... 100% guarantee that each of us is confronted with such a concept as 'jealous' ... familiar, does not it? . yesterday and once again I was reminded of all this already overexposed topic, and decided to talk to my boyfriend . More 100 times regret that I took it into his head the idea to talk about it! it turned out that he nerevniv at all, but I'm the opposite, terrible proprietress and vrezultate such conversations quarreled ... somehow it turns out that I still turns into paranoia, so it's my fault .  But! today I reflect on this topic once more, and realized that in fact cause for jealousy, he will not let me . is this decided to develop this theme here . I think each of us often caught myself thinking that absolutely jealous for no reason . perhaps it can be attributed to the fact that once in our life there is someone important, someone who before his death boishsya lose someone with whom you want to spend all the time, without sharing that person with anyone else, we immediately begin to invent nonexistent rivals, who, it seems, and strive to kidnap the most important thing that came into our lives, though most of it is not so ... I decided to review its habit of jealous, and try to somehow reduce the impact of this feeling on me, and our relationship as a result of . because they say, and not without reason, that the thoughts and self-hypnosis very powerful assistants in such matters .  why there is jealousy? my kind can even answer the desire to hang on to a busy person plate * *, and not only ... but there is one important point, which I am sure, many missing . Ask yourself a simple question: because this man with you, is not it? among the thousands he seems very important to him the reasons you chose? .   If you are sure that it does not change, why spoil the nerves because of suspicions bezpochvenno if life without stress enough? . Think about it ... let yourself trust someone like you, no one will never betray, because once we were unaware of such feelings as jealousy, something made us to show it, no matter what, but it was, and now experience we got one does not allow us to believe, to love, to live as before ... you know, I want to wish all of you to forget about what happened, and new people to behave as if it were the first people in your life ... in it, and so too many disappointments, betrayals, episodes that slowly but purposefully kill our faith, and in fact really want to believe . I want it? . I'm not saying that you need to put on rose-colored glasses, and turn into a naive fools, just provide the person to show you that all of these emotions are irrelevant, what is important and right for you people with you, unless everything else is important? .

 …I'm jealous of you


Yesterday realized until recently did not want to believe, but it became obvious ...... .ponyatnym, but never accepted. Beautiful, stylish, intelligent woman surrounded by a huge number of men who pay attention to, admired, are constantly in the field of view of the woman, but not near. Give flowers and invited to the restaurants, to talk, but unfortunately did not love. About work, about the world, about politics but about anything) Conversations interesting, exciting ... .but not for us ... we ... .ne .ne together.
She lives, rejoices every meeting, looking into his eyes, hoping for love in his eyes, but ...... You feel strong, so popular in all respects, and you love it does not need, so thinks the man of a strong and successful woman. And in her mind emptiness and loneliness that her tears at night, choking to tears, making her life a lopsided, crooked and lame ... ..Tak why men are the strong women, because the power of any man much more deep-rooted, bitch. It's so !!! So why can not love a woman, it is just as weak as any other? Weak and strong favorite to man !!! Why men do not show their strength ???
A year later, she can answer your question! Strong women do not happen, there are girls with complexes in which it is impossible to build an interesting and serious relationship with a man . Uudachno marry and carry out their direct duties - to be a mother, wife and beloved mistress! These girls are at best realize their untapped, potential in the notorious work, school, achievement of high goals, improve their knowledge, experience, personal growth .  So their life is concentrated on something one, they often live alone or for show someone just not "one", but the soul still lonely because of -this could not blame his love and learn to choose! And the man in her perception becomes a partner, colleague, teacher, or a good friend, but not a favorite whom she could trust herself whole, give all the passion that boils in her heart, warmth and care . Gradually, everything that is not claimed, all the feelings that are not wanted, otrafiruyutsya, they just disappear .  And a girl appears masculine thinking, habits and interests, it is easy and simple to grasp the logic of men, easily parries and comments on the situation, the men with her interested, but perceive it as "the guy"! None of the men will not be able to love "her boyfriend", men want to love the feminine, whimsical beauties desire of selfish bitch dreaming, lusting forbidden fruit, touching glupyshek, it is naive stupidity attracts and excites men everything that presusche beautiful half! There's your answer, but the next question arises! What for? Why are you given a woman's life, if you live and behave like a man? Why such a life?

 A strong, so lonely?


