Dress - the trend of the summer

In the coming summer season is sure to be a favorite sundress. Yes, yes, sundress, not a dress! Recently sundresses ceased to be the subject of children and the Summer Resident wardrobe. They have taken a worthy place among the fashionable and stylish clothes.

Summer will ever popular floral prints. Summer dresses for ladies full suggest following colors: aquamarine, fuchsia, lemon, pink and turquoise, of neutral colors - olive and gray. Out of competition, of course, white.

The length of the coming summer should be, or the maximum length - up to the ankle, or very short. Maximum length models suggest flowing and easy silhouette. In short options more variety of styles: there may be a different shape skirts, tops, straps and fasteners.

 Dress - the trend of the coming summer

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 Leather jacket - must have of the season

Stylish leather jacket - one of the main elements of the wardrobe as the world stars, and we - mere mortals. Recently, it has proved one of the hottest Hollywood stars, concurrently a successful fashion designer, Victoria Beckham. While Vicki short term pregnancy, she can not change his favorite style of dress.

Last week, the Victoria flew to New York to show his new collection at Fashion Week. She was wearing a green leather jacket, a free T-shirt, tight jeans and suede boots with high heels. All of these items of clothing can be purchased here in Russia, the main thing to have a sense of style. Also in stores selling women's clothing wholesale.

The choice fell on the Star leather jacket Marc Jacobs, worth about 66 000 rubles. The jacket is made of crumpled leather, it has a three-dimensional quilted shoulders and pockets with zippers.

Let's try to repeat the fashionable image of Victoria and choose an alternative to expensive jacket by Marc Jacobs? In the spring you can wear a jacket like Victoria, with skinny jeans and ankle boots, and a long summer sundresses and ballet flats.

 Leather jacket - must have of the season

 Men's Fashion 2011

What's New expect men in the world of fashion in 2011? Let's start with the fact that the usual colors, bright colors of previous years are gone, but, of course, those who can not live without it, is not a sin to add a bright spot in your wardrobe .  This year, it will radically change the style of avid fashionistas - instead of the usual T-shirts and jeans, you have to wear shorts and jacket lightly .  At the same time, brands such as Gucci, who could not resist and presented magnificent thick knit sweater and narrow pipes, as well as Bottega Veneta, who prefer a wide leg, slightly dilute the atmosphere .  But all this is contrary to the trends of previous years, will be presented unequivocally only natural colors and, of course, fabrics .  Welcome to this year, brown, olive and, for a change, blue .  All this is quite - still strict palette diluted with minor amounts of geometrically made of black and white prints, ornaments and ethno - motives .

The majority of men will now look at the same time strictly, and extravagant. And for those who like a complete "stuffing", this style is desirable to afford to buy a coat with Italian motifs and men's jackets with fur. But, of course, all rules there are exceptions - this year stood out for its collection of biker - style Burberry Prorsum. He is not just offered leather jackets, as well as in an old movie, added to skin a bunch of lightning, rivets, and of course spikes.

As for shoes, the pedestal of the unanimous opinion of trendsetters, this year will be given to the sandals. Another confirmation of this is a collection of Bottega Veneta, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

These are enticing season premiere of spring-summer are waiting for us in the coming 2011. After showing these new products to the general public lovers of high fashion, probably everyone will want to put on sandals and shorts, feeling at ease.

 Men's Fashion 2011

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 Choose a bag - postman

Trendy among the stars and fashion elite bag postman gradually taking their rightful place in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Practical, comfortable and incredibly spacious bag-postman is ideal for a comfortable casual-way for shopping trips and meetings with friends and for business dress code.

Identification of the main signs must have the latest fashion season are very simple - a rectangular silhouette, two symmetrically arranged decorative buckles on the strap and a long shoulder strap. This uncomplicated bag combines brutal unisex and casual elegance for which many are not willing to pay a small amount. For example, the price of brand handbags, pochtalonki Proenza Schouler Incidentally trendsetter this stylish little thing, ranging from 1600 to 2350 dollars per copy! At the less expensive brands, the average price per bag starts at $ 1,000.

For those who are not yet ready to give a tidy sum for fashionable bags, but want to stay up with the trend, we recommend you look at our review of the best "pochtalonok"!

Bag - the postman with a heart

 Choose a bag - postman
 Luxury bag for a reasonable price! Bag by See by Chloe of soft brown leather with buckle and a heart will delight fans excellent quality and nice design. Price Bag 15400 rubles.

"World" Bag - postman

 Choose a bag - postman
 The Internet - shop you can buy, you can Asos bag for 3500 rubles. It is a perfect accessory from Warehouse.

Bag - the postman every day

 Choose a bag - postman
 Zara has decided to upgrade the podium pochtalonok options and proposed their model of universal bags - a deep blue color and minimal design. The price of 3000 rubles.

Bag - the postman of fabric and leather

 Choose a bag - postman
 River Island has created a beautiful, bright and light fabric bag with leather design elements. This inexpensive bag is perfect for the summer. Price 2200 rubles.

Bag - postman with braids

 Choose a bag - postman
 Designers H & M offer black, brown and bright green color palette. This spacious and inexpensive bag with straps -kosami costs only 1000 rubles.

 Choose a bag - postman

 Trendy lace

Lace - this is not the treasure chest of the grandmother, is a fashion of the 2011 season. What to choose among these beautiful lacy things, filled with tenderness and beauty?

