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  • Useful properties of oatmeal
  • The hard option herculean diet
  • Gentle version of the diet based on cereals herculean

The fight against obesity - the scourge of our time. What tricks do not go fat people to lose weight. They meticulously count calories eaten, indulge in dinner, drink diet pills, sweating in saunas and torture themselves in gyms. However, none of these methods does not make it a long-awaited effect. Several lost kilograms very quickly returned to its usual place, and the man again begins looking for ways to get rid of the hated weight. In a similar scheme, most people lose weight as long as get acquainted with the herculean diet.
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Useful properties of oatmeal

The benefits of porridge herculean written a lot of literature. We know from childhood, that whoever eats it regularly, grows strong and healthy, like the mythical hero Hercules. This porridge is a traditional English breakfast. Today Hercules flakes look not only as a hearty and healthy food, but also as a product, due to which in a short time, you can quickly get rid of a few extra kilos. Herculean diet for weight loss, recommended a variety of nutritionists, it allows to lose in one week up to 7 kg. The effectiveness of the diet depends on how faithfully follow it.

Oat flakes are made from whole oat. Due to the special technology of preparation, the foundation which includes cleaning, steaming and flattening oats, obtained semi-finished product in the form of oat flakes, from which a few minutes you can cook tasty and healthy porridge. Hercules is a rich source of fiber and this makes it an excellent dietary product. Carbohydrates that are part of the oat flakes have a low glycemic index, which means that they are slowly absorbed by the body and do not raise blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of herculean porridge helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

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The hard option herculean diet

How to lose weight with the help of Hercules? There are two options on the basis of a diet product. In the first case involves diet food alone lean oatmeal for a week. Oat porridge should be prepared by the following recipe: Pour 3 tablespoons of cereal with 250 ml of boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes. If desired, it can be a little porridge boil over low heat. Add to a dish, salt, sugar, butter and other ingredients prohibited. Energy value per serving prepared food diet is only 120 calories.

Oat porridge on the water should eat whenever there hunger. In addition to the use of oats during the day it is very important to drink plenty of fluids. This may be mineral water, unsweetened green tea or herbal infusions. Juices, fruit drinks, strong coffee in the diet are not recommended. With the proper observance of dietary weight loss for each day can be up to 1 kg. With effective weight reduction from the fourth day, you can include in the diet diet 1-2 green apples. Herculean diet refers to a group of unbalanced mono-diet, it is not able to provide the human body with all the vital substances, and therefore sit on it longer than one week is impossible.

 oat meal with honey
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Gentle version of the diet based on cereals herculean

Not everyone is able to survive for a long time fresh oatmeal. If you observe rigid version of the diet is difficult, you can try to lose weight at a power saving mode. Lite version herculean diet involves adding to the diet of other products. As in the first case, oats should be prepared without the addition of sugar, salt and fat. However, the porridge can sweeten a teaspoon of honey and add to it a little steamed dried fruit. With this method of preparation of the energy value of the finished dish will increase and will be about 200 kcal. In addition to honey and dried fruit losing weight a person can afford to consumption of dairy products with low-fat and non-sweet fruit. Gentle version of the diet allows you one week to become easier to 4-6 kg.

Breakfast is always a herculean diet should be porridge. Instead of dried fruit in it, you can add half a shabby sour apple or raspberry 10. For dinner, you can treat yourself oatmeal, flavored with a few spoonfuls of yogurt or kefir, and during the evening meal is acceptable to spice pudding skim milk. If the intervals between the adoption of the basic food will tantalize your hunger, it helps to overcome a carrot or an apple. Do not forget about adequate drinking regime: water, green tea and the infusion of rose hips, drunk in large quantities would do well with thirst and make up for lack of fluid in the body.

Compliance with diet and achieve a certain effect - is only half the battle. It is important to consolidate the results to learn how to get out of the diet.   In the first days after the weight loss should avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages, confectionery, bakery and fried foods. The basis of the food should be fruits, berries, vegetables, different cereals, dairy products, fish and lean white meat. Despite the exclusive use of oatmeal, herculean diet for weight loss can not be abused. Nutritionists advise to sit on it no more than once every 4 months. But to eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast, you can all the time.

