The illusion of love or notes optimistic pessimist.

That sometimes I look at young, silly girls who surround me, and desperately envy them ... Why, you ask?

No no! I do not envy their youth, beauty or carelessness. Just look at their happy little faces and understand - unlike us, they still retain the ability to believe that every time - that is, it is the true love!

When you do not know what is - real love, to live is much easier - whenever looms another liking, you can afford to bathe in the sweet as honey, dreams.  yes

And when you have learned to distinguish between sugary illusions of the present explosion of true love, you know - it is simply impossible to love each succeeding as much as the previous one.

So just do not happen.  indecision

If every person with whom you were very close and frankly, do you consider your favorite, then you are lucky - his whole life you lived and continue to live in a dream to you the world of sweet dreams and illusions, and you still do not know what a real, adult love.

You, my dear girl, confuse two completely different things that can not be confused in any case - sympathy and love. But you yet forgivable .. But some time will pass, and you will remember these lines ... and she'll be jealous of the same girls what you are right now.
That is why I envy you, sugar, you girls and boys! You, unlike us who know what love is, still happy!
You know how that is to create for yourself and the people around you beautiful illusion, and wallow in them, squealing with joy, like children in the pool.
And if you add to the pool a little lather, you can think of that live under water or underwater mermaid fairy monster .. After all, you can think whatever he wants ..

You, unlike us, can still tickle your nerves and ensure the release of adrenaline, believing in fairy tale invented by you, which you call love.

And when you have learned to separate fiction from true feelings, terribly afraid to love ... not that love, even attached to a man is very, very scary ...

And now it is much more difficult than before. Now comes the love without asking, it is deeply do not care whether you want to your heart became her residence or not. It just takes up residence there, without listening to your protests ...

And as if you did not want to kick her out will not succeed .. Love, she is a lady .. freedom-loving ... Come - does not ask out - is not forgiven ..
You can kick, kicking, biting, hide .. You can repeat a thousand facts showing that there is no love ... You can even try to run away from it ..

But far do you run away? After all, you can not escape from yourself ... But ... You can try!
Well, a maximum, which can reach - it is mad ... First stick depression, and then completely ... psychosis ... snaps. But in this case it is very lucky.

Yes Yes! After going mad it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. And by the age of 80 you will understand that nothing, actually ran ..
And further. Your madness does not prevent your love.  laugh
 . She even healthy people crazy .. It is a sober mind and common memory - the main obstacle to your happiness .. It is because you are looking for a thousand arguments against his love, poked her in the face a marriage certificate, and talked about what you already I promised him ...

But now you're a little crazy .. So, you can not run away from his love, and not to hide from it. Well, what with the fact that you're married and everything exactly like? You're crazy crazy .. And everything is possible .. even love.  heart
 . The truth? ))

 The illusion of love or notes optimistic pessimist.


 History of shoes

From the history you can see how long ago was invented shoes. A few tens of thousand years ago Homo sapiens realized that without clothes and shoes to live is not sweet. Scientists are of the opinion that the very first models of shoes were only a peculiar leg wrappings made of bear skin. Inside a shoe to warm the dried grass, unfortunately we did not manage to find out whether this is in fact, because no steam to our times did not live.

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt wore sandals that were made of palm leaves, attached to the legs of their special leather strap. Wealthy Egyptians their straps decorated with unusual designs and various precious stones. The Jews who lived in ancient times, were more practical footwear for its production using the best leather, wool, wood and cane. The ancient Greeks could boast of shoes with backs and graceful female boots with laces. Created in Greece boots without socks come down to our times, many modern ladies flaunt today in this unusual shoes. It was the Greeks we owe the fact that for the production of one pair of shoes use different patterns. There is a version that it masters prompted courtesan.

Romans wore shoes of two types - shoes that cover the entire foot and sandals that covered only the sole, they were attached to the foot straps. Footwear for women is made only in white and black men. For a very big holidays Romans allowed themselves to put on red shoes that were often decorated with pearls and beautiful embroidery.

The Scythians were very soft boots that could be called a work of art. High, is more like a stocking leather boots had mosaic tops. Over the boots had straps that cover the foot and ankle. Footwear for women were made of the finest leather in red, then decorated with ornaments. Originally trimmed soles of women's shoes, still surprised anyone who had a chance to see her. Leather, beads, and tendinous thread - these are the materials with which adorned the sole masters of women's shoes.

In medieval Europe were popular shoes. Fashion of the time prescribed to hang bells on turned up toe shoes. Along the length of the shoe can be judged on. as the owner know. The longer the shoes, the higher the title from its owner. That is why many of the princes of twine tied to his leg bent toe shoes. Otherwise they would have to stumble at every step.

 History of shoes


 Antioxidants in our lives

Recently, the media impose hard to take for the health antioxidants. Of these substances in people walk a significant number of myths. Let's see whether so we need synthetic antioxidants that are present in dietary supplements and cosmetics.

To begin with we shall understand, what are antioxidants

Our body is a great variety of chemical reactions .  In this regard, the body formed molecule, which lacks the electron .  Such molecules are called free radicals .  Free radicals can engage in various chemical reactions, which can cause problems in the cell and the organism as a whole .  A so-called "oxidants" .  To neutralize them and save the cell from adverse chemical processes exist antioxidants .  In a healthy body free radicals and antioxidants balanced .  If the body is an imbalance between these substances, it is likely to cause abnormalities that can lead to various diseases .  Reduce the level of endogenous (produced by the body) antioxidants contributes to adverse environmental conditions, smoking, exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation on the human body .  In such cases, it is justified by the reception of exogenous antioxidants: food that contains antioxidants, dietary supplements and cosmetics with the use of antioxidants .

The media and advertising agents claim that synthetic antioxidants are in no way inferior to natural. But experts on this issue have shown that it is not. Cosmetics, in which there is a huge amount of synthetic antioxidants, capable of causing significant harm to man. Acceptance of various dietary supplements with antioxidants are not always justified. If you eat right and eat fruits and vegetables, the body will produce enough antioxidants to fight free radicals. Many useful substances and antioxidants found in green tea. A large number of natural antioxidants present in grapes, blueberries, sea buckthorn. The most powerful antioxidants are vitamins C, E and A, as well as the trace element selenium. But an excess of vitamins can, on the contrary, instead of good to bring harm to the body.

Antioxidants are present in the cosmetic vehicles must be complex. Here as well as possible, by the way, you can apply a proverb: "One is safety in numbers."

The people are of the opinion that antioxidants help to rejuvenate the body and slow the aging process. In this field we conducted extensive studies. The results of scientific research have been published in the electronic version of the famous news channel BBC. Unfortunately, the claim that antioxidants help to rejuvenate, turned out to be just a fairy tale. But, the researchers concluded that antioxidants can help in the fight against and prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants also help to maintain good physical shape and maintain muscle strength. But as mentioned above, around the need to comply with the measure. And health will be much better if you eat foods that contain antioxidants, rather than their synthetic substitutes (

 Antioxidants in our lives