The dress and gloves, shoes and bags, Jlady.ru advises the review of the abundance of lace, the most fashionable things, among which are bound to be sure you and your suit. They just can not come up, because not one century lace are a symbol of femininity and luxury. The presence of lace in one way or another is celebrated in fashion each season.

Transparent lace

This year, the lace with a light romantic dash strongly through to the hit of the season. They are present in business suits everyday life, they will be in the form of a luxury evening gown of black guipure on the next party. Moreover, the black dress of black lace and transparent is an absolute classic.

These dresses are available in any collection - Dolce & Gabbana   and Antonio Marras . Givenchy   and Antonio Berardi   and many more not mentioned.

There is nothing more erotic, tender smooth skin stood out through the transparent black lace mesh. Attire risky course, and we must have the courage to appear in it at the party. As a compromise might look like dense black cover under the dress, but the charm is lost already.

 Trendy lace

Flesh Tone

The fashion collections have met before products from flesh-colored lace, but in the season - winter 2011 - it is an undeniable hit! In contrast to the classic black, creamy flesh and the gentle shade of a romantic. A black lace trim things flesh-colored tint gives the latest theater. This can be seen among the same directly - works of art from the Valentino .

Lace Flesh Tone can be filled even the everyday things. An example is the long tunic on Moschino Cheap & Chic , Dress with leggings.

 Trendy lace

Lace gold color

This season, lace fabric stitched with gold and silver threads, which creates a unique "metal" effect.

In fact, it's a fine brocade lite, but it's a nice, bright and festive version of Balmain   or Marc by Marc Jacobs   certainly not for the office. This fitted dress just for partying, there it will appreciate.

 Trendy lace

Maxi Length

And if we started talking about the holidays, the ideal choice of dress - long dress in a floor of the lacy linen. This dress will be beautiful, regardless of the style of the collection.

Black lace on the solemn Valentino   for social events, and the choice of young ladies - wide laminated dress Roberto Cavalli . Evening Dress can be made entirely of lace fabric like Christian Dior   or have a small lace inserts like Ralph Lauren .

 Trendy lace

Linen style

There are trends that were born in the last year, but remain relevant in the current season. This cocktail dresses of lace fabric with lace trim dress, a combination of Antonio Marras   and Dolce & Gabbana . Christian Dior . Alexander Wang . Such orders require courage and determination, they are worn with long stockings and addressed to the young and the young.

 Trendy lace

Lace Tops

As for the young and young directed work of masters of shocking Elie Tahari   and Alexander Wang . They are very different from the classic luxury of lace dresses for socialite.

The black lace tops seen gloomy gothic style, or the impact of heavy rock. It outfits the mood requires certain accessories.

In winter, lace tops offer fashionable women wearing a fur vest. If this dress to your taste and your comfortable in it, why not go as a party.

 Trendy lace

Lace skirt

This season, designers are quite organically blended different styles, with the denominator of fabric lace fabric, lace skirt, as well as tops, can be attributed to the outrageous style as a business woman in a dress is difficult.

Nevertheless, the negative emotion this new trend does not cause. You just need to have a bit of determination and courage that would wear such things.

Lace skirt by D & G . Lanvin   or Diane Von Furstenberg   offer to wear form-fitting with short jackets made of black velvet.

 Trendy lace

Lace blouses

Experiments with specific details of dresses this season smoothly into the business options lacy blouses. Modern business woman wants to look smart in a business suit. She went to meet him, having made business wardrobe of glamorous and romantic material.

Dolce & Gabbana   represent narrow satin skirt with floral print and lace blouse new type. Marc by Marc Jacobs   He pointed to a blouse slacks, Celine   - Leather skirt. Even Burberry Prorsum   We realized themselves in a tunic of dark guipure in military style.

 Trendy lace

Lace trim

If you liking lacy things, presented outfits look too provocative and eye-catching, no one bothers to decorate your stuff lace inserts or ruffles. As such wide ruffles or fringe on Betsey Johnson   or Marc Jacobs   in any feminine wardrobe.

If you combine a dense texture and transparent fabric, then this ensemble looks very tender and touching. Dolce & Gabbana   a combination of the new season presented on jackets and coats.

 Trendy lace

Lace on bags

Lace style in this season also affected handbags. He adds femininity, even very busy and business women. Generally, lace trim bags - quite cute sign the new fashion season.

There are quite traditional in form of bags Valentino . Louis Vuitton   and Moschino Whose top is covered with a dense skin specially treated with lacy linen.

 Trendy lace

For special occasions there are lace handbag with long handles, chains, for example, by Roberto Cavalli .

 Trendy lace

Laces on shoes

Shoes of the season this year, can not help but like, are masterpieces in high heels with lace inserts. It brings us back to the days when women stop was the object of worship, and of the women's shoes were drinking champagne.

 Trendy lace

Fashion House Elie Saab . Moschino . Dolce & Gabbana . Christian Dior   presented chiseled classical pin, graceful forms of traditional boat with lace inserts and moderately narrow spout. Classic, but how beautiful!

 Trendy lace

Lace Gloves

Dress in lace - until the end! We could not ignore the elegance of lace gloves. As designers fantasize on the topic of lace easy, and things are out of their hands produced elegant, with a touch of ironic and outspoken lyubobvaniem.

 Trendy lace

Black lace gloves, fingerless gloves on Betsey Johnson   or a lace of black leather in the form of long gloves Donna Karan   really impressive.

 Trendy lace

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