how to wear a scarf around his neck

Neckerchief - it is a fashion accessory perfectly complements other parts of the female image and enhances the charm and mystery of a beautiful lady. This exquisite thing on which can sometimes depend on the whole image of the lady. But the most successful to emphasize the best qualities with this unprepossessing at first glance, article of clothing?

If you intend to get acquainted with this fashionable thing, then you should get an answer to the question of how to wear a scarf around his neck. In fact, it is a complicated science, but to comprehend it under the power of every fashionista. Here, as elsewhere, are of great importance your preferences and personal sense of style. Scarf - this is the perfect piece of jewelry that can be combined with almost any style of clothing: a summer dress, business suit, and even the usual jeans. In addition, for this enhancement is no age limit: wear it with pleasure, and the young of the fair sex, and women are more solid years.

Successfully matched the style scarf is able to radically change your appearance, enhancing the desired emphasis. Therefore, it acts as a universal accessory, with which you will every time look peculiar.

Useful tips

  • For girls who prefer business style, will be enjoyed by a scarf tied on the principle of male tie. This scarf will look elegant, highlighting the originality of your image.
  • In that case, if you want to focus on their femininity, you can seal the ends of the shawl clasp, turning it into something like a long collar. Although a similar technique to face the ladies who prefer scarves considerable size.
  • In cool weather, you can tie this beautiful accessory on your head. The most famous and exquisite technique - "Grandma" when folded handkerchief into a triangular shape, tie a head circle and the edges are held together behind his neck. Not in the least popular and the image of "factory girls" from the Soviet period. In some cases, it can be folded in length and turn into a gentle and soft rim.

Now no one person can not say one hundred percent, so that women's scarves have become so popular. Apparently, this unpretentious rags really did not get any whims of fashion. On the one hand, it is the echoes of Christianity, when worn on the head scarf, covering her hair, and every whim of court etiquette of Louis XIV, when the scarf served as the symbol of the nobility - from the other side. And in the customs value of the east handkerchief preserved to our days, because he is able to tell about the many features of his mistress: age, marital status and other characteristics.

Nowadays, fashion scarves is experiencing a rebirth. Buy this accessory can be anywhere, just need to do some shopping or to scrutinize the Internet in search of information. World podiums too light zapestrili original handkerchiefs. Today, you can easily pick up the scarf is not only attributable to your taste, but even for your mood: vivid colors and coloring by hand, a distinct form or experiment with brim.

Advantages that you want to strengthen, often depend on the manner in which you breed a scarf. For example, as a pioneer tie it will fit perfectly with any clothing, and the node formed on the side, will make the image much more refined and adds to it a memorable effect.

 how to wear a scarf around his neck under his coat

There is no limit imagination

  1. Buying handkerchief, picks it up to your existing clothes in your wardrobe. For example, if you're a fan of pastel colors, the scarf acid colors you do not fit; but if you prefer a gray, black or white clothes, you will to face any color - from white to red.
  2. Buying handkerchief, stick style. Silk handkerchief delicate color is not suitable for tracksuits and ornament funny faces or a hero of the animated film - a classic white blouse.
  3. In the autumn of particular relevance is the question of how to wear a scarf around his neck under his coat. In this case, you can tie a scarf "backwards" and seal the ends of the top small bow. And beautiful and practical.
  4. Small lightweight scarves usually wear, knit circle of the neck and the side of the moving assembly. This technique is suitable for women who are elegant, long neck. Otherwise from it should be abandoned, since it shortens the visual part of the body.
  5. Large square-shaped scarves can be worn in different ways and put a scarf thrown over his shoulders, fasten knot twist a tourniquet or tie a scarf with others. Likewise, you can wrap it around your neck so that the right angle of the folded handkerchief was located in the neck, and ends at the same time or to tie in front, hidden under a cloth.
  6. Very interesting way of wearing such scarves - not to tie the ends together, and use special clips, with which you can artistically drape a scarf and fix this with a special device.
  7. Huge Wraps (of not less than two meters) can be used in the likeness of a shawl, and if the material is dense and warm, then wrap it using as a cape. You can grab a handkerchief with special fancy pins.
  8. Dense silk scarves considerable size can be fixed Tie knot to be lowered as low as possible. It will look very interesting with an elegant blouse and a small ornament on a chain.
  9. Great People's scarf or shawl can be worn hand-knitted, throwing one end over her shoulder.
  10. Shawl can be used as a complement to a successful denim. But do not forget to make sure that it was small with a small, distinct patterns.

