long gloves

The coming season, tells us that stylish look'i not do without interesting accessories. And some of the popular items in the women's locker room promises to be long gloves - this "trick" definitely will be successful.

The reasons are clear: this accessory is a completely independent subject of outer clothing, and he impressed some of his extravagance. These gloves are perfectly combined with long elegant evening dress and decorate cozy and practical look'i style Casual - this season they should be in the wardrobe of every girl that monitors trendy novelties.

But what is the model to choose what to focus on in spring 2012?

The world of fashion gloves: an overview of current styles

 Long leather gloves

The first is to say about the richly models - many women will prefer accessories, elegantly decorated with sequins, artificial stones, fringe or fur. It is understandable why, after so long women's gloves are a great option for the publication - they will look really splendid and aesthetically complete.

But the classics, too, we must not forget, especially since the spring of 2012 it will be could not be more urgent because of the graceful and elegant, she can give the female form. So feel free to choose the long leather gloves in black, brown, terracotta color - these colors are always in fashion.

Relevant and accessories are made in sporty style - they will decorate the handle active and active girls. Incidentally, the color combinations in this case may be the most daring - even yellow, green or cornflower gloves long women will look appropriate.

Retain their positions and mitts, ie model without finger - their spontaneity impressed many cute girls. Yes, material for them, too, can be anything: so long leather, suede, knitted gloves - it must have the coming season.

Naturally, the selection of specific accessories real fashionista will focus not only on your taste, so let's look at solutions known couturier.

What are the fashion collections of gloves in 2012?

 long gloves

Without further ado go to solutions design houses, to those trends on which they have focused.

  • Ann Demeulemeester offers us pointed fitting gloves long - they will handle even girlish graceful and elegant. This sophisticated accessory for women to create a gentle look'ov.
  • Home Carolina Herrera emphasized girls suede - made from it such as gloves long winter and the spring. This is the classic version, which will be relevant not only in the 2012 season, but in the following years.
  • Louis Vuitton is a long leather women's gloves in the style of the 50s. The collection includes classic black or terracotta, and bold red and maroon model.
  • At Lacoste emphasis on bright colors and rich hues - the brand presents us with pink, cornflower, green gloves long. The same accents and designer Derek Lam homes or, for example, Paul Smith - sporty lawmakers decided on the bold with the color.
  • Long gloves by Emporio Armani decorated inserts under the skin of a snake or a crocodile. They look refined and classic at the same time quite predatory - an accessory ideal lady, accustomed to conquer the hearts of men.
  • Brand Caste offers us to choose gloves, short and long, matching handbag - this feature of the coming season. You can choose as a classical model, and with the finish or decorative elements - the main thing that it was in harmony with other accessories.

It should be noted that most of the trends calculated for the future - the fashion for long above the gloves and go for next season. So girls can safely choose a model with the expectation for 2013. Importantly, the new fashion long gloves should be in the women's locker room - with them the spring of 2012 will be stylish.

 Women's long gloves

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 fashionable hat, 2012 what to wear

Hat - this is a very stylish and elegant accessory .  Many international fashion designers called image incomplete if it does not complement the headdress .  Just wonder why not every fashionista dare wear such a juicy little thing? The answer is obvious - hats have long moved beyond the domestic accessory, they have become more refined decoration, so to speak, with his zest .  We all know that wearing them, and especially combined with other things - it's not so simple, there need artistic imagination and at least some knowledge of fashion .  Unfortunately, very often a lack of desire or the time to understand the above is the reason for the choice of a simple and everyday clothes .  Many of the very trendy and incredibly delicious things are forgotten and give way to a more democratic article of clothing .  We will try to restore justice and to understand the problem - Fashionable Hat 2012: what to wear, how to choose?

How to choose a hat?

  • When this accessory you should definitely see myself in full growth. If you are the owner of a tiny slender figure, you'll like the hat, the diameter of the fields does not exceed the width of your shoulders. Almost any hat is suitable for low women with a slender figure. Long hair is clean.
  • For women of small stature, but not a complete physique fit small cap.
  • With proper planting your headdress crown should rest on the top of the crown. The main rule, which would be worth to remember every girl - for his crown width should not exceed the width of your face.
  • Girls with a round face should not wear tight-fitting hat small size, everything else that cover the forehead. If so, you absolutely can not live without a hat this style, you should put it a little to one side and close only a small part of the forehead.
  • But those who have a narrow face, on the contrary, the hat should cover the forehead. Do not move it to the back of the head, because then it loses all of its beautiful view.
  • Remember, high hat lengthen the face of any form.
  • If you have a long nose, then the headpiece should slightly cover the forehead, while the opposite shape of the nose - on the contrary, move the hat on his head.
  • Girls with pale pastel hats should be avoided, gentle and soothing tones.

How to choose the head-dress the color of the hair? Blondes not fit beige or yellow, it is best to choose a blue, gray, black, turquoise, red, brown and even green. Girl with red hair should forget about hats reds. Your colors: green, gray, blue and shades, and cream and black. But brunettes can wear hats of various colors. Observe is just your style of dress and skin color.

 fashionable hat tablets in 2012

Which hat will be fashionable in 2012?

For the upcoming season, many well-known fashion designers have offered us hats only in the classical style. Feminine, elegant and classic - these will be the most fashionable hats in 2012.

It is fashionable to be felt hats. They look very soft and feminine, and when combined with the slinky dress - sexy. Designers are advised to wear a hat, moving slightly to the side, with coats, jackets or coats. It can be considered fashionable wide-brimmed hats, the surface of which is finished korotkostrizhenym fur. Their trendy colors - dark brown, dark blue, shades of beige and sand, and maroon. Fashionable peep will these hats with elongated crown. They will perform a perfect complement styles such as punk, glam rock and street-fashion.

Hats-pill fashion in 2012, can be called, perhaps the most unusual accessory. In this hat, you can express all its particularity, the character that is the hallmark of each of the fair sex. It can be very different, for example, bold and bright, flashy red. And also very delicate, for instance, white. Hat-tablet easy to emphasize your confidence and charm of a classic black color and light asymmetry. The most fashionable colors of the headgear - bright; also popular print "Dalmatians". Perfect for the most daring girls will cap-bell with protruding ears.

 fashion hats 2012

How to create your image and add to your favorite hat?

Wide-brimmed hat is perfect possessor slim figure and high growth. She then shaped looks very romantic and tender. But its main drawback - it will not work full or low the fair sex.

Classic hats in the style of "unisex" is worn horizontally. Look, you're very elegant and at the same time mysterious. But it is worth it to move a little to the back, and you're always laughing cheerful. This type of hat that will suit for angular and square face shapes.

Girls who wear hats with narrow brims, know how to present their merits. This hat will fit almost every representative of the fairer sex. It is easily combined with the different clothes. Complementing this model mix short leather jacket with high boots, you'll look like a hunter, but in boots heels and slinky coat hat this will create an elegant look.

 Fashion Hats 2012: select a stylish accessory