what to wear boots

Boots, boots, ankle boots and fashion boots 2011: what to choose for the spring season? Long before the arrival of spring, this issue is relevant to many modern women. Of course, the boots! Someone they resemble "waders" someone in them feels fairy-tale character from the fairy tale by Charles Perrault, or the sort of beauty from the same movie. However, be that as it may, the boots are back in fashion, and they in the new spring season will be the main value of every fashionista's wardrobe.

A bit of history: These fashionable boots today were invented to protect the riders legs. They were the cavalry of the medieval army and horsemen of the Russian army of the 18th century. Then, one of the French monarchs, namely - Henry VI made them the privilege of the nobility, and they long were their mandatory attribute clothing. Peter himself was a fan of them. In the female wardrobe boots moved recently. They dared to be only prostitutes. And only not so long ago they were made available to all women without exception. But even today, to wear such shoes dare not every modern woman. To wear them, it requires a certain courage, especially because so protivokatsionny boots - ankle boots, the longer, the shorter the skirt.

Fashionable colors

 what to wear boots

The main sign of spring shoes this season is bright colors, in which there are yellow, purple, red and red tones. High boots 2011 spring just can not be ignored: they look very glamorous and spectacular. Shoes, made in a more soothing colors, beige, cream and brown tones looks noble and restrained, and is perfect for the female wardrobe classic style. For the extravagant young women designers offer models of high silver boots alligator. Today's fashion shoe allows owners of Treads play both color and texture.

Trendy styles, finishes and materials

 2011 spring boots

Ladies not only gave new life to the native men's shoes, but also significantly its diversity. In this season of Spring 2011 classic ladies' options Treads can be made from a variety of materials: suede, pearl, lacquer, ruffled or artificially aged leather and suede or shiny satin. Many models fashion Treads 2011 looks very impressive just by combining smooth and coarse skin.

 fashion boots 2011

Today, you can find boots most incredible and fantastic styles: with and without a heel, platform, zipper, lace-up, rivets, and even buttons. Treads this spring can reach up to the hip or knee, and barely cover be decorated with sequins, fur trimming, embroidery, fringe. And they are perfectly combined with the same hits spring 2011. Every year, modern designers embody this shoe more and more daring fantasies. For example, boots from Prada - is a model that in some way resemble fishing boots.

What kind of boots to choose this season?

This spring, popular high jackboots, completely covering the knee. Treads tops 2011 spring season - a narrow, flexible and tight-fitting foot like a sock boots. The range of the spring season there are many models jackboot of suede. Of course, this material is very elegant. However, when choosing boots should be taken into account and the fact that he is very moody. However currently suede shoe, in most cases made with a special repellent impregnation. A special permit is always aerosols contain suede shoes in perfect order and even refreshing its color. However, not every woman choosing a model of boots, he knows what to wear suede boots?

The main question is what combination of such shoes to look fashionable and stylish? In fact, everything is very simple .  To not look vulgar, like the heroine of the acclaimed film "Pretty Woman" is enough to choose the model suede boots without causing excessive shine and do not wear them too frank and cause clothes .  Deep neckline and thin beige pantyhose better to exclude .  The best option - to complement the dress tight leggings or tights in color Treads .  As for outerwear, boots, stockings it is best combined with coats and raincoats, long no higher than mid-knee .  Whereas with bulk jackboots everything exactly the opposite: they should be worn with jackets and coats that extend up to the middle of the buttocks .  Choosing a pair of designer boots, do not forget about the main requirement for Treads - they certainly should be of excellent quality .  In these boots you will not go unnoticed .  In case you do not know what better to combine them with the note than wear suede boots ladies and boldly take their example .

From what to wear boots?

How to wear boots? Typically, such a shoe should be very careful. Only one out of place application to the details of style, and the representative of the fairer sex in danger immediately get accused of bad taste. Treads 2011: what to wear? This issue is relevant today for many women. In modern fashion, these boots are embodied in conjunction with the jacket sport coat, a cap and a short skirt or classic style long leather coat.

 boots boots what to wear

In fact, everything is very simple. Knowing the basic rules will allow you to always look fashionable, stylish and elegant:

  • the simpler the boots, the more difficult it is to be dress;
  • for evening dress best fit model of colored kid leather, whereas under the strict business suits better to give preference to models of white leather;
  • If ankle boots wide, will help balance the silhouette full skirt;
  • trousers, on the contrary, should be narrow and fitting;
  • boots without heels look effective with narrow trousers and jackets;
  • very impressive look boots with laces, and, the longer it is, the better;
  • Laced shoes but requires them to be kept in the owner of the choice of clothes.

