the causes of hormonal cycle


  • What is the norm?
  • What caused failures?

The work of the female body is genetically set up so that a woman could carry and give birth to a child. The program, established by nature, sometimes strays and formed the menstrual cycle.

The norm is considered having a length of 24 to 38 days menstrual cycle, the established after the first (menarche) menstrual period during the year.

When these figures are proof of deviation, it is cause for seeking medical attention.
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What is the norm?

If the cycle of monthly normal, in its first phase is dominated by the hormone FSH, increases secretion of estrogen, follicle matures and increases the endometrium. By the middle of the menstrual period, FSH is minimal increases luteinizing hormone, when it reaches peak occurs release of an egg (ovulation). Further, the amount of estrogen decreases and increases progesterone. If there is no fertilization, the falling number of hormones, the endometrium is rejected, and the menstrual cycle ends.

 causes hormonal disruption
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What caused failures?

Violation of the menstrual cycle is caused by:

  • pregnancy;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • abrupt changes in weight;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • menopause;
  • stress;
  • use of hormonal drugs.

When monthly pregnancy disappear, and all the forces of the body aimed at childbearing. In the pathology of the ovaries, pituitary adrenal glands occurs unbalancing the hormonal system, and the need to treat the causes of violations. If the cycle is broken, the doctor is required to appoint a survey to help identify the underlying disease.

The reason for failure are often the diet on which body weight drops sharply. Estrogen production falls sharply (since they are partly produced by adipose tissue), which serves as a stress-causing irregular menstruation. Here we must first establish a food and gain weight, then you can expect the resumption of menses.

Violations can cause gynecological problems:

  • inflammation of the appendages;
  • endometriosis;
  • polyps;
  • chronic inflammation of the uterus.

In these diseases, the monthly get off, because No normal functioning of the ovaries and endometrial maturation.

At the age of 40 begin preclimacteric changes, menstruation may become heavy and not cyclical. In addition to the drugs prescribed by your doctor to correct the violations of the cycle used in the diet foods high in phytoestrogens (soy, grapefruit, sunflower seeds flax), which improves the hormones. In response to the regular lack of sleep and tension increases prolactin, and monthly disappear because In such situations, the body is under stress, initiating the menstrual cycle.

Failure cycle is possible with some drugs and:

  • antidepressants;
  • anticoagulants;
  • tranquilizers;
  • digitalis preparations;
  • corticosteroids;
  • hormone replacement therapy;
  • IUD.

Cancel these drugs, as well as assign them may only doctor.

Women are often in violation of the month do not dare to visit a gynecologist for fear of supplies to treat hormone that does not always happen. After examination with the help of modern diagnostic tools, find out the true causes of menstrual disorders, efforts should send it to their elimination. Then we can expect the resumption of normal menstruation, which serves as a "litmus test" of women's health.

 What is the cause of menstrual disorders?

 causes of cervical disease


  • Causes of cervical disease
  • The classification process of the cervix in women
  • On the diseases that occur most frequently in women

Cervical disease are among the most pressing women's issues. Many women are aware of the fact that the body is exposed to diseases such as dysplasia, erosion and even cancer, but few know exactly what these diseases are and what dangerous. Since it comes to health, everyone will be out of place to get acquainted with this information.

Despite the fact that this body is accessible to visual inspection, as few the reproductive organs of women, cancer of the cervix is ​​located at one of the first places among the cancer of women after breast cancer.

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Causes of cervical disease

Diseases of the cervix may develop for the following reasons:

  • Infections (cocci, chlamydia, mikolazmy, trichomonas, etc.) that cause inflammation;
  • Injuries (after childbirth, abortion);
  • Hormonal imbalance (progesteronodefitsitnoe state);
  • Viruses (Human papilloma viruses, combined with herpes virus type II);
  • Violation of local immunity.

 examination by a gynecologist

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The classification process of the cervix in women

Diseases to classify as follows:

  • the background of the disease;
  • precancerous;
  • cancer.

For background processes include polyps, ectopia (pseudo), leukoplakia without atypia, warts. In themselves, they do not lead to cancer, but may be a backdrop to the top of pathological changes.

Precancerous process, otherwise known as dysplasia, divided, in turn, mild, moderate and severe dysplasia. As the name implies, a precancerous condition precedes the transition to cervical cancer in women.

In addition to these three states, are allocated inflammatory processes that are no longer referred to as sexually transmitted infections.

