Diamonds - the star on the ground

No more desirable jewelery than ones that contain diamonds. Every woman dreams of even a small ringlet with humble and very small brilliantikom. Throughout the civilized world the traditional gift for an engagement diamond ring is considered. Now, these stones are available to anyone who can afford them, the sooner they could only wear royals to emphasize its splendor and excellence.

Diamonds have become so popular because of its amazing radiance and purity. Any jewelry shop puts on sale jewelery with natural and artificial diamonds. The most popular gift for a young girl considered pusety earrings with small diamonds that can emphasize the beauty of youth. Sparkling stones riveting look to the person who wears them.

While colorless diamonds are the most common, there are also blue, yellow, pink, green and even black stones. If the purity of the colorless and colored diamonds is the same, it will cost more color, because of its rarity . Jewelry online store can offer its customers the diamonds of all shades, you just need to go to the desired page and select.

Diamond is credited with healing and magical qualities, such as the protection of wounds or disease. It is believed that if you do not shoot the diamond during a visit to the sauna and baths, it will help normalize the heart, but it is necessary that the stone is sure to touch the body. Diamond also gave commanders to ensure good luck in battle, hunters - has to extraction. India is still a newborn on his head poured a pinch of diamond dust to ensure the longevity and success.

Particular attention attracted large stones with ancient history. Most jewelry online shop offers a small copy of the famous diamonds such as the "Cullinan", "Regent", "Excelsior", "Orlov", "Tiffany", "Kohinur", "Great Mogul" and others. Such decoration - the perfect gift that will tell about your relationship to the one you love is better than many words. Although if you add to the present history of the origin of the diamond, you can achieve a much greater effect.

Many promise to get it for your favorite star from the sky, but everyone understands that this is an empty promise. It is better to give a sparkling diamond, which is really like a beautiful heavenly bodies.

 Diamonds - the star on the ground

 beach bags 2011

Summer vacation is already knocking at our door, - how will it be bright, saturated, full of emotion? Of course, it depends on where we will rest and how to prepare it: clothes, makeup and accessories - attention should be paid to every detail.

For many of us associate with summer vacation carefree sunny day, a cloudless blue sky, nice splashing waves, warm sand and happy smiles having a rest - Sea beckon us. It was decided - we go to the beach to a bright and rich to spend time away from the dusty and bustling cities.

Of course, every girl during summer vacation want to look simply stunning - all want a man in thrall turned around after them. That is why so much attention is paid to the choice of beach dresses, swimwear, hats, shawls, shoes.

But there is another important accessory, which can not be forgotten - a beach bag: well-chosen, it will emphasize the elegance and refinement of each of us, will add the created image of style and originality. And if at the elegant arm will show off one of the last masterpieces of design houses, no words can say connoisseurs of fine taste of his sense of beauty.

So let's swiftly move on to the selection of the most fashionable beach bags 2011. It is necessary to keep pace with the times and meet the upcoming summer season fully armed, creating the image of a spectacular and stylish vacationers.

Beach bags 2011: The competition is convenience

 Fashion beach bags

Over time, changing tastes and new trends, but there is always something that will be above the trend - it's easy. A really good beach bags are simply obliged to be roomy, because then she can safely put it in her makeup bag, phone, wallet and a bunch of useful things. In this case, the beach can get everything you need to worry about your comfort.

Naturally, the selected model should not be similar to the case - thinking of spaciousness, we can not forget about the ease and grace of a handbag. Stylish and luxury miniature model should be - aware of this, each girl walking in step with the times.

A fine line between capacity and easily see the great designers fashion houses: in their collections, they are trying to keep a perfect balance of shape, weight and type. Looking at the bag D & G . Michael Kors . Louis Vuitton , You know that they do it. The models look so attractive and tempting that just want to become a happy owner of at least a few of these beach accessories.

And while modern convenience is hard to imagine without the brightness - beach bags 2011 season characterized by saturated colors, they are fun and cheerful. Reflecting the strong emotions, at times reaching children's carelessness, they leave far behind urban boredom and efficiency. When buying a modern and fashionable handbags can safely forget about the rules of the dress code, focusing only on their own desires, predilections and preferences. Floral pattern, cartoon print, ethnic motifs or abstract ornament - this season, each girl can choose what she tells her own fantasy.

Beach bags 2011: The fashion and style

Let's look at a trend already coming summer, think about being able to surprise us, and to determine to what will be on the wave of success in the world of fashion accessories.

Popularity will continue to use the Tote - their spaciousness and comfort are very useful on the beach, giving the comfort of travelers. If such a bag with short handles too tiring to wear, you can always choose the messenger. It can always be thrown over the shoulder, which is very convenient for walks in the fresh summer air.