 Fashion boots

Boots boots: what to wear? Without these high boots not done none of the fashion show of past years .  In this season of opportunity at this shoe are endless .  The more that designers offer an infinite number of choices, what to wear this spring boots boots .  This trendy women's wardrobe thing looks great with short coats and dresses, sweaters and tight pants and leggings .  Moreover, they are perfectly combined with evening dresses and business suits, jeans, trousers, breeches and skirts of various lengths and even shorts .  This spring, designers offer to wear these shoes like normal everyday dresses and extravagant cocktail .  Win-win situation - tunic dress, knitted dress, sweater or dress-Case .  But do not forget about those cases where it is not necessary to wear boots .  From them is to give in when they will add your way of vulgarity, or if you have a deep neckline .  It also should not forget about the sense of proportion and propriety .

 what to wear with boots Photo

Today the stars in boots can be seen not only on the catwalks of fashion shows and the covers of glossy magazines. Many celebrities wear them everywhere. So if you want this spring to look fashionable and stylish, but have not yet decided what to wear boots, photos of Hollywood stars - a vivid example to follow. Feel free to wear your boots - this trend can not hide in the closet! However, in order not to look defiantly, just need to choose the right wardrobe. And to you there was no doubt as to wear boots, to learn from the right combination of clothes and accessories that will suit you.

 Spring boots boots: what to wear?

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 Military style

Military style clothing, photo we can see today in women's magazines, came into vogue in the early last century, but now is not inferior to the new trends. Wearing clothes men in military style (from the English. Military - military) spread after the First World War. And 40s clothing for civilians deliberately began to be manufactured similar to the uniforms. But this does not mean that the clothing in military style to be very similar to the camouflage, it is only a few decorative elements, color or shaped resembles it.

The fact that the clothing in military style - it is not a military overcoat, not a soldier spotted a form of forage cap. It is sewn from a normal tissue, and not from that which is intended for uniforms. It is not necessary to understand the military style, which has long been a photo appeared in the pages of fashion, literally, it's a stylized appearance under wartime.

Cuts in military style clothing for women

 Military style clothing

fashions military style

Silhouettes of military style women's angular and sharp, this cuts seem a little aggressive. Signs of such clothing - an extension of the shoulders, accented waist and slightly narrowed hip line. And yet, what applies to women's clothing military?

To it can be safely attributed fitting top coat, cloak, slightly extended downward and form-fitting with stand collar, patch pockets, stiff shoulders, with a buckle and a pair of rows of large buttons. Also among the most popular styles - shirt in military style with breast pockets, lapels and leather belt, very elegant riding breeches, must-wear in conjunction with the high massive boots and wide trousers in military style, made of coarse material with riveted straps and a large number of patch pockets.

 military style clothing

Dress in military style

It is also a very relevant item of fashion in military style as fitted jacket or a jacket with epaulets on the belt, with the obligatory presence of patch pockets, big buttons. In other words, it should resemble a military jacket or coat. The same can be said about the dress in military style, to be form-fitting, with large buttons, but the length of this particular case does not matter.

We should not forget about such mandatory elements in military style dress as a belt and pockets of large size. Women's clothing military - it is also a straight or slightly flared skirts, often long, always with a wide belt. Relevant and wide variety of options for military-style pants with lots of pockets overhead. Military style shirts should be long, having all kinds of stitching, cuts and pockets. Military style jackets are generally given a huge room for imagination. They welcomed the various "lightning", stitching, stripes, large metal buckles and pockets.

The colors and shades of clothing military style

 military style clothing Photo

basic color military style

The most important thing in military style, photos of which we often see in the catalogs of fashion - this color. The main one is spotted camouflage pattern, and the main colors - protective, khaki, swampy green and dirty brown. Also fashion military style includes different shades of green, yellow, sand, gray, brown, sometimes with spots, that is, all of the colors found in military uniforms of different armies in the world. Also coloring the fabric can be self-colored, such as brown, green, blue or black. Sometimes there are olive, and even dark red, red and gray-green color.

