Great talent - to be able to accept gifts .  In no event it is impossible to say: "This is of course great, but I wanted something or something-so . "This tactless and is suitable only for a small, capricious and ill-bred girl .  "A gift horse, as they say, do not look in the mouth . "It's always radiate joy when you give something, especially your man, a person close .  This will encourage him to give you more and more gifts .  But if you want something, talk about it, tell me "just" about their interests, preferences for certain things .  No one can read your wishes .  Do you like flowers - say! Perfume some, let them know .  Never give up gifts .  Firstly, the person who decided to give you a gift, does it from the heart, and abandoning him, you put him in an awkward position and wrong, .  A friend of mine told me like 20 minutes Woman begged to accept the gift in the end, she graciously accepted it, but the desire to give her -So that the next time he had finally repelled .  You can go wrong, but not more than one minute, and something for coquetry .
How important to know sometimes we guessed with a gift or not .  Now many women are charged to the site are the things that would .  It's great to do and before his birthday, after all, is always nice to know in advance that you are pleased with a gift .  Often scratching their heads and did not know what to give! With men even harder, especially with those who have everything .  If you know his favorite perfume and fairly close to it - boldly giving, he will not remain in the list of unnecessary things! Or do you know about some things that his / her interest may ask mutual friends, if they know what he / she wants for a long time .  But if you just met and invited giving flowers! Yes, by the way, who do not know, man, too, like when they give flowers .  I recently did so, presented a huge bouquet of very long, beautiful roses .  He was infinitely pleased (so he told me the next day sent a bouquet twice)) surrounding the men also is appreciated .  So this present embodiment, in any case, will be a winner! Always nice attention, and if there is no money to buy flowers? Inflate the balloons, buy a hat and buzzing, it is also sure to enjoy, you can buy these caps to all guests, including on the birthday, it will be fun, everyone will remember, guaranteed! )) Give gifts with joy and sincerity, honesty never go unnoticed! )

 "A gift horse ..." Or how to do so, to receive and to give desired.

 "A gift horse ..." Or how to do so, to receive and to give desired.


I recently came across an explanation of the motivation, why you need to lose weight and added adjustments.

"1. Why do I lose weight? To be attractive ... Continue - healthy, active, energetic, cheerful.

2. Why would I want to be attractive? In order to be popular among men   - I'll start with myself. In order to enjoy themselves, to be confident in any situation, to enjoy life to the fullest. The body - this is my temple and I have to keep it in shape to be healthy, exercise, feed quality food and so on. For myself, oh how men feel it for yourself! Your self-confidence. The fact that you love yourself, that's what catches the eye, and not what you thin. How thin models around me, I am the very model. Most just thin, underestimate themselves and there is a good man. And there is no model, but confident and love themselves and their love in return, so that no one model next to her will not stand!

3. Why would I want to be popular with men? To meet his love.   You'll meet your other half when your half will be filled to the brim with love of self, values, develop yourself and you will attract to his loved one, even if not super popular in all men! tastes different, and your man, you will feel it and you ..) Learn how to get pleasure from the fact that you're still alone, it's temporary! What can you do now, while the one on the way the pious? A million things! Grow, read, find something you enjoy will deliver unreal, give myself up at last, and work out!

4.Zachem me to meet my love? To be happy.   - Be happy today. In search of happiness - happiness is not find. Look at yourself! You are wonderful, you are the only and should be happy and grateful for everything in every situation ..

5. Why should I be happy? To enjoy every day.   Live one day, and make it so beautiful to remember for a lifetime !!!!!

6. Why do I enjoy every day? To find their place in the world   - You've already found it, just only worth a closer look! Rejoice each day, Holte and cherish yourself, love and take care of tasty stifle, dress up, develop, tempering, high-quality and useful feed, you are the most precious thing you have, and you are someone waiting ... ((and then your kilos excess will simply melt away, did not even notice how! Love your body now, it is in great need, it does not fight against excess weight and do all the good! to be in good shape, healthy, etc. Do not look for quick results. All comes with time., it is not necessary to adjust. Hurried and begin to lose ...!

7. Why should I look for their place in the world? To love yourself! "   But first, you need to love yourself! Doing something for someone senseless! Our life is always changing -So, someone leaves, someone comes and we always stay at, and how much we love ourselves depends on what we are: our weight, how we behave, how to dress, how we happy and lucky in life. But from this, and not vice versa !!! it depends on who and what we are surrounded! Go not from themselves, but to him, be yourself interesting, open yourself as a new book every day, check what you can do, you have no idea how much you are strong in spirit and awesome! And then you all and will always be interesting and you always and everywhere will be accompanied only success!

 I'm losing weight, to ...


