Women's fur hats

Fur hats for women - the most ancient kind of headdress, which was used by our distant ancestors. In ancient Rus' not everyone could afford to wear hats made of natural furs of rare animals - they are an indicator of wealth and high social status. These accessories have been the privilege of the ladies belonging to the noble prince and boyars leave. Traditional peasant satisfied with simpler types of materials and insulation in winter cold head.

Over its history, women's winter fur hats have undergone many changes. But despite this, they were able to carry through many centuries and keep all its beauty and elegance, to whom still can not stand any modern fashionista. Fantastic soft, airy lightness, softness and fluffy fur hat at all times fascinated not only for women, but also men's hearts. In modern times the elegance and practicality of this stylish accessory is very difficult to overestimate. Apart from the fact that the headpiece is perfectly protects the head from the cold and piercing wind, it, like in the old days, highlights the social status and is an indicator of good taste.

To find out exactly what will be fashionable hats of fur this winter, we suggest to read our article. Photos female fur hats with winter hits than words tell you about the fashion trends of the new season.

The main trends of the season

This winter, the fashion volume hats include the long fur: fox, fox, raccoon, mink, and other animals. Judging by the photos, fur hats for women will not be boring and monotonous. Moreover, many fashion designer to create its exclusive collections made sure that female representatives were not only protected from the vagaries of the weather, but at the same time look elegant, stylish and elegant.

Designer collections this year are so elegant, that no representative of the fairer sex will be left without heat and beautiful accessory. Choose it for the harsh winter is a snap, as the new season offers fur hats of various styles and forms: volume and miniature in the style of classic and retro. We want to draw your attention only to the most popular ones.

 women's winter fur hats

  • Hat with ear flaps

Many fashion designer offered the girls to spend the winter in a warm and cozy fur cap, which has been years in a row takes up one of the first positions among the fashionable hats. This season, the fashion women's fur hats with earflaps absolutely in any performance: combined with a color or monochromatic textiles, with suede or leather uppers, and knitted inserts.

  • Fluffy hats

As a premium voluminous women's winter fur hats. Such models were incredibly popular in the 70s of the last century. That they were worn by the well-known characters of the film "Irony of Fate." These trends have come to us from the past season, but there are trends: fur hats and berets.

  • Volume berets

Presented in the new season Fur Berets fascinated by its beauty and elegance. This stylish fur accessory takes pride of place in almost all designer collections. Berets fur practical, beautiful and elegant. This trendy headgear perfectly complement the image of a modern girl.

  • Bowler hats and fur hats

Cap bowler - another fashion trend of the season, which had long been fond of the female half of the population in many countries of the world. This is not surprising, because such caps always look elegant and stylish, you can wear them with any classical things.

Fur hats with a wide brim will also be incredibly popular in the autumn-winter season 2011- 2012. This model perfectly complements the image of a modern girl, emphasizing its elegance and femininity.

  • Stylish fur cap

Fur hats - an unexpected surprise from the fashion house Burberry Prorsum, which certainly will please the experimental individuals. Despite the fact that such a model is closer to the masculine style, they look great on the little woman's head. Fur caps look great with a bright coat.

  • Caps in a variety of animals

Attention to women and offered an unusual fur hats for women: photos in fashion magazines are full of models simulating these furry animals - cats, tigers, panthers and other wildlife. Although at first glance these caps look a bit childish at the same time they are incredibly beautiful and feminine. Such a model can be an excellent choice for brave girls who are not afraid to seem ridiculous and bizarre.

  • Retro style

Also relevant tiny pellets of short-haired fur and astrakhan hats that resemble the legendary hat-pie, very popular in the 70s of the last century. These models were all members of the political bureau, headed by the General Secretary Brezhnev. And this winter, she climbs back on the pedestal of fashion.

The colors and materials are fashionable caps

As for the color, in this year's fashion, natural shades. Most popular: brown, red, chocolate and beige. Also relevant gray, white and black. Bolder shades such as burgundy, cherry and violet, are ideal for those who want to stand out from the common crowd and attract attention to his person.

In winter collections you can find elegant models of the different kinds of fur: astrakhan, Mouton, beaver, seal, mink, fox, raccoon, fox, fox and rabbit. Special chic different hats made of fur with long pile, creating additional volume with a long bushy tail that fell on his shoulders.

