Two months ago, my husband left ... Just to nowhere, to my mother to live .  He said he was tired one wants to live .  He was 39 years old, 4 years together, we, 2 years are married, there is no common children .  I have a son of his first marriage 12 years .  Of course I understand, we have complicated relations .  Eighteen months ago, we have the sister of my mother died and we are very close to her, so ... I probably forgot Choate I have my own family and a little of time to her husband, actually slipped roof grief ... Now is not Zana his back, very much like it, but later realized ... he did not believe me that I want to be with him ... like a fool calling him promise to fix, and he says that is cool to me at all, I do not believe he really loved me, endured with me very much ... is it happens? And things still stayed at home that he has not taken away the key of the apartment, and he has a son ... and he calls, I answer the phone, but no longer wants relations .  And I know that he is one, and he does not have anybody ... He often asked me to change, and I said ,,, not like to look for another ... What to do? I want very much that he would come back ...

 How to return her husband?


Every time has its own customs and traditions, and gender roles. What to Expect men, taking the couple modern girls? What they need to do? Where to work? What to do at home?

I always taught intellectual labor .  Plan, analyze, read, organize .  Gold medal, diploma ... wanted to go get married only for love .  But sovmesnogo vision of life, in every sense of the phrase, it was not .  And now at a loss: to put in the cupboards all things (and there are heaps), to prepare a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, to care for the child (and this all day-time), keep yourself clean on top, wash the windows and floors, collect spiders (with childhood afraid), erase, engage in vegetable garden, do spins for the winter, to find time for self-development, etc. . - Where are the dreams of a career, self-expression in a society that had to spend the whole day at home !? Is it possible in our time to be happy, doing homework? Will appreciate the husband has done all day? - "You do not complain .  The whole day you sit at home and zanimaeshsya what you want! "Yes, indeed - every woman has a separate room, and in it she does what he wants: he wants to - wash the dishes, want - soup cooks, wants to - bake pies ... Is it worth it to devote himself to the family, if not their value?

On the other hand, all the housework can be simplified by modern methods - servants, equipment, fast food. But it all - money, time and health. And, typically, these resources are always enough. Moreover, I think that no one better than me this job nobody sdelat. So why get "second-class" service - this may suffer favorite and native men ...

To start, you need to allocate to the scope of the work:

- Husband (planning sovmesnogo hanging and small services);

- Children (education and training);

- Personal development (distance learning or self-education);

- Kitchen (dishes, grocery shopping, cooking, preparation);

- House (interior cleaning);

- Clothing (cleaning, laundry, ironing, audit, purchasing);

- Family (birthdays, sovmesnogo Rooms, phone calls);

- Garden (for those interested). We put the first and last time - to buy in the market would be obtained more cheaply (vyroschennoe course without our love and care - is a minus  :-)

And now, young wives and girls who dream of marriage, are we all to organize and implement it?

Of course, men are more of us are busy: they work and minor chores. Where are we up to them - breadwinners ...

Where is the "impact of current trends"? What can require persistence of soih pious? What to expect from life?

The investigation began. To be continued!..

 Purpose for his young wife



I've decided to bring the black color  smiley
   (Her hair color blonde, handsome, 3 black). Brought  smiley
   It was first Orange  crying
 Redhead ! Now I do not understand what  frown
   that do not even know  sad
   generally even I regret that it took up the case, but still want to ash   curls)))  angel

My story is such a  smiley

I found a barber she agreed to work with me. appointed time, and I came. She certainly has promised whole mountains  yes
   That one day I will bring it black, and I will go home the same day, already with the desired gray color  laugh
   I believe with difficulty, but it was so ubiditelno.

So I made it a wash, hair began three colored ))) But lighter than they were) seen in the photo  smiley
   After that, she tried to lighten me, maybe 2 times. nothing happened  sad
   Hair after washing as they were, and have remained tricolor. And I was shocked at all. It turned dark red, sometimes lighter, sometimes even black. and I said nothing else to do today can not come through 4days. let the hair a rest  devil

I was very angry and upset. but nothing has resigned. I think more to them than a foot, but went for the second time, through these 4 days. I came bleached 1, 5% and decided to paint in the ash, nifiga not vyshlo.esche just discolored and I went here this already) as in the photo. Red-haired redhead))) But the hair was much lighter. I already do not care for the color still is temporary.  cool
   It gives hair a rest for a week, and took them for herself. The hair is not so spoiled like and smooth to the touch and all that. but when wet washcloth washcloth  angry
   I liked it so red), but wanted the ash)) and the length of one color and the roots of the whole head to 1 cm, 5 white white))) horror.

Tired of so walk, then went and bought all discolored 6%, once painted pallets and ash), and tin))) paint did not take at all, only on the roots are not many. and so that's what happened (photo attached) I am glad that they have become brighter))) Straight even hope appeared, when all the same I will go to the desired result  indecision

What to do now I'll never know), and do not want to stay bald) I want to ash), or even be a solid color all over the head, but too bright)  frown
 I decided for myself that the hairdresser no longer leg  no
   More promise! Lie! And can not do anything from obeschannogo.Govorili at once that the result can not vouch for what will be the desired color.  devil
   In general, say it does not say you need to do something .   But I Do not Know that, what folk remedies may be something? or discolored again to take more interest bleach?

Girls help  frown
   Maybe someone t about it was that, and have the experience  angel
   I think all the same, I'm so not alone  smiley
   N Who Wires such experiments on his head  smiley

original hair color black  original hair color black
  original hair color
   after the first trip to the hairdresser  after the first trip to the hairdresser
  after the first trip to the hairdresser
  after the first trip to the hairdresser

After the second hike to the same specialist

 After the second hike to the same specialist
  After the second hike to the same specialist

After self-bleaching

 after self-bleaching

There have already tried tonic gray (TONIC) but the effect it only on the hair roots, and it is with some green.  frown

 After self-bleaching
  After self-bleaching
  After self-bleaching

 HAIR COLOR!!! OH MY GOD!!! HELP !!! Decided to do is not possible!