How can I order a comfortable and modern hats wholesale on the internet?

Scrolling through a lot of magazines, which are represented on the pages of a huge range of hats, scarves, gloves and sets, beating all sites with offers of this kind, you do not find anything suitable? Do not worry, now you can choose and order your favorite thing on the internet. For example, such services are offered by the company "Tranini", it is ready to help you select and purchase what is right for you!

Each person is known to have formed during the life of their style, tastes, preferences for the solution of many problems, including and implemented their own individual style of dress. Because of the way we look, what to wear, depends largely on our mood, moving up the career ladder and well-being of the family. That is why we all pay close attention to their appearance and wardrobe, especially women. The company "Tranini" produces and presents a huge selection of hats, sets that not only emphasize your individuality and independence, but it will be an indispensable accessory to any outfit.

Many firms specialize in producing fashionable and trendy scarves, gloves, bags, scarves and other products. The range includes hats wholesale here, all kinds of combinations of the individual items that make up kits unbeatable. However, they do not just offer choose one or another set of goods, but ensure that it is a high quality, reliable, warm, wear-resistant, since It made only from the best kinds of thread and leather. Products do not stretch, do not rush, do not shed, are not affected by the weather.

If you do decide to apply for a selection of hats, scarves, gloves and other products of this kind on the Internet site, your first read the price list. On Web sites of various companies, you can see the style of the product, the price of the kit or parts of it, pick the one that suits you, and only then you have the opportunity to order your favorite product. In certain sections of the site is information about the main manufactured products businesses. You will be surprised not just a variety of the range, but also reasonable prices.

The result will not wait long. The hats, scarves, gloves you'll look fashionable, stylish, modern, at any time of the year!

 How can I order a comfortable and modern hats wholesale on the internet?

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 Clothing for women's low

Low girls, women - cute, romantic, trusting, touching ... It seems to be going very attractive image. However, more girls tends to become higher. Maybe to blame the fashion industry, which is erected on a podium high and thin? Perhaps low ladies dream at least once to look at the world from above? The reasons may be many, but one desire: to become higher even if only visually.

Desire, I must say, is not so overwhelming. We help clothing stores and some tips stylists.

So, the easiest way to be a little higher - it is platform shoes or heels. In addition to being able to do your heels a little higher, they do way more stylish, elegant. finished. Therefore, the heels should be an integral part of your image, the more that the selection of women's shoes today are so rich and varied that you can not limit yourself to the imagination, in his desire to become higher, elegant, stylish.

There is another technique that will allow visually enhance the growth - a successful combination of the top and bottom of the garment. Visually, the object seems to be higher in the event that a sufficiently broad and stable base and a thin, tending up top. This principle also works in the case of the creation of their own image. Fortunately, women's clothing presented today in such a variety that choose successful solution is not difficult. In the case of low girls, you should try to choose the more lush bottom and a tight-fitting top. By the way, low girls stylists do not recommend wearing bouffant hairdos, as they are able to visually make a woman more squat. So down the lush greased back hair and fur earflaps, but curvy short skirts, tight shirts, elegant heels - this is just what we need.

And the last rule, which is to look for when choosing clothes - is the lack of a long, lush, voluminous clothes. It is worth remembering that all clothes length below the hips visually shorten the leg. And in this case, the heels are practically powerless. Of course, this does not mean that winter is necessary to flaunt mini skirts, but by choosing pants, you should try to buy the most simple tailoring and most quiet shades, so as not to attract attention to them. But the upper hand in this case, you can select and brighter.

Also avoid large parts of dress - big pockets, buttons, patterns look large at low girls, women too large and are able to break created with such difficulty image.

 Tips stylist: Clothing for women's low

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 Unusual ring - an attractive new season

Jewelry and jewelry in recent years are becoming more amazing and unusual shapes because of the bizarre flight of fantasy contemporary designers.

Well, tell that total can be between such a formidable weapon as a purely male knuckles and modern fashion for jewelry? But "not zamylenny" artist's eye to see even here the original idea. An interesting finding in the fashion of 2011, undoubtedly become jewelry and jewelry in the form of double and even triple rings. They look such rings and rings in different ways, but definitely attract attention.

Thin, elegant, decorated with natural gems jewelry or sparkling rhinestone jewelry in the form of double and triple rings undoubtedly interest those who like new things and is not afraid to experiment. Increase the "useful area" allows you to populate such rings original compositions of light-winged butterflies and exotic inflorescences. Women's jewelry, "a la Knuckles' lavishly decorated with multi-colored enamel, beads, natural and artificial pearls.

