Business dress code this season

Autumn - this is the season of active journeys to the shops, where we meticulously choose new shoes, clothing, accessories, related to new fashion trends. Update and business wardrobe that this season, though still within the framework of a strict dress code, but require some experimentation and combinations raznostilevyh prints and accessories.

In general, the fashion trends on offer every day of the working week five stylish options. Included in their clothes and accessories are in the range is quite democratic prices, and purchase them available for almost everyone.

 On Monday
 For Monday, many designers offer men's clothing style. Some ladies are very skeptical about it, thinking that the male element of the wardrobe destroying femininity. However, it is not. Free plaid shirt, stylish lace-up boots, trousers narrowed down not only makes a woman very attractive and mysterious, but also provide maximum comfort for the job. But on Monday it is usually a lot.

 Tuesday - the day of strict style of the fifties, which offers a return to the designer Marc Jacobs. It is a combination of modest dress with a full skirt and low-heeled shoes. It looks good in this case is an elegant, wide straps on the dress with striped wool bolero and suede shoes with low heels.

 On Wednesday, when in the middle of the week an important meeting and meetings, we are in the office in a perfect business attire without any extra parts. This can be a pencil skirt with geometric print, a white blouse and high-heeled shoes on, which, if necessary, after working on changing comfortable ballet flats and clutch.

 On Thursday, the fashion designers are advised to adhere to the pastel colors of clothing. To this day it fits relaxed way, so you can wear jeans with wide pale pink top and suede boots.

 Friday - the day involves planning the upcoming weekend and complete relaxation. Fashionable dress code for Friday - completely black things. Excellent will look trendy this season velvet dress with ballet flats with a leopard print and strict, asymmetric style, black jacket. If the evening to be a party, ballerina change on high-heeled shoes and the dress add big jewelry.

 Business dress code this season

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 The best representatives of fashionable women's coat: Autumn / Winter '10 -'11

Fashionistas, that come autumn, go to the store and choose a coat - this season it will be the most stylish solution. Almost without exception, designers and fashion designers have already given him the palm for a while forgetting about the jacket. Let's look at the popular autumn and winter coats of the season 2010-2011, which have already become the reference.

Now coat "on the crest of the wave", so will not be difficult to choose a model that is perfect not only a style but also in color. Especially as a variety of autumn-winter 2010-2011 season is greater than ever. You can find and double-breasted coat, and a trapezoidal shape model, and see close-fitting options. A wide variety of different models, and the length - not a problem to pick up as the very short and literally coat to toe. And the color of the possibilities of each of us are practically unlimited: in fashion today monochrome models, but they can be both bright and saturated colors and tranquil. A distinctive feature of the coming season - a return to the arms of the "three-quarters", the more that they are perfectly combined with long gloves or mitts. Another notable "trick" - a coat, trimmed with fur in winter and autumn, it will certainly be popular.

Choose the most fashionable coat of the coming season

Double-breasted coat has become one of the leading sales and fashion trend autumn-winter pore. Let's talk about such models, specifically: they pronounced the modern spirit of militarism. Therefore, even the most daring "overcoat" or "uniform" will look spectacular and appropriate. Also popular are using the model in a cage and animalistic figures.

Short mini-coats seem just made for your figure? Well, all the more so in this season, all of them absolutely love it. Feel free to buy it, but do not forget about long boots or boots, because in such a "kit" you will be simply irresistible. A short coat and long boots - a formula for success this winter and autumn season.

Let's turn our attention to swing models is also enjoying success: no buttons, belt curable like robes, they look impressive one hundred percent. Especially that the choice of silhouettes is impressive: there are trapezoidal and straight, and form-fitting shape.

Pay attention to the fur trim: it speaks of luxury coats. In the autumn-winter season 2010-2011 is decorated with everything sleeves, collars, even floors. And, of course, is the coat not only looks great, but also very warm.

 The best representatives of fashionable women's coat: Autumn / Winter '10 -'11

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 best dress autumn

What to wear to work or a dinner party, long or short, a color or one-color dress? A selection of stylish and affordable at the same time the models presented to your attention.

Dresses are an essential wardrobe item, no matter what time of year did not stand in the yard, they have our love. And if the summer we have made a choice in favor of long sundresses and short strapless models, it is necessary to give preference to the autumn sweater dress. Long model made of natural wool, made of textured fabric, not only look extremely feminine, but also allow to warm the cool evenings. Fresh autumn-winter collection has a huge amount, so we want to show a selection in which only stylish, beautiful and quite cheap dresses, the famous democratic brands. With such help select spectacular and gorgeous dress will be easy every girl.

 Top dress autumn season

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 Fashionable styles and colors

What is fashionable this fall? The main trends of the autumn season by leading designers in this fashion review.

The key thing autumn wardrobe will be a long, slightly narrowed at the waist coat laconic cut. With no extra decorations and finishes, it looks modest and at the same time very feminine.

The recipe for a low-key elegance of the brand Celine for the upcoming autumn - narrow woolen trousers with arrows that go perfectly with a gray woolen sweater and pumps. According to the creative director Stella McCartney autumn collection Celine - bet on the classics that always current. Indeed, at any time, in any woman's wardrobe essential as a pencil skirt with a high waist and a fitted black jacket.

The main colors in autumn 2010 will be the black and red, beige, mustard and light gray. Especially popular this season will still beige color, which many designers is true love. Key things - light translucent gown of silk, organza and chiffon, long coat and beige shoes.

Ash or light gray shade will be another viable alternative autumn gloomy black. Designers these shades are most often used for severe business suits and autumn coat.

The protagonist of the autumn collections of many famous designers will be a wardrobe of leather. Traditional leather jackets this fall will add tops and skirts, dresses and business suits, shorts and even biker leather pants.

Fur is still relevant. So this fall fur is more than enough: mink vest, fox fur coats, fur coats from a yak. Even shoes, boots and bags adorned with fur designers. By the way, things look incredibly luxurious.

Finally, the designers are thinking about the convenience of footwear, offering customers a par with high heels sustained a heel that is suitable for everyday wear without causing harm.

The most fashionable shoe trend this fall risks becoming a combination of shoes and ankle boots with thick woolen socks or golf.

 Styles and colors: the main trends this fall