tan at home

Swarthy body - it's beautiful. But not all nature has awarded olive skin. And if the summer with this drawback can be overcome perfectly on the beach, in the cold season tan becomes an elusive goal. But is this objective is not available? And if you can get a spectacular tan at home when the street drifts and blizzards? Can. And the time you will need much less than in the summer when you are striving for pleasant weeks swarthiness substituting body sunlight.

Types of tanning at home

Tanning. This is perhaps the simplest means for obtaining a dark color. But before applying self-tanning on the body, listen to some advice on its use. Otherwise, you run the risk of uneven tone of the skin, and, instead of being proud to exhibit a fresh tan, the body will be forced to hide from others.

  1. Before applying bronzer make sure you are not allergic to the agent. Apply the cream (or spray) in the crook of the elbow and wait for reaction. If in the morning the skin is covered with a rash, and looks quite a healthy, feel free to use this tool.
  2. Do not rush to open the tube. Before you make the right skin color, to do body scrub. This will ensure a smooth and stable color. So take a body scrub, and the march to get rid of dead skin cells! Just do not immediately thereafter applied tanning. Give your body a rest for 6-8 hours, and only then carry out the operation "tanning at home."
  3. Thus, the test for the absence of allergic reactions is passed as "excellent", the peeling is made. It's time to become a charming mulatto. Take out your tube of tanning and begin to gently apply it to the skin. Start with the forehead. Do not spend a sponge on one and the same place. Try to apply an even layer of cream, and be careful with the eyebrows.

    That's where self-tanning effect is unpredictable and can give a much darker shade claimed. Once the spray has been dispersed completely in the skin, it is desirable to provide a means of slightly absorbed. Do not dress for a while. Do not touch the face (and other body parts) hand. Stay still. Then thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water (otherwise bright hands of "a la Negro" are guaranteed) and put on long-sleeved clothing (it protects the skin from contact with other areas covered tanning).

  4. Remember that each means a lifetime. Some sprays Sun begin to give the skin a nice dark shade of only 4 hours. Therefore, if you just do not see the desired effect, do not rush to repeat the procedure.

 how to give the skin a tan at home

Solarium: Lights with pleasure. If you are afraid to experiment with tanning, you can try to achieve the desired skin tone in the solarium. We recommend to use tanning booths for vertical type, as they are more modern, and stay in them more hygienic, because in the course of the procedure is not in contact with the cabin body (as opposed to vertical tanning salons, where a person has to go completely in the capsule).

With regard to time exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays, it depends on your skin type, so before you buy a subscription to the solarium, consult with an employee of the cabin, how many minutes you will need to give the skin the necessary shade. If you urgently need to get a tan, but get out of the house to the solarium does not work, do not despair. There are many ways to achieve the desired swarthiness traditional methods.

  • The first method - a tan by using potassium permanganate. Dilute the disinfectant in the bathroom with hot water and lying in a pink liquid as long as the skin is smuglet. Just do not like after a bath towel. It's not even that you have to spoil it. Simply it is likely that you are wiping, greased newly acquired tan. But what is really a pity, because it is the bathtub. After a strong solution of potassium permanganate darken not only you, but also enamel plumbing. So please be detergents advance.
  • The second method is to become seductive "chocolate" - is iodine. Add it in a bottle with a spray of water and gently apply a mixture of water and iodine in the body. Unhappy shade? Repeat the procedure or try another way to achieve swarthiness.
  • The third option would have the usual bathing. Only this time, steam will not permanganic mixture, as in a conventional black tea. Brew-leaf tea leaves in a large kettle. Pour the resulting chifir in a hot bath, add the sea salt - and can "tan".

Of course, it is best to seek a swarthy skin tone in the cold winter days are not at home or in the solarium, and in the resort. The warm sea and gentle sun overseas better cope with giving your skin the necessary sun. Another nice bonus this pastime - it's a good mood. How else can you feel if, instead of running early in the morning to work, bent under gusts of icy wind, you soak up the warm sand, soft drinking mojitos?

 Spectacular tan at home, or how to do without Resorts

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 how narrow pores on the face

Owners of oily skin knows that it has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of oily skin include its ability to keep for many years young youthful appearance. However, the main problem of oily skin are enlarged pores, which does not look very aesthetically pleasing and spoil the mood of the fair sex. So far, the restriction on the person with oily skin is the number one problem at any time of the year.

The most common problem is how to narrow the pores on the face care of women with mixed or greasy skin types, which generates a large amount of sebum . Excess secretions accumulate in the pores, gradually forming comedones - grease tube. Under the action of plugs the pores are stretched and become very noticeable. Much rarer enlarged pores for dry skin, but it happens.

