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Closer Friday evening, and how are we waiting for the long-awaited weekend! Think about them all the five working days, planning to, you can go to relax and unwind after a hard work. Therefore, before the residents and guests periodically raises the question: where to spend the weekend in Moscow?

Rest and relaxation

Moscow - a huge metropolis, so problems with leisure activities just can not be. If you like a quiet, contemplative rest, you should go to one of the many parks, where you can wander along the paths and breathe the clean air filled with the smells of the forest. The most popular among Muscovites park Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno and manor Arkhangelsk, located twenty kilometers from Moscow, in the Krasnogorsk district. Summer is so nice to stay on the bank and have a picnic and enjoy a leisurely over the Moscow River. There aspire to relax the soul and positive energy for the future.

Another nice and popular place in Moscow is Gorky Park Kultury. Recently, the new park was reconstructed on its territory is a cozy jazz cafe, where on Fridays and Saturdays, live music. This place will always be one of the first, which want to come spend your weekend with your family or loved one.

Moscow is so unique city, with lots of nice and cozy squares, it is difficult to immediately find their way in a variety of places for a relaxing holiday. Someone like quiet lanes Patriarch's Ponds, where everything is steeped in the spirit of Bulgakov, and so delicious to drink tea on the verandas of outdoor cafes, and some prefer seclusion Zamoskvorechye. In short, if you just want to enjoy the beautiful views of Moscow and a lot of walking, you need to go for the experiences at the center of the capital.

 where to spend the New Year's weekend in Moscow

Cognitive vacation

Recently Muscovites made it a rule to spend their weekend in movie theaters and entertainment centers, of which the city of great variety. Almost every area of ​​the capital has a cinema where you can see the trends of the global box office. Cult Cinema is Cinema Centre at Krasnaya Presnya, which show not only the sensational action, but also the author's cinema, which is able to evaluate not everyone. Also, this place attracts lovers of old movies that do not look anywhere else, except at home on the couch watching TV.

Moscow affects the abundance of museums and art galleries, the exhibition can be found here for every taste. Recently, all the creative Moscow public visiting the exhibition at the winery, photo enthusiasts go to the stables. Huge selection of theaters can satisfy the most demanding audience. To navigate in all variants of leisure weekend, enough to buy a magazine Billboard and choose a program of activities, or to see announcements of cultural events on the Internet. By the way, with the approach of the holidays it becomes relevant the question of where to spend the New Year's weekend in Moscow. It all depends on your budget and requirements.

For those who can not linger long at the festive table, and craves movement, there is a great opportunity to go skating on the Red Square, or any other rink. And who like to ski and snowboard open their doors to the best ski resorts, from Snezhkoma ski slope in Novo-Peredelkino. You can also move around in any night club, where the New Year celebrations live entertainment.

 where to spend the weekend in Moscow

What Moscow offers for families with children?

It is understandable that leisure activities for adults are not always suitable for children. Therefore, it is desirable to parents to think of ways the question of where to spend the weekend with the child in Moscow. First of all, the child should be fun and informative, since childhood - it's time to wonderful discoveries and new experiences! The most suitable place for active recreation - and rollerdromes rollers, some of which you can hire an experienced instructor. Most entertainment centers are engaged with children animators have the opportunity to play on the playground which a magnet for kids of all ages. And if you want such centers can be the whole family to see the wonderful cartoons in 3D.

Nothing attracts children as circus performances. Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard has long been a cult place for generations of Muscovites. As a child, so I want to look at different animals, and where you can still do it, not in the circus? However, the zoo is also one of the favorite places to visit children. After a hike to the child will be a long time to talk excitedly, with some animals and birds he met there.

Do not forget about the many museums, which simply need to be periodically hatch. For the little ones will suit a museum of fairy tales, and for older children is best to choose a guided tour. After visiting the museum have a great opportunity to take their child to eat in the cozy café, the benefit of almost every one of them has a children's menu, and sometimes even whole provides an entertainment program. Many parents know the special cafe in Moscow, in which children are held the real master class in cooking various dishes. For example, rebyatnya happy sculpts dough figurines of animals, which are then converted in the liver.

To bring up a child's aesthetic sense, take it to the Botanical Garden! There he is with great pleasure to admire the wonderful colors, because the sense of beauty should be taught to children from an early age. Generally you need to take out as much as possible of children in the country, in the woods or in the park, many of them built wonderful playgrounds that allow the child to stay active and to socialize with other children.

But why do we necessarily need somewhere to leave the house? After all, the house - a place where children spend a lot of time, so it is important to make it comfortable and fun for your child. You can come up with different and very exciting game for the whole family, for example, play Mafia or Monopoly. And if the child is very small, you can read him a book, or even play at home a real spectacle! Because children absorb all the emotions, like a sponge, so the more you have family in the evening, the greater the chance that your child will grow up smart, kind and open-minded person.

 Where to spend the weekend in Moscow?