 Consultation with a specialist
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On the diseases that occur most frequently in women

Described disease often linked, one illness can develop in another, especially if the woman does not receive proper treatment.

The disease, which affects many women, is the erosion. This disease is characterized by damage to the mucous body. Simply put, this wound, which could see with the naked eye when viewed from the gynecologist as a red spot on a flat pink background. This pattern can be observed no more than 2 weeks, followed by erosion or completely cured, or goes into pseudo which is often taken by women in the first.

Pseudo is, in turn, is not fully healed erosion, that is, the healing process has begun, but then something went wrong. As a result Nabothian cysts may form on which is quite difficult to get rid subsequently. They are clogged ducts and glands look like blisters filled with fluid. Sometimes Nabothian cyst fully tested after women manage to get rid of the causes of erosion.

Widespread today leukoplakia, which manifests itself in the form of a white seal. This disease is usually preceded by erosion, it may progress in combination with precancerous states.

Another disease that can be ill woman - polyps (growths of different structures). They appear, usually due to hormonal disruptions or inflammatory processes.

If we talk about women at risk, they include those who have early sexual debut, was repeatedly subjected to intrauterine interventions often change partners, and those who have suffered many times natural childbirth. All these ills easier to treat in the early stages, so it is important to visit a gynecologist.

 Women's Issues - cervical disease

 causes of hypertrophy of the cervix


  • Chronic inflammation
  • Technique scarification

Hypertrophy of the cervix - the increase in the size of the body, which develops gradually, on a roll or omission of the uterus.

Hypertrophy and cervical elongation reaches often larger sizes. If hypertrophy occurs when the omission or loss of genitals, then it has no independent value.

Sometimes there are cases when patients complained of loss, but when viewed from the facts do not support. Meanwhile hypertrophied part cervical still protrude from the genital slit. If hypertrophy is lengthened, the front lip of the vagina performed on the back, slightly covering it.

If the hypertrophy of the vaginal part causes the patient a feeling of loss, but the bottom of the uterus is not omitted, it is a direct indication for the removal of a hypertrophied cervix.

Quite often there is a feeling that the uterus is omitted. It looks like an isolated phenomenon, accompanied by sensation, and later its actual loss. This case requires a more complex operation.

 Treatment of hypertrophy
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Chronic inflammation

Hypertrophy, or thickening of the uterine cervix - it is the result of chronic inflammation. In most cases, the cervix along its body simultaneously impressed inflammation. Thickening, which is caused by an inflammatory process, can be seen as follicular hypertrophy of the cervix. In place of the inflamed mucosa (cervical canal) are glandular moves that turn into retention bubbles containing mucus and clogged.

Grow and stromal inflammation provokes otshnurovanie glandular follicles. Next, they have to grow a cyst the size of a grain of millet. In some cases, they can reach the size of a pea, and then - Nabothian testicles.

Nabothian testicles especially penetrate deep into the tissue at the site of erosion. They can lead to a thickening and a large increase in the cervix as a whole.

The indications for surgical treatment of hypertrophy, which occurred due to chronic inflammation, is a form of follicular hypertrophy unless it is preceded by hyper- and polimenoreya, whites, sacral pain. Sometimes conventional scarification cervix can give a satisfactory result.

Contraindications for scarification:

  • acute and subacute inflammation in the pelvis,
  • chronic inflammation of the pelvic peritoneum, fiber appendages.

 Treatment of hypertrophy of the cervix

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Technique scarification

Vaginal part and the vagina itself must first be disinfected with tincture of iodine and alcohol in the mirror. Bullet forceps grip and fix the vaginal part of the uterus. Not recommended relegate much of the vaginal, so as not to hurt. You can not grasp the cervix with forceps, but only expose mirrors. After re-lubricating the vaginal part of tincture of iodine visible Nabothian testicles pierced with a pointed scalpel and make a small incision around the uterine mouth and angular cuts to it, which penetrate into the fabric of 0.5-1 cm.

So Nabothian made emptying testicles and bloodletting. If bleeding after scarification is not very strong, you can not achieve its full cessation. Later, it will stop itself. If the bleeding does not stop, then the vagina tamponiruyut sterile gauze, which is sprinkled with powder streptotsita. This tampon is in the vagina for 12-24 hours. It is recommended that you observe bed rest for 1-2 days. Since the cause of the disease - inflammation, after scarification, after 1-2 weeks, it is necessary to continue the treatment with iodine-glycerin swabs.

 Identification of hypertrophy of the cervix and treatment