• What determines the consumption of calories
  • How to determine the ideal weight
  • Eat less - less weigh
  • Physical training every day

From birth, our body constantly needs energy, which comes from the food consumed. It is concentrated in food nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. After a person has eaten, energy is converted and released in the form of heat, which we used to call calories. Thus one kilocalorie enough to heat a liter of water to 1 degree Celsius. Speaking on the energy values ​​of each component in 1 gram of protein provides about 4 kcal, as well as 1 gram of carbohydrate. And in one gram of fat, according to scientists, much more calories. Nine units. That is why fatty foods causes extra kilos and extra centimeters at the waist. But do not eat fat food - is harmful to the body.

In fact, many are confused about the definition of calories and calories. It's simple. One kcal contained 1,000 calories. And it is indicated in calories energy value of a product, while the daily human diet is already calculated in kilocalories. Why so? Yes, because the day we eat a lot of products. And if you calculate the energy value in calories, you can just get lost in the zeros. It was then come to the aid kcal. Read them much easier, and they look not so threatening because of the lack of a large number of zeros.

The metric equivalent of calories is the joule. On the one hand it may seem strange that the energy and the work are identified equally. However, in order to perform some action, you need to spend a certain amount of energy, right? The more power a person has, the more things he can do. Hence the relationship. If we talk about a more precise definition, the 1 kcal = 4.1868 kJ. Of course, in everyday life, few will translate kilojoules in kilocalories. Therefore, in this article we will pay more attention to the system of proper counting of calories a person needs for normal life.

  What determines the consumption of calories

The amount of energy consumed depends on many factors: age, gender, weight and height of a person. Also, the calculation of calories affect climate, hormonal balance and way of life. The bulk of the energy the body spends on the main exchange reaction: heart activity, breathing, maintaining body temperature and metabolism and physical activity: sports and physical work. Therefore, it is important for heavy loads fully eat. Insufficient consumption of energy causes the body to access reserves in the expenditure of which there is a reduction in weight. Conversely, the excess calories are responsible for the formation of fatty deposits. Where deposits, there are overweight, self-doubt, all kinds of diseases.

Even if you are going to eat properly, it is necessary not only to pick up a diet to taste, but also to make educated calorie counting necessary for you. For this there are special tables that clearly stated the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate contained in a hundred grams of your chosen product. It is believed that adults who lead sedentary, 1 kilogram requires about 40-50 calories. A man with daily heavy physical exertion required 70-100 calories per 1 kg of body weight. And older people, according to doctors, only 30-35 kcal enough for 1 kg. The children are all different. Two thirds of all calories consumed by the body on children's growth processes. Therefore, one kilogram of body weight of the child should be about 120-130 calories. As you can see, the calculation is quite simple.

 kilojoule to kilocalorie

How to determine the ideal weight

Now let's see how to determine the optimal weight? For this there is a very simple formula Brock: the growth of minus one hundred units. So, if the growth of women is 1 meter 75 centimeters, its optimum weight should be equal to seventy-five kilograms. Make it count calories as easy. To do this, multiply the 50 kcal per position (or desired), a person's weight. We show an example. If a woman should weigh 75 kilograms, the caloric content of the food it is calculated: 75 x 50 = 3750 kcal kcal. For example, the real weight of our reader is not 75, and 80 kilograms. That is the day of a woman accustomed to consume about 4000 kcal. How did she lose weight? Suffice it to reduce caloric intake to 3,750, and the weight gradually returns to normal.

So, if you are going to lose a few extra kilos, remember the cardinal rule: "Do not overdo it! "In a novel by American Robert P .  Warren's "All the King's Men," one of the characters admits that hates skinny women .  They say they are a pack of pasta, rattle and pricked .  Of course, people differ from spaghetti .  And for this difference was more visible, you should try to comply with the measure throughout .  There are infinitely many ways to lose weight .  The main thing - to choose the one that suits you and not to self-medicate .  How successful would you not conduct calculation of calories, it's tempting to not look bright packaging teas for weight loss, be sure to check with your doctor .  And it is not about consultation pharmacist .  Because it is not enough just to translate foreign language titles ingredients .  It is important to designate this same list, calculate how many calories you need to you personally .  And do it can only be a doctor .

Eat less - less weigh

If you have good health and plan their own to lose 5-7 kg, use the "shock diets." The difference between them and the medical starvation is that the "shock diet" you continue to eat regularly. But only a strictly defined set of products. Recipes such methods of food you can easily find numerous reference books on the recovery of the body. An example of "shock diet" may serve as a so-called trimmed diet, which is particularly effective. It is based on the principle of separation of different categories of consumer products that allows the body to better digest food.

