The color of the wedding dress according to the season of the year

The traditional color of the wedding dress - white. Therefore, it is a white wedding dress brides choose more often. White symbolizes purity and chastity, and after all these concepts are associated with any bride. But modern wedding fashion leaped forward and no longer so eager to observe the old traditions. Modern wedding dresses, photos of which you can see above, can be absolutely any color: pink, red, beige, milk and even black. If you also belong to the category of extravagant brides and wish with the help of a wedding dress to express their individuality, feel free to select one of a plurality of colors palette, but be aware that color is better to choose a wedding dress, in accordance with the season of the year in which you were born.

  • Winter girls suit wedding dress of white, pale pink, silver, gray and blue-white.
  • Bride born in the spring, will be luxurious look in a wedding dress apricot, beige, golden, golden-gray or pure white color.
  • Summer also offers an interesting palette of colors: white wedding dress pink, pink, turquoise, greenish flowers and milk.
  • Autumn brides offers a truly autumnal color palette wedding dress: cream, apricot, cream, golden.

It is worth noting that all the proposed colors of wedding dresses is not bright, pastel, very soft. These colors are suitable for brides who first go to the altar. Those bride whose marriage is not the first, and may choose more vivid colors of wedding dresses. For example, there is a sign that the second time to be getting married in a saturated, bright red wedding dress.

 The color of the wedding dress according to the season of the year

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 Wedding dress with a closed back

Mystery, mystery special charm - that's what distinguishes brides who opt for wedding bridal dress with a closed back. Bridal salons are now offering girls are countless models with closed back - in a classical style, in the Greek style, vintage style, and many other species. Moreover, it can be as long, the floor and the ultra wedding dresses. Beautiful wedding dresses can be bought cheaply in the catalog of wedding fashion by European producers, which combines reasonable prices and quality.

Motives for the choice of a wedding dress with a closed back can be very much. We list only the main ones:

  1. The wedding takes place in the cold season: early spring, autumn or winter. In this case, the bride's wedding dress is often chosen not only with a closed back, but with long sleeves.
  2. The wedding ceremony is very formal in nature: the wedding invited authorities, business partners, people from high society. At this ceremony the bride will need to look more likely, not sexual, but restrained and stylish.
  3. Bride wants to hide dark spots or tattoos that are on the back, lower back, shoulder blades. In this case, along with the closed back it becomes simply irreplaceable.

Of course, there are many other reasons that brides prefer wedding dresses with closed back. But in any case, these outfits look very elegant, stylish and modern. To see this, just look at pictures of wedding dresses with closed backs - these outfits are great!

Choosing a wedding dress with a closed back, take care of the relevant accessories. Summer - fashionable, elegant sandals, spring and fall - stylish wedding boots. Be sure to choose a bridal salon in her purse to match her dress, fine jewelry, fine, order in floristic salon perfect wedding bouquet. Sure, at your wedding you will be the most luxurious and most happy bride!

 Wedding dress with closed back: for prude and damsels

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 how to choose a wedding dress


  • Where to look for a dress?
  • Simple tricks
  • Finally

So, it happened! You filed an application to the registrar and the wedding date is known exactly. And a woman's life there comes a special time filled with pleasant troubles - Preparations for the wedding. And the guest list is made, ordered a limousine, with restaurant and wedding menu is defined. What's left? That's right - the most important thing. Before a woman gets a very difficult question - how to choose a wedding dress?

No man will never understand how important it is for women to play most wedding dress! It is not just a beautiful backgammon, but a real magical dress, in which a woman starts a new path, have a family life. And it is very important that this significant day the bride felt the most beautiful, attractive, desirable and irresistible woman.

About a wedding dress dreams of every girl, and a very tender age. Even to innocent pipsqueak in his dreams he sees himself in the dazzling white gown with a long veil - a queen of your holiday. And after crumb grows dramatically nothing is changing - she continues to dream of the most beautiful dress. And let all the skeptics argue that the outfit completely unimportant - important to the family after the wedding she lived quite happily. We know that the wedding dress plays a significant role in the life of any woman.

Where to look for a dress?

