Compulsive gambling


  • Who are "gamers"?
  • When should I start to sound the alarm?

Until a few decades ago, mankind was not aware of the existence of the computer and such a problem as video game addiction. Now, with advances in technology changed all that. People are less communicate with each other, they go to the theater, read books, and more and more immersed in the world of virtual reality. For general note, video game addiction can comprehend not only the child or adolescent, but also a man of the older generation.

Many believe that's addiction - it's just a hobby and do not suspect that this is a serious disease, which consists, along with drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, to cure this disease, take years. The severity of the situation is due to the fact that the patient does not understand the seriousness of the problem.
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Who are "gamers"?

It is believed that among the so-called "gamers" more men than women. However, the dependence of the game is determined not social status or gender, rather it is a certain type of man. As a rule, it is lonely, notorious, insecure people who have some problems in terms of adaptation and social interaction. In order to assert themselves, they are immersed in the world of virtual reality, where it is possible to establish their own rules where everything is easy and affordable. The unfavorable situation in the family, loved ones misunderstandings, problems at work - all this also contributes to the care Virtual.

Psychologists have long seen a link between gambling and violent behavior in real life.

Often, these people no longer distinguish reality from his illusory world of computer games, and they are beyond the scope of acceptable behavior.

 the treatment is necessary to reduce the use of the computer to 45 minutes per day
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When should I start to sound the alarm?

The problem reaches its climax when a person devotes all his time playing computer games, losing touch with reality, without a computer becomes sluggish, irritable, in contact with him as, on the contrary, experiencing joy, does not notice his friends and relatives of people. "Gamers" can sit at the computer for days, forgetting food and sleep. In addition to psychological disorders, they "cashing" and a number of diseases (hemorrhoids to a heart attack). Because of the passion for computer games break up the family, and adolescents did not perceive they need social skills with peers.

Such people should be required to help realize the depth of this problem. Now there are a variety of psychological rehabilitation centers, where experienced specialists using a variety of training, hypnosis and other techniques to help cope with the disease. In this difficult period it is important for the patient support and care of people loved him. As often as possible, and greater attention should be paid to those passions that have nothing to do with the computer. It can be anything you like, reading, collection, meeting with friends.

The main thing that people are gradually abstracted from his illusory world of games and poured into the usual measured life. It is advisable to start a family to be active, to join the sport, a joint trip. This will not only help to escape, but the mentally closer to each other. Communication with the computer should be kept to a minimum of 45 minutes - 2-3 times a day.

It is important to understand what's disease - is not just a bad habit, but a real addiction problem, which is still possible to decide if the time to see a specialist and be taken seriously in this situation. Most importantly - do not give up and do not despair.

 What is video game addiction and how to fight it?

 Proper communication with different personality types


  • Personality Types
  • How to communicate with certain people?

What a strange term - the art of communication? Many people heard him wonder: Is this you need to learn? It seems there is nothing difficult to talk, to tell each other about what is happening, expressing feelings and emotions. Another question is how perceived hear different people.

How interpersonal problems would not have arisen if people were able to communicate properly.

People are divided into several types, and each characterized by its own style of communication. Knowing how to build a conversation with a counterpart having a particular type of temperament, misunderstanding and related misunderstandings can be avoided.
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Personality Types

Consideration should be given basic personality traits in more detail and give them a description.

  1. Introverts: they find it difficult to communicate. Their experiences, they are deep in yourself, avoid unnecessary contact.
  2. Extroverts: they need to communicate maximized. They constantly put notify others about their experiences arising, convey their views on the circumstances in any situations are new acquaintances.

Of course, such psycho pure rare. Rather, in certain characters dominate certain features.

 Proper communication with the guy
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How to communicate with certain people?

The first thing to figure out your character type.

If it is closer to the quality specifications of the extroverts, in order to make it easier to build a dialogue with others, should try not to talk about yourself all the time. More listen to the opinions of others, not to express openly disagreement. Once the communication will develop in this way, people will start to drag. Leadership positions in the team will be easy to win at the expense of the nature of the pledged openness. Emerging resentment at the apparent disregard disappear.

To learn how to properly communicate the introvert is more important than the extrovert. That is difficult for people to make new friends and acquaintances. This affects the professional sphere. Therefore, despite the difficulties, it is necessary to overcome itself and to move closer. The result will be surrounded by people who appreciate the tacit approval and participation.

Entering into a dialogue, it is necessary to try to analyze to what psycho is the person with whom you communicate. For introverts? It should try to introduce it in the course of the case, listen carefully to the rare replica, to express how is the situation from different perspectives. His silence in the future can lead to serious misunderstandings. It will help to understand its relation to the subject facial expression, facial expressions, tone - all these need to be considered.

Extroverts can not allow itself to speak. With it always have to keep an eye on. If he tries to deviate from the topic, it is necessary to translate the firm interviewed for the channel. Giving it is necessary to speak, but firmly with the report, and their point of view. You can even do it with a certain degree of rigidity. Such people are usually thick-skinned, and if this feature is present in the character and then othodchivy.

Talking with someone, you want to show interest in socializing. Very good intonation to emphasize important points.

Argue not. If the arguments are inconclusive, it is better to finish the conversation on a friendly note and continue at a more appropriate time. You can not raise the tone switch to scream.

Only friendly, quiet dialogue promotes mutual understanding.

