Transferable tattoos on the body and tights Chanel

Today, many women want to get a tattoo, but they are not sure that after some time stamped on their body art fashion they do not cease to please. For those who have not yet decided on a real tattoo, we offer alternative - temporary tattoos transferable.

Such tattoos until recently been the prerogative of the children of primary school age. But this year, Karl Lagerfeld has ventured to offer them fashionable women and adults. Legs models spring and summer fashion show Chanel frivolous drawings adorned with birds and flowers, and, of course, with the image of a logo Chanel. British brand Topshop immediately took over fresh idea and suggested fashionistas transferable tattoo with exactly the same figures only in a more accessible form. Mark Temperley London also did not miss the opportunity to please fans of the fashion art, presenting a collection of clothes in the Gothic style: chiffon and silk cocktail dresses, decorated with black velvet tattoos. Brand Dsquared2 in turn released colorful colorful tops and swimsuits.

The idea of ​​using tattoos as a decoration of clothing and accessories are no longer new. Today one of the most famous brands, famous thanks to the use of brand images in the form of tattoos, is a popular American brand Ed Hardy, producing tracksuits, T-shirts, sneakers, baseball caps with loud slogans: "Love kills slowly". Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have great pleasure in wearing clothes of this brand. Different brands all over the world every year to invent new "tattooed" bags, shoes, T-shirts, stockings, bracelets and other accessories.

 Tattoos on the body and clothes

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 Fashion trend of the summer season

Without what can not do this summer, no true fashionista? Want to know which fashion trends this summer are stored in the wardrobes of celebrities?

Today we reveal the secrets of Hollywood celebrities: what they are wearing this summer and what is the secret of the stunning images of the season.

This summer you can safely experiment with color. Especially since this summer colorful dresses are perfect for evening dresses, and publication.

The hit of this summer are dresses with open backs of leopard fabric pastel colors. With a wardrobe of this outfit, you will certainly outshine others at any party.

Summer flowered dress like Jessica Alba, will give your image of sophistication and romance.

Fetish Hollywood just this season - a mini shorts in different colors and styles. With a wardrobe of fashionable things that you will become the object of attention of fans of slender legs. In these shorts, you can not just go to the beach or shopping, but even at a dinner party. Mini-shorts look great with high-heeled shoes, jackets and accessories.

The little black dress is also relevant as ever. However, this season designers offer to play with the brim: the asymmetry of shape in fashion.

Do not be afraid to experiment with color, because in the course of this summer bright colors. To create a unique image in the clothing, use bright, vibrant colors. Look how gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow looks bright tsiklomenovom dress.

Wide belt this season became a universal panacea for just about any outfit. Catherine Zeta Jones prefers to wear a belt with a turquoise dress of flowing fabric. Also, it can be worn with tops, shirts and tunics.

As a general rule, in every woman's wardrobe, there are universal things for all occasions. Purple - the color of universal summer 2010. Dress this shade will not let you get lost in the crowd.

This summer fashion colorful dress with an unusual pattern, flowing skirt and neckline. This outfit is suitable for both day cocktail, and as evening dress, standing just throw Baler or trendy jacket.

 Fashion trend of the summer season

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 Shoes spring-summer season: clogs, sandals, shoes and boots

The upcoming spring and summer fashion will be loved by many women of fashion boots with open toe. The most fashionable models that will delight fashionistas - classic black boots with laces, high sandals of white leather and khaki military style on the thin stiletto heels in combination with a small platform.

Updating the summer wardrobe, women of fashion to unfold confrontation and heel wedges. This season, some fashion houses are collections of high-heeled shoes, the other - on a stable platform sole. As for color, then the spring-summer season will be fashionable rainbow of colors, ranging from acidic shades of pink and green, and ending with gentle beige, which visually lengthens the leg profitable.

Lacquered shoes gradually left the podium, but an increasing number of new materials - woven texture and patterned fabrics and shiny skin, which in appearance is very similar to waterproof rubber.

The fashion house Prada is completely transparent shoe, which is made like a glass. For the most daring and desperate fashionistas, designers offer funny clogs and sandals with a heel in the form of chair legs. While none of the Hollywood stars did not dare to try on a shoe, although many of them like to experiment, however, they tend to choose the elegant and feminine model.

