summer hats

Women's hats - all so different and so cute! The diversity of women's hats, Pestryaev in shop windows - Panama, hoods, bonnets for every taste - can bring to mind any woman. And this is not surprising, because no other accessory can make the female form as much charm, romance and femininity at the same time.

Summer hats have long won the love and conquered the hearts of many of the fair sex from around the world. The unusually high popularity of the subject of women's wardrobe is easy to explain - only cap can turn a woman into a refined and elegant lady make her extravagant and intriguing at the same time. That is why in recent years they have become favorite subjects in the wardrobe of every modern fashionista.

Accessories such as hats, usually versatile, as they can be combined not only with the evening dresses, but also with an everyday wardrobe. In order to find out which hat will enjoy the most popular this summer, we offer to make a small excursion into the world of women's fashion. This will pre-select the most suitable style for any occasion - to go out for a hike to work, vacation, city, and country walks.

 summer hats

Fashionable summer 2012 - a woman in a hat can not be ignored

This summer hats for women will form an integral part of the female wardrobe. Which hat will be in 2012 at the peak of the popularity of this summer? About fashion trends and the benefits of this wonderful part of the female wardrobe, you can learn right now, looking at a photo gallery of our site and examined the photo from the fashion catwalks of the world.

This year, there is practically no "unfashionable" styles. This summer will be relevant both straw and wide-brimmed hats and hat-Fedorov, Cloche hats and many other models. However, despite such a huge amount of a variety of styles represented in the designer collections for the next summer, the greatest demand will still use it ladies' hats, a huge variety that will satisfy the taste of even the most discerning fashionistas.

  1. At the peak of the popularity of wide-brimmed hats, fashion designer presented a rich variety of styles: round, straight, curved and even the square fields is low, and with a high crown. Limit such a great summer accessory only one beach is not necessary. Such models this summer would be appropriate and in street style. Stylists recommend them even for the publication.
  2. Special attention in the designer collections merit white with curved schirokimi fields cowboy hats. This style summer hats look very impressive, they can easily be combined not only with everyday, but with evening dresses.
  3. Hats-Tribly - another fashion trend of the coming summer season. Although they are not as flashy and catchy as their counterparts - wide-model, this summer they will be very relevant among the followers of a low-key but eloquent elegance.
  4. The favorite of this summer, undoubtedly, will be trendy and stylish fedora hats, made of straw and textiles.
  5. Feminine cap retro-Cloche with characteristic bell shape of this model, which was extremely popular in the 20s of the last century, this summer, once again climb to the peak of fashion.

 Hats 2012

Fashion Accessories and dignity

On a hot summer day when there is no place to hide from the scorching sun mercilessly, elegant female hat can be a real salvation. It not only reliably protect your head and face from the hot sun, but will help to hide defects hairstyles, as well as to emphasize the style of its owner.

In addition to being a fashion accessory capable of drastically transform the female image, it still helps to transform the most ordinary outfit into an exquisite dazzling ensemble.

And that's not all advantages that fashion this year, summer hats. The big advantage of these hats is that they can be worn with almost any clothing. They look great with both the costumes and with summer dresses and sundresses.

 Trendy summer hats - special charm and piquancy

 Choose a bag on a figure: if it's right approach?

Bag - an essential attribute of the female image. That it is a striking addition to his original, eloquently testifying about the taste and style of its owner. In its shape and color, you can even find out the nature of women. Such is the ambiguous Accessory! It remains only to find out what the selection criteria should be followed in order to buy a bag of their dreams.

What to look for?

To mark the beginning of a clear purpose of purchase. This factor will determine the size and shape. If you need a bag for every day, keep in mind - it should be spacious. Phone, lipstick, comb, wallet and other trinkets for women should be placed in it easily. However, in extreme fall not. Most importantly - its geometry should not make disharmony in the image itself.

Features figure can be used as a reference when choosing. So, if a woman is thin and tall, she fit the model of rectangular shape, but always with rounded corners. That is, it needs to avoid any accessories with a clear geometry. Uncompromising solution - Bag bag.

