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Active, optimistic, cheerful girl quickest to react to changing trends - as soon as the new season begins, many beauties substantially revise your wardrobe. Of course, a change in appearance is nothing to worry, even the opposite - often the decision is correct. Only need to choose a stylish things, so every girl should know that it is preparing a youth moda.Predlagaem acquainted with the current trends of the coming season.

Trends that are choosing youth

  1. For active girls sports style always remains relevant because it gives not only popular, but also very comfortable and the most free things. Young fashion 2011-2012 still leaves in the wake of the success of short jackets, all kinds of sweaters and sweatshirts, pants 7/8 and classic jeans, comfortable shoes and sneakers.
  2. Naturally, you need to be said about the actual decisions Casual, because the clothes in this style are always and at any age. In the coming season, young girls prefer to stay on the leggings and jeans, skins, leather and denim jackets, short and medium-skirts or dresses with ruffles. Confirmation of our words you can easily find in the collections of Juicy Couture or, for example, DKNY. This year, the Casual will combine both classic denim and bright and daring asymmetrical clothing.
  3. Today, sophisticated woman can choose pleated, chiffon, lace-trimmed dresses, and all of these solutions will be relevant. Even the laconic dresses this season will get off ruffles, bows and ruffles - for gentle natures comes the real treat. Young fashion autumn winter 2010-2011 compared to the 2011-2012 season has already begun, there was far less romantic.
  4. Of course, many girls need to upgrade your business and wardrobe - a variety of today's trends lets you do this easily. The most popular are the classic skirts-pencils, close-fitting jackets, elegant jackets, tight pants - such solutions we can meet almost all the design houses, for example, at the same DKNY and D & G.

Any image can be and should be fine to diversify - this girl can do with the help of accessories. Attention! In the coming season will be very popular combination of different things, if you put on leggings, pick them eye-catching belt if light dress - Put on heavy and massive boots. Rebellious spirit is at its peak - it can be seen in collections Miss Unknown, Just Cavalli, Mango and has repeatedly referred to us DNKY.

The ever-changing youth fashion is always impressive for its diversity, and the coming season proves it fully - a girl, to be sure, this year you have everything in order to create a stylish way of emphasis.

 Youth fashion: what it will be in the 2011-2102 season?

 Fall Fashion Trends 2011 Winter 2012

The main fashion trends autumn 2011 - winter 2012 - a variety of styles, periods, styles and models. But everything should be in moderation: in contrast to the summer trends autumn wardrobe should be restrained and traditional. But first things first. Consider the fashion trends in the following areas: color; drawing; material; texture; length; era.

    Color and pattern will determine the mood

    As a rule, fall gloomy overcast days suggest the same clothes. This season, quite the opposite. Of course, the classic colors (black, white, gray and beige) are not out of fashion, but apart from them relevant for the 2011-2012 season will be juicy bright colors (fuchsia, orange, lemon, turquoise, emerald), and their calm muted pastel shades (lavender, peach, melon). You can choose a solid color clothes fashion colors, and you can add a pair of bright details or to make your outfit of several objects of different colors. Experiment!

    Playfulness autumn along the strip will give, speck or large peas, which were seen in the collections of many international designers. Fashionable and actually still look all kinds of prints from animal and floral patterns to abstract paintings. Your imagination is unlimited: you can safely combine several prints at the same time, or combine one print with a solid color.

     Fall Fashion Trends 2011

    Material, texture and length will mark the fashionable silhouette

    For the warm autumn weather and social events are advised to purchase a fashion dress trendy metallic fabrics in gold or silver. This dress you really will be the center of attention! For cooler weather world designers are advised to leather clothing. This season, you have to be a leather coat, jacket, skirt or shorts. Well, for a serious fall-winter cold you should have in her wardrobe trendy coat or a fur vest dyed in bright color fox, mink, raccoon, or, at worst, a rabbit. The main thing that the fur was painted in fashionable ultramarine, peach or coral color.

    Unisex has not been canceled, but are especially relevant in this season romantic feminine sexy outfits. All sorts of ruffles and flounces, making flirtatious emphasis on femininity, must take its place in your fashion wardrobe. Welcome the world designers and multi-layered: T-shirt, shirt, vest and jacket, wearing both not only accentuate your style, but will not let you freeze.

    It seems that designers have finally taken care of the health of fashionistas and stopped offering mini impractical. In fashion maxi (skirt "on the floor" to successfully replace the boring trousers and jeans) and midi (very feminine length to mid-calf).

    Chaste forties and swinging sixties - the main fashion trends fall 2011, photo presented on our website. In a fashion typical of the 40s of the last century dresses and blouses very simple cut, pencil skirt knee-coat up to his ankles, as well as square and trapezoidal silhouettes clothes, skirts mini and dresses with three-quarter sleeves, as in the 60s.

