bribes in school

Bribes in school lately, alas, become almost ubiquitous phenomenon. Another 15 - 20 years ago the idea that the school may require money for that - something other than nutrition, no one in the head could not come, but now parents is difficult to imagine a school that is not carried out monthly, and or even weekly fees.

And, despite the fact that teachers and school management refers to these financial burdens euphonic words "the needs of the school," the fact remains - they are totally illegal. Moreover, it is well aware and top management, which, unfortunately, gives its tacit consent to justify these charges that the State is very poorly funded school

However, this is not an excuse, not a reason to "rip off" parents as sticky. Despite the fact that extortion is commonplace for many schools, to deal with this is possible and necessary. Fortunately, in recent years parents have stopped in silence to attribute the money to the school, but largely intensified.

More and more prudent, competent and legally savvy parents struggling to find the truth and to understand how legitimate those or other kinds of financial burdens in each case. In that case, if you are tired and feel like "cash cow" for teachers, this article is written for you.

With the minimum necessary knowledge, you will be able to resist the tyranny of teachers who are demanding more and more cash injections. And the parents of preschool age children, this material can also be very useful, because the money they have to wear no less, and the school probably is not far off.

For what has to be paid at the school?

For what most parents have to pay school? Of course, different schools may have their own peculiarities and nuances, but a common list is still the same:

  • The entrance fee for admission to the first grade

In too many schools, especially those located in prime locations, in order to train the child took it, the so-called need to pay an entrance fee. But that's not all - are often the entry fee is only to pay for something that the child was admitted to the original entrance examinations. Only in the event that their child will pass successfully, it is written in the first class. Very often in a similar situation get those future first-graders who live not in the area where the school is located

But in fact, all of these measures are absolutely illegal. In the event that the school places still is, the child should take without any - any tests and entrance exams. By law, any exams at primary school at all is strictly prohibited. But if the place has not, take the child and, accordingly, the school will not have if they wanted to.

But how to find out if these same places? It is not necessary to conduct the director no oral negotiations - in the event of any - any conflicts you do not have any evidence. Write a formal written request to the principal, and the statement with the request to enroll in the training of the first grade your child. And be sure to notify teachers about what you would expect a written response. In that case you will get a failure, you can always learn whether indeed vacancies in the department of education, to which your chosen school.

  • Additional classes

Second favorite item drawing money from parents - is paid extra lessons with the child in general subjects, mugs and sections. In this case, parents should ask if they have educational institution license. They can be provided only if the school has a license and all relevant permits.

  • Help the school to repair or purchase of basic necessities

This item also is not the last place in the paper collecting money from parents. To give or not - it's here to you. In any case, to exclude a child from school in the event that you will not pay for these costs, no one is allowed. However, if you decide to everything - still help the school and hand over the money, remember the main thing - never transfer money from hand to hand.

Each school has its own checking account, which parents can transfer the money for the needs of the school. As a rule, you can either transfer the money by bank transfer or through a centralized department of the municipal or district education department, where you will be given in the hands of the appropriate receipt.

The school is on your first request you have to show a detailed report, which specify exactly what amount and what was spent. Moreover, all expenses must be supported by appropriate documentation - receipts, warrants and other consumables. This is to ensure that parents know exactly where their money was spent. Otherwise all fees are considered illegal, and the school is violating the law on free education.

  • New Year's Day and graduations

No small item of expenditure are different school celebrations. And if a small amount of the holidays it is required lifting, the prom is a real disaster for most families. This is not surprising - the sociologists thought that last year the average amount of Russian trade-parents for prom, was 10 thousand rubles. Agree, a total of turns rather impressive amount for which you can play an entire wedding, not what prom.

Of course, at the parents' meeting is careful to stipulate this issue, taking into account the financial possibilities of parents. You may want to give up the most fashionable restaurant in the city and opt for a more modest cafe?

And besides, remember that you should always be able to control where your money will be spent. Unfortunately, not all people clean, and sometimes it happens that a considerable part of the collected money ends up in the pockets of the members of the parent committee and the class teacher.

  • Gifts for teachers

The first of September, Teacher's Day. New Year, March 8, again - outlet - in too many schools, the teachers decided to give gifts to these holidays. And a modest bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates long - long gone. Now the value of the gift in the thousands rubles, and in some cases - and the tens of thousands. Donating or not? In principle, it is up to you, but remember that this thing is completely voluntary.

 bribes to kindergarten

  Requisitions in kindergarten

No less rightly cause outrage among parents and the situation that is going on in kindergartens. Unfortunately, it is no secret that the problem with the presence of places in kindergartens Russia dire, and getting there is a very and extremely difficult. It is this and are extremely enterprising heads of kindergartens, each time inventing new and new reasons for cash bribes from parents of kids. And parents dutifully carry a bribe to a kindergarten.

Moreover, these same fees start from the beginning, or more precisely - it is with them and begins a visit to a kindergarten child. In order for your child could go to kindergarten, you may require a 5 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the region.

Such cases, unfortunately, are not the kind of exception to the rule, but rather a frightening trend. And, unfortunately, the parents themselves encourage its development, obediently carrying money in the kindergarten, if every time the extortion of money for the adoption of a child in kindergarten parents appealed to the higher authorities, then these cases would become less and less.

However, in the event that the child managed to get into the garden without any - any entrance fees, but simply put, without a bribe, parents should be prepared for the fact that the financial burdens will give them a regular service, almost a way of life. And the reasons for having overcome almost the same as in the schools:

  • Needs garden

Often, parents are asked to hand over money for a variety of household items for children - in the bed linen, towels, toys, household goods - soap, powder and so on. And very often parents are frankly puzzled - why take the money on some items of expenditure such as the purchase of bed linen or toys a few times a year?

It is unlikely that - something will happen in a few months with two sets of bed linen for a few months, during which the child slept on it a few hours during the quiet hours.

And so it is - often some, if not most of the money that parents pass, leaving absolutely clear where. More precisely, exactly - the same clear - parents' committee, teachers, head. Remember that in this case, the same scheme that and in school - do not let the money in hand. They should be transferred to the special account of kindergarten.

If raising money is only an initiative of the parent committee, and you have decided to support it, remember that you have every right to demand a full report - all receipts and disbursement vouchers.

And besides, do not forget that all these contributions are purely voluntary, and in any case should not be charged with the responsibility of parents. In the garden there is no bed linen? nothing will prevent you from yourself to buy two sets of bed linen. No dishes? It can also be bought by and attributed to the kindergarten, is not it?

  • Preparation for school

In the older group often require parents to pay for the preparation of the child for school. However, remember that all training is free. And to prepare for the money at the garden should be a corresponding license. Otherwise, the demand for money is absolutely illegal.

Parents in any case we must not forget that as long as the parents are going to think about how to give a bribe to a kindergarten or school, they will have to pull money. So maybe it is time to stop this financial mess?

 Bribes in school and kindergarten. How to fight it?

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