(how bad and hurts when you change and transfer, and do not want to live .  all) and so begin ... .  Soon I will be 30 years old .  thirty?! Yes, for 30 .  How quickly flew sex life .  And what do I have? My main achievement - a grown son - chetveroklasnik! Prerasno, good, good, clever boy! the brightest thing in my life! Then - work ... Work - normal, but nervous and difficult .  Salary satisfied .  The company also .  Parents .  Parents - our everything! You begin to understand that only the passage of time, the occurrence of a certain age .  My relationship with my parents - a complicated thing .  That we love each other, hate, but definitely I can say one thing - that never would have happened, we have for each other will be a mountain! The apartment is ... Apartment, got me a great nerves and long-awaited - finally I have half a year living apart from their parents their family! And, most importantly, and something for which I start heavy and fundamental work and fight - my husband .  My husband ... I love my husband .  This is my third marriage, but perhaps the most beloved and most difficult of all .  Now, for 2, 5 years of my life so (I'll talk more later) I learned not to denigrate her husband .  Do not talk about what he is bad and ugly, and I was unhappy and good .  My husband - a good one! He's just a man with a difficult fate, the broken psyche and the lost youth, nedolyublennosti, nedolaskany, receive less education, communication, love, and as a result has become the who became - a traitor! Yes, my husband - I change! Yes, I could say it openly! To begin with, treason treason - are different for each person are different definitions of treason! Who thinks cheating flirtation, and someone thinks that cheating has occurred only when held sex .  For me, betrayal - a targeted search of relations on the side of a subsequent physical bolizostyu and without it, and the more casual relationships .  Previously, they were young, like all discussing sexual relationships with her friends, I categorically stated that it will not forgive betrayal ever! Never say never! - Wise words .  I forgive and forgive today .  My male permanent residents dating, sms dating chat, but it will not expel from the family nothing .  It got to the ridiculous: when I said that I collect his things and that he went to all corners of the world, he stated that he will not leave even if they persecute my parents and the police! It is necessary to make a reservation at once, my parents do not know how bad we live in! For all the others we have = - a good, strong, loving family .  Now I realize how good I grew up and it is certainly not complaining all around, otherwise restore the good name of her husband was not just possible .  And the relationship between all of us be spoiled forever .  And so, my husband is always met with the girls in the virtual, at what I do know that in reality, for him to meet with someone - a very big problem .  Change the physical, as such, we do not have it changed once before we started living together .  Many people now begin to throw stones at me and yelling that it was then that it was necessary to drive and forget! Well, let's say ... What if I loved him very much and did not want to part with it? Somewhere I read a very interesting article about the relationship, where it was said that we must love is You Can! And I agree with this .  And so it is virtual, but very rare, it can be said that a few times, but mostly, I stop all earlier meetings .  Every time he told me swears it's the last time and never again! And he loves only me and only wants to be with me! It is now, to be honest, these words do not find in me a response of faith and trust, but I decided to take one last chance .  This - the latest attempt to change our attitudes and to correct errors .  I'll be here to tell about their successes and failures and summarize .  What can you say about me? I'm not beautiful, but pretty, plump, girls' education, which "properly" brought up .  Recently, I drove myself to the psychological dead end and I dropped the hand .  There was no desire to look after themselves .  But for 2 weeks in the morning I hear what I am today by her husband beautiful! And from colleagues .  I am glad that I can still surprise her husband and care about him .  I begin a trail hard .  But not intrusive .  I cook good, her husband is very fond of my food .  So I will often surprise him surprises .  And last - sex .  Sexual relations we are not stable, but normal .  I squeezed, zakompleksovannost aunt, we present a variety of .  Oral, Kunik - too .  So I can safely draw the conclusion that her husband's infidelity - is not nedostatot sex or a change! We decided to start a new life, he had long asked for one last chance .  I believe all will turn out! (to be continued)

Second day.

Lies ... .  How much we deceive, stretching the truth, and we, in turn, lie .  The boomerang effect of lies .  I've lied before, composing, stretching the truth, embellished .  Now I lie .  Lying husband .  Ever .  I understand it, she had the same .  But now disgusts me .  Oschuschut disgusting it all on himself .  Yesterday, then, accidentally I found out that my husband is not at all on the work, which I think! Stunned, you say! Yes, it happens .  First, by force of habit, I began to make trouble, but still during the stop and realize for themselves how much it is important that he told me everything .  He, who never admits anything came and told me he rasskal .  Yes, I understand that his priperli circumstances (changing work schedule) and I would have attended to the question why he went to work for another .  But before he did what had not confessed, still murmuring with three boxes .  Yes, I made a mistake yesterday, Scandals .  Now I understand that not everything in life is lost, and he trusts me and wants to share with me, just so happened that it is important for my opinion and my peace of mind .  Today I say to him, thank you! Because he had the courage and was not afraid to admit! Now we will see less .  Maybe this is also for the better, there will be time to think and bored .  Or see each other again .  Yesterday told me that even if I do not believe that he is correct, it would still do it to prove that he is not a beast))) New Life goes on! The husband - well done!

 My new life. Reloading ...