Trendy Shorts 2011

Winter has gone unnoticed, and the spring came into its own, giving the opportunity for all women of fashion to find the reason for the next shopping - upgrade the spring-summer collection of her wardrobe. In the warm season the designers to work more on the new images, because they may be present any thing, except fur. The most popular and convenient thing warm season can be called shorts. And though the seasons are then moving away from us, once again become a place in the new shows of fashion, nevertheless shorts - a very popular part of the wardrobe of women, because not all skirts and trousers can look as sexy as in fashion shorts 2011 .

Today, this part of the wardrobe can not be attributed to the sporting style of clothing, because the shows of famous designers they have already been demonstrated many times in a classical style, perfectly combined with a jacket, a coat, a classic French and blouse.

It argued that shorts lengthen the legs as well as a mini-skirt - and rightly so! Wear shorts high heels, and you will see for yourself. Or advise you to view the model fashion shorts in 2011, where we picked up the photo.

Actual colors for shorts 2011

Trendy Shorts 2011 can rightly be attributed to the era of minimalism. Going over in memory of the great shows of fashion designers, clearly remembered pastel colors, discreet black and white, brown and terracotta, beige, cell and leopard print. And although the latter two colors are attributed to the category can not be modest, yet most models were thin and elegant. Trendy shorts in 2011, which presented pictures below demonstrate this well:

 2011 women's fashion shorts

Of the many models, you can be sure to choose a suitable Statement

So what model fashion shorts spring 2011 What a pick up, will talk not only about your taste, but also about the ability to meet the fashion to go to one leg with her.

Given the fact that the comfortable shorts find their place in the city, and the small, cozy town and in the suburbs, and the fresh air from the sea, designers are well-tried and most skillfully approached the consumer interest by providing a choice of women are many models of this thing . Shorts Fashion Spring-Summer 2011 were presented in the following models:

  • The youth version of women's shorts;
  • Strict business style for women;
  • Avant-garde;
  • Women's shorts in the glamorous style;
  • Shorts for an evening out;
  • Shorts in the romantic style;
  • Denim shorts version.

Waist line and length, actual for the short 2011

Despite the fact that the waistline is significantly different from year to year, this season for fashionable women's shorts spring-summer 2011 is no significant difference. They were shown on the catwalk as a high-waisted, and with understated. Dropped waist does not want to take positions, despite the fact that quite a long period of time is included in the collections of designers from different countries. So it is today, if we talk about things trendy new collections.

If we talk about the length, the fashion shorts Spring 2011 will be ultra-or, in other words, a style of ultra-mini. Given that these shorts will suit only beauties with slim legs, the rest of the women can try on a model to mid-thigh.

What's New 2011 shorts for women who identify themselves as youth

 Shorts 2011 fashion photo

Youth has always distinguished for its high fashion awareness .  They are not afraid to put even the caller thing, because when you're young, you all permissible and pardonable .  For those women who consider themselves among the youth, or are established in the shower, trendy shorts spring-summer 2011 will be presented in the form of models of denim, cotton and leather .  These models are distinguished from other expressive cut and bright colors: pale blue, lilac, coral .  These shorts 2011 women's fashion, whose photos adorn the cover of a variety of magazines, certainly will be to face .  These shorts need to be sure to pick a fashion accessory: a thick belt, a bright, catchy belt buckle or a handkerchief .  If the figure allows you, Pick leather model narrow cut having a rivet or button, you can zip and hooks .  Coupled to them desirable to choose a short-sleeved jacket with a "flashlight" and raised his shoulders and a sleeveless vest, too leather or fur .

"Denim" is always in fashion

 Trendy Shorts spring summer 2011

As for fashion denim shorts 2011- spring again gave them life with the help of designers. Again they were at the peak of popularity, and a rating of the best-selling models, probably would have taken the first place. Today, the stores have sold jeans model bright colors, decorated with all kinds of embroideries and prints with fine detail as decoration. Models of all sorts: oversized and short edges of the hips in slinky, with a high waist and a little loose and rolled on both legs and flared with recesses, and classic lines.

