Platform and sophisticated suede

Footwear for the winter should be chosen with great care, since this piece wardrobe woman adds appeal and expresses individuality. On what to choose - trendy boots, warm fur boots and practical classics?

We offer you a tour of the novelties of the world podium of the winter season 2010-2011.

Many follow a simple rule of choice, which says that the convenience obuvki winter must always come first. But the modern fashion dictates its own laws, which at times even violate established rules.
Shoe trends this season still take into account the requirements of practicality and convenience. However, many designers have indulged creative mood, offering options that are pleasing to the eye, but for everyday use are not suitable.

Platform boots

Spectacular hairpin in ice and frost is left on the shelves and in cabinets, even the most die-hard fashionista. There is the option you want with greater resistance, including platform shoes.

The elegance of these boots is naturally inferior to the hairpin, and look very thoroughly and more hard, but with a trendy pair of socks and tights thick wool will create an attractive stylish ensemble.

Suede: elegant and cozy

Beautiful texture of suede conquered the hearts of women in autumn and winter smoothly migrated to the model. Note that in cold suede shoes is really the way, in contrast to the wet autumn weather, which can hopelessly spoil this exquisite material.

A variety of styles will be pleased with suede shoes: ethno, sports boots with laces, boots, combining suede and patent leather for lovers of refined femininity. Fascinating look and pattern of bright colored suede.

 Treads and current classics

It has long been familiar boots

So again we see the familiar model. It looks like the couturier known brands are not going to abandon their use and offer their collections again.

This change only the details and style, imitating various eras. This winter boots are complete with flowing chiffon and silk dresses. A distinctive feature of the boots is only accentuated by their height.

However, it is the height explains how the boots look great with fashionable knitted sweater dress.

Classic is always relevant

Classic boot options also complement and strict office suits, dresses and frivolous flying and knitted sweater dress. This winter, a variety of fashion houses are also a choice of a large number of classic options.

The height of the classical models comes up to the knees or falls below. Bootlegs pointed straight lines, but if the shoe is made of soft leather, let's tidy version of "bunching".
Height increased markedly, but the convenience is not recognized as a stable heel is still popular.

 The skin of reptiles and warm sheepskin

"Serpentine" color

Boots reptile skin in winter snowdrifts look out of place, but the designers insisted offer different ideas on this subject, allowing spectacular imitation snake pattern in the budget option.
Reptile skin appears in the title role, and not just as beautiful additions or decorations.

This season, designers use instead of crocodile skin lizards and snakes, creating masterpieces out of it in the form of high boots, pointy boots, and even flat shoes with straight wide leg.

In general, the main trends in winter clothes and shoes are projected. Since the set of coats, skirts, jackets and jackets this season are sewn reptile skin, footwear trends are also trying to keep up, and offer interesting options in such materials.

Practical sheepskin

It is also one of the leading trends of the season is lambskin. Included with the coats and jackets fashion houses have developed interesting options for hats, bags and gloves of sheepskin. It is a smart move, and fulfillment of boots made of sheepskin and sheep's fur. These shoes durable, lightweight and very warm - and what else is needed for a frosty winter?

 Warm boots and fashionable buckle

Warm boots

A novelty of the season was the finishing of fur, which is used to model even shoes. As for boots and botinochek, it should be noted in all the tops of fur trim, even on models with a heel. Some designers offer boots type untov completely sewed fur and footwear resembling Eskimo.

We believe buckle

Decor winter shoes echoes the autumn trends. An example is the metal buckle that richly decorated with winter boots and warm shoes. Autumn boots with such adornments, many ladies have already purchased this year.

Various color and design buckle decorated boot top, slender ankles, and even ladies' heels winter shoes. This decor belongs unquestionable superiority of the season, but in order to put models such ornaments have to work hard.

 Lace and animal print

Decorative lacing

Tying this winter is also relevant and can decorate your boots anywhere from the heel to the shaft. This stylish detail to satisfy even demanding fashionistas. The lacing can be used as a functional element of the shoe, and also serve purely decorative purposes.

