causes of poor weight gain in a child


  • How much weight should gain a child?
  • Baked milk to increase the fat content of breast milk

Ever since the Soviet era - the era of deficit - we know that a healthy child - a fat kid. No, not obese unhappy baby and a healthy, chubby toddler with ruddy cheeks. The pictures of modern magazines, posters, films are usually chubby kids. But what if your child is not gaining weight? Let's try to figure out why it happens and how to help him.

Let's start with the fact that children can weigh differently depending on individual factors. From your height, increase your husband and parents depend weight and height of the child.

If you and your husband above 170 cm while weighing less than 60-70 kg, do not expect that the child will be plump and stocky, he may be thin. He can also gain weight slower than their peers, it is not a reason for concern. Newborn babies at birth are losing 10-15% of the original weight, as they are swelling when excess fluid is lost. With proper breastfeeding weight must be returned within 3 weeks.

 baby a healthy weight during lactation
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How much weight should gain a child?

Birth weight should be on 3-3, 7 kg in boys and 3-3 in girls 6 kg. Up to 6 month old baby should weigh 7, 4 to 8, 5 kg (boys) and 6, 7-7, 9 (girls). At 1 year 8, 3-10 kg and 7, 600-9 kg respectively. The figures are average, so do not worry if your little girl gained less of this rule or your boy weighs more, all individually.

Signs of effective breastfeeding

To begin with we shall understand, properly fed your baby gets enough milk. The main criteria by which a child may be difficult to gain weight:

  1. The frequency of feedings per day. It is recommended to feed your baby as often as possible, especially in the first days after birth. So you're running is lactation, and the child will be easier to adapt to the new environment.
  2. When suckling rhythm of movement slows down, hear the sound of swallowing. Listen to the baby during feeding, because it can suck empty the breast or to be properly attached so milk can not do that. For this reason, the child may cry during feeding.
  3. The behavior of the child. If the child is listless and constantly sleeping, is not interested in the outside world, does not respond to toys, TV, etc., all of which can be a sign of a lack of milk.
  4. Rare chair or lack thereof. Stool frequency should be between 3-5 times a day under the age of 1 month, further increases.
  5. Kid requires constant chest. This may indicate malnutrition, bad fat content of milk.
  6. The body of the child has loose skin. Even if healthy baby looks lean, it should have folds on the arms, legs and neck.

If the child's weight gain is not associated with your personal concerns and substantiated indications of the pediatrician, the problem should be addressed urgently.

To establish breastfeeding

In the first days of life, the baby may not be getting enough milk for various reasons, especially if the mother is young and inexperienced.

The most common problem - the baby can not grasp the chest, especially if it is premature, or simply weak. The most common reason is the anatomy of the nipple of the mother. In most cases, the newly-made mother's nipple flat or small. Of course, later, a few months later, when feeding and getting better, and the child can grasp the chest of any situation, this problem seems ridiculous, but in the first days of life, it is in the first place and particularly acute.

There is an exit. To make it easier for the baby to grasp the breast, it is necessary before each feeding a few seconds to pull the nipple with your fingers, and as far as possible, that you can help your child grasp it.

Another reason for poor lactation may become insufficient milk. And it can occur due to insufficient applying baby to the breast. Recently, many fashionable magazines of the children recommended to establish breast-bounds. That is, by the build schedule when applying crumbs. But for a good lactation should be given the breast as often as possible, and upon request, even if the baby is sleeping, wake him pediatricians recommend and apply to the chest. This is especially important in the early days of life.

The fact that for the production of milk in the woman's body responds hormone - prolactin, and for the allocation of milk from the breast - oxytocin. Particularly intense prolactin is produced in the period from 3 to 7 o'clock in the morning, so it is very important co-sleeping with the baby, because its smell will provoke the production of these two hormones. It is also good to help pumping. Even if the breast is empty after each feeding, it is necessary to squeeze even a drop. Remember, one squeeze two added.

 feeding melted together with breast milk
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Baked milk to increase the fat content of breast milk

If you have enough milk, but the child is constantly asking the breast or crying when applying, it may well be that your milk is not enough fat. Fat milk should be bluish, if it decant into a mug. After a while on the surface you can see the yellow plaque, which indicates normal fat content. If it is low-fat and bad child gaining weight, it is necessary to take action. First, you need to revise your diet. Include more meat, broth, liver, fat sour cream, cottage cheese. Good increases lactation kelp or seaweed, it contains a lot of iodine and beneficial vitamins and minerals.

There is a way not only to the national increase of the lactation, but its fat content. It melted milk nuts. It is simple. You will need:

  1. Chopped walnuts 100-200 g;
  2. Clay container (if not, go and ceramic, clay but better because milk will have to languish, however well-ware should keep the temperature);
  3. Milk (any fat, but the best home - it is healthier and fatter);
  4. Oven.

We grind nuts in a blender until crumbs state or put them in a plastic bag and roll out with a rolling pin (glass bottles, cans, that comes to hand). Pour the milk into the container, well, if you have a clay pot, then it will be perfect. Do not top up the edges of the tank about 3-5 cm, it is necessary to at boiling milk is poured. We fall asleep on top of the nuts and stir. Put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees. If a gas oven - 180 degrees. Do not cover the lid. For the milk must necessarily follow.

