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Like a lot of questions we receive, as soon as we start thinking about replenishing his wardrobe. The guide the choice and who to listen to, what to look for and what it is not necessary to purchase, which is the main trend, and which is well worth it to stay on the sidelines in order to avoid being tarnished the main charm - our natural charm? What to wear this summer, and to look fashionable and attractive to both fit in the scope of fashion trends and stand out from the legion concerned the same question the young ladies - all this and we'll talk today, taking into account all existing nuances!

The beauty of this world, as claimed by the great lies in the diversity of its colors, and nature itself unreservedly supports this clear demonstration, so should we, so to say, to break away from the team, limited to the paucity of standard palette ?! For starters, let's try to decide what the most fashionable colors of clothing in 2011, we have prepared the leading designers in Europe and representatives of Olympus fashion around the world.

BOILING White - the most fashionable color of the clothes in the summer

 what colors are trendy summer 2011

The undisputed leader of our grand race in popularity is the color, has earned the best reviews sparkling experts and critics. At the end of the world fashion weeks last fall the most recognized white juicy filling summer suit. Speaking of fashion collections of the summer season of 2011, submitted to our attention the best designer of the world, forget about it does not work, because it is sparkling white has become the most fashionable color of the clothes of 2011, favorite, and in some cases, and a full master of the best podiums of world capitals.

Speaking about the individual's greatest designers and international brands, confirming their commitment to the new models of the white garment, it is impossible not to note Julien MacDonald, who, thanks to the innocence of white managed to weave of her, as before, outspoken and a bit controversial innovations miraculously Women 2011 .  Calvin Klein, long ago became famous for his love of brevity in the creation of items of women's clothing, also failed to renounce the predominance of white in their new collections, reducing to a minimum the possibility of duality in the interpretation of exquisite images .  Ralph Lauren once again easily proved to us that a luxury - it is easy and quite affordable - its sophisticated combination of white with various shades of dark chocolate to make it possible to make models of your wardrobe, full of graceful majesty .  By the way, this is what the designer often spoken of as creates clothes not for the podium, but in real life, and people who prefer classic elegance extravagant novelty .

Without a doubt, the white, and in particular, items of women's clothing that color can not hide a certain emotional symbolism, but we would like to specifically focus on its versatility! The most fashionable color of clothes 2011 - Photo provided by our attention, only strengthen confidence in this - allows any elements made in white, to be subtly bright, and at the same time, more importantly, perfectly combined with other "inhabitants" of your wardrobe, if they are sustained in an appropriate style.

Gentle sand and cream

 fashion colors clothes Summer 2011

Talking about what colors are fashionable summer of 2011, one can not look back and do not try to compare this season's hits from the past. I'm afraid to disappoint beauties who came to taste so many fashion shows doer military style, but this year will be presented to militarism limited number of permissible colors for the background quietly departs hacks and other natural, "green" color. We have left only the most warm and airy shades of light beige - soft creamy, almost neutral sandy, sunny champagne, baked milk, ivory, in a word, we are approaching the most aristocratic community, whose name - ecru.

Max Azria, whose collections have long been known for their extreme precision graceful lines and laconic cut, did not fail to take advantage of the effect of a hill created by these shades, and created an incredible model of women's clothing, full of deep natural femininity. What to say about the design houses that founded Alberta Ferretti and Donna Karan - they are real women, preaching the same principles as that of the above Tunisian maestro of fashion, recognized light beige one of the most fashionable colors dress the summer of 2011, bringing the audience model at the same time full of dazzling freshness and slightly sweetish ease.

Passionate Orange

 Fashionable clothes 2011 summer color

It's time to talk about light "bezuminke" in our summer wardrobe, the models and accessories that can set the mood for the ladies craving to drink to the bottom of all the most rich colors of the world. The favorite color of the glowing hearts of courage, swift and passionate natures, according to the colorists, the perfect color for people who want to learn how to develop your intuition and the ability to easily detect any hint of danger - orange. This fashionable color clothes 2011 summer show us in flaming products, create brilliant masters of the leading fashion houses.

"Orange mood" as a natural stimulant that can make arrangements cheerfulness and fun in even the most prudish gentlemen, meet us in the endless series of models available in the first designers of the great house Prada, never ceased to affirm that the true work of art without the notes of creativity created can not. Needless to say J.Crew - brands that have long been chosen the first lady of the United States of America - Michelle Obama, as the most democratic and meets the generally accepted notions of fashion. Signal orange, pumpkin, red, orange, amber brightest, sweet carotene - the triumph of impulsiveness glowing hues is simply obliged to break into your wardrobe this summer, even in the guise of trendy accessories.

