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  • The benefits received by the person who has learned to quickly print
  • The main rules of fast typing on the keyboard
  • Blinding desyatipaltsevym set
  • How are the fingers of a blind set
  • Shock technique for printing and the printing rate

How to learn fast typing on the keyboard? This issue is of concern to many people who spend their time at the computer. Hoping to quickly learn to type, many people stored on different courses in faster printing, are all kinds of training, get a variety of educational materials and pay decent money. However, do all of this is not necessary.

This article will explain how all the same to their own free and learn fast typing on the keyboard.

Before moving on to recommendations, advice and review special programs that train fast typing, I would like to talk a little about the immediate benefits that a person receives, get this skill.

 print blind
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The benefits received by the person who has learned to quickly print

The first and main advantage of fast printing - is, of course, saving precious time. For those people whose daily work is inextricably linked to a set of a large number of characters, this skill is invaluable. By the way, this printing technique is good for wages and productivity in the professions such as rewriting and copywriting (although occupations where such a skill can be useful, a lot).

If you learn fast typing on the keyboard you type characters more rhythmically, it will reduce the degree of increase of physical and psychological fatigue. you may even notice that you get some pleasure from how to quickly and easily move your fingers on the keys, and you will enjoy the work.

Another significant advantage of the fast typing on the keyboard - it is a complete logical description of all his thoughts. When you acquire this skill, you can easily keep up with the flow of his thoughts when typing something new. It is sometimes enough to digress for a moment to find the right key to the idea ever left your head.

 Rules Quick Print
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The main rules of fast typing on the keyboard

First you need to remember, as the keys are located on the keyboard. This will help you the next exercise. Select one of the three rows of the keyboard, which contains letters and ten-fifteen seconds looking at it. It would be better if you start with the top row. Then try to write them in the right order on a paper sheet. This exercise should be repeated several times for each row, until you can reproduce the correct order of letters (on paper or in your mind) on the machine. You can also try typing the entire alphabet from "A" to "Z" on the keyboard. It is necessary to do so as long as you will not be obtained quickly enough.

For those who wish to start their studies faster printing, it is important to choose the right tool, that is the keyboard. For a real professional or for someone who wants to become one, the best choice would be an ergonomic keyboard (the buttons on it are separated by an empty space into two regions, specifically for the left and right hand), in extreme cases, the most common approach and curved keyboard.

Even higher skill character set several fingers greatly inferior to modern printing techniques (for example, the technique to touch dialing). To learn how to type characters more quickly, it is necessary to have been involved in the largest possible number of fingers on both hands. Some training programs for quick printing to identify their keys for each finger. Of course, at first to get used to this will be difficult. But over time, you will forget about the two-finger method, and start typing on the new rules. The main thing - to catch yourself in those moments when the transition to his old habits, and to return to a new, who master.

When you master touch typing in the beginning it is better not to hurry. Try not to make mistakes and typos. Of course, the speed - it is not important, but it will fall much, if you take the time and constantly edit writing. Together with the experience and speed will come, but for now it is better to follow the correct writing carefully and thoughtfully.

It should be practiced regularly. This is the most important rule for the acquisition of all skills and abilities. So if you have seriously decided to learn this, exercise more and not be lazy. To achieve excellent print speed, do not try to explore all this method immediately. In order to hang properly formed and entrenched, work on them less time, but as often as possible. Start with 20-30 minutes, gradually increasing the time dedicated to work.

 touch typing
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Blinding desyatipaltsevym set

The main rule of this method lies in the typesetting characters on the keyboard all ten fingers without looking at her. With this method of hands on the keyboard placed concrete way. The base of both hands should be on the leading edge of the laptop, or if you use an ergonomic keyboard on the wrist rest. In this case the shape of your brush should be such as if you're holding tennis balls.
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How are the fingers of a blind set

For each of the fingers on both hands secured their specific keys. This is not an accident! Each keyboard layout symbols and letters planned specifically for this method. This layout has not changed over the years. So, absolutely all the keyboard keys are arranged in six rows. On the top, the first number («Esc», «F1», «F2» ...) when printing blind can forget, because it is not used, and it probably is a subsidiary. The next series - a series with numbers. One is used, while others - not. Some people use instead of the top row of the block with the numbers, which is located on the right. All convenient in many ways, but the number of the digital master is still necessary.

Training-speed printing should begin with the correct finger placement. First, in order to monitor correctly positioned hand, your index fingers should feel for the little tabs that are available on the keys reference number - "O" and "A". Over time, your hands will not feel the keys, and the need to focus on them no more. When your fingers will hover over the keyboard at a distance of a few millimeters, it will be a sign that you have moved to a new and better level fast printing. But forced to speed up this process should not be, because it only hurt the cause.

Remember fingers buttons on the keyboard should be in this order: first, all designed for a key, stores the index finger on his left hand, and then - on the right. After that, remember action left middle finger, then right. Next you need to learn the location of the keys to the ring finger on his left hand, then - on the right. The last key learn left and right little finger.

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Shock technique for printing and the printing rate

Each tutorial that tells how to learn fast typing, begins with the story about the correct stroke technique. And every beginner understands that the key concerns of your finger, but not all people know that the action should not be one finger, and the whole hand entirely. The main principle of the blind technique is the ease and clarity of staccato beats, with mandatory return of all the toes on the starting position. As gaps should be hitting the edge of the thumb, which was not involved in the last strike.

An important role in educating the press plays a fast rhythm. It means that keystrokes should occur at regular time intervals. Keeping the rhythm, you will achieve much faster that will be printed on the machine. And if you think that some keyboard shortcuts you type faster, you still try to keep a certain rhythm. To learn how to quickly and rhythmically to print, use the metronome. This function is provided in some programs, training Quick Print.

So, to sum up the results. The method of touch typing is that every finger is fixed only served them a certain zone keys. Quick Print Education - is the development of muscle memory of all fingers. In order to quickly master this skill, you need only to want. Written above rules and regular exercise will help you in learning, and for you as soon as possible learn this skill. And now the question of how to learn fast typing, would not you have more to worry about.

 How to learn fast typing on the keyboard?