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The creation and preservation of the family requires work, patience, compromise, wisdom, and from both partners. Not always all these efforts end with a happy ending, "they lived happily ever after." It happens that both spouses gave up and came to divorce, or someone one has initiated the breakup. In any case, divorce is associated with stress, emotions, and can cause serious psychological trauma.

Experts believe that women suffer painful divorce. After all, they are by nature emotional men, their experiences are usually deeper and more intense. And despite the impressive number of theories and slogans on gender equality, the world still belongs to men. Firstly, it is a woman supposed to be married, or ashamed, it is difficult, late, wrong - who knows what else. Secondly, not so easy to find high-paying job and a work among the typical male professions - almost nonsense. In a divorce a woman may face legal insecurity or the fact that the laws in practice do not always work. Examples and a lot of reasons. But this does not mean that you should not despair and lose heart. The question is, how to survive a divorce with her husband, is complex, but it has the answers.

Before you think about the soul, we should start with the material. That is what means to live? When the issue is not resolved, all other emotional aspects experienced much more difficult. Most married women do not work and has no income of their own, or works, but receives negligible. In such situations, you need to get together and find a new source of income. You should not rely too much on maintenance, because can happen anything. Better it would be a nice bonus. And always safer to rely on their own strength. Divorce - there is a divorce, it is difficult to predict the behavior of a partner, there is war.

Looking for work can take some time - it is desirable to start in advance. For greater probability of success using all methods: labor exchange, the Internet, friends, acquaintances, social networks (not only the rest to Facebook to show off, even if the case will).

The second, also a very important point - a place to live? Who gets shared flat (and any other property) after the divorce. How to divide the property, how to be a winner? With these questions, it is best to contact a lawyer and preferably in advance. If you are the initiator of the divorce, there are - if not still contact and do not pull.

There where to live on, but not yet relieved.

All necessarily get better, it takes time, patience and a bit of work.
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Professional Help

Many fear psychologists consider treatment a waste of time, draining money. Some people think that psychologists treat only people with a diagnosis and a trip to the doctor can compromise. In fact, it's all nonsense. Just think, if a person has a sore leg, he turned to a specialist - a surgeon, an orthopedist. So why can not we appeal to our mental problem to the expert, "the soul." Did girlfriend will give a competent advice, and it is 100% benefit?

If the financial situation allows (even if the cost of sessions and not sky-high, but for them still to be paid), contact a specialist. It is important to be sure that really found a competent and professional psychologist.

 Take a plurality of cases in order to avoid thinking about divorce
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Girlfriends, alcohol, tears

In a situation of divorce, many women are turning to old-fashioned way - by her friends cried a bottle of something alcoholic. Whatever the method was evaluated by psychologists - someone thinks that it is necessary to produce steam, someone that it will only increase feelings - he will be tested.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with that, to share their pain with your friends. Especially in the early stages of this difficult period. But we need to know when to stop. They talked, cried mesyatsok other and that's enough. Firstly, the only true friends are willing to endure the complaints and listen attentively to the mourning, but they have a limit of patience. Secondly, the constant return to past grievances and grinding may prevent the movement of the future and a new life. We need to forgive, to live and let go of his resentment, opening the door to something different.

And especially careful to behave with alcohol. Once or twice - excusable as an anesthetic, but a reliable company. Alcohol and despair - bad allies as possible to make some stupid things in this state. You should not drink alone. The problem is not solved, but poor health and the risk of getting alcoholism are real.
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Maximum take yourself

Even Dale Carnegie said that in order to get through this suffering, we must constantly be busy. And by the way as a successful example was cited of a woman has lost a child. That, you see, any comparison is not with the divorce. So, the most occupy your hands and head. It can be anything, as long as the thoughts of divorce was less. However, to do it smarter with use. For example, it is possible to hit the job - and the increase to achieve long.

 physical exercise
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Physical exercise

The ideal would be to enroll in a gym for group aerobic exercise or fitness, yoga. The main thing that was pleasant. This will give many advantages. About maximum employment has already been said - there is a benefit. There is also the opportunity to bring his body in order. This will not only improve health, but also adds confidence. Also it proved that during exercise in the body to release the hormone of happiness. What you need after the divorce!

If you can not attend the sports clubs, take it a rule every day will make a walk in the fresh air. Even the gloomy mood becomes lighter after get some air and look at the sun.
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New Horizons

Most of the masterpieces of literature, poetry, and even science created in the period of mental suffering. Perhaps it is worth remembering what a dream you want to realize? you all my life wanted to draw, play guitar, write poetry? Perhaps it is time to try to find out their own talents and open up new horizons for the development? By the way, do not forget about art therapy (psychotherapy through art). In moments of extreme sadness and feelings are not hurt to throw out all the negative on a sheet of paper or canvas.

And it is not necessary to get involved in something so sublime. For example, it would be nice to learn a foreign language. Fascinatingly, additional communication, plus a summary.

 enjoy a shopping mood for adoption
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Fight fire with fire

Always after a long separation is tempting to jump into the arms of a new passion. Psychologists are of the opinion that to do so not worth it. Do not let go of old love and did not survive the loss, it is difficult to build new long-term relationships. Even short-tuning in the novel, you can get into the network of their own bad decisions - not in love with someone who is really suitable to reopen the wound, comparing new passion with former husband, and so on. D. There is a risk that the emotional state will be worse. And if in addition to think about the feelings of the other person - what if it is not configured for an easy affair?

However, there are exceptions to the rule. It may be such that the new love will not only help to survive the bitterness of broken hopes, but also mark the beginning of a strong union. Therefore it is necessary to be vigilant, but do not forget to listen to our hearts.
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No self-pity

Sorry for yourself, you can, but only slightly, at the beginning of a break with the spouse. But this bad habit may take root. It is much easier to do nothing, to pine with self-pity, sweet consolation, cigarettes, alcohol, what to work on your body and emotions. This is a simple but devastating way. It will only lead to a deterioration of mood, as well as health problems, figure and complexion.

Going through a divorce - not easy, but you are standing in the way of new discoveries and experiences. Just think, soon the negative emotions go away, and you will discover true freedom of a new life!

 Divorce with the husband - the freedom of new life