If a woman of small stature, the large size bag will look next to it, to put it mildly, not very. Long handle while also unacceptable. But with curvaceous better to choose a medium-sized handbags with interesting texture and bright print.

The color palette is equally important. Consider bright colors will stand out from the image as a whole, and pastel - to smooth it.

Obviously, the geometry and color play an important role in creating the image, they emphasize, set the tone style, so they can not be reckoned with.

Convenience and in any case can not be ignored. Too heavy, bulky models with which you will feel uncomfortable, should not be a first choice, despite its visual appeal. It does not give you confidence and elegance, so do not even worth the attention.

Quality - an indicator that should not be overlooked. Sticking threads, missed stitches, divergent seams shabby appearance can serve as a reason for not buying. The lining must be at least solid, made of nylon or nylon.

You need to select, based on the principles of harmony. Many are of the opinion that the fabric, vinyl, leather bags should be chosen to match the shoes. Today, it is usually not so conservative. The successful duo this accessory can make and scarf, and beads, and a hat. It is important to only one thing - to be set to face.

Elaborate elements such as feathers, rhinestones, themed prints - a seasonal phenomenon, these things can not be worn all year round. It is better to pay attention to the classic models. Classic is always in fashion.

But pick up a bag just because it is in fashion, it is not true. Choose a model that suits you. This is a sure-fire option!

 Choose a bag on a figure: if it's right approach?

 How to choose sunglasses


  • How to choose sunglasses that will protect your eyes well
  • How to choose sunglasses based on the type of your face
  • As skin tone and hair color influences the choice of sunglasses
  • What models offer contemporary designers?

Sunglasses have two very important functions - on the one hand, they protect our eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but from the other side - to complement the image we create. How to choose sunglasses that they both can be performed both functions?

How to choose sunglasses that will protect your eyes well

Many people buy sunglasses, trying to pick them up substantially in the form of the face and the color of clothing, which is supposed to wear these glasses. But how often do we think about the degree of UV protection? On the strength of the product? About as visibility through the lens? Unfortunately, not often. But what is still to choose the right sunglasses?


  • Think about eye protection. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause a range of problems such as cataracts, corneal burns and even cancer. If you wish not to be subjected to such a risk, at the time of purchase points Pick a pair that blocks at least 99% UVB rays and 95% UVA rays.
  • Pick the color of the lens, based on their needs. And we are talking not just about the color of clothing, hair and skin, as we all think first. Color lenses can significantly influence also on how well you see colors, wearing glasses, and as a contrast to the image. This is very important in some situations, such as if you're sitting behind the wheel of a car. Some companies offer sunglasses with interchangeable lenses of different colors, making it easy to adapt to any situation points. And as the color of the lens affects the perception of the environment?
  1. Brown, gray, green color - neutral, meaning that such lenses reduce the overall brightness without color distortion. They simply extinguish the bright glare and relieve tension from the eyes to bright light.
  2. Yellow, golden, amber colors - provide less protection from the brightness, but they are excellent for eye protection at moderate or low light levels. They provide excellent depth perception perspective, making them ideal for skiing, snowboarding and other kinds of "snow" sports.
  3. Pink - such glasses world seems brighter. They provide excellent visibility and contrast in low light conditions. Well suited for skiing in cloudy weather. They also increase the visibility of objects against blue and green background, which makes them indispensable for driving or traveling in forest areas.
  4. SLR lens - reduce glare by reflecting most of the light that falls on their surface. Mirror coatings lenses make objects appear darker, and to compensate for this, these coatings often are applied to the light lens.
  • Select the style points. Here it is necessary to think first of all about the shape of the face, for a style suitable for you score depends on what shape your face. We will pay more attention to this topic and talk about it later.
  • Find a pair that fits you perfectly. That's what you should pay attention:
  1. The frame should fit snugly on the nose and ears, but it does not have to push or leave a feeling of discomfort.
  2. Weight points should be evenly distributed between the support points on the nose and ears.
  3. Your eyelashes should not rest on the lens.

And, of course, must be harmoniously glasses look on your face.

