fur boa

Again in fashion retro fur as a sign of past luxury. Boas different styles successfully occupied high positions in the current fashion houses. Many designers wrapped their models in soft warm scarves, coats and jackets decorated with fur collar.

Earlier fur boa was just an evening or main accessory. It complements the décolleté dress or a coat without a collar. Now every designer offers do not limit yourself to such a poor choice and wearing a fur collar in addition to any outfit, of course, except for sports.

What are the positive aspects can be identified in favor of stylish fur collar and Boas?

  • Fur, of which performs this accessory perfectly warms female neck and bust.
  • These fashionable fur scarves can be worn at any time, without worrying that such an accessory would be out of place. In the morning and in the afternoon - a warm scarf around his neck, but also for fashionistas and a belt around the waist, in the evening - a beautiful cape over his shoulders.
  • This element of the wardrobe will always be a great decor. For example, if you do not want to dress up in unusual costumes pompous, you can wear a golf combined with a fur boa and strict skirt. This classic image you can easily pass any dress code.
  • Neckpiece gives a magnificent effect elegance. Even the office strict style can vary in such a way, at the same time giving it a luxury.
  • Modern boas can be worn very differently once you comes into my head. For example, on the right shoulder that fur could go down or touch the neckline. Also, these collars can capture your favorite brooch.
  • With this accessory it is very easy to give half-forgotten novelty, but a favorite dress or suit.
  • Fur collars and boas are also extremely luxurious gift for any of the fair sex.

Today, Boa allow you to create the perfect individual style. She gave you that kind vintage flair that is easy to carry us into the era of 30-ies. Nabroste it on top to create a respectable image of the road Diva.

Modern fur boa made from fur of mink, fox, foxes, wolves, chinchillas, and, of course, artificial fur. Designers are divided into two opposite directions, offering fur natural color and bright unusual color.

 Fur boas

What dictates the fur fashion?

Blugirl have in your collection red fox fur that will shine with all shades of bright color.

Donna Karan and Carolina Herrera show widely Sable luxury that complements any unusual evening ensemble.

Elie Saab offered beautiful collars of fox, fox and mink, as a complement to an evening satin or velvet dresses.

Designers fashion house Gucci in its collection plays on contrasts. For example, turquoise dress, combined with purple boa.

Prada «revived" clothes of a monochromatic fabric fur collars long purple, blue and emerald hues.

For faux fur boa made Marc Jacobs and Giorgio Armani.

Typical applications of the collar - outerwear. This may be a woolen coat, leather jackets and hollow. Also boas are perfectly combined with evening dresses - it can be any dress styles.

Office suites, classic trench coats, tweed suits, sweaters and turtlenecks any great complement any boa.

 fur collars and boas

How to wear fur collars?

Such an accessory in the form of whole skins worn as a cape over his shoulders. You can also pin it in front of the middle of the skin in the neck to the head with a tail hanging down on one level.

Boas as a fur collar, you can tie the neck. It can throw on the shoulders or one shoulder and slightly lower a little. Winding around the neck and tie a knot, leaving free one or both edges. Long boa can tie a lush bow or more nodes throughout.

 Fur boa: warm and fashionable

We recommend to check how nicely tie a scarf on her head

 how to wear a scarf stylish photo

How to wear a scarf in style? This issue is of concern, perhaps, every fashionable woman, regardless of age and preferred style of dress. In today's world the scarf is one of the most popular and versatile pieces of clothing. His worn by people from around the world, in heat and cold, outdoors and indoors, both in everyday life and as part of an evening dress. So the modern girl just need to know how to wear a scarf stylish - Photos ways bandage will help her to get an answer to this question.

Historic Moment

There was this amazing accessory functional form more than two millennia ago. This is evidenced by archaeological excavations in the ancient tombs in China, where they were discovered figures of warriors with scarf, which are likely to protect against the cold. Translated from the Hebrew "scarf" means "poisonous snake around his neck."

But since then much has changed, and modern women every year are more interested in a scarf as an accessory is a stylish element of the external image. Then the designers did not skimp: all the world's catwalks and glossy magazines are full of innovations trendy women's scarves of various colors, shapes and textures. And some designers are using a variety of materials to satisfy the most demanding customers! Starting from warm woolen scarf, soft fur, and ending with delicate lace, satin scarves or extravagant, with leather and metal.

Methods stylish scarf headbands

But buy a scarf - it is one question, but how and what to wear to look stylish and emphasize their individuality?

There are many ways to tie a scarf, and the most common of them - is to wrap it around your neck and tie a knot at the ends. Most popular are the following types of units:

 how to wear a scarf

  • Simple assembly - it can be positioned in front, side, and even the back;

 how to wear a scarf stylish

  • French node (fold the scarf in half, wrap around the neck and thread the ends through the loop which was formed from the addition);

 how to wear a scarf stylish pictures - bow knot

  • Node-bow, suitable for light and not too wide scarves;

 how to wear a scarf - Harness Assembly

  • Node-harness (a long scarf wrapped several times around the neck and the ends twisted together into a bundle and form a node);

 how to wear a scarf stylish - loop knot

  • Node-loop (tie a knot in the middle of the scarf, wrap the ends of the neck once so that the node is in the front or side, and thread the ends in a knot).

By selecting the appropriate method must take into account the shape, size, texture and purpose scarf.

Warm knitted scarf is better to wear over clothing, and you can simply throw them in the neck and shoulders so that one end turned out to be the front and the other behind, or wrap around your neck and tie so that one end is longer than the other. Choosing a scarf in the cold season, look at the bright warm colors: aa such accessory is not only warm you, but cheer up.

Thin, elegant scarves can be worn not only in the neck, and throwing on his shoulders, as an addition to an evening dress; waist, threading through the belt loops instead of a belt; on the thighs, in the form of dressings; on his head, wrapped around the neck or as a bandana tied; on the bag, threading through the handle and tie on a bow.

How to choose the scarf?

We recommend the following tips:

  • Thin air scarf is better suited to the slim silhouette of clothing;
  • Scarves neutral colors (black, gray, cream) can be combined with the clothes of the same tone, but the other invoices;
  • Bright scarves in contrasting colors will help to diversify your image, and perfectly complement sparkling evening gown;
  • Pick scarves of tones that they favorably emphasize your skin color.

Knowing these very simple rules, you can easily experiment with creating their own unique style, and a variety of women's scarves can help you with this.

 How to tie a scarf to wear and stylish?

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