When will the top crust, reduce the oven temperature to 150-160 degrees. Leave for half an hour. As time passes, you will feel the aroma of baked milk. Drink it should be every day a glass, in a week you will notice that the child began to gorge, in 2 weeks he should start to gain weight.

 Lactation in low-weight baby

 increasing immunity of the child


  • The main reasons for the decline of immunity the baby
  • Raise your child's immune system is very simple
  • Raise your child's immunity folk remedies

With the onset of cold weather, we are less and less begin to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and it is no wonder they say: "We are what we eat." Eating the needed nutrients, we are strengthening the immune system, which protects us from various diseases from getting into our bodies alien microbes, bacteria, viruses. The immune system of the baby is not as stable as opposed to an adult, it therefore needs special attention.

People forget about the many folk remedies with which to lift the immunity of the child without any problems.

Increase the child's immune system is very simple.
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The main reasons for the decline of immunity the baby

  1. Malnutrition - the main cause of the deterioration of the immune system . Neglecting compliance use the right amount of nutrients, the baby has all the chances of health problems. Laying as building blocks in the body necessary substances, you are helping your child grow up healthy and cheerful.
  2. Psycho-emotional condition of the child depends on the environment: kindergarten, school, family and home life. If a child is deprived of attention, care and kindness, even getting all the nutrients he needed food, he will not be completely healthy.
  3. Status of internal organs determines the effectiveness of the immune system of the child. If a body is malfunctioning if its functionality is broken, then a child's immune system that something is wrong. Reduced immunity in children with diseases such as gastritis, enterocolitis, pyelonephritis, intestinal dysbiosis, which themselves are the result of malnutrition.

 proper nutrition to enhance immunity

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Raise your child's immune system is very simple

The easiest is to enrich the diet of essential foodstuffs. It should be kept year-round fresh fruits such as kiwi, apples, bananas, grapes, pineapple and lemon. They contain a huge amount of vitamins, necessary growing organism, rich in macro- and micronutrients, dietary fiber, which improves digestion. Fruits are very good as a source of carbohydrates, provides us with the necessary energy. Add in the diet of your children's herbs, especially parsley, fennel, celery. It is rich in vitamin C, which helps the body fight colds.

Regular consumption of vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, improve bowel function, disruption of which can lead to a deterioration of the immune system of the child. Do not forget about eating essential fat sources which we are: almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, fish oil, various types of oily fish and bold. These foods are rich in vitamin F, decrease the inflammatory processes in the body.

 the gradual hardening for health promotion
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Raise your child's immunity folk remedies

The most popular folk remedy for lifting the immunity of the child is chamomile tea, it has a pleasant scent, has no contraindications, you can use it at any age. The tea you can add honey, lemon balm, mint, fruit jam, rich in vitamins.

To strengthen and raise the child's immune system is possible by means of domestic plants. The most effective means to strengthen people's immune system is a mixture of aloe, honey and Cahors wine. Take 250 grams of plant leave in the refrigerator for 3 days, then pull out and twist in a meat grinder, add the same amount of honey that came out of a meat grinder, pour 150 g of Cahors wine, all carefully stir. The resulting mixture should be taken 2 times a day on a teaspoon before meals.

Useful is a folk remedy - decoction of spruce needles with honey. The recipe is fairly simple: half a liter of boiling water put 2 tablespoons pine needles spruce, 2-3 spoons of honey, boil the mixture for 20 minutes, then remove from heat and let infuse for 30 minutes. Decoction eat 2-3 times a day for one glass. Just a week later you will notice as a folk remedy raises the child's immune system.

As everyone knows, kvass improves the cardiovascular system and improves metabolism. The famous Russian scientist Boris Bolotov created a unique brew on banana skins, which has many beneficial properties, the main positive effect is to strengthen the immune system. For the preparation we need 3 cups chopped banana peel, 1 cup sugar, a teaspoon of sour cream, the mixture should be thoroughly mixed, pour 2 liters of water and leave for 20 days. Kvass on banana skins has a pleasant taste, similar to soda pop.

Increases immunity, such a procedure as hardening .  Since ancient times, people used hardening to improve health .  There are many kinds of folk remedies such as pouring cold water with a gradual increase annoying load (t . e .  a decrease in water temperature and the time of the adoption procedure), running in the snow, water baths, sunbathing, tempering steam .  The systematic use of the quenching results in strengthening the immune system, increase resistance to temperature changes, the child will be less likely to get sick .  Begin hardening should be only with positive emotions .  you must configure the child, it would be useful to him and his example should be shown that there is nothing wrong with that .  The load should be increased gradually, so that the body can begin to adapt to it .  Combining multiple methods of tempering gives a better result than one type of hardening .

Exercise and sports are an effective folk remedy in promoting health and raising immunity. Not for nothing has always been famous athletes in good health. The child, engaged in any sport, is less susceptible to stress, it is emotionally stable. He's not as tired as the children are not involved in sports, always full of energy, fast asleep. Thanks to an active lifestyle, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn normalizes the digestibility of food. But do not choose too energy-intensive sports. Sports should not harass the child and bring joy.

More often walk with your child outdoors, eat right, spend a prophylactic procedure using folk remedies, tempers, and your child will be healthy and cheerful.

 How to strengthen the child's health folk methods?