Knitted dresses

Knitted dresses light has for many years remained a symbol of elegance and fashion attribute, which highlights the tendency of their owner to the sublime romantic mood. Knitwear - a material beneficial emphasizing all the advantages of the figures, so glassware look feminine and sexy, mysterious, no different, in this case, obsessive sexuality. It is produced by knitting knitwear woven fabric of synthetic, cotton, wool or silk fibers. Knitted fabric is soft, stretchable, elastic.

This season is particularly fashionable dresses of melange yarn, fluid jersey fabrics and iridescent fabrics degrade.

Summer knitted dresses, whether light or heavy texture at the tissue from which they are sewn, look very elegant. They give the image of tenderness, charm and personality, very attractive, charm. Summer dresses from jersey with continuous strips are pretty catchy and perfect for relaxing at the seaside. Summer dresses straight cut and wear with leggings or separately.

 Knitted dresses

Extremely relevant in this season dress with wide round neckline, tunics, little black dresses, "bat". It is very fashionable and knit dress with long sleeves, intercepted near the elbow. As the output dresses leading fashion designers are knitted summer dresses with frills and ruffles, rhinestones and decorations shaped neckline. Especially fashionable fishnet dress associated manually.

And lovers of classic style and admirers free style clothes are ideal dresses from flowing jersey. Classics of the genre - a dress with neck-lapel, which remains fashionable for the past many years. This style fits the romantic, refined natures, prone to reverie.

This season is very fashionable wide belts that are worn on the hips. Dresses bright warm tones elegant look with gold and black belts and dresses with dark colors - black, blue and so on - an excellent look silvery and white belt. As for jewelry, they may be any except blёklyh too noisy or decorations.

Fashionable this season and mohair dresses, but they are suitable only slim women as mohair dress a full figure. Women curvaceous can choose the combined dress that will hide the problem areas, or short dress made of mohair.

Of course, putting on a slight summer dress knitted desirable to take care of the appropriate hairstyle and makeup. After all these dresses obliged to adhere to the image of elegant women exquisite!

 Knitted dresses are always in fashion


 Swimsuits and dresses summer season

So it's long-awaited summer! Someone has already had time to go on vacation, to splash in the sea, bask in the sun and show off her figure in a swimsuit on the beach! And someone just looks minute and picks up the resort for your summer vacation.

Our today's article is dedicated to those who are just going to go to a long-awaited vacation and look for a new bathing suits and dresses. So let us know that today is a big hit in 2010?

Today's fashion swimwear nobody cheated their attention. This season, in my opinion, everything is fashionable! And in the power of retro swimwear, and prints, polka and striped, with a variety of straps and cuts, asymmetric and continuous, important not to get confused and choose what is right for you! And now let's look at the most fashionable swimsuits 2010:

Retro Swimsuit

Swimsuit in retro style is not the first season at the peak of popularity. The peculiarity of these swimsuits is that he skillfully emphasizes the dignity of the figure and perfectly conceals its defects, if any. They can be high and panties lifami strict cut, can be separated and solid, here you have to choose!

Swimsuit in peas

The trend in 2010 is a swimsuit with polka dots. Large and small peas are perfect for your beach attire, but remember that large pea full figure! The advantage of this pattern is that it is combined with a strip or a cage so you can combine bra and panties from different swimsuits, as long as they match the color. For example, a polka dot bra and panties, striped, striped or checkered top and bottom.

Leotard with straps

Fashion this season is a set of straps and ribbons, crossed with each other. They may be located on the hips and the shoulders, abdomen and deep recesses. But remember that this does not give you a swimsuit even tan, so it is only suitable for poolside parties.

Swimsuit with print

This year is very fashionable prints, especially vegetable, such as the play of colors pleases your eye and the eyes of others. Choose a swimsuit with images of palm trees, exotic flowers, berries and leaves. But remember that designers are advised to buy a swimsuit girls with fragile figure and a small bust, since such coloration is capable of increasing form.

Today's plethora of dresses and sundresses simply dazzles with its colors and styles. Among all this diversity we will find you the most fashionable and interesting models that will suit you the best possible way. So, let's look at the most fashionable summer dresses 2010:


Dress - the perfect outfit for hot summer weather. This year fashion floral print, light colors and natural fabrics, can be any length.
If you are the owner of a figure "inverted triangle" that will suit sundress with thin straps or widening to the bottom. If you have a small stature, then select sundress not below the knee.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dress at the peak of popularity for the second season. These dresses perfectly match with flat shoes, such as sandals with multiple thin straps, just perfect here large jewelry, such as large beads, or one - two large bracelet. Choose a dress of thin air fabric with different prints and embroidery.


This summer mini can be either tight, and free cut, as a mini - dresses this year can decorate similarity corset.
Mini dress - length will suit any type of figure. But remember that if you have the type of shape "triangle", the dress should be a coat hanger, and if your figure "rectangle", the dress has to decorate a corset or girdle, that would emphasize the waist.


This season, the ball ruled drape! Therefore, if your figure is not enough volume, then it adds its excellent drape in those places where it is needed.
For example, if you need the volume in the hips, then you should choose a dress or a skirt with draped at the waist and hips. If you need a volume in the breast area, choose a dress with a draped, located in the neck and neck.


The hit of this summer are voluminous dresses, pear-shaped or oval style. This dress silhouette give femininity and lightness of your image.
Ruffles, flounces and the various figures will give you an incredibly touching appearance. At the slightest breeze ruffles and cute birdies will worry, and you'll feel at ease easily.

 Swimsuits and dresses summer season