It is also relevant to women's winter fur hats 2012 prints under the tiger, leopard skin "Cows", the last of them looks particularly impressive.

To create a winter hats modern designers often use a combination of fur with different fabrics. Most often they use textiles, leather, suede, and many other modern and relevant materials for the winter season.

From what to wear fur hat?

Nothing so transforms the woman as exquisite headdress. Therefore, you should seriously consider the choice of such an important attribute of modern man, to keep pace with fashion trends. Women's winter fur hat in cold weather - the main thing in the wardrobe of every modern fashionista. A huge variety of technological developments, styles and forms, as well as a wide selection of colors allows every woman to choose the head-dress to your liking.

If you liked one or another version of a fashion accessory fur, do not rush to buy. After all, this stylish, fashionable and expensive thing may simply not fit into your wardrobe. Tips stylists will help you tasteful fashion accessory for your winter ensemble.

 Women's fur hats with earflaps

  • Fur coats and coats

Stylish fur headdress can be worn with anything. If the outer garments in your wardrobe dominated by coats and fur coats, then you have nothing to worry about, as they are perfectly combined with almost all versions of women's fur hats. It can be as elegant ladies hat, trendy hats with earflaps, his cap and stylish. Any of them dostoyano your choice.

  • Coats

With elegant coat stylists advise to wear fur hats and berets made in the same style with outerwear.

  • Sport style

With bright jackets and down jackets look good extravagant "caps" and hats with earflaps. Ideal - the same colors headdress and fur on the hood.

  • Casual style

Admirers of classic style should be preferred to the classical models with a minimum of decoration. Too flashy and extravagant fur hats are inappropriate.

  • Extravagant style

If you like to always be in the spotlight, garish colors, choose a hat with an original piece of decoration in a daring visor, funny pompoms or different tesemochek.

No matter on which model you have chosen, whether it be a beautiful fur ladies hat earflaps, elegant beret or any other vending your style headdress, each of which will perfectly complement your winter image, warm in the winter cold and will delight in a few seasons.

 Fur hats - the current trend of winter 2012

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 Women's knitted hats

What accessories are required in our girls' wardrobes cool autumn and the colder winter? Of course, this women's hats: knitting or fur, they care about our health in frost and cold, giving us comfort sensations .  But while any headpiece chosen not only because of its convenience, but also due to the style and beauty because of the impression that he takes a .  Naturally, among the variety of hats to choose the most elegant and sophisticated options - understands that each of us .  Therefore, this review is completely dedicated to winter hats, beautiful, classic, interesting and unusual .  That is precisely the model that will be successful in the coming season .  Let's analyze the trends and see what the women's fashion hats we plan to please the famous design houses .  Especially that headgear was paid a lot of attention - they are well represented in the collections of Diane Von Frustenberg, Hermes and many other fashion designers .

Knitted hats are popular ...

... That's the conclusion to be drawn first. Designers tell us that these are the hats will choice the most avid and demanding Russian beauties. Therefore, with a variety of women's knitted winter caps is available close - let's look at those chips, which promise to be the most vivid and spectacular in the coming season. Then we will be able to choose not only interesting, but also perfectly underlines our delicate taste variant of a hat.

 Women's winter hats

  • On the wave of success will be knitted winter hat lady "stocking", and it will be a pleasure to wear the beauty of all ages. This option will create an interesting combination of light, emphasized youth negligence and discreet charm of a truly self-confident woman.
  • Also, the designers tell us that, and classically simple knitted hat with a lapel women will not lose in popularity - it still will wear. Such a headdress for the upcoming season embodies the practical, but impeccably elegant Casual.
  • But lovers of interesting options, we want to advise women with pompom hats - they will definitely be visible and will be able to select a girl from the crowd. With such a child a positive, cheerful, optimistic, but at the same time in an adult fashion and popular headdress can be easily, effectively and successfully emphasize their originality.

If you want to navigate in a variety of women's knitted hats, photos latest collections will be your reliable assistants. Burberry Prorsum, Anna Sui, Tommy Hillfinger and other designers are offering us hundreds of interesting new products - among them the problem choose a hat to his liking.