For men like jewelry offered at more aggressive design. As this year again is catching on, all kinds of rocker accessories and costume jewelery, it is natural to double and triple the massive men's rings will be decorated with fearsome skulls, bones, spikes and chains diverse.

People are irresistibly attracted by all the standard and not the original. Therefore, this jewelry is not the usual form will necessarily be in high demand, especially during the warmer seasons.

 Unusual ring - an attractive new season

 summer hats for women

This summer, summer hats for women will form an integral part of the female wardrobe. This fashionable accessory will help to create an individual style and profitable stand out from the crowd. In addition, it will allow to hide flaws haircuts, and protect your face and hair from the heat of the sun, and the head - from sunstroke. And that's not all the benefits of women's fashion summer hats, photos of which you can see in our photo gallery, as well as catalogs and fashion magazines of the new season. Fashion this year headgear will help transform your image, bring a special charm and even turn the most boring outfit into a dazzling ensemble. The main thing - to choose the right size and style of this wonderful part of the female wardrobe, which is neglected by many ladies, but in vain! After all, in creating an individual and unique way of hat female summer 2011 are simply irreplaceable.

Want to know what the summer hat in 2011 will be at its peak this summer? You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the fashion trends of the season right now, without leaving home. If you look at our site, you can view photos from the fashion catwalks of the world and find out what in store for women brands famous for hot weather.

Fashion trends

 summer hats 2011

Modern fashion offers a myriad variety of styles of wide-brimmed hats. For the summer 2011 season, you can choose any of them: a straight or curved fields, with a low and a high crown. However, the most fashionable in this season will be summer hat with a wide brim, which in addition to protection against the sun will add romance to your image. In some collections present hat and unusual square shape, which is sure to attract attention to the owners of fashion accessory. It is also very relevant this summer cowboy hats. This old style wide-brimmed hat would be appropriate not only on the beach but with a classic little black dress, and even with evening dress.

Still relevant nautical theme. The mod also remains and animal print, which has consecutive season does not leave the fashion catwalks. Therefore, the colors of women's hats zebra and leopard again this summer at the peak of popularity. Fashion Accessory emphasize having a good taste and can be a highlight of your image.

Trendy colors, fabrics and décor

 Summer hats with big fields

For summer models this year designers use mainly dyed straw and imitating her materials, textiles and cotton yarn. The fashion for all kinds of decorations this year has also affected the women's hats. The most extravagant summer straw hats for women in the season summer 2011 can be decorated with artificial flowers, floral print, colored ribbons, beads or sequins.

Regarding the color scheme this summer, there are no restrictions. This season, relevant models in a variety of colors. However, the most fashionable hats are straw-colored, milk and natural golden color. The most common are hats classic colors: red, black, white and orange, purple, yellow and blue. And because the retro style is always relevant, then this season, his primary colors are all shades of beige and black and light gray.

Summer hats with big fields

    Straw hats

 summer hats crocheted

Women's hat - it's always fashionable, stylish, true and romantic. Is it any wonder that, among other accessories in the collections of the new season cute and feminine women's summer straw hats put designers in the first place. No matter what style of dress you prefer a romantic, classic, glamor, hard rock, hippie, ethnic or whatever, hats this season, enough for all. After all, the range of headwear in the 2011 collection is simply amazing. And if you look for a accessory for a beach holiday or exploring the city, then a better option than a romantic summer hat with a wide brim you just do not find.

Hats with a wide lapel that offer this year, renowned brands, probably like many women of fashion and will be able to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding of them.

Straw hats were popular in the Middle Ages. In European countries, until the XVI century, this fashion accessory today were mostly peasants, and only at the beginning of the XVIII century it became the prerogative of the ladies of high society. Unlike their predecessors, woven straw hats today more feminine. They have a wide field, smooth and soft forms.

    Summer knitted hats

 hat female summer 2011

Knitted summer hat crochet this summer will be particularly fashionable. Wonderful little delightful hats, crocheted, will provide you not only protection from the scorching sun, but also a beautiful decoration of your head. After openwork knitted hat female summer are the perfect complement to almost any outfit. They are equally well looked like a top, and a jacket, and even a sundress.

Luxury model year knitting hats with or without borders related tracery viscous and simple columns without nakida represented in the collections of famous designers for the summer season 2011, are striking in their beauty, subtlety and precision of the pattern shape. Stylish Crochet summer hat made of cotton yarn, iris or lilies have to taste any fashionista. Many needlewoman able to make a unique, inimitable and irreplaceable thing summer wardrobe with his hands. And if we decorate a hat with knitted flowers, starch and to steam, it will look very impressive on his mistress, add charm and irresistibility possessor of such a masterpiece.