Materials for the shawl are very different, but most of all - it is silk, cotton, wool, cotton, lint or collection of different kinds of fabric. Choose the one you like!

This attribute of the fashion world can be worn all year round, but if you mention the summer, it is preferable to choose a light and delicate material, such as silk. The vast majority of fashion houses have given their choice dark muted tones.

Asked what to wear with a silk scarf around his neck, a photo of which are presented in various fashion magazines, it should be noted that it is a necessary item in any environment. Nothing else can not be diluted as a strict business suit, without making it at the same time everyday, or add a floral romance monotonous toilet, diluting modest beautiful color brilliance. This material can not be violated even the most refined way. Priverzhenka style "unisex" happy to tie this thing around his neck male necktie knot, which adds to the image of a special flair childishly insolent passion.

In general, trust your imagination and do not lose sight of fashion trends of the season! The girl in a fashionable scarf - this map is the true femininity, and no matter in what place it is tied. That this accessory is able to complete your image, based on your interests. Giving a unique richness, ease and originality, if he plays with style, placing the right emphasis, and attracting interest in the necessary and important details.

 How to wear a scarf around his neck: Tips stylists

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 fashion handbags spring summer 2012

Bag is perhaps the most essential article of clothing every girl and woman. After all, it is not only easily accommodate a huge number of things without which we can not do, but will be spectacular and elegant addition to an image. Fashionable bags spring-summer 2012 - it is not just accessorize, but a reflection of the inner world, the desires and tastes of each girl. All the ladies look forward to wonderful new products that present us with the most famous fashion designers. So let's see, what are the handbags Spring-Summer 2012.

 handbags spring summer 2012

Trends bags

  • Bag-setchel

This model can be called a classic. It will be the most popular and widespread in spring 2012 due to its incredible versatility and roominess.

Among the famous fashion houses of the most popular and well-known model can be considered a bag "Birkin" by Hermes, which is undoubtedly a luxury item and relevant accessory. This style instantly attract the attention of everyone around you fashionistas and emphasize your financial solvency.

  • Bag "Tote"

This model is also very spacious and perfect for everyday wear. Its large volume and a very simple shape make this bag quite convenient for walking or shopping.

Fashionable bags spring-summer 2012 in the style of "tout" can be made of various materials, such as textiles, leather, suede or plastic. The most popular bags in this style have a rectangular or trapezoidal shape. Relevant additions can be considered original prints, drawings, and various applications.

Bag "Tote" suit lovers of creative design solutions, because the number of textures and different colors is not limited by any boundaries. In addition, this style, you can make your own, using sketches.

  • Bag "Hobo"

Fashionable bags spring-summer 2012 with a funny, fabulous, even the title won the hearts of many girls his soft pleasant form. Variations models such bags can be counted infinite set. As for the most fashionable materials for bags such style in the coming season - it would be natural or synthetic leather ostrich and crocodile. Relevant amendments will be chain tassels and buckles golden brown and suede fringe.

  • Bag-bag

Fashion bags this model has always been among the relevant accessories. The last few seasons, this style never goes out of fashion, as he returned the 60-style 70s. The spring-summer 2012 collection could feel the wave of retro-mania, because today, many designers surprise us vintage products in the style of the sixties, and extended applications and designs of leather in different colors. But for some reason, this classic model is almost untouched, except for steel bag from Dolce & Gabbana, decorated with knitted elements and black lace.

  • Wicker bag

The trend of the coming season can be considered a wicker handbags spring summer 2012 Straw accessories have become a real flashy event. The most beautiful models in raffia present us with the fashion house Burberry. Large and small bags were complemented by colorful leather straps, buckles and wooden beads.

 handbags spring summer 2012

Fashion color bags

The most fashionable bags Spring-Summer 2012 has to be a bright, eye-catching of all the others and, of course, correspond to the warm season. Fashionable tandem can be considered somewhat contrasting colors in a single model. Relevant colors are: red, bright green, yellow, orange, all shades of blue, turquoise and purple.

Many people like to rest on the water, so a nautical theme is neizmenimym trend for holidays. The traditional colors are: blue, white, red, black and yellow. The diverse underwater world prompted fashion designers on various fantasies about the forms of bags, so some designers have created clutches in a variety of shells and shells.

The coming warm season very diverse accessories. This clutch, which gain popularity among the business businesswoman and kegs that are gaining recognition for several years the most avid fashionistas. The brightest colors, imitation leather, vintage femininity, various prints on any topic - be such handbags spring summer 2012.

 Handbags Spring-Summer 2012: trendy new items

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