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 Reviews of Golden Prague Tour

Anyone who has visited Prague, leave reviews of Golden Prague tour the most enthusiastic words. It is impossible for one week to see the city - a museum, because of its castles and churches, built by 600-700 years ago and today are striking not only for its beauty, but also strength. Even the Germans, sweeping everything in its path in the war of 1941- 1945 years old, was raised a hand to destroy such beauty.

Prague Located in the heart of Europe, it is sometimes lovingly referred to as the Golden City. One of the versions of the origin of the name is a kind of gilded towers of Prague Castle during the reign of the Czech King Charles IV. According to another version, Prague was given this name during the reign of Rudolf II, who supported alchemists supposedly in the works for the production of gold. Currently, historical center of Prague are under UNESCO protection.

Prague - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, which has been praised by many poets. Writer Joseph Hormayer in the early 19th century Prague called "city of a hundred spiers". It is located on both sides of the Vltava River on nine hills: Vítkov, wind, Emauzy, summer, Petrin, Opus, Charles, Visegrad, Skalka. According to legend, Princess Libuse, the Slavic prophetess, standing on the hill and raised his hands over the flame, said: "I see a great city. Before his star ascended glory! .. ". She was absolutely right: today, tourists flock to it from all over the world. And if in the office of a travel company, you will note only that you are interested in the Golden City, the tour operator will probably offer you countless wonderful places to visit in this city.

 Golden Prague

Prague is often called the "city-museum", it is really a lot of them. The most famous of them - a museum of Smetana, Mucha, Hebrew, Czech glass, national, museum of torture and even a museum of puppets. The city's architecture combines all eras and styles: Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Romanesque, Gothic.

The Old Town Square is the heart of Prague. From her diverge narrow streets which have not changed since the Middle Ages. Famous clock on the town hall - the pearl of the Old Town Square. At the end of each hour on the area going to the people, to see how alive 12 apostles. In the box below skeletons, turning over an hourglass, ringing a bell, recalling the impermanence of life. Rounding out the action shrill cry of a rooster. From the observation deck you can admire the Old Town Hall panorama of the city.

Prague Castle is a major historical relic of the country. Founded in 1320, it was called "royal castle", as was the seat of Czech kings and emperors. It is a complete ensemble of land. On the Hradcany Square Tuscan palace built (XVII), Archbishop's Palace, Hradcany Town Hall (XVII), Schwarzenberg Palace, Mariinsky column.

 Golden Prague Tour Operator

In one of the buildings of the Prague Castle is a branch of the Toy Museum in Munich, there is St. Vitus Cathedral and the Royal Palace. Himself Prague Castle is surrounded by gardens and parks of extraordinary beauty, where you can admire the marvelous palaces, squares, ancient sculptures and fountains.

Prague has always been a favorite city of poets, artists and musicians, its magnificent architecture has always attracted creative people. Mozart spent the best years of her life, and the poet Joseph Brodsky wrote under the impression: "Tell yourself that it is necessary to go back and tell that to go abroad. When you get back home again, floating on the Vltava yellow steamer. At the Charles Bridge you will smile and shout to me your sadness passes. "

Festival "Prague Autumn" - the main event in the musical life of not only the Czech Republic but also in Europe. In all classical music lovers there is a great opportunity to enjoy the musical works of the past two centuries. The festival program includes symphonies of Dvorak, Josef Suk orchestral works, works of Bohuslav Martinu and Janacek. From Russian composers can hear the music of Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev.

Golden Prague - the most musical city in the world, it even singing fountains! Every evening at the exhibition center "Vystaviste" comes performance "Singing Fountain". In the music fountains of water jets soar in the sky and they are projected shots from movies. Often, in the performance take part ballet dancers. Fans of theater art can visit various theater festivals, and fans of Czech beer will surprise a wide variety of product range, coupled with excellent Czech cuisine.

In Prague, Charles Square, is the world-famous home of Dr. Faustus. According to popular legend, the philosopher and magician conjured all his life, until there was the devil himself. This was subsequently wrote Goethe in his great work. Since then it is believed that the spirit of Dr. Faustus was in the house forever, and a long period of time it no one wanted to live. It is said that one of the rooms left a hole in the ceiling through which Faust took the devil, and from that time no matter how many times the hole is not closed up, in the morning, she reappears.

 Reviews of Golden Prague tour - a journey

Currently, the river divides the city into two halves, which are connected by 18 bridges. The most famous of them - the Charles Bridge. Charles IV commanded to bring together the eggs from across the country to prepare a binder solution. Construction of the bridge lasted for more than fifty years, he joined the bank of the Vltava river near Prague Castle. This is the most solid bridge in Prague, he was more than 600 years!

In the XVII century the bridge was decorated with sculptures in the Baroque style and the Arc de Triomphe, including well-known figure among them St. John of Nepomuk. He was the confessor of the royal family, and one day the king refused to open the seal of the confessional queen, suspected of treason. For this on the orders of the king priest he was thrown from the bridge into the river. The bas-relief statue of his polished hands of tourists and residents of Prague to shine. It is believed that the good saint dreams come true, you just have to touch his image and make a wish.

Here's a she, the mysterious and romantic Prague! The town where you want to go back.

 Golden Prague

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