Hats with earflaps - decoration season

Special attention should be paid to yet another excellent trend promises to please both fashionistas and their loyal fans. We stress that the female cap with ears are popular "in any form", so that each can find beautiful headdress to his liking. It's enough just to read the latest collections of Gucci, Christian Dior, Hermes and other design houses. But, of course, and we will try to ease your choice - right now we want to tell you about a few "win-win" stylish women's hats, meet all the requirements of this trend:

 hat autumn winter 2011 2012

  • Fully fur models look really luxurious and rich - if a girl wants to emphasize how gorgeous she is able to put on, they fit her in the best way. Women's autumn hats with earflaps fur will be an excellent choice, not only to the calculation for the coming season - they are the brightest representatives of the always spectacular classics.
  • Also of interest are expected to be combined with the top model made of suede or leather. This women's winter hats 2012, which look perfect and are quite practical for our Russian frosts and snowstorms. In addition, the combination of two different materials always look quite original and interesting - you can play well on the contrast.
  • Be sure to pay attention to a variety of hats, ushanok and with inserts of fabric and textiles - they will be another super-popular trend of the coming winter. Again, in the case of these hats, you can choose how to contrast and harmonious combination - with them she has an opportunity to add to its appearance another vivid detail.
  • And, of course, fashionista can not simply bypass their attention earflaps knitted hats for women - we are confident that they will be like all the girls without exception. After all, these hats are combined just two fashion trends of the coming season - they are simply doomed to success.

In short, today is not only possible but also necessary to choose "eared" winter hats for women: photo popular models will provide us with this invaluable assistance. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the latest collections of Hermes, Dior, Gucci and other fashion "monsters" - they know a lot about flawlessly beautiful headdresses.

Colors fashion caps 2011-2012

 knitted hats for women

And here our beauties big enough freedom of choice, because the popular will use different variations of headgear. Of course, in this situation, there are rules: for example, women's fashion fur cap should be only natural colors. Remember, even if a headdress made of faux fur, its texture is still to be classical and simulate the same sable or mink.

But knit hats for women can be almost any color, as a simple, classic and very bright. This is not surprising, because the color must be combined with appropriate shaped headdress. For example, the combination of sunny yellow, orange, red, perfect for a knitted cap, but will not be nearly so stylish look in the case of a model with fur.

Of course, the headgear of the same mink, fox or sable need to look to the best of solid, so they have to be monotonous. But knitted hats can be quite colorful. Then, in the simple style of Casual notes will be brought originality and brightness. And the same lady's hat knitted ear flaps can also be decorated with bold stripes, diamonds, other drawings and designs. In the case of headdresses, are not made of fur, can not be afraid to play on the contrast.

The abundance of stylish women's hats pleasantly surprised ...

... That's right, and it seems that designers have decided to put the fashionistas in difficulty by offering so many cool options. Those Dior and Gucci show that not only the fur and knit caps women will live the coming season.

His fans will find even hats that add to the look of the girls even more elegance. And they are not only an excellent example of caps for autumn - designers orient these hats and more cold weather. Hats, both broad and narrow fields, insulated fur - fashion houses are worried not only about beauty, but also for the health of girls.

  • You can not be surprised, and the diversity that give us designers. Recent European collections show the growing popularity of his cap. These hats would be a choice of bold women, who like to supplement your wardrobe a little showy and provocative combinations. Oh, and do not be afraid that the cap would look too masculine - are women knitted winter hats are always elegant and stylish.
  • Also, the designers have provided a great option for fans of sports style - knitted hats. Girls looking for stylish women's hats, autumn winter 2011 2012 offers us a vivid model is a sin not to take advantage of such a gift. For knitted hats are a spectacular example of the creativity and originality of design. Just look at women's knitted hats: Photo collections exactly deserve your attention. Only bright patterns, beautiful pictures, interesting combinations - these models are designed for those who want to move away from the classics.
  • Bribes and female models knit caps, made in the form of a pot, and all because they are 100% elegant and stylish. This headdress is exciting to watch both in combination with an evening dress, and in combination with Casual dress. Looking through fashion shows, you know that among the variety of hats, bowlers delay model look. Immediately "cling" for how effectively and, most importantly, they look modern. That is why these ladies knitted winter cap included in their collection, without exception popular design houses.

In the scope of this brief review is difficult to accommodate all the nuances of popular and current trends. The main thing right choice to make is simple - if you want to stay at a women's hats, the variety of collections and describe trends listed above will come to your aid - we have made this article so that you can choose for themselves the headdress with ease.

 Women's winter hats. What will the fashion?

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