    Other options headgear

 old wide-brimmed hat

In addition to the most fashionable this season, straw hats, and hats with wide and very wide fields, designers offer a variety of other interesting options for hats for the summer.

Caps and hats so-called "Fedora." This incredibly popular headgear in the first half of the twentieth century to the present day has not lost its relevance, becoming a trendy accessory for the modern woman's wardrobe.

Also relevant will be this summer, baseball caps, caps, cowboy hats and caps Cloche - women summer hats, photos into directories which are very similar to the new season of the models who wore ladies in the 20s of the last century.

Pots - another model summer hats women in retro style. This kind of headgear was popular in the late nineteenth century, both among males and among females.

Fashionable this summer will panama, which are ideal for both daytime and evening walks through the city. This type of headdress can choose the color of clothing or, conversely, to make an unexpected bright accents.

So this year will be enough for all the hats. Without headdress nobody will. The main thing - to choose the right style.

Learning to wear stylish hats

Women's hats have long adorned the image of any fashionista. I was no exception and the new season. How to make the right choice so essential accessory in the summer heat?

If until recently the summer hat with large fields were considered exceptionally beach accessories, the new season without that fashion accessory can not do any one walk in the city and beyond. Trendy headpiece goes well with any kind of clothes. Therefore, no matter what style of dress you wear any, and whatever style women's summer straw hat you choose, it harmony will look like a short cocktail dress and going to the floor long sundresses and democratic denim clothing and even bathing suits. Hats with a very broad brim designers and stylists are advised to combine with long skirts, free cut trousers and shorts. Whichever you prefer a summer hat female knitted, crocheted or woven straw, it can play a major role in the ensemble, and can simply be picked up in the color of shoes or handbags.

How to wear wide-brimmed hats? Options socks female summer fashion hats in 2011 set. We offer only a few of them:

  • covering her face;
  • slightly moving her hat back on his head;
  • pushing the top front edge;
  • securing the ribbon around the neck;
  • headgear drooping shoulders.

To create a more conservative way, put her hair in a bun at the nape. If you want to achieve lightness - wear with her hair. Particularly impressive look straw hats on hair contrasting colors. Red-haired young ladies is very black straw, and owners of chestnut curls, on the contrary, bright.

To feel confident and at ease in any situation, designers offer a fashionable combination of hats with the other elements of clothing:

  • cowboy hat - with jeans and a plaid shirt;
  • baseball - only with sportswear;
  • cap - with things in polusportivny style;
  • bowler - trousers with suspenders and a white shirt;
  • Panama - with summer dresses, sundresses and shorts;
  • Boater leather - with the cloak and put on his naked body suits;
  • hat Fedor and her next of kin Tribly - with overalls;
  • turban - closed swimwear with wide silk trousers or long skirts;
  • hats like Papaya sailor perfectly with clothes in a marine style.

  Choose a fashionable hat

 Summer hat with a wide brim

Despite the fact that the designers offer a very large selection of a wide variety of hats, caps, berets, bandanas, Panama, shawls and bandages for the new season in 2011 collection focuses on the years of wide-brimmed hats. This variety of fashionable hats this year was not long ago. Big name designers to create their collections, made sure that the scorching rays of the sun as little as possible inconvenience of the female, and they, in turn, could look like this summer, stylish, elegant, refined and unique.

All hats in the collections this year symbolize femininity. Which of them give their preference for this summer, it is up to you. But no matter what style you choose, in any of them, you'll feel confident, comfortable, and stylish at the same time.

On vacation, especially in the summer, beach hat with a wide brim 2011 are simply irreplaceable. They are ideal not only for visits to the beaches, pools and picnic areas, but also relevant to the urban environment. Almost all of this season dedicated to the beach and trendy hats decorated with multi-colored ribbons, which in turn are decorated with beads, sequins or fabric flowers. The 2011 collection is dominated by mostly beach hats of bright colors, but there are models in colorful stripes. This accessory will be a great addition to this summer fashion striped beach bag.

In order to find out which style is right for your type of person you need to try on several different models:

  • Owners elongated thin person should pay attention to berets.
  • Ladies with a square type of person is recommended to choose a model with ruffles and veils.
  • Chubby ladies with cheeks ideal asymmetrical cap.
  • Girls with a slight increase is not worth buying a headdress with a wide brim.

It is also necessary to consider when choosing and what style hats can drastically change your appearance. For example, the cap and Theodora are not only young, but also give the image of carelessness and wide-brimmed hats are added romance.

In the pursuit of fashion, try not to copy anyone or follow the example of friends, and create a unique image. And fashionable summer hat in 2011 is simply irreplaceable.

 Fashionable hats summer 2011

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