptiles and leopard theme. This fashion accessory can be found in the collections of Gucci, Chloe and other couturiers.

Admirers of vintage style will enjoy the handbags and other accessories, in the style of 70-ies of the last century, the characteristic feature is an intricate ethnic pattern handmade.

Very stylish look model on a long strap, especially bags made of fabric with leather appliqués and prints. Such models can be found in the collections of Fendi, Emilio Pucci and other famous brands.

Fashionable bags 2011-2012: actual texture and decor

 women's handbags fall winter 2011

Handbags for fall 2011 can be made of various materials. It can be both matte and lacquered smooth skin, natural or faux fur, suede or textile and embossed leather of all kinds of predators and reptiles or imitation. A favorite of the season - embossed leather lizard, python, crocodile and ostrich.

As for the jewelry designer handbags famous use a variety of decorative elements. Most designers, developing new models, preferred to use fasteners and buckles, handles in the form of chains, straps and rivets regular geometric shape. Also relevant impressive size of decorative tassels, giving special accessories vintage look.

Bags 2012: the original model

 original fashion handbags 2011 2012

Many models of fashionable bags 2011 2012 - photos from the catwalks is beautifully illustrated - decorated with gold ribbons, you can also find stylish models with drawings of monuments of architecture and similar to a basket of flowers bag of satin.

Christian Dior fashionistas pleased with the release of the legendary Lady Dior handbag small silver and gold letters - original monogrammed.

Brand Jason Wu presented in its new autumn-winter collection white elegant clutches and charming traveling bags, supplemented with gold buckles and straps. In addition to these original bags, which relished the many admirers of exclusive items, fashion house presented another exquisite bag. She at first glance no different from the one worn at the time the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly.

Handbags Fall Winter 2011: selection of fashion accessory

Unfortunately, not every woman has the opportunity to have an arsenal of bags that are ideal to for each outfit. Therefore, choosing a fashion accessory, many have to compromise and buy the one that is equally well suited to and for parties, and for work in the office. And this would be a beautiful and stylish, but still spacious, and of course, fashion. And how could it be otherwise? For any woman, regardless of their age, occupation and financial position in any situation he wants to look perfect.

It appears, choose fashionable bag for the fall 2011-2012, which also had to all of the above qualities, it is practically impossible, but it is possible.

The first and most basic rule to be followed in the selection of accessories - you need to take into account the features of the figure. The bag should be in proportion to your body. Hopefully tips stylists will help many women to solve the problem of choice with minimal losses:

  • Tall and slender women are perfect bag baggy shapes with one handle. But from accessories with long handles to give the best, because such models visually add height.
  • Girls short, suitable miniature clutches. Large bags and long handle - it's not for you, since such models will make you even lower.
  • Owners of magnificent forms is recommended to give preference to large bag with precise geometry and fine patterns or without them.
  • In order to understand, it is a model you liked it or not, be sure to look in the mirror.
  • In any case, when you take the bag in your hand or hang it on your shoulder, you should be comfortable.
  • The next thing is to take into account - for what purpose you are buying a new accessory. Small bags are ideal for going out, parties and trips to visit. Medium - to work in the office, and large - for travel and outdoor recreation and shopping.
  • Remember that the bag should be in harmony with the clothes in your wardrobe, so a handbag you obviously will not be enough. If you're strapped for cash and can not purchase multiple accessories in different colors, in this case you should buy one of a neutral color that will look equally good with most things from your wardrobe. In addition, it should fit your style.
  • As for the materials, everything depends on your preferences. You can choose either a leather or fur and bag combination of modern fabrics, which, by their appearance does not concede to natural materials.

And finally, to the new bag does not become a dumping ground for unwanted things, it should be properly staffed. Put it all in the most necessary, ie only those things that will be useful during the day: cosmetics, a small mirror, wet wipes, personal hygiene items, notebook, pen and medicine. And, of course, phone, book, player, etc. After all add up, try not too heavy was the burden. Do not forget that this burden you have to carry on a daily basis.

 Handbags: Fall 2011 for the stylish ladies

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