 How to choose sunglasses for face shape

How to choose sunglasses based on the type of your face

The key to finding the best pair should be a balance of shape of your face and glasses. First, determine what your face shape. In total there are seven types: round, square, oblong, triangular with the base at the top, with triangular base at the bottom, and a diamond-shaped oval. No matter what you face, glasses must be chosen so that the form they are the opposite shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, you should choose a rectangular glasses, and if the person is a square, then the points must be rounded.

It is also important to remember the size of your face. If you have a small face with delicate features, it will not be very good idea to put on a very large sunglasses. And if you have large features, the tiny glasses on it will look ridiculous.

Here are some examples of the successful combination of form and face the lens:

  • Diamond-shaped face: rimless lenses, lens or oval frame with a focus on the line of the forehead.
  • Square face: a lens with a soft rounded at the edges, round, oval lens in a thin rim.
  • Triangular face (wider bottom): the lens of bright colors, frame with a straight top line.
  • Inverted Triangle (face, wide at the top): rimless lenses, light tone color lenses and frames, transparent rim.
  • Oblong face: lenses, which are equal to or greater than the width of the largest width of the face.
  • Round face: rectangular or square lenses and thick frame.
  • Oval face: almost all forms of lenses look good on the face of this kind, but especially beautiful to be square glasses.

As skin tone and hair color influences the choice of sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses, you must consider not only the shape of the face, but also the color of skin and hair, because you will need to determine the color of the frame. Coloring frames should match your color type, which may be warm or cold. Cool skin tones have a pink or bluish shades and warm colors - yellow shades.

What about hair color? White blond, blue-black and light brown colors are considered cool tones hair while to warm colors include golden blond, black, brown, red and gray color. Women with a predominance of warm tones of color type more suitable frame of camel-colored and khaki, gold, copper, peach, white or bright red. For the best combination of cold colors are black, pink, brown, plum, purple and blue colors.

No matter what color would you selected frame, you do not have to forget about respecting the most important criterion that should never be broken - it is a comfort. Whatever beautiful glasses, it is not necessary to buy them, if you feel uncomfortable in them.

 How to choose sunglasses for face shape

What models offer contemporary designers?

In order to make you feel confident when buying sunglasses is to know which models are now considered the most fashionable.

  • In most collections in 2012 were represented by round glasses, which will be very popular. Their frame often has a pattern made of plastic. These points will be combined well with the face oval or square shape, smoothing its contours.
  • With a flat top line of eyeglasses, sunglasses semicircular look a little stricter. Once the designers have experimented with or eyeglass frames, but their imagination, apparently, there is no limit! Adapting to the clothes, it can be black, transparent or colored. Metal products will be very popular this season.
  • Fashion Sunglasses square shape and look very impressive. They are best suited for oval face. There are plenty of design decisions on the design of these points. Many experts expressed a preference for a transparent frame, which corresponds to the color shades of the whole image as a whole. But this design is intended rather for stylistic accent and can fully protect you from UV radiation.
  • Today, there are many models with original arches - looks very solid model, decorated with fur. These glasses will satisfy even the most daring fashionistas. And to complete the mysterious figure in this case will help rich black glasses.
  • Huge sunglasses aviators add a fashionable accent image, especially when combined with the original headdresses. Often, they are made in one piece and have a reddish-brown hue.
  • Eyeglasses are more traditional in size and less on the creative design solutions. Very often, their shape resembles a semicircle or an oblong rectangle with rounded corners.
  • There is still a very popular sunglasses chameleon that easily adapt to different levels of illumination and provide their owners of the hotel.
  • Points - the most effective method to radically change their appearance, giving it an unusual and original color. Fashion sunglasses varied in shape: square and round starting and ending hearts. If we talk about the size - huge glasses go into the background. This season, women will pay maximum attention to the rims of small and medium sizes. Models made in sporty style with invisible rim will also be very popular.

As you can see, the designers do not limit our choices. Knowing all the nuances that need to be taken into account to choose the right sunglasses are good, you will be able to choose for themselves the best model!

 How to choose sunglasses, given the shape of the face and its color type

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