 Shoes spring-summer season: clogs, sandals, shoes and boots

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 sloppy bundle of hair


  • Pawn style
  • How to make a trendy laid-back beam
  • Stylish tips

The end of the twentieth century made a revolution in the field of hair and in the twenty-first century is already often more fashionable is not carefully laid hairstyle, and so-called "orderly disorder." And especially popular casual bundle of hair on the back of the head, which replaced the lyrics of years - a ponytail and any installation! And what is interesting, negligence in this case means all the same kind of orderliness.

Pawn style

Failure does not mean "carelessness." And to make a bundle on her head does not need to hurry, and not anyhow. Of course, it has to look that way, but believe me, just in a bun hair will not produce the desired effect. To beam was fashionable and above all, stylish, negligence, this should be underlined. Unlike stylish negligent beams from those hastily tied to the unwashed and neraschesannoy head just striking! (Although, perhaps, in this hairstyle has its charm). Oddly enough, yet stylish "sloppy" beam has to look perfect. Or rather, it must be made from flawless hair - healthy, clean, dyed, brilliant.

To understand how it should look fashionable beam remember overseas admirers of hairstyles: Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Lucy Liu, Anne Hathaway. Casually and gently at the same time: a paradox, but true! Thus, the main condition of stylish negligent beams - a healthy and well-groomed hair. And to make such perfect hair fashionable hairstyle were not working.

 casual beam

How to make a trendy laid-back beam

In this hairstyle you do not need a lot of time, and effortlessly, it will not require too: only a few minutes to be elegant and stylish. The main plus of such hairstyles - all your mistakes will become its advantages! After the beam would have to be that careless! By the way, a similar hairstyle can be done not only because of the long hair: a bundle of short hair will look is also very cute and mischievous.

Before you do this hairstyle, definitely will wash and dry your hair. Then apply a little styling (the size of a plum good) for direct - foam with the effect of increasing the volume, and for curly - smoothing cream curls. After that we arm comb with frequent teeth and just a little tease the roots of the hair at the back of, at the very top and sides of the head. After a slightly bouffant hair smooth on the surface of a broad brush.

Getting to do hair, the hair collecting first to free the tail at the bottom of the head, back of the head or crown. But the tail rubber band loosely anchoring and departing from the roots of the hair for one or two centimeters to save comb previous volume. All procedures have to repeat the backcombing tail: tease him inside, and the outer part of the general smooth brush. Then, deft movement, holding the tail end, we wrap it around its main body and fasten the ends of the beam formed inside.

The secret to the pin with a curved hook tip to fix a bundle there, where we hid the tail end. In the same way we do with the other hand. You can use a few more conventional studs for a secure fit. And finally, of course, use the varnish! Your fashionable hairstyle is ready!

Stylish tips

Of course, you know that for different types of face fit different hairstyles. So bundle of hair, too, is not for everyone, although it is considered a universal hairstyle. Its advantages in this installation, of course, is: hair collected the most open face, neck, décolleté and shoulders. By the way, the ears of this hairstyle is also open. So stylish beam can and make your strengths more visible, and "bare" appearance defects. But if you have nothing to hide, then feel free to twirl beam!

However, there are some nuances that are worth taking into account. In particular, this concerns the length of the neck. Ladies adynamic addition whose neck is thin, it is advisable not to overdo it with the fleece: otherwise the head will seem unnecessarily massive. Women with high head carriage and the beam must be done high on top: since the "Swan" will benefit their necks. But the girls, whose neck is not very long, it is better to make a bun on the nape. Otherwise (bun on top) visually more "press down" and without that not too long neck.

Do not make high tuft recommended and tall girl, of course, if they do not seek to emphasize its growth. They'd better make a bundle on the side or shift it to the back of the head. Ladies short stature should not give up this fashionable hairstyles, but forced to abandon lush and voluminous bouffant beams.

This allows hair and bangs, curls can be done at the temples, and the use of additional accessories. However, all kinds of pins, rhinestones and flowers should be at a minimum. Make a bundle of easy relaxed, but even easier to spoil the abundance of hair ornaments. Because for negligent beams main decoration should be all the same hair!

 Careless bundle of hair. In a fashion - elegant negligence

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