transportation of children up to 12 years in the car

In our time, the machine is in almost every family. So, with the need to carry a child in the car is facing a huge number of people. And if not so long ago the carriage of children do not cause any problems, but now, fortunately, in this issue began to approach with much more responsibility. And largely because of the introduction of the new requirements of the traffic police and considerable fines for violation of rules of transportation of children.

And it is mainly about such a problem as transportation of children up to 12 years in the car. With the older children no difficulties arise, as they can be transported as well as adults. But with the kids will have to tinker. And we start the story is with child car seats.

Baby car seat

Most discussions and angry parents - drivers causing traffic police demand for the transport of children under 12 years of age, special restraints - car seats. Often drivers or by crook trying to avoid buying a child car seat. And you can almost always hear the same excuse: "to pay a fine which is cheaper than buying a car seat."

This is partly true. However, for some reason, these parents do not take into account the fact that the case is not about money, but first of all in the safety of the child. Again, one can foresee a huge number of objections, and the most frequent - the child is holding adult.

However, in order to deny it, it is possible to hold a simple mathematical calculation: if the child weighs 10 kg, and the car is moving at a speed of 50 km / h on impact or sudden stop the baby's weight increases by about 15 times. And believe me - 75 kilograms no adult hold. In addition, the very high risk that an adult can pin down your child's weight has also increased dramatically at times.

And that can happen as a result of such an emergency situation, we can only guess. At best, the child could be seriously injured, and at worst, even death. In the same case, if a child will be in the child car seat, the risk of injury is ten times lower.


For the youngest children, unfortunately, parents acquire the seat very rarely, preferring to keep the crumbs on his hands. What is fraught with such transport, mentioned above, and therefore the smallest crumbs will also need to carry only in special chairs - cradles. This car seat belts fastened, so the baby is very firmly fixed in it.

In the same case, if for some - any reason you are forced to sit in a car without child safety seat, select the safest position - transportation of infants in the car always requires special attention. Sit in the back seat located behind the driver's side, his back to the passenger door. Child holding his back - it greatly reduce the risk of injury to the child in emergency situations.

But still try to carry a child in avtolyulki. The child is in it in the supine position, and soft wide belt passing through the stomach, fixes the crumbs in the cradle. The child is in a comfortable position that does not hurt his spine, and the child is not weary in the road.

Similar avtolyulki recommended mount perpendicular to the motion of the machine or, in other words, along the rear seat. Recently, however, manufacturers of children's car seats produced more car seats for the kids than cradles. These chairs are a group 0+ and calculated on the weight of 3 to 13 kg - approximately one year of age.

In such a baby seat is located in a semi-sitting position, which if necessary can be easily placed in the supine. The child seat is fixed in a three-point or, more often, five-point harness. This chair will serve you and your child about a year until the child will grow out of it.

Almost all of these chairs have a special anatomic form and comfortable headrest. It is also very handy when the car seat for the little ones is provided with a special carrying handle, which also can hang toys to the child is not bored on the road.

Due to the fact that these car seats have a semi-circular base, the house can be used as a chaise lounge or armchair - rocking chair that will delight baby. There is also the possibility to hold the handle down and lock in this position - you get a kind of low highchair. Agree - not such a bad option. And the more expensive models of car seats for the little ones can be fitted to the chassis frame and is easily transformed into a pram.

These seats can be installed in the front seat next to the driver, a passenger in the back of LIBOR. By the way, this chair becomes simply indispensable in the event that the child's mother at the wheel, and more adults in the car there. However, no matter in what seat of the car - on the front or the back - seat is installed, it can only strengthen the counter-movement of the car, that is, back to the windshield. This requirement is due to the fact that children under the age of extremely weak the cervical vertebrae.

 rules for the transportation of children in the car

Children and older

The next group of children's car seats designed for children weighing between 9 and 18 kilograms. In appearance they resemble the chair above, but they can be mounted both in the direction of travel and against him.

These car seats require careful selection. First, before going to the store be sure to weigh your baby - chair should correspond to the weight of the child. Otherwise, the baby will not only inconvenient but also protect itself also becomes. By the way, the convenience of the child is also an important factor in the so-called passive safety. In that case, if the child during the trip will experience discomfort, it can almost always actively capricious. And it does not matter who is behind the wheel - mom or dad child, the driver will still be involuntarily distracted by snivelling baby.

That is why it is so important before buying put the child in the car seat. Look, there is not bent spine while the baby is conveniently located if his head is not too tight if the seat belts. Also, do not forget about the fact that children often fall asleep in the car, so the best car seats allow the transfer of the child in the supine position.