     Fashion Trends Fall 2011 photo

    The most important details of the wardrobe for the new season


    Riot of colors, shapes and styles. There is limited only by your imagination is the limit of your credit card. In fashion elegant classic and retro style: and stiletto heels, thick and stable heel will help to look fashionable in any weather and in any situation. For the warm autumn days approach both shoes and boots, trendy and very feminine, sexy boots lace - a real peep autumn season.

    Color - any suitable for your outfit or contrast with it. As for the material, it could be leather, and suede, velvet and even satin cloth. All sorts of eclectic variations are welcome. The decor is also quite varied: chains and bows, ruffles and straps - all fashionable and everything is beautiful.

     Fall Fashion Trends 2011 Winter 2012 Shoes


    In the wardrobe of every fashionista must be dresses. They are easily, quickly and simply make you a desirable, stylish, flirty, feminine, sexy - their advantages are endless. For warm weather, it is possible to afford a dress flowing chiffon or satin elegant. For cooler days designers offer dresses in cashmere and wool. The trend of the season - all kinds of knitted dresses. Any color, but better to choose floral prints - they are the most relevant. Choose a dress or a fitted silhouette emphasize the waist thin elegant strap or belt.

     Fall Fashion Trends 2011 Dresses


    The most fashionable knee-length cardigan. At the peak of the popularity of knitted cardigans, especially with striped motifs. Special restrictions on how it should look like this piece of clothing, not - the main thing that it was for you to face and approach the situation. Very bright and actually look with voluminous cardigans Aran patterns and weaving.

     Fashion Trends Fall 2011 photo cardigans


    One of the major fashion trends fall 2011 - photos are a wonderful proof - a white jacket. Its no problem can be combined with any other colors of clothing or to accessorize and clothes as white.

    For that season does not go out of fashion leather jacket, black leather jackets. The more her all rivets, buttons, pins and spikes, the fashionable and actual jacket. The trend of the season - megamodnaya youth jacket with short sleeves. Jackets retro, especially made of suede or corduroy and more like his short jackets, must take its rightful place in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Relevance to the season and quilted retro jacket.

     Fall Fashion Trends 2011 Winter 2012 jacket


    Luxurious fur vests - true must-have this season. It can be worn with fashionable trousers and elegant dresses. Natural fur can be painted in bright or fashionable pastel colors this season.

     Fashion Trends Fall 2011 vests


    An unexpected, but it was a very impressive appearance on the catwalks of the world's object of this truly royal wardrobe. If you decide on such a desperate step and gain the mantle itself, absolutely all men will be at your feet. Gown can be made of leather, jersey, wool Scottish cage, and even fur.

     Fashion Trends Fall 2011 gown photos


    Color variety, the length of any convenient for you - from superminis to the waist to the floor MegaMax. Actual sleeve three quarters, rectangular shape, suitable to all without exception, and oval-shaped coat that fits slim girls and it will be convenient for pregnant women of fashion. Hit of the season - a coat, cut that follows the shape of an hourglass. This variant is advantageous to accentuate your slim waist.

     Fall 2011 fashion trends winter 2012 coat


    This article of clothing is very convenient for residents of cities, there you will always be warm and comfortable. The fashion quilted elongated jackets with a belt and fur trim.

     fashion trends fall 2011 down jacket


    Classy article of clothing - a coat of fur. Can you afford to change it every season - buy a fur coat bright trendy colors: mustard, emerald, pink or sky blue. But at the same time and fashion coats classic black and white colors. Natural fur: fox, beaver, sable, raccoon. Variations of several types of fur. But the most popular fashion trend autumn 2011 - winter 2012 - a coat of sheepskin. Length practical - to the knee. Fur coats the floor designers this season are not too favor.

     Fashion Trends Fall 2011 photo coat


    For warm-weather suit silk scarves and neckerchiefs, the cold will be relevant cashmere stoles. But the real hit of this season - fur scarf.

     Fall Fashion Trends 2011 Winter 2012 Scarf


    Bareheaded this season is considered bad manners. In fashion retro hat with a wide brim actual colors, especially beige and chocolate. Want more modest option - choose a small elegant hat bowler. Do not like the hat? Feel free to wear a knitted cap - this season it is also in vogue. Well, the most fashionable - natural fur hats of fox, raccoon, fox or sable. Just as with the coats, the variant of the staining in bright unnatural for fur color.

     Fashion Trends Fall 2011 cap

    It is very relevant in this season, fur bags, as well as bi-colored gloves, which covers the back of your hand skin is the same color as the very hand - another.

    To sum up, is to pay tribute to the designers, who finally made a fashion focus not only beauty, but also on convenience and comfort. As you can see, the choice is great, if not infinite. For every occasion, every mood, you can easily pick out the right outfit. The main thing - go ahead, experiment and amaze!

     Update wardrobe! Fashion Trends Autumn - Winter 2011/2012

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