  • Option "shock diet":

On Monday, arrange a vegetable day, Tuesday - meat, Wednesday - egg, Thursday - milk Friday - fish on Saturday - fruity, Sunday - eat what you want. So you can lose weight by 5-7 kg in just three weeks.

There are several types of "shock diets." They all differ slightly from each other and, as a rule, the calculation is based on a reduction in caloric intake, or a reduction of intake of fluid, fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, if you start this method of losing weight without talking to your doctor, follow the main rule: listen to the reaction of the organism. Do not drive yourself to the disease because of the desire to quickly get rid of excess weight.

If you feel dizzy and lose your appetite, it is likely to "shock diet" - not for you. Refer to a reliable and long-lasting ways. Live under the motto: "Do not get fat! "Lose weight slowly, count calories. Remember, the faster the body to lose extra weight, the easier it is gaining them again. Do not cut the number of meals, eat more often, but small portions. When the body is hungry, it produces toxins. Less sweets, canned food, salt and alcohol (a glass of wine - it is 100 calories)! Drink the juice in the morning and do not cram the night. The period of highest activity of the digestive system - from 12 to 17 hours.

Physical training every day

And, most importantly, without a physical education you can not do. You can choose anything you like: aerobics, or shaping, exercisers or charging on TV, yoga or dance. All are aimed at improvement of the body and differ only approach. But the availability of other - an ordinary morning (day, evening, as you wish) gymnastics. Ten minutes of exercise every day and elegant forms you provided.

Do not just say that your lifestyle does not allow you to deal with them. If you have a day was found ten minutes to charge, or you do not want to eat less, do not blame life and ordinary laziness. It is only in fairy tales, wonderful solve problems with one stroke of a magic wand. In life also have to work hard to achieve the desired goal.

 Calories and proper nutrition: how to find the way to a slim figure

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 Perfect wedding: how to make a bridal bouquet?

Wedding - the most important, long-awaited and happy holiday in the life of any person in which the main person are always the bride and groom. The bride is attracting a lot of attention, it is always all eyes are fixed, so everyone who plans to wear a wedding dress and go down the aisle, wants to look perfect. Look of the bride is sure to be harmonious, perfect. In addition to wedding dresses, veils, shoes, makeup and manicure, it is important, and the bridal bouquet, wedding accent that completes the set of any bride.

According to tradition, the choice falls on the wedding bouquet groom. However, modern bride are increasingly taking on this responsibility, as the bouquet should be in harmony with the dress and hairstyle. Wedding floristry - it is a direct reflection of the character and nature of the bride, so its participation in the drafting of the bouquet plays a very important role.

The first thing you should pay attention - this is the scent of flowers. They must be sharp, too sweet smell. Also, the choice of colors for the bouquet depends on what time of the year is planned wedding. For example, it is not necessary in the winter bouquet include lily of the valley and tulips, even if you have the opportunity to purchase them in the cold winter. These colors will look very harmonious with a slight air wedding dress.

As for color, the easiest way with its choice of summer, as it is the bright, colorful time of the year. In the summer wedding bouquet can include almost any variety of colors, beginning and ending with roses and chrysanthemums. In the fall of choice becomes more limited: in the autumn bouquet of gladiolus should be present, asters, chrysanthemums, solidago, dahlias, amarantus. Winter also requires a cold neutral tones, so in the winter give preference to color cream and white.

The choice and the composition of the bouquet also affects the color of the hair of the bride. Blondes suit colors more delicate, brunettes - bright and dark. Brown-haired will look good with a bouquet in rich, warm colors.

To compile the perfect wedding bouquet note the height and build of the bride. Brides little thin will look good with a modest, a small bouquet. High bride should on the contrary is included in its bunch of flowers on long stems with large lush buds.

To bouquet look more lively and original, in addition to the colors it can be switched on and decorative materials, such as pearls, lace, feathers, crystals and various other plants. If you want a bunch of retro, it is necessary to add to it more and silk ribbons. Quite often, a common mistake many brides - too many other decorations in a bouquet.

By the way, the ability to properly hold the bouquet also depends very much. Quite often, the bride holding a bouquet mistakenly too high, at chest level. However, that image looked harmonious bouquet should be kept a little above the waist.

As preparations for the wedding takes a lot of time, often brides simply do not remain free minutes to produce original and interesting wedding bouquet. In this case, it is better to entrust the professional florist who will make the bouquet for you according to your wishes.

 Perfect wedding: how to make a bridal bouquet?

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