 How to succeed in the art of communication

 self confidence


  • Factors that prevent the emergence of self-confidence
  • Basic principles of confidence
  • People who have achieved success thanks to the work of a
  • Conclusion and outcomes

Self-confidence is fundamental to modern society. Insecure people often wonder how to develop self-confidence? This quality is necessary for both men and women, but not every individual is capable of self-sufficiently. This is due to the peculiarities of society, which is home to the majority of Russian citizens, and personal characteristics. To understand the roots of the lack of this skill, turn to an analysis of the nuances of the examples.

For a long time Soviet ideology did not encourage people who could give us something different from the rest. It can not all believed, not only out of place in a society of equals, but also dangerous. Stories and cinema of those years are filled with a variety of examples that differ from the masses - it means to be an outcast and a white crow. In these rather rigid installation is automatic limitation of the individual. Personality can only be developed with an eye to public opinion, often neglecting their bright talents.

Another factor influencing the development is the family environment. Its members have formed translate your child behaviors and otherwise adjust them in accordance with generally accepted concepts. Thus, the child is exposed to the process of socialization from birth to death. If the parents have the wisdom to promote the harmonious development and to maintain a good psychological atmosphere in the house, it is a good chance that the person will grow a full, confident in their abilities. If it does not, then chances are that you have to pretty to work on the appearance of the desired qualities.

Fortunately for many of us, self-confidence is a learned quality. To say that you believe in yourself, you must feel it.

To this feeling came once and did not leave you in a variety of situations, it is necessary to maintain and cultivate every way. Typically, this condition is not easy, but it can and must be developed.

 people's opinions affect the self-confidence
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Factors that prevent the emergence of self-confidence

There are several factors that can interfere with the cultivation of such qualities as self. In order to select them and to make a specific list, it is enough to observe themselves and their actions, thoughts for the day. If you notice that you tend to give a negative assessment of his actions and the actions of colleagues, this is the first sign that this aspect should be addressed. Otherwise, you do not allow yourself to grow, continuing to use the negative attitudes.

The opinion of other people can be a serious obstacle to the emergence of self-confidence. When a person evaluates himself, trying on the wrong measurements, it will never get a stable result. It is known that people tend to cultivate in others the qualities that is beneficial to them, so a measure of people's opinions will be completely unsuitable for the emergence of confidence.

Every man there is a certain comfort zone, which is its rear, but not a place for development. To grow and develop, you must leave it. In order for this example was the obvious, you need to give you another. When you come to the man on the street to ask for the time, it is a common practice, part of your comfort zone. Agree, it would be much more difficult if you come to the passer-by for the purpose of dating. But that is exactly what will be the bridge that allows to get out of your comfort zone.

It is important that the general physical condition can also affect self-esteem. A man with a straight posture and calm confident gait faster will be the repository of well-being and positive self-esteem than one who does not follow their physical condition.

 principles of confidence
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Basic principles of confidence

In order to develop the confidence necessary to observe a few basic rules.

  1. External corresponds to the internal, and vice versa. Thus, if you watch your posture, movement and manner of talking, eventually begins to develop a certain line of conduct, which will be characterized by the state of confidence. Just the opposite effect: if you already master the skills of confident behavior, it will slip into everything related to the look.
  2. Planning their activities. It helps to plan activities consistently increase the level of confidence. If a person has any concerns, and he constantly postpones the case until later because of fear of failure, it is necessary to do what is the most contradictory feelings in the beginning. It is noticed that the things that cause the greatest concern should be done in the morning, then to the end you will feel an increase in energy levels and greater confidence.
  3. Refusal of negative thoughts and feelings. The sooner you stop criticizing yourself, the faster you will form a positive image of himself. Negative thoughts are forced to concentrate solely on the fact that is not successful, while positive thoughts allow direct activity in the right direction. Feelings tend to follow the thoughts, so you can set yourself in a positive way with the help of positive thoughts.
  4. Confidence also comes in the growth of competence in any issue. If you want to understand music or different varieties of wine products, it is necessary to make efforts towards the research and acquiring this skill. Seeing your competence, people will start to talk to you about the various nuances and you will be able to purchase not only the confidence, but also new friends.
  5. The ability to isolate and cultivate its advantages and achievements is an important factor in the formation of self-confidence. Everyone makes small achievements every day, but not everyone knows how to identify, record and praise yourself for it.

 develop confidence

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People who have achieved success thanks to the work of a

We know that the stars of the screen and heroes are not born, they become. Giving an answer to the question of how to develop self-confidence, true examples of famous people who have become such only through their own efforts.

Few people know, but the French actor Gerard Depardieu much stuttered as a child. But he had an overwhelming desire to play in the theater and in the movies. The boy himself outlined the steps that could lead him to the desired result, and began to deal with on a daily basis with a speech therapist. Very soon he got his role and, thanks to further efforts, was able to win the right to make movies.

Madonna Louise Ciccone, or says: "I myself pulled herself for her bra straps." This is true, because the music critics of that time she prophesied a great career. Only through the power of his personality she moved forward, combining singing and dancing direction. Many tests had to be overcome before it began to be taken seriously, and before that she took any job and protested his appearance and behavior.

Another story is connected with Jim Carrey. The boy from the very beginning was an unusual and parodied everything and everyone. Very soon, his father decided to find him a good use on stage, but when Jim made his first few appearances, he was booed by the crowd. He did not dare to speak for a few years after the events, but then found the courage to start all over again.

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Conclusion and outcomes

Confident people are living much easier and more interesting. They have no time to think about the many difficulties, but they have them, as well as all other people. Confidence makes a man interesting allows him to easily find a common language and to express mutual sympathy. In a world where every day we are faced with thousands of different people need to know how to position themselves. It depends on many points. Learning to become a good companion confidence every day, and these recommendations will help to acquire these skills.

 Self-confidence and ways to develop