But I want to remind you that the main highlight of military style clothing, photo is flashed in the fashion press, a combination of incongruous. Not fashionable to wear a uniform in itself, but only in combination with a very peaceful and absolutely frivolous things. And if you choose to wear khakis thing, only in combination with multi-colored, bright and provocative décor. For example, military style in women's clothes, a photo where you can see - is decorated with braid, elegant, stylish, orders, golden ornament uniforms. This elegant jacket in military style will look great with solid tight pants or jeans.

Shoes & Accessories in military style

 Women's clothing military

Street - fashion military

Shoes in military style, decorated by military boots and shoes with thick soles without heels or low heels with rounded capes - this is the silhouette, which is now the most popular. There is also a military style shoes are tough shoes with laces blunt nose and wide heel and combat boots Military style tractor with thick soles.

 military style coat

Classic military

Accessories in military style - a rectangular bag, sunglasses, belt, watches with militaristic elements. To Dressed in military style also include brooches, which are likely to be interested in the youth. Their key details are medals, coins and military decorations Victorian times, which, in combination with ribbons look very nice. Military style - it's always a looseness, courage and audacity.

The perfect complement to this style of clothing may become bags matte rough skin with a minimum of every decoration, but the most practical and functional. They will be combined perfectly with the shoes in military style. Welcome massive metal bracelets on the clock in military style, leather belts, and brooches, which mimic the stripes or chevrons. Combinations of metal and leather in jewelry, for example, in military style watch with a leather strap, look very impressive. Considerable range of accessories: the dark-color neckties, jewelry, medals, sashes, wide belts with buckles and much more.

 military style in women's clothing

USA marine military

Military military style for women are very popular in the fashion season Spring-Summer 2011, and if you are not indifferent to him, do not forget about the bag in military style, because it is very common accessories are the foundation of your favorite style. A "military coloring" has consistently appears in the collections of the most famous fashion brands, and has long been just as classical as animalistic and safari prints.

This spring and summer military style in women's clothing, in the photo you can see it, especially popular with many leading designers. A bit of glamor, accurate form, "military color" - and in front of us finished a stylish accessory in military style with which you can safely go to any club party. There are separate collection and a bit brutal and coarse bag in military style. For example, the bag having a male character and will be a perfect travel bag, combine well with boots in military style. With such a piece of clothing in military style clothing 2011 should be combined shades of green or brown, khaki and denim. In some collections devoted to the military trend entire line of handbags.

Tops and pants in military style

 military style photo

military style coat

The military style is clarity and rigor silhouette lines. Women coat in military style, photos of which have already met in the new fashion catalogs, have a strict stand-up collar, double row of buttons, straight shoulder line and a belt with a large buckle, creating a clear waistline. This military style coat, pictured is seen well with trousers Military style direct and cut free from the dense and hard material and high boots in military style with solid soles.

Jackets in military style - large and increasing his shoulders, which do not lend femininity. But if you put on a stylish jacket in military style with a dress and heels, the image is very impressive balanced, although unknown to the vast majority of people. Jackets in military style must be present in a fashionable wardrobe of any modern girl. And do not jump to conclusions if such clothes you feel rough. Details of golden color (brooches, buttons, sockets, epaulets, and even embroidery) made original and very stylish any strict at first glance things.

Many fashionable collections of famous designers presented as a wide selection of jackets, coats and jackets in military style, you will be able to quickly and easily create almost any image, even feminine and bohemian.

 Military style jackets

Rock Chic Military style

For example, to create an image in a style like rock chic, best fit jeans or leggings military style combined with high heels, jacket in military style, and, of course, a jacket. To create a feminine image, you can take, for example, bright red fashionable jacket with epaulettes and long skirt to the floor - maybe it's not very convenient and practical, but the desired effect is achieved! Models of jeans in military style is usually littered with cuts and holes, and look aggressive, but at the same time stylish and sexy. You'll look into them particularly impressive when will pick them beautiful boots in military style. Another great option of clothes - a straight trousers in military style with a metallic luster dim, very feminine, glamorous and yet quite comfortable. They are wonderfully combined with fashionable blouses.

People who wear clothing and jewelry in military style, often have a strong character and steadfast in their decisions. It is strong and self-confident people who did not afraid of attention. This outfit could also emphasize the sports uniform or a person belonging to a particular political or social group. And some women really like men in uniform. Sometimes in life there are times when it is necessary to change the image, or dramatically change people's opinion of himself, so why not try a military style 2011? Experiment, try, because the crucial choice is just for you. Just be sure to remember that too much focus is not worth it - always and everywhere should be the measure.

 Women's clothing in military style: modern

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