What to choose him? You can guipure blouse, t-shirt with cartoon print, a white linen shirt with a loose-fitting red leather strap, suit and white shirt classic or sleeveless blouse with decoration in the form of a frill. For those who are going soon to the resort, it is best to prepare for the shorts from the bodice leotard and transparent chiffon tunic.

Is it possible to include shorts to business style?

 fashionable women's shorts 2011 Photo

Fashionable women's shorts 2011 photos that are matched to this article include business models and style. On the podium for the coming season has been offered lots of options a business suit, which includes a jacket and shorts. And if the office where the woman works, allows a dress code to include in your daily wardrobe shorts, they are lucky enough, because today it is very important!

If you wear shorts to the business of strict cut white blouse and jacket, you keep your office style, and thus emphasize the excellent taste. To the category of fashion shorts Spring 2011 include double-layer models that sit on the hips pritalen and freely positioned in the area of ​​the calf. Such models are chic look with a jacket cut long, in this case, it seems as if the jacket is transformed before our eyes in a cloak.
Shorts Fashion spring-summer 2011 as a rigorous models are found in the form of tubes, slim line of the feet, and having to supplement a jacket with sleeves 3/4. Or, the same mini-shorts in combination with tailcoat! Yes, yes it is him!

To the category of shorts include strict and loose-fitting model with a high waist, which flaunts a wide belt of the same fabric with a buckle. This model can be put into the office with a jacket or short jacket without a collar and bottom chiffon blouse with a bow.

Trendy Shorts 2011 pictures that presented in the article are similar to the fashion of 70th where featured jackets with high shoulders and all the same shorts. By choosing such a costume warehouse, try to stick to light colors.

Glamorous shorts to stand

 2011 women's fashion shorts photo

Glamour ... not all fully understand what the word meant, but like to use when communicating, especially in recent times. In fact, the word symbolizes charm, charm, beauty, charm, that is, everything that makes an impression on others. Trendy Shorts 2011 spring refer precisely to this! They are the most unpredictable shades, but always very bright and eye-catching, in addition to having an arsenal of accessories. Just do not oversaturate with the garment, or you can be like a parrot! Let the color of the bottom and the top of your clothes will be combined.


 Spring 2011 fashion shorts

Such models can include pants, shorts and a skirt, i.e. when the front part is a skirt and, on the rear side - as shorts. Trendy shorts in 2011, which presented photos below show a similar pattern, complementing the beauty of their inflated waistline. If you do not know where you can put on a similar model, the ideal choice should be traveling by car: they will be very easy to move around and not worry about how to look more feminine in the photo, trying to capture new places. Of course, nature, and just in Short skirt will look too great.

Shorts for an evening out in the light

 2011 spring fashion shorts

For those who simply change the beautiful evening dress for women's fashion shorts 2011 - photos from our website attached. These girls tend to relate lovers nightclubs and discos and parties till dawn. For these ladies can offer a military style, or form-fitting shorts made of elastic fabric with a sheen and can be worn over a long shirt or a tight-fitting mini dress. In this case, a prerequisite to be a high heel or platform.

Sports Shorts 2011

 Fashionable women's shorts spring summer 2011

Sports clothing brands are very popular, as are sports stuff, but if previously they could only be for training and sports, but now fashion presents us with all sorts of surprises and has, apparently, not incongruous things designers boldly dressed in their models, offering women a little dream of the way. So it is with sports shorts models. This season, they appear not only in the low-key monochrome colors, but also in colorful colors colored lace. Such an interpretation of fashion 2011 women's shorts, photos of which can look in detail at our website, you will be bright, not only in the gym, but also in the nature with friends or when hot summer finds you in the dusty town.

To sports models, fashionable this season include shorts unusual colors: white black polka dot, striped, checkered and many other interesting models.

 Trendy Shorts 2011 - women's secrets

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