select items in a nautical theme

Even the season that things in marine style are on the crest of the fashion wave. Famous beauties to enjoy wearing fashionable vest, without fear that the horizontal strip visually will be full of them.

Women of fashion this season can not do without most of this vest. The frequency and width of the stripes on dresses and tops can vary depending on your taste and imagination. Many celebrities are able to evaluate trends.

That famous lover of fashion experiments Kate Moss, this time went fairly well-known and simple manner. Agree, looks particularly advantageous combination of scarlet with alternating black and white stripe.

Many women hide their "interesting situation", but Claudia Schiffer is not shy of its rounded shape. She chose to walk knitted dress pinstripe.

Going for a walk with the kids, Sarah Jessica Parker did not try to dress up. But the title of style icon still oblige, so the star of "Sex and the City" diluted their daily outfit fashionable element vest.

Kim Kardashian absolutely no complex about their magnificent forms. Apparently so in her wardrobe are many striped outfits, one in front of you - the top in a wide strip.

Recently, Hilary Duff lost a little weight and now she is not hesitate fashionable striped outfits.

Take an example from the stars, some of them prefer to wear things in the strip with the usual jeans and even flip-flops.

 Take the example of the stars choose things in maritime style

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You can fall in love with autumn if only for the fact that in the autumn can be worn a variety of coats! That news, which we hurry to please the new season:

Best seller - this coat "trapeze". Models short length look very impressive, especially if the deep and pure colors like yellow coat Soldanata. His sleeves are slotted fashionable novelty of the season. For the prevention of diseases, as well as to look more stylish coat is recommended to wear long gloves.

Coats of Catherine Smolina fuchsia demonstrates one of the most popular colors of the season 2009-1010. Such a thing always lift the mood of its owner! Just listen to the advice of stylists: it is not necessary to combine such bright coat with black things. For more harmoniously will look gray.

The skin is always in fashion. Coats Gant combines all the benefits of beauty and practicality. It is not cold, it is moisture, perfectly sitting on a figure and, most importantly, looks super stylish!

Coats Manoukian for women who seek not only to follow fashion trends, but also be sure to emphasize all her femininity and sexuality. Coat "hourglass" is the best accentuate them to your silhouette.

Coat New Look fashion shows shades of gray and asphalt, as well as, importantly, to-date this season tweed material. Collar- rack complements the stylish image.

Do not forget about the military style, which is still at the peak of popularity. And confirmation - elegant coat-jacket TJ Collection. Here it is all playing the main idea - a stylish finish, and epaulets, and tailoring.

It is fashionable this season to wear and stylish trench coats. In principle, the trench coats are always in fashion. Trench Topshop combines all the features of trench and adds to it its zest, which experienced eye sees in the extended cover and soft shoulder line.

Coats Hoops bound to attract lovers of all bright. red, perfect fit and competent to strike a balance between the expansion of the red and makes the daily requirements of a coat indispensable.

Another of the innovations we have chosen - a classic black and white coat.

 Coats - the basis of the autumn wardrobe

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 Sunglasses 2012

Nowadays, sunglasses, or as they are called, wear sunglasses all: young people and older people, and very mature. This is not surprising, because this indispensable summer accessory not only protects our eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but also emphasizes the individuality of each woman.

Fashion Sunglasses 2012 attracted the attention of fashionistas with its diversity. The collection of fashion designers are presented for all tastes: different shapes, sizes and colors. The bright, flirty and stylish, they beckon and attract the attention of a female. Before such a choice is really very hard to resist and pass. With a wide range of buy one, two or more vending models this summer could any woman, no matter what her preferences are.

Undoubtedly, women sunglasses sunglasses - bright and indispensable accessory spring-summer season, resist which can no fashionista. How not to get lost in the representation of the diversity and make the right choice? This issue is of concern to many of our contemporaries who, regardless of the time of year always want to look perfect. To fully prepared to meet the new fashion season, we suggest to familiarize with the main fashion trends spring-summer 2012 season.

 fashion sunglasses 2012

Women's Sunglasses Summer 2012: main trends of fashion

With a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of fashion accessories represented in the collections of contemporary designers, to choose sunglasses 2012 can be any style of clothing. And will make it quite easy, having studied previously the main fashion trends.

  • In the collections of famous designers, this fashionable and indispensable feature of the summer season can be found in a frame made of plastic - self-colored or dark colors are bright with geometric or animal print patterns.
  • At the height of fashion this summer will be female sunglasses the size of half a face. Regarding the form of the rim, it can be very diverse: both circular and semicircular, and in the form of an elongated rectangle. No less relevant and model-like wildlife - seals, foxes and butterflies in bright colors.
  • Especially popular this spring and summer will enjoy the trendy and stylish sunglasses with plastic frame and lens color, selected "tone in tone".
  • Despite the fact that the collection includes many bright patterns, white frame this summer is beyond comparison, especially when combined with a very dark, almost black glasses.
  • There will also be popular and sunglasses chameleon, which does not seem to take their positions.
  • The hottest trend for women's sunglasses new fashion season - frames in the form of hearts, stars and other original forms. These glasses allow fashionistas to draw attention to his person, and they will stand out favorably against the general crowd. Therefore, the brighter they are, the better.
  • Though in a new design collection includes a great many different points in the plastic frame, the favorite of the season will be the wire-rim glasses.

 Sunglasses 2012

As you can see, the choice of sunglasses for the coming spring-summer season is very wide and varied. Which of them give their preference? No matter what model of glasses you do not chose, make no mistake - any one of them not only reliably protect your eyes from the scorching rays of the sun, but also in combination with other fashion accessories accentuate your style and s.delaet you unique.

 Sunglasses 2012: the most fashionable frames

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 Bags different needs, all kinds of bags are important

About handbags can talk for hours. For us they are - necessary accessories, which is a place of everything you need for everyday life outside the home. For men - an occasion for jokes and pranks. However, they are not averse to use a pack of wipes, nail scissors or a brush for clothes that we extracted from the bowels of the very handbag. So, forget about ridicule, talk about these inherent attributes.

Firstly, they are different. Some are designed "to go out." As a rule, small model, size slightly superior for women beauticians. Under this category fall as clutches and so-called "theater" model, decorated with embroidery, sequins or beads. Since they do not differ in size, it fits inside a small purse or even a credit card, keys, phone and, at best, is a place for lipstick.

The second type of bags used the fair sex "and feast, and in the world." Usually these accessories is quite roomy, so you can put a purse, makeup, a hairbrush, a notebook, a book or a notebook, paper napkins and wet. The bag mother emerged from the house with a baby, there is a place for a couple of toys, diaper changing, bottle of water and packets of biscuits.

The third category - handbags for documents. Most often, they have a rigid framework so as not to get crushed paper size allows you to place them inside a folder of A4 format. At the same time they provide office for phone, pens, business card holders and a laptop. Complementing handles usually becomes a belt that you can wear a bag over his shoulder. Models for business ladies made of high quality materials, decorated with lettering. The color scheme is most commonly used black and brown, but sometimes you can see a model of red. Typically, blue and green hues for such bags are not used.

And finally, travel bags. This may be a set consisting of a suitcase on wheels and a small coffer, which is attached to the handle, for which all of "design" can be easily moved, in the same style made of the same material. Many women are choosing elegant suitcases with inner pockets where the card holder fits easily for discount cards and documents. Things such bags are not pomnutsya, so the trip can take your favorite dresses and blouses.

Women's Bag - a necessary thing. Maybe it is not always practical, but without many of the fair sex do not believe their way complete.

 Bags different needs, all kinds of bags are important