Since then, work on narrowing

How to narrow the enlarged pores, where to begin producing the correct procedure? Working through these issues is very important to achieve a positive effect.

  1. Rule number one: a thorough cleansing of the skin chime every day and evening, as well as regular cleaning of the person in the office of a professional cosmetologist.
  2. Rule number two: be sure to use after cleansing milk or gel special tonic for facial pores. The structure of such funds include various binders - hawthorn, rosemary, lemon, calendula.
  3. Rule number three: Use to narrow pores on the face scrub for oily skin, which may best be used after the evening cleanse the skin 1-2 times a week. Using scrub, do not forget to wipe the skin followed by a special tonic.

Perhaps the most efficient means for narrowing the pore - a lotion containing zinc oxide, which not only makes smaller pores but also helps to remove from the skin the surplus fat.

Domestic procedures for narrowing pores

One only daily care for combination and oily skin can not achieve the magnificent shining and healthy looking skin. For the full results is necessary to use a face mask to narrow pores.

Experts considered the most effective way to narrow pores of the clay mask. If you are preparing the clay to narrow pores in the home, it is best not to plant it with plain water and aloe juice, green tea or tonic for the face.

The mask tightens pores of the clay prepared in containers of any material except metal. Before applying a face mask necessarily cleared. Clay pores constriction is applied for about 20 minutes, preferably wherein the clay did not dry the face. If you have to face mask tightens pores enough fluid, and it starts to dry out ahead of time - apply on top of the wet marlechku, or just carefully sprinkle water. After 20 minutes the mask rinse with cool water.

To provoke a narrowing of pores traditional recipes recommend the use of fruit masks of apricots, apples, strawberries, plums, peaches. These folk remedies to narrow pores is applied to the skin in the form of mashed about half an hour, then remove with a cotton swab dipped in milk.

With very advanced stages yielded positive results mask of lemon juice and whipped egg white. It is worth remembering that such a mask to narrow pores face quite good for dry skin.

Help in a beauty shop

 narrowing of pores on the face
 Modern cosmetology has a lot of money tightens pores, intended not only for domestic use but also for professional help employees of cosmetologists.

To give the skin a fresh healthy look, as well as for deep pore cleansing, required periodically fairly complex procedure to narrow pore - cleansing of the skin comedones by direct mechanical action. For these purposes, a person previously steamed and disinfected and then fingers clean sterile gloves squeezing blackheads from the pores.

Mechanical cleaning person in the cabin has proved you can quickly narrow pores and get the desired result. Modern technology offers more advanced procedures for narrowing pores - the impact of ultrasound and darsonvalization.

In addition, the master beauty salon can offer you service cryomassage face surface with liquid nitrogen. Cryomassage allows you to instantly solve the question of how narrow pores on the cheeks and nose.

If the home and salon facilities pores still do not achieve the desired, we can recommend the use of chemical peeling fruit acids. Finally, a fundamental solution to the problem as a narrow pores on your face - laser skin resurfacing. However, this procedure has side effects, which is available in advance.

Cleansing and exfoliation - the basis for narrowing the pores

The main and the best means of narrowing far - it is their timely cleaning. Regularly every day in the morning and before going to bed wash your face gels and foams according to their skin type. Use skin care full program that includes not only a cleanser and toner, as well as the cream of narrowing far.

Among the members have proved their best cosmetics to narrow pores brands such as Garnier, L'Oreal, Vichi and other companies.

Cosmetics for narrowing pores, in addition to fixed assets, also includes auxiliary preparations for deep cleaning person - gommazhi and scrubs.

Unlike scrubs gommazhi represent funds to exfoliate dead skin cells in the cream base. How to properly use such cosmetics to narrow pores? Scrubs is better to use for oily, thick skin, while gommazhi ideal for sensitive and combination skin.
But if you need to quickly narrow pores, it is best to consult a professional beautician.

Cosmetics for narrowing pores

The modern market offers a variety of cosmetic products to narrow pores. What a tonic can provide the most effective help your skin? What cream pores? Specialists recommend cosmetics to choose to solve these problems makeup, which contains acid, including nordigidrogvayaretovuyu acid (NDGA), which is the sebaceous glands.

It will not be superfluous to stock up on cosmetics care cosmetics line one in which there is a complete course of care - gel for washing, tonic or lotion to narrow pores, cream tightens pores, as well as a facial mask tightens pores.

In the summer of sebum usually increases, so in this period it is important to use cosmetics regulating sebum secretion. Such cosmetics pores can include gels, creams, tonic pores, base makeup. As an example, a base for make-up from Sephora and gel contraction far from Body Shop.