As mentioned above, the child in the car seat securely special five-point or - shaped belts. They protect the belly and chest of the baby from the typical injuries that kids usually get caught in a car accident.

However, these safety belts need to pay particularly close attention - locking buckle must be fitted with a special soft cloth lining, which is designed to protect the perineum from injury crumbs in the event of emergency braking or a collision. Especially this point is relevant for those drivers who have a male child.

Recently becoming more popular online shopping, including children's products. However, experts say that the child seat is one of those products that are better to buy it during a personal visit to the store. Firstly, the above mentioned that before buying it is desirable to put the child in the car seat and make sure that the child feels comfortable. And secondly, before you buy a car seat, make sure that it is the right size and the method of fixing it for your car.

If the seat is not secured properly, neither of which the safety of the child and can be no question. Moreover, wrong and insecure child car seat can further traumatize the child. Also, remember that you often have to pull out and attach a chair, so it must be done without - or labor.

Optional accessories

In addition to the children's car seats can buy a variety of additional accessories that will greatly facilitate the life of mother and help provide additional security crumbs. Below we will discuss some of them:

  • Collar for sleep

I'm sure all parents know that children are very fast asleep in the car. And by the way have a very special collar, securely locking the neck and head crumbs during sleep. If a child falls asleep in a semi-sitting position, the head during sleep falls on his chest. And when braking under the influence of inertia of the head leans back sharply. It is very much cause damage to muscle ligaments and delicate cervical vertebrae. A collar worn for sleeping in the front, like a bib, thus firmly fixing the head of a sleeping child in a completely safe position for him.

  • Cover on the baby's legs

Another good thing - this apron child. It is especially please those drivers who carefully monitor the cleanliness of the cabin. This case is exactly the same as Case Chair - he dresses in the legs and does not allow the baby to spoil the upholstery of the car.

  • Table for feeding baby

Often there are special tables for sale, which are fastened to the car seat. Thing is very comfortable for long trips - you can feed the child comfortably. However, the baby is fed only during stop. In - the first, the child does not choke or obolet, and secondly, table during movement shoot recommended that in the event of an accident the plastic not to injure the child.

  • Pocket on front seat

No less useful it can be a special pocket with multiple compartments, which is attached to the back of the front seat. There you can put a whole bunch of small things for a child - pencils, toys and other things. However, in fairness it should be noted that these pockets has its opponents, who say that these items are in an emergency and can injure the child.

Children over six years

Separately it is necessary to mention about the children older than 6 - 7 years. In this case, if the rules of transportation of children in the car are violated more often than with the kids. Often parents mistakenly believe that to ensure the safety of the child is enough for him to put a priest or a folded blanket or pillow, and secure a regular seat belt.

However, it is not so! Fixing a child in this way, you are putting it at greater risk than if it were not fastened. In that case, if the driver will be forced to resort to emergency braking, airbag, which is not fixed absolutely nothing, really fast under the influence of inertia significantly shifted forward. And the lower part of the child's body also will yield forward behind a pillow.

The child will slide down automatically, and hence the belt is directly on the neck of the child. Agree, it is easy to imagine what could happen in this case - the risk that a child will not receive a serious and often fatal injuries.

That is why these children who are already well able to sit on their own, but a regular seat belt properly fasten your seat is not yet possible, be transported using lifting seat. It calls this seat, "booster", and it is much cheaper than conventional child car vehicle.

This seat lifts a child to such a height that allows you to fasten it properly regular seat belts. The service life of the booster is long enough - it is suitable as a six-year old children and adolescents twelve. This can serve as a booster to the child as long as its growth will not be 150 centimeters - that is the bottom bracket specified in the rules of the road.

Buying booster, parents should pay attention to the fact that he had special constraints that are put on the seat belt webbing regular car. And establishes a booster, of course, only at the direction of the car. In principle, this type of car seat is in no way restricts the freedom of the child.

Also, parents often argue about where to place the child car seat - front seat or the back. Traffic rules do not prohibit either one or the other. So, it is only the parents decide. But do not forget that the safest place in the car - for the driver's seat. But the most dangerous - so-called place "suicide" - that the front passenger.

And in any case, do not forget about the need to disconnect the airbag, located near the place where the child car seat is fixed. And turn them off is not their own, and in the service station.

In that case, if the parents approach the issue of transportation of children responsibly and acquire the car seats, the risk that the baby is in an emergency situation on the road get this or that injury is reduced tenfold. But nothing could be more valuable than the life of a child!

 Regulations for the carriage of children in the car