     Fashion beach bags 2011

    Tote Bag

    The new beach season success will accompany and clutch bag - it's really popular and a top trend. On a wave of popularity and baguettes are: design houses have released many of the original models, do not forget about the actual comfort today. The upcoming beach season will give us fashionistas with clutches and baguettes is ideally complemented by tiny handles - so elegance is combined with convenience.

       beach bags 2011 Photo

      clutches for summer

      Girls who live the fashion world, have realized that today will be universal, many popular trend that is also very convenient, because now you can buy a bag for several years ahead. What is relevant in the summer of 2011, will remain the same stylish and in demand in the next year, so the clutch or, for example, Tote will always be an excellent acquisition. This we can confidently say, just looking at the newest and most popular beach bags 2011: The photo collection Louis Vuitton . Chanel   and other famous design houses tell us about the many classic lines, recognizable at a glance. Buying one of them, she opts for elegance charm and elegance - clutches, messenger, Tote and a baguette almost perfectly emphasizes the delicate taste fashionista.

      Beach bags in 2011 and a bright summer

      The seashore is always busy: white sand, clear skies, scurrying and noisy children, their parents are happy and satisfied - all in the atmosphere tell us about the activity and fun to a riot of emotions and variety of impressions. And paint beachwear make this celebration of life even better - and glimpses of colorful swimwear, colorful shawls, hats interesting.

      His substantial share of brightness make and beach bags we have already said that this season gives fashionistas greater freedom of choice - a huge variety of colors confirms it best. In the summer, we can see how families with self-colored and moderately stringent clutches of terracotta, brown, black, and the girls on the shoulder which color Tote with a cheerful print or ethnic ornament.

      Doubly convenient and that it is not necessary to choose a bag to match the clothes, copy, color or pattern of your attire. This summer, one-color dress is quite possible to combine with clutch in a marine style, and colorful sundress - a bright orange Tote. Aspiring to be always spectacular and original women know from experience that it is not necessary to select an ideal palette of colors - enough to repeat just a few colors and elements.

      But with all the freedom of choice it is still possible to identify some stylish details - let's look at what we will surprise and delight the most popular new items beach bags 2011:

       beach bags 2011

      • In the season of colorful paint can and should choose the monochrome models, more importantly, to guess with color - we recommend to prefer coral, turquoise, champagne, and bright colors, starting with a pearly green and ending with a fiery red. Fashionable women should pay attention to collection D & G . Celine . Michael Kors . Viktor & Rolf   - Style and elegance of plain bags pleasantly surprise even the most demanding and sophisticated women.
      • You can give preference diversity of colors, ideally complementing its striking and in some cases even "predatory" print, leopard, floral, berry - the main thing that he at first sight striking. These bags look impressive and are remembered for a long time: the best proof of this - collection Milly   or Z Spoke by Zac Pozen . By the way, these models are also extremely practical: they can walk along the promenade, visit the boutiques and shops, go to a disco or a party - in any situation, they look stylish and appropriate.
      • It is impossible not to note the enormous popularity of knitted beach bags with fringe - they face resting girl supplemented somewhat unusual, but very attractive accessory. This is what we say design houses Louis Vyuton   and Coco Chanel With excellent quality and variety of marine theme of bright colors in their collections. Ligature and fringe also become top-end trends - to make a choice in their favor, the girl did not disappoint.

      Fashion beach bags 2011: interesting ideas

      Summer promises spectacular sea making promises to set the tone of popular trends - it's time to consider the boldest of them, a positive charge and prepare for a wonderful vacation.

       Fashion beach bags summer 2011

      • Look at the variety of collections beach bags 2011: photos of new models talk about the immense popularity of the sea style. To vest, white dress and original tunic perfectly suited PCs in wide stripes with decorations in the form of chains, anchors, fish, crabs. Also an excellent option is stylish woven bag or a basket made of natural materials, such as straw or jute.
      • And fashion is not limited only in the marine style: Still popular are bright, juicy, rich prints - berry and tropical landscapes: look very impressive and attractive. And lovers of originality can always choose a bag with a fun and funny cartoon characters - Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse will be interesting to look even at the beach.
      • Many ladies will prefer retro pattern polka or romantic floral patterns - a fine selection of classic and dreamy nature. However, this case is quite practical: it will be a perfect companion for travelers in the restaurant and picnic on the beach. An excellent option would Tote ethnic or national ornament pattern - they give color appearance resting.
      • But lovers of all new and bold, we would advise the bag with a psychedelic pattern and an optical effect - they literally dazzle. Their choice will be a win-win option, because in the coming season the combination of brilliance, sophistication and originality will be valued very highly.

      As you can see, fashion beach bags 2011 can be very different and that's fine - each of us is not difficult to emphasize their individuality by choosing stylish models from well-known design houses.

       Fashion beach bags, what will give us the summer 2011?

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