 Hercules Diet: Tips for losing weight

 how to quickly and easily lose weight


  • How to lose weight quickly and safely
  • Plan weight loss in a week

You have decided to do is to lose weight? Then you will most likely want to learn how to quickly and easily lose weight, because in this case you always want to get as a faster result. And immediately we want to give advice to help you save your time: do not sit on a diet! Losing weight with their help is given not so easy, but psychologically it is very hard for them to bear. We will offer you a more healthy ways by which you can lose weight pretty quickly, and most importantly, safe - start losing weight today!

How to lose weight quickly and safely

The main indicator for which you need to focus - it is calories. If you burn 500 calories more than eat during the day, then a week you should lose about one to two kilograms. Therefore, if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, you just need to eat less and exercise more. This is not news, but it really is the most versatile formula for fast and healthy weight loss!

For example, if you eat 1050 to 1200 calories a day and exercise at the same time making for one hour every day, you can lose 1.5 to 2.5 kg in the first week of classes. But it is very important that you do not cut calories even more - it will be dangerous for your health!

Limiting the salt will also initially lose more weight, but this loss will occur for the most part due to the liquid rather than fat. If so you decide to create a diet for weight loss, then listen to the advice of nutritionists. They are advised to minimize the consumption of starch, but continue to eat sugar and animal fat from meat and dairy products. For fast weight loss, they recommend focusing on fruits, egg whites, soy products, chicken breast (skinless), servant, shellfish, low-fat dairy products and lean meats.

Here are a few tips:

  • Eat vegetables that are rich in fiber - they will help you feel satiated.
  • Drink plenty of clean water.
  • Try to remove from the house of prohibited products that may provoke you.
  • Try to be always busy with something, so as not to reach for food just because you're bored.
  • Eat only from a plate and just sitting at the table. Never "pasites" near the refrigerator!
  • Do not skip meals.

Keep a food diary - to record everything that eat during the day. This will help you to pay attention to the extra snacks and is a very good discipline. A food diary - a very effective tool for weight loss!

In addition, eating something, you can record what you felt before you decide to eat. You were angry, you were sad or bored? Very often, we pay much attention to the food and calories when we want to lose weight, and do not realize that our emotions are directly related to nutrition. If you see that emotions play you a big role in overeating, try to address to the good psychologist. It can be of great help in finding other ways with which you can cope with your feelings.

Exercises for quick weight loss

It's time to move! Losing weight is not possible without an active lifestyle. Studies have repeatedly carried out by experts on losing weight, show that you can lose weight quickly if you get moderate exercise every day for an hour. Very useful cardio and strength exercises. Cardio exercises burn a lot of calories, so they are ideal for quick weight loss. Subsequently, you need to connect a few hours a week of strength training.

If you have never engaged in such training, and in this case you have any chronic illness or too much weight, then, before embarking on such studies, talk to your doctor. He will check what kind of load your body ready to endure without harm to health, and tell you what the tempo of exercise is right for you at this stage. If you become without proper training takes too long and with too high a rate, you can not only worsen his condition, but also run the risk of getting injured.

One way to quickly increase the intensity of training - the so-called interval training. This brief flash of high-intensity, alternating with softer pace; This alternation can be repeated throughout the entire exercise. Interval training allows you to consume more calories without the need for a DC voltage of all of your forces. Over time you addicted, and the longer you can keep the pace, the easier you will burn more and more calories.

Some words are not in favor of diets

We know how tempting it may seem to lose weight through diet alone, especially if the weight you are too big and physical activity you're not used. You have heard a lot about the stars who lost weight through diet, and the results you can see firsthand, watching TV. But remember, if the result of the use of diet seems too good, it is unlikely that this is true.

The truth is that cutting calories below 1050 - 1200 a day is dangerous to health, and in general is counterproductive. We need the power to move as much as possible, because it is through movement can lose weight really fast. When you eat too little, you will certainly lose fat; but you also lose precious muscle mass, and this is the worst thing you could do for yourself, because it slows down your metabolism and makes it even more difficult process of increasing intensity and duration of exercise.

All sorts of fad diets set you up for failure. After all, none of the thin and prettier Star acquired its renewed appearance only due to starvation. All of them are actively using all kinds of beauty treatments for cellulite and a mandatory visit gyms and swimming pools. Therefore, you should not rely solely on passive methods of losing weight. Miracles do not happen, and a beautiful figure can be purchased only by using all means to achieve the goal.

 quickly and easily lose weight as the

Plan weight loss in a week

And now we will acquaint you with an action plan through which you can really throw up to two kilograms per week - without starvation and all kinds of diet pills. We do not offer you a 'one-method-that-fits-all "; we believe that you are likely to choose themselves the points of the plan that is most suitable for you and your lifestyle. We advise to choose at least four points from those that have been recommended by nutritionists and fitness experts.