Once you submit your application to the registrar, you are likely to be given a few promotional leaflets bridal salons city. Typically, pages full of advertising leaflets various beautiful booklets - pink, sand, cream, white. What kind of dresses just do not exist! Carefully review these booklets - maybe it will help you decide on the interior, which you will go first.

By the way, the preview is different directories and websites will be able to save time and narrow down the best wedding dress. In addition, before going on a tour of wedding salons, good pofantaziruet and imagine how it will look the dress of your dreams. And only then go shopping.

 how to choose a wedding dress

Simple tricks

There are a few simple tips that can help you facilitate this difficult task as the choice of wedding dress:

  • The amount of the purchase

The first thing you need to decide - what is the amount you're willing to spend to buy your wedding dress. To date, the price range is very large - from five thousand rubles and practically indefinitely. Also, do not forget that in addition to the wedding dress, you will need a large number of various accessories - veils, gloves, suspenders, jewelry, shoes, bridal bouquet in the end. And you end up with a very impressive figure.

  • Timeliness

In no case can not be postponed, and the choice of buying a wedding dress on the last moment. If you attend to this issue in just two to three weeks before the wedding, you may suffer a rude awakening. It is highly likely that there will be the size you want, or colors, and you have to wait a few weeks in a row. Therefore, it is better to start looking for a wedding dress for a month, and even earlier. Time Limit in this case will play in your favor.

  • Telephone - our everything

In order not to waste time in vain, going round all the wedding shops at random, pre-call there. First, even on the sites are not always displayed the right time - because the schedule can change at any time. Secondly, you will be able to know in advance the price range in a particular cabin to decide whether you should go there.

  • Support Group

It is advisable not to go in search of a wedding dress alone. Take a person whose opinion you trust fully - for example, mother, sister or girlfriend. Of course, to say unequivocally how to choose the wedding dress, they can not. But to get good advice from them still quite real. By the way, do not take more than two people. Otherwise, the disagreement of opinion can confuse you completely. And the mentality of sellers is also worth a pity - a crowd of excited relatives, led by bride is nervous, it can be a maddening anyone.

  • Makeup

Be reasonable - in those days, when you are planning to try on wedding dresses, always give up the use of cosmetics. Especially lipstick. You do not want to blush to the seller, stain cosmetics expensive model wedding dress? Yes, and also the use of spirits is to give - or on the dress will remain stable smell. But in that case, if you do not buy, any bride can "put an eye" on him. Be polite! Choose a wedding dress so as not to inconvenience other people.

  • Cash

Going shopping for a wedding dress, be sure to take care of that in your wallet lying amount necessary at least in order to leave a deposit for the wedding dress you liked. Unfortunately, even today a bank card payment can be made not in all stores. So keep this in mind and be reserved in advance in cash. How to calculate the amount of collateral? It is very simple - all over the world, this amount is approximately ten percent of the value of the thing itself.

  • Camera

Be sure to grab a camera. Photo taken in those dresses that came to your taste. After trying on a wedding dress - occupation is very exciting. And no wonder confused. But at home, having calmed down, you can calmly and rationally evaluate how you look at a particular dress. Yes, and you can show her friends.

  • Seller Tips

In that case, if you re-measure all the dresses that you would like, but the choice and could not stop on anything, and the consultant strongly advised to wear the dress that did not attract your attention - listen to him! Believe me - fitting dresses for any activity that seller is not easy. And just like that - out of idle curiosity - he will not impose on you a particular dress. Just the thing is that very often the thing unremarkable on a hanger, starts playing very different colors. Very often it is possible to find, and most cherished and desired wedding dress.

 how to choose a wedding dress


But you put another dress, went to the mirror and .. a miracle! You would think that this is the very dress that you are looking for. It is necessary to trust your intuition. Put all without exception accessories - gloves, veil, jewelry. Again, take a close look at yourself in the mirror. And if after this no doubt - do not hesitate to buy. And then there is the risk that the stronger will lead a bride dress from under his nose. After dress - not the groom, will not resist!

And finally, what would like to mention. Since you have chosen and bought your wedding dress, remember the way to the wedding salons. Otherwise, you can find no less interesting model and begin to doubt - and whether the dress you bought? Not what it! It hangs in your closet is the best in the world wedding dress! And you at your wedding will be the most beautiful bride!

 How to choose a wedding dress?

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