Hello everybody! Today I want to tell you about the history of divorce and life after divorce .  I will be very pleased if someone would respond, tell about its history or leave comment .  It took 2 weeks after the official divorce, and 2 months as we do not live together .  Today, I am crying right now typing text .  Cry from the internal gravity of the nasty calls rare husband and humiliation in his address from his isolation, out hostility from the people and most of all to men of frustrating .  Yeah ... too heavy . At the same time I'm not a bit sorry about what happened .  It is a pity that a man is not understood, pregnant and soon married .  Yes, and I allowed him to live only zhznyu .  Strange, I always feared and worshiped .  What for…? It began banal .  We met on the street, when I was 21, he 28 .  Then a ride to work, after 4 months I got pregnant .  I did not want and did not was ready for this .  In the end, we decided to give birth .  Then eerie toxicosis 6 months .  I remember that time, I was always alone .  She gave birth alone .  And when Ivan was quite crumbs, too, is always the same .  The husband is always at work .  Then I felt sorry for myself, had hated her husband, because he's not there and did not see beyond their noses .  I think it would be even 1 year of such a life, and I would have gone som .  When Vanya 2 years old, I went to work .  Then I realized that I was forgotten how to talk to people, it was very hard + delivery of the diploma and the need to do everything at home .  Slept 4 hours .  What a joy it is over! The husband did not help, I believe that I have not well organized day and I have to keep up with everything, plus I do not forward-looking, and with me is not interesting .  When I more or less got stronger after the decree, filed for divorce .  Before that long doubted .  Push was something that I beat her husband, told about his infidelities, and that I am nothing, the child will not give up, and said that living with me does not bother! Now, I rented an apartment with the child, terribly lacks self-confidence as a woman, the attention of men, as before .  And just legosti of life .  All why is so hard to even do the cleaning .  Pile of unexpressed emotions, especially anger at everyone and everything! When you talk to people almost always silent and always wants terribly to sleep .  Almost no friends .  But all this does not compare as I lived in marriage .  How to move to positive when anger at all, and a forced smile .  Yes, no man look at that! At the same time understand that it would be new, the old must go! AS?!


Life goes on! 2 months later as I live alone in my head started to come a bunch of ideas about color, interior semnoy the apartment where I live now. Finally, I come back to him. It is like when everyone spontaneously! I do not like the plans, it does not bring me joy. Or am I still got it wrong. Also began to come ideas, thoughts, how can I improve my life. Before, I was just fixated on her husband and the problems in the relationship with him!

Yesterday went to the hairdresser, force myself to chat with everyone. With every contact I understand that I have very much left to yourself! I'm much better at writing than govorit.Pri conversation with anyone, if I pull out and talking to myself! Lost the skill of contact and communication skills, of course if it was developed :). Obyazatelno'll go to a psychologist, want to enjoy life! And not to live notorious !!!

 Life after divorce


if he said more than once, "I do not love YOU !!!! "

I want to return the love the guy ... I love him very much ... (if you ask me what love is all, then vryatli I can answer, but here are the feelings that I have for my boyfriend ... it's what I call love, for me, that's what is love)…

all we had a good first, then more menie good, but now nothing ... sovesm And ... he has several. again offered to disperse but I was afraid to lose it, and did not agree with him ... and we continue ... once told me that if a guy is already thinking about what would have to break off relations sooner or later it would happen ... and now ... it seems a prophecy! ! = ((

painfully aware that you no longer need a man that he is closed from Tebe and the most insulting that he no longer feels love for you ... (((

you know, time passes and I start to understand that I avoided all of his proposals to save the relationship ... only now it pnimayu..togda for me it seemed like something impossible, but now I realize that was wrong ... that he offered at least for time to disperse ... or a period not to call up ... But I had to do ... and I had to understand it ... after all, the man is not a woman ... he still needed some personal sovya no, and freedom ... sorry I realized it now ...

but it worries me right now is something else ... that he told me all this nagovoril..a I still like a fool several. just call him something like him asked what he would podumal..chto we would have been all right, that he would not leave me ... etc. (now I understand that this can not be done ... it's more annoying, though and quietly and silently look at the fact that nothing is happening, I can not either, I'm afraid to lose it ...) but all the "funny" is ... that we have with it is not possible to talk tete-a-tete ... we are now in different cities, the relationship we have more than 2 years, and everything in rastoyanii9iz of study) ... he offered to meet when he comes to discuss everything ... to dot the "I" ... and it will be in August, just ... ((

When I asked him how we are with him will, that until August what it is we like to call it, he said that the Know ... bduet as is and all ... and that after a personal conversation he hopes that we disperse, since it does not He sees the future of our relations will be all the burden is only ...

If earlier I was still hoping that he can change his mind, can come talk to me and we all get better ... now nainayu doubt it very much ... I did it raskazala'm saying seems to me, and he takoy..vidimo you and me it seemed ...

... .da ... And soc. our pages, we still meet with him (as it is written, none of us is not clear, what is it? so if one is set, and at the same time as reserves)

... I think that's more ... if he was sure, if he wanted everything to me razorvat.nadoelo if he still did not have to ... why would he wait another 2 months ... really only because he is so all right? that body. I understand that people do not throw ?!

ie vernkt his chance I have almost zero ... or still is ?!

I itneresno me your opinion, an owl ... or maybe someone has something similar happened ?!

please help ... I have already undermined the roof ... until August so far as to occupy himself can do nothing ... all kinds of bad thoughts into my head ...

 How to return the love of a Man ...