Women's leather bags

Bag - an inexhaustible subject for a long time a person uses it. Now it has become one of the most necessary things like a "third hand". We are always with a bag wherever you walked or drove - big or small, with the road or the beach, with a business or evening.

Nowadays, leather handbags for women - is a basic accessory. Very often, for each of us is one of the elements of self-expression. It is said that a woman can learn a lot on the purse, even the country in which she lives. Coco Chanel believed that the fair sex must adorn three things: a man, a black dress and handbag.

How to choose a bag on a figure?

  • If you are tall and skinny - it is better to buy a bag more rounded shape to complement your figure.
  • If a small and plump - ideal for you to be rectangular or square.

Sizes for women, leather bags should be proportional with respect to your figure. Now more popular ones that are worn on the shoulder. This option is perfect for skinny girls and women who want to draw attention to the upper chest. Bag has always stressed that part of your body close to where he was. For example, a bag at the middle of the figure makes the waist thinner.

 women's leather handbags

Where is your favorite bag is appropriate?

Every girl needs to understand that not every case is suitable for all occasions. It is foolish to appear at social events with a large bag. For evening dress best fit flat clutch without a handle. The bag can be with various ornaments, as long as it is in harmony with the color of your outfit.

For the "working" women's leather bag and there are rules:

  • It must be impressive size that there could vmeschatsya documents.
  • We'll have to give up the bags of original silhouettes.
  • It is best to choose a product from quality leather, because it will last longer.

When buying a new handbag do not hesitate to try it. Twirled in front of mirrors and determine whether it is suitable for your size, shape, color. It is best to take sovetchitsa - mom or a close friend. Be sure to consider your lifestyle. In every season the rules of colors and shapes: bright handbags longer relevant in the spring or summer, but in winter or autumn are suitable dark colors.

Every woman should have at least two bags - evening and daily variations. Good women's leather bag in completely different environments adds elegance any clothing, especially cheap, but an expensive suit with a bag very cheap fall in price.

 Women's leather bags

What bags are trendy this season?

Women's leather bags large have always been and will be in vogue. They are very practical and look pretty stylish. These bags are perfect for shopping, but still have their own drawback: they are quite hard to find small items like keys, pens, etc.

The main role in all the new collections of classic gets. Despite the past decade after the emergence of the first models in the classics, they have undergone very little change and is now considered a model of grace and a model unique style. Christian Dior invites all women of fashion beautiful little handbag Lady Dior with colorful letters. Also in vogue graceful Birkin and kelly from the fashion house Hermes. Not left behind and the other equally well-known brands. Jason Wu, this time offering compelling white clutches and traveling bags with accents of gold.

This hit of the season - leather bags, sacks. These models are present in almost every collection.

I revived this season patchwork. About this technique has not forgotten any one designer. Nevertheless, we should mention the most striking example of the art of Hannah MacGibbon, it is also representative of the brand Chloe. Incredible bulk bags female leather were made of different shades of skin.

Incredibly popular deserve handbag with snake print. They look quite elegant. At the Milan show Bottega Veneta everyone could watch the beautiful and interesting striped bags, which were made of velvet and python skin. Versace fashion house is still not losing position and is no less luxurious leather bags snakes, supplemented with gold buckles with a symbolic image of a jellyfish.

Clutches became the most favorite theme in the winter season for many fashion designers, including D & G, Miu Miu, and no doubt, Louis Vuitton, recommending beautiful half of humanity graceful small bags with handles made of wood. Little fashionable handbags winter 2012 Etro now look very succinctly. They are in the form of envelopes in black and dark brown. The decor was also quite strict. The only thing that could afford designers - a metal "portfolio" fasteners. Making clutches for the evening go out and was very restrained. Basically designers to bet on luxurious expensive materials.

Bags fashionable colors of the season began to brown, red, burgundy, white and blue. Remain relevant handbags classic dark shades. Stylish and bright look this season, leopard and tiger prints, as well as bags with metal coating.
Notwithstanding the preceding seasons, designer today offer a wide variety and range of models of different shapes. So now, each of you will be able to choose a handbag like without going counter to their own taste.

The general trend of the season is the originality and the presence of the bright eye-catching details. Fashionable women's bag should now be decorated with bright or unusual items.

Remember the image of each of the fair sex involves a refined luxury and grace, the completion of which will always be a bag.

 Leather bags for women - the most popular accessory

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 socks for women

To look fashionable and stylish in the autumn-winter 2011-2012 year, fashion designer call modern fashionistas to try on a trendy this season knitted accessories. Their choice is very large and diverse, we also want to draw your attention only to the most urgent of them - is socks for women and mitts. These always fashionable, bright and modern things, which formed the basis of the set of youth styles in clothing, won the hearts of many of our contemporaries from around the world. With warm fashion accessories are not afraid of any frost.

Elegant warm leggings

In Russia, leggings are a relatively long time - in the middle of the nineties of the XIX century. More than a century ago, they were made of very thick fabric or leather, and worn over a shoe linings. Over the years of its existence, this fashionable accessory today has undergone many changes, but despite this, still has not lost its relevance. In modern times knitted socks originally worn only by athletes, but thanks to fashionistas have chosen this outfit, they soon entered into the everyday life and become an integral part of the fashion women's wardrobe.

Incredibly high popularity of this expressive part of a woman's wardrobe is easy to explain:

  • Firstly, women's leggings very convenient and comfortable to wear.
  • Secondly, they do not freeze in the cold autumn and winter. And this quality is, oddly enough, is valued by modern women of fashion, above all.
  • Thirdly, this stylish accessory looks very beautiful and elegant on women's legs;
  • In addition, they can be worn with anything. Leggings very well with many outfits: looks great both with dresses, skirts and jeans, and complete with a hat and scarf. Leggings can be worn with almost any shoe. They are equally well with shoes, hiking shoes and boots, but they look particularly attractive with high heels.

 leggings women what to wear

What to remember when choosing a fashion accessory?

Women are very often interested in - leggings women what to wear? In fact, in this situation, you should not pay too much attention to the overall color scheme and style of clothing - they are almost always good. Leggings are not necessarily in the same tone to pick up shoes or other clothing. Do not be afraid to experiment with different shades, but do not forget to pay attention to such important things as the color and pattern that can visually alter your feet, and not always for the better. For example, horizontal stripes on the product can be visually "shorten" legs. Bright and bold combinations will give your image of an attractive and memorable appearance.

 Women's socks stockings leggings

Knitted gloves stylish

Mitts, as well as socks, have a rich history. In our country, delightful beauty long silk gloves, known as fingerless gloves, came into vogue the early nineteenth century. Then without this exquisite accessory was unthinkable, no publication. In modern times, these stylish products also applauded by many female. And today they are popular not only among young people but also among older women. The collections of the new season mitts gloves presented in a huge variety, among which the most relevant the following models:

  • covering little fingers;
  • covering the fingers and back of hands;
  • covering not only the hand, but the hand, often up to the elbow, sometimes even higher.

To decorate these gloves designers used all sorts of additions. More often - embroidery, beads, and fur, but may be present and other decor.

Especially stylish look mitts from the same collection as leggings. Complementing each other, these bright, stylish and always fashion accessories, will complete your outfit unique, giving an individual image. After all, the little things like women's socks, socks, socks, very much affect the general appearance of the woman.

 Leggings female - cozy, warm and stylish!

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