If the skin is exposed to age-related changes, but the pores are expanded, better use of matting agents to prevent cell aging. An excellent example of this cream to narrow pore - fluid Aquamatt brand Lancaster.

Before you decide what facial cream tightens pores to give your preference is to consult a professional dermatologist.

Face masks pores

 mask tightens pores
 Face masks pores - this is the best means of narrowing the pores. The most effective ones contain basically white clay, for example, Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask Clinique brand or "Megamyatnaya mask" from Lush.

Cosmetic clay has long been considered the best way to narrow pores. She draws wonderful and absorbs oil from the pores and skin all the pollution has an excellent bactericidal effect, tones and tightens pores effectively. Funds on the basis of clay works great as a facial mask to narrow pores.

White and blue clay is ideal for the preparation of folk remedies to narrow pores. Clay previously diluted in a liquid (water, green tea, tonic, aloe juice) until the consistency of thick cream. For oily skin facial mask tightens pores, you can add 3-5 drops of lemon juice.

Lemon-protein mask tightens pores prepared from 10-15 drops of lemon juice and one egg protein. The components are thoroughly mixed, the mass is applied to the skin for 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed with cool water. With much greasy or porous skin mask, you can add ½ teaspoon of alum. Lemon juice excellent substitute the juice of red currants.

Another option gorge pores mask: a mixture of whipped in a cool foam egg whites with a liquid gruel of freshly cut plantain leaves. The ingredients are cooked cream tightens pores bright green color and is applied to the skin as a mask.

You can also prepare a mask to narrow pores of persons on the basis of whey or sour milk. In 3 tablespoons liquid bred a couple of pills crushed into powder aspirin and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice.

No less effective mask narrows the pores based on bran. Rye bran bred cucumber juice to a thick slurry. If you wish, you may use any other cut. Instead, you can use cucumber juice beaten egg white.

Narrowing long popular recipes can also be performed using the mask of cucumber juice and low-fat cottage cheese, which is prepared from a liquid slurry.

Some consider the best means of pores sauerkraut. On the face as a mask can be applied as whole cabbage leaves and sour cabbage juice, which are separated oat or any other bran.

Any mask rests on the face 20 minutes and then washed with cold water. Each cosmetic product is applied to narrow long as necessary. On the protein masks worth mentioning separately - if there is no special need, they should not be used more than 2-3 times a month.

Masks, we probably paid enough attention. Now it is necessary to reveal to you the secret lotion to narrow pores homemade.

Lotion to narrow pores

You kept asking how narrow pores on the nose? For your wonderful nose and skin of all persons in general, we have in store an exceptional recipe pores lotion.

For its preparation you need 80 g of pure water, 2 g alum and 20 grams of honey. The water is mixed thoroughly until completely dissolved honey, and then added to the alum. Ready lotion you can wipe the face 1-2 times a day.

Pores lotion on this recipe is best used for porous oily skin. It deep cleans and perfectly narrows enlarged pores, making them less visible to others. Lotion on the basis of alum and honey gives the skin a matte sleek look.

In essence, the alum is a powder for external use, which is quite easy to find in a normal pharmacy. Alum is widely used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. Just enough of them are actively used in cosmetics pores.

Essential oils to narrow pores

Essential oils are used to narrow the pore and bleach dissolution secretions that clog the pores on the face, as well as for normalizing the hormonal balance of the body as a whole. Oil for narrowing since among other things strengthens the immune system of the skin.

It is best to use essential oils to narrow pores, combined with facial massage. This significantly improves metabolic processes at the cellular level, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. However, it should be prepared for the fact that the first sessions of the use of oils to narrow pores produce a physiological response - start active treatment of the skin, in which there is an active release of fat from the pores and maturation of abscesses. Do not be afraid - it is absolutely normal reaction of the skin.

Most effectively tightens pores essential oil of lemon or lavender.

Masking enlarged pores

When the facial skin is cleaned and well maintained, it is possible to apply makeup. If you have advanced far, the main task is to make them with the help of make-up less visible, the skin look smooth and even. Various cosmetic products are designed to assist you in solving the problem of how to narrow enlarged pores through visualization.

We offer you a conditional division of funds into two groups - masking creams and serums. Masking cream tightens pores can be used as a foundation, since they have a slight effect of toning. Sera largely pores, thus preparing the skin for application of powder or foundation. Serum is applied before applying makeup to clean skin.
We wish you that you were beautiful and confident. To do this, just make a little effort and you will be the most compelling!

 The narrowing of pores on the face

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