Many fashion collections and offer other interesting finishes, which, however, does not affect the strict classics. So if you are experiencing the problem of choice - choose something bright and original, then you are sure to get to the point.

"Predatory" print

"Animal" prints on the shoes are also relevant. If you chose a pair of boots, we recommend to buy and not doubt, because exactly get into the fashion trend this winter.

The appropriateness of the winter 2010-2011 can also be called a model with a variety of accents and decor of embroidery, perforated leather, decorative stitches.

 Winter trends for beautiful legs

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 Dress legs in fashionable tights

Summer is over, the beauty and health of our legs depends on the proper care of them. How to protect them from the cold autumn? What to choose - pantyhose, stockings or leggings? With the onset of cold weather leading fashion houses are "clothes for the legs" in a wide variety. True conservative ladies is abundant variety is not a joy, and all the same try to understand together.

Opaque tights

 Opaque tights

Pantyhose should be thick and completely opaque. They can be a bit fuller leg, and look not quite gracefully, but with the onset of cold weather without them simply can not do. And besides, they are almost all important collections, which means that the tights promise to become one of the biggest fashion trends this autumn.

Although this is nothing special, because such thick tights remain at the peak of popularity for more than a season, they can be worn with any kinds of clothes.

Especially good they look with long cloaks and A-shaped short coat with a business suit and fur jackets, silk dresses and woolen shorts.
Black and dark gray - the most optimal color this fall.

Actual color

 Actual color

The white, creamy and milky-colored tights and leggings - a clear novelty come autumn. These things are offered by most designers, quite unexpected for the autumn season with its mud and slush.
But be careful with light shades, they can distort your image is much more dense dark tights. White is always full, and especially white pantyhose.

However, the designers offer a lot of interesting options, perfectly combined with white tights tight. For example, in the 60s of the last century, white stockings worn with black shoes boat and a little black dress. And it looks very elegant.

Fashionable design

 Fashionable design

This option is for those who prefer variety. This fall possible and reasonable everything: the fine pattern, bright and geometric interlacing and imitation intricate lacy linen. You can not choose something concrete and say that this fall season fixated on one particular figure. Today, everything is permissible. The only question is, what to wear those tights superfashionable?

The mesh and openwork

 The mesh and openwork

Actual this season fishnet tights and pantyhose mesh-classic black designers have in store for the fall for women who prefer more feminine and glamorous options.

Similar tights did not distort the legs, even, on the contrary, make them slimmer. And you can wear them with any outfit, from trendy this season satin to tweed in the British style.

Although the rainy season and does not have this choice, but at all times the beauty demands victims. After all, our life with the onset of cold weather does not stop. We like the first run on a date, visit the celebrations and go to parties. And that, you see, a great option for such cases.

Bright leggings

 Bright leggings

This autumn leggings again among the hits. This practical and convenient thing of women's wardrobe we inherited from the distant 80s.

The popularity of leggings come autumn is understandable. Many designers offer a lot of variety of short cloaks and coats, and the winter cold snap voluminous fur jackets and short fur coats. All of these things just look great with leggings.

Shine metal

 Shine metal

Many designers of leading fashion houses for this fall season offers a variety of extreme variants - leggings made of fabric with a metallic coating. Silver, bronze, gold - all this with the onset of cold weather will sparkle on women's legs.

By the way, this season in the fashion long and very long leggings.

Such a shining addition it is imperative to choose another accessory or article of clothing with metallic luster.

Bestial print

 Bestial print

Tights with animal prints - a fashion trend this autumn-winter season.

In general, this season marked the return of mass animal prints. Some people like it, some do not. But this could not affect the colors of leggings.

Tiger and leopard tights and leggings are another great way to diversify your wardrobe. These offer designers, as well as in the case of metallic add at least one article of clothing in the same scheme.

Socks and stockings


Designers many leading fashion houses offer two of the most original trend of the coming season.

Knee appropriate to wear both shoes and boots with. It is also a warm, comfortable and beautiful! Stockings are perhaps the most unexpected trend of the season. They seem so old-fashioned that can cause intense interest. However, this fall stockings are more decorative element. They can be worn over tights and leggings, even thin.

 Dress legs in fashionable tights