It is important that your personal plan includes items relating to both nutrition and physical activity. If you want to get the best possible results, choose more than four points. The more you select, the more weight to lose, and so will be your magnificent figure of next week.

  • Drink only water

    Sports and energy drinks, fruit juice, light beer containing up to one hundred calories per serving. However, these drinks do not meet the needs of your body as it will make the food the same caloric content. Other liquids may contain large amounts of sodium and carbohydrates that will result in water retention, therefore, a greater volume of your body.

    Water contains no calories as carbohydrates and is substantially free of sodium, which makes it ideal drink. As strange as it sounds, it helps get rid of excess water in the tissues. Moreover, it leads to the acceleration of metabolism. If you are "bored" to drink plain water, add to it the taste by using slices of lemon or mint sprigs.

  • Enter a ban on white bread and pasta

    Eliminate this week, and white rice. Simple carbohydrates are contained in these foods are digested very quickly, leaving you feeling hungry, and you start to run the risk of overeating.

    Instead, these products eat whole grain breads, as well as possible and replace them with vegetables. So, replace the chicken salad sandwich with chicken and fried potatoes - carrot salad or steamed cauliflower. Complex carbohydrates from vegetables digested slowly, so the longer you stay satiated.

  • Perform cardio exercise for 30 minutes a day

    Any exercises that train the cardiovascular system, promote fat burning. But you use up more calories if you do exercises that involve multiple muscle. In addition, you will lose weight on these exercises, you will notice how much more slim and beautiful will be your feet and hands, and your entire figure will look much more podtyanutoy.Ne sure about the effectiveness of interval training!

  • Drink coffee an hour before training

    This is the only exception from the drinks. A cup of coffee with the addition of skim milk (which is approximately 11 calories) or a cup of black coffee (only 5 calories) contribute to enhanced fat burning during exercise.

  • Dance "exercise"

    Of course, in connection with your partner desire to lose weight should not be the only motivation, but really really good sex helps to burn fat. Try to hold such positions, when you may be particularly active. For example, in the position of "woman on top", you can burn up to 144 calories in half an hour! In addition, sex is very conducive to the production of endorphins, which can help you overcome food cravings.

  • Do 36 push-ups and lunges

    Do three sets of 12 exercises each day. Push-ups help make more beautiful upper part of your body, while lunges will "sharpen" your buttocks and thighs. Make sure your back and legs remain straight during the push-ups, it will contribute to a better muscle tone. In addition, you can increase the burden on the muscles during the attacks, if you keep extending in the direction of the hands of dumbbells.

  • Sleep for half an hour more than usual

    These additional 30 minutes, whether you are sleeping five hours or eight also may refresh you enough that you will feel cheerful and with a smaller amount of food eaten. In other words, you will not have more sugar in the morning in search of energy. Longer sleep also boosts your metabolism. And yet - you will not be in the afternoon to feel tired, and you will not be tempted to skip class in the gym.

  • Get rid of the addiction to delicious

    Do not let yourself concessions in the form of chips in front of TV or a chocolate dessert after dinner. This will help to subtract a few hundred calories from your diet. At the same time your body will not even notice their absence - will not have hunger.

  • Use the slimming shorts

    Using them constantly is not necessary, but if you want a quick effect, then resort to such shorts is reasonable.

  • Include in your daily diet of fish, especially salmon

    In such a diet packed with nutrients that strengthen muscle tone and give your skin a healthy glow. Some nutritionists say that eating salmon (no matter how it is when it is prepared) can even contribute to tightening facial contour!

  • Do sit-ups. Bodybuilders use these exercises before the competition, because they help to make the muscles more elastic. Do 3 sets of 12 sit-ups to tighten the abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs.
  • If you do not like what you have bulging stomach, try taking an anti-swelling. Getting rid of the gas bubbles in the gut can provide you a flat tummy. Of course, if it is a normal weight and usually about tightening belts.

Compose a personal plan and lose weight without harm to health!

 A few tips on how to quickly and easily lose weight

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