Trendy Jeans Fall Winter 2011/2012

Jeans - the most popular and certainly the favorite thing in the fashion arsenal of almost every modern woman. And it is not difficult to prove: they are incredibly comfortable, practical, nekaprizny to wear and care, never go out of fashion, suitable for almost any style. This garment can be worn all year round, depending on the time of year the only change is the density of the material. Here come the season shows us a wide variety of models.

Jeans does not happen much. Surely you want to replenish your wardrobe with new stylish model. It is necessary to learn more about the latest fashion trends.

Trendy jeans autumn winter 2011/2012 - a model in the style of "minimalism". The main trend of autumn - plain jeans, deprived of various decorations: stripes, sequins, embroidery, fringe. The decor can be used as a stylish belts, and even scarves. Welcome scrapes and artificial aging material. Originally looks combination of denim with a velor or leather. Such a model can be the basis for a holiday or evening attire.

Understated jeans is not in fashion. Designers decided to give denim pants femininity and elegance, paying attention to the waist. High landing - this is what you need in the fall. This model looks great with high heels. The collections of almost all well-known designers are represented high pants in classic style and the casual. Relevant are also denim overalls and jeans with a corset. In autumn windy or bad weather during the winter frosts have pants with contoured have another advantage - they provide additional protection from the cold.

Major fashion colors: dark blue, gray, purple, brown, black and gray. We can say that back in vogue classic shades of denim. The hit of the season promises to be the jeans with a metallic sheen. As for styles, then there is virtually no restrictions.

At the top of the popularity of denim cropped pants. Very stylish look in this style tight fitting jeans or classic straight hems. But for the more adventurous fashionistas and designers offer a wide free custom-length model, possible even a short flared.

Skinny jeans - favorite Autumn-Winter 2011/2012

The narrow, tight-fitting jeans legs for several years at the peak of popularity. This model is called the "skinny." They are designed to emphasize the slender legs of its owner. Slim girl with a good figure can wear them with a short top, the others - with long tunics and cardigans.

Skinny jeans are versatile: they can be worn with absolutely any shoes and riding on their base to easily create flawless images in the style of «casual». In conjunction with the fitted jacket, white shirt, high heels or high boots, they fit well in the office dress code. Latest truncated model, they focus on shoes. It will also be fashionable jeans-leggings.

 trendy skinny jeans autumn winter 2011/2012

Jeans-bottoms and a cover becomes popular in the new season

Another hit of the coming season will be wide jeans. In these pants have a huge advantage - they can very well conceal figure flaws. But keep in mind that this model is visually shorten legs and thighs adds volume. The girls of short stature are advised to wear them with high heels or platform. In combination with a coat, shirts, sweaters and hats are fashionable models look very elegant.

Popular will also flared like the tribe, and from the hip. Selection of bell-bottom jeans very large. They can be found at H & M, Mango, ZARA, 7 for All Mankind, and if you want something more interesting, the extreme bottoms offer J Brand, Elizabeth and James, Goldsigh, Balmain, Citizens of Humanity.

 trendy jeans flared autumn winter 2011/2012

Direct classics this year in fashion again

Classic straight jeans do not lose their relevance in this season. This model is suitable for all types of figures. They are versatile and perfectly combined with any clothes and shoes. Using fashion accessories, you'll always look stylish.

Fashionable will also be an image on the basis of jeans in cowboy style. Complement outfit plaid shirt, leather jacket, boots or shoes with a square heel, bag over his shoulder, we tie a scarf around his neck - ready.

The most fashionable jeans models come autumn already can be found in stores such brands: ZARA, Mango, H & M, Burberry Brit, Etoile Isabel Marant, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, Superfine, Topshop.

Classic Straight jeans pants are presented in a collection of Isabel Marant, is invited to wear them tucked into boots. Many models are also narrow. G-Star Raw us back in the 90s, demonstrating on the podium jeans-bananas. The truth is they are much more interesting than their predecessors: shorter, wider and higher. Favorite designers aged model scuffed do not leave the collection. Armani Jeans showed modesty - one or two holes and a couple of scuffs enough.

It is impossible to ignore such brands like Diesel and William Rast. They offer a very original jeans, combined with leather and suede, decorated with appliques.

 fashion classic jeans autumn winter 2011/2012

In autumn and winter, when the cold come, jeans incredibly relevant. They easily help to create a bright and stylish image, even in cold weather. In any style, they will find their place. Help out, if you have nothing to wear and no time for thinking through attire. With fashionable style, we introduced, it remains only to choose the model that will sit perfectly.

 Trendy jeans autumn - winter 2011/2012: main trends

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 Men in women's fashion trends

Women's fashion and clothing. Women's clothing and fashion. As usual women to combine these two factors and not spent on new things? Many women's minds solve this puzzle in its own way with different efficiency. But there are some fairly simple practical tips that will help any woman to be perfectly stylish and fashionable in the new season. And with all this, there is nothing to buy will not have to get everything from the family closet.

For a long time all the details of a man's wardrobe have become unisex. The fact that a woman is not so long ago had no right to wear men's pants, already no one remembers. It remained though and not distant, but still history. Gradually, women began to use the entire wardrobe of men, including caps and ties. What can not be said about men, they really like that ought not to go out in a skirt. Another thing is the show business, but it is the norm and that, anyway, but it shows. In everyday life, a chance to meet a man in a skirt, is zero.

So fashion trend of the new year - men's fashion wardrobe items are widely used in a woman's wardrobe .  The desire to be beautiful is feasible, and in this, a simple man's tie .  Most importantly, it ties perfectly fit in perfectly any outfit women .  You'll look very stylish and fashionable .  Do not be afraid to experiment and carry out, at least near the mirror .  You will be pleasantly surprised .  A cap will add more charm and charisma .  Women should always be in the spotlight, and men's clothes elements is exactly what you need .  Fashion 2012 does not dictate any special directions .  If you look at the famous fashion house, it becomes evident that the clothing may be different - like a quivering ruffles and tailored clothes, knitted blouse or light shirt .  It's used on an equal footing .  The only thing - it's men's wardrobe items .  All the famous designers, anyway, add them in women's clothes .  And they are right - this is a very sexy, stylish and beautiful .

That's what is hard to find for such a garment, it's shoes. This should be approached with great responsibility. Otherwise, it is likely that all your stylishness will just simply erased. When using male tie would be better to use the shoes on a long thin heel. When using caps, perfectly fit into your outfit, such as a shoe sneakers. In any case, up to you themselves, but to the choice of footwear treat with extreme caution. Do not let the wrong shoes to kill you in this stylish and fashionable lady.

 Men in women's fashion trends 2012