A variety of pink

 fashion colors clothes 2011

The pink color of the season is of particular interest in terms of freedom of choice, because if in respect of other fashionable colors clothes 2011 fashion designer has dictated to us what kind of shades of the most acceptable and the climax are relevant, in respect of that color is given, as they say, green light! Collections of famous masters of fashion is so amazing variety of colors - from inspiring purity means languishing modest erotic body-pink color "nude", still unthinkable a long list of coral, salmon pink, Persian rose, fuchsia, Hollywood cerise and finishing his fierce, intense, acid magenta pink that, first of all, start thinking about just yet apotheosis functionality.

Just look at first of such opportunities in the application: a priority for you is an office style - choose a calmer tone and has been the extent and seriousness of the business woman not cause others no doubt, going to a party - from its former conservatism will be over if we choose decisive, shocking hot pink. Liberty and freedom again! So act immediately, "glasses" are incredibly sensual and trendy colors such clothes 2011 - photo shows a summer collections of haute couture houses such as Nina Ricci, and Valentino is show us the best way possible - this summer is sure to have just have to decorate.

Light purple

 Fashionable clothes 2011 color photos

The trend in the prevalence of this celebration and luxury soaked energy creativity, flow smoothly from the swiftness in the nascent wise - gentle violet color, originated in the last season. A little cool, mysterious color, which symbolizes maturity and balance the energies of mind and body, according to colorists, inspiring colors, which can be combined with the most fashionable color of clothes 2011 - white. Teaming up with the favorite, soft lilac creates an unprecedented alliance, concealing seems glee universe.

A passionate supporter of flying, a little windy silhouettes, drew inspiration from the image of the eternal and skitalitsy piligrimki - Tracy Reese - this season, chose the vestments for his muse outfits is violet color. Victoria Beckham, in turn, present us with their understanding of color, diluting it with elements of a rich, dark violet and black - out very effectively, arrogant critics were pleasantly surprised by her new collection. However, such a festive purple anyway this summer is intended to play a secondary role, well, okay, especially since according to psychologists the predominance of the color acts overwhelmingly on the human psyche.

Light gray

 the most fashionable color of clothing in 2011

Mysteriously sexy, though born of modesty and plainness, endowed with dignity, cold, unbending certainty metal - pearl gray. It should not be underestimated and regarded as dull, unimpressive - it is the most intelligent color, it is unique and surpasses itself. Gray is able to combine perfectly with all other colors, emphasizing depending on their depth of lightness or saturation of any representative of the natural monochrome palette. It can be particularly acute fashion colors highlight our clothes - Summer 2011, dressed in clothes made of pearl, pearl light gray, according to psychologists and colorists, will give you a sense of security and peace.

It has long been devoting his classic work, purring its clean image of women, Alberta Ferretti could not help but obey the practicality, functionality and sophistication of fine light gray color, shown flowing, rich draperies latest models of dresses. Roksanda Ilincic, on the contrary, has demonstrated our attention romanticism and even some levity that could be released from the pearl-gray color and fill life with playful theatricality image.

Electricians and bright blue

 the most fashionable color of clothes 2011

Oh, these colors have long been favorites of all women to move from the beach to the open spaces of the urban jungle, and filled our everyday waterfall summer festivals. If we do not go to the "endless blue sea," it shall come to us before the start of the bathing season. Thinking about what colors more fashionable summer of 2011, we can not but note the bright blue and turquoise color as the conquerors of the hearts of all fashion lovers around the world.

 fashionable color clothes 2011

Vivienne Tam, «techno Lady", a lover of dramatic innovation, eccentric and a riot of imagination when creating their collections not been able to give up your favorite shades in the new season, a lot of it is endowed with accessories bright blue, celestial soul .  Blue - bright and subdued, to be sure, is an idea, a little smaller than the blue of the altitude, but in any case not for the charm and richness of the palette .  So if above the sky today, we're not going to take off, if we are so comfortable and good to go, but with a fluff wings, definitely electrician - our choice! But the consummate, masterly fashion the UK, Paul Smith, this season has laid a laurel wreath on his head a champion - a deep blue .  It should be noted that mr .  Smith became famous for his temper easily, an incredible sense of humor and fearless experimentation, and after such a characteristic called a muted blue and boring just ordinary language does not turn .

Emerald green

 what colors are trendy summer 2011

Not only fashionable color clothes 2011 summer season, but also one of the most useful, is the "good-natured", the antithesis of stiffness and stiffness, compensates for aggression and liberties red. He gives peace and universal bliss, better than all the other harmonises with the other colors - really at the peak of popularity. Emerald Fairy by value corresponds to the planet Venus - as if we women, according to a talented writer John Gray, from there whether to resist the onset of the "green era" in our wardrobe? So reasoned and designers Australian brand Sass & Bide, as well as pleased as always extraordinary intricacy lines and a pleasant, mild eccentricity images.

Fashions all these colors, trendy shops with a light hand of genius designer will present our planet and strict, but fair trial. And we, in turn, try to decorate their life, filling it with the most incredibly subtle, surprising and enthusiastic tones.

 Trendy color of clothing the summer of 2011

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