Active holidays in Austria or Christmas tours to Germany

The cold and dreary slush on the street. Chilly, gloomy, I do not want to wake up, get out from under a warm blanket, go to work. Autumn depression, especially in November, when gold leaf is not pleasing to the eye, gives us a lot of trouble, spoil the mood, reduces efficiency and even detrimental to health. How to deal with this feeling of tiredness and weakness?

Do we not spend the winter holidays in Austria?

Do not hang the nose and tune in to a positive. Ahead of the New Year holidays, and in order not to be depressed, it makes sense to start preparing in advance. Apart from the beloved Christmas and New Year, winter gives us a good excuse to feel like children, have fun with all the heart. Well, a few extra days off offer us a good excuse to arrange a winter vacation. You can carry them anywhere, but it's better to go to a real journey to Europe. These can be tours to Germany, the Czech Republic or a ski vacation in Austria or Switzerland. Why there? Firstly, it's not so expensive, than for example, Goa or Thailand, and secondly, the manner of meeting Western European Christmas is closer and dearer to our man than New Year's Eve on the beach, under a blazing sun.

New Year tours in Germany

Sami Christmas holidays you can spend a great way to Germany. However, if it is possible, it is best to go to that country in advance, even before Christmas .  The fact is that in Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg and Dresden each year hosts traditional Christmas markets .  They begin in November and last until December 24, that is, until Christmas .  This is the best way to get rid of autumn melancholy .  It is enough to get into the whirlpool fair when playing music and singing songs, arranged processions and carnivals, sold all sorts of sweets and drinks .  Dancing and fireworks, Christmas cakes and drinks, delicious sausages and beer is indispensable, short, fair before Christmas in Germany - is a paradise for gourmets and amateur simple and intuitive pleasures .  However, after the Christmas holiday atmosphere does not leave the streets of German cities .  Huge spruce stands in the center of each of them-colored lights and garlands .  If taken to gather for Christmas at home, at the table, laden with many dishes headed goose with cabbage and apples, the New Year Germans flock to the streets to loud and noisy welcome another year .  In the New Year's Eve in Berlin, tens of thousands of people enjoy fireworks and folk festivals .

Ski vacation in Austria

If you want to not only have fun, but to learn, finally, to ski, then vacation in Austria - this is what you need .  The ski resorts of Mayrhofen, Tyrol, St Anton will provide an opportunity not only to learn the ski slopes of various difficulty levels, but also to enjoy the dazzling snowy landscapes, breathe in the cold air and bathe in the hot springs .  Even if you have never stood on skis or snowboard, there is nothing to fear .  Experienced instructors will come to your aid, and by the end of the trip you will be able to proudly show pictures from the slopes .  After such outdoor activities, you can visit the neighboring alpine village and enjoy the mountain coloring .  However, there is a feast for your stomach .  Delicious steaks and sausages, mulled wine and Austrian beer will please real men, well, ladies will make you forget about the diet traditional Austrian sweet strudel .  And if will power, you can go on trips to Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Graz and Innsbruck .

 Active holidays in Austria or Christmas tours to Germany

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 traveling with kids

It is unlikely that you've ever met a man who would not like to travel. After traveling, we like each time it turns into a completely new world. And here is important at every moment, nothing should spoil the pleasant moments.

The journey begins at the moment of your preparation to it .  It is important not to make errors at this level .  The first thing worth considering - the purpose of your trip, a visit to a particular country .  To choose the country you will travel agency Dvervleto . com . Once you have decided on the purpose, it becomes clear with whom you want to spend your trip .  Most people trying to take holidays, traveling with his family .  If you decide to make a trip with their children - approach to this very responsible .  You need to get ready: both physically and mentally .  Be prepared for the fact that your holidays become a constant worry about your favorite Chad: Is it not hot, not cold there; if he has an allergy to a particular product; not too cold the water was hot, and not whether the sun .  Of course, this does not give rest, thoughts can be avoided by carefully thought out every step .  Pre-baby check on the tendency to allergies, get a reliable weather forecast for your stay on vacation, check the water temperature .  Do not forget to take all the necessary things (do not look at the local pharmacy and shops!) And establish linkages with local organizations, health care .

Just going on a trip, it is very important to choose the right type of transport. For longer trips, the ideal would be a plane. But if the path is not so great, it is necessary to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", choosing between a private car, transit buses and trains. Remember that "children - the flowers of life", but only your own. Not all of the people around you will be happy to spend their journey in your surroundings then laughing, then crying, then singing, then screaming "colors."

 The trip with children

 Paris attractions


  • Eiffel Tower
  • Triumphal Arch
  • Louvre
  • Versailles
  • Notre Dame

France - extraordinary country endowed with not only defies the imagination the beauty of nature, but also embodies all the best in architecture, cuisine, art and fashion. It sophistication of the Palace of marvelous way combined with the sweet simplicity of villages of Provence. There is everything for a luxury holiday and prosperous life: the Atlantic coast, the Côte d'Azur Mediterranean Sea, the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, magnificent forests and meadows, and, of course, economic development.

But a special reason for pride of every Frenchman is a majestic, an unrivaled and incomparable with any other capital in the world ... Paris! If you decide to visit Paris -dostoprimechatelnosti will meet you at every turn. Among other cities in the world Paris is distinguished by magnificent parks, the inimitable style of life, and, of course, the Parisians themselves, endowed with a mysterious charm and a certain casual elegance.

Paris - the city of lovers, poets and artists; the city that dictates fashion around the globe, and where are born masterpieces of world cuisine. It is a city-tale, dream city, which has left nobody indifferent, he wins once and for all life, and become acquainted with this dandy once, do not throw it out of the heart never. But, nevertheless, the first thing that attracts everyone's attention when meeting with French capital - it is the sights of Paris, which is a legacy of the great history and have great artistic value.

Eiffel Tower

 Paris attractions

You can not talk about that city without mentioning its main symbol - the Eiffel Tower. Today it has become a real Mecca for tourists, impresses with its greatness and in the afternoon, and by the light of night lights. It's hard to imagine that immediately after the construction of it has caused a storm of protests and complaints. And just what its creator, Gustave Eiffel, the tower was able to find a more economic and application - it is a device for the transmission of radio and TV waves and weather bureau - the legendary metal helped to survive to the present day.

Today the Eiffel Tower is a major tourist site, on its three levels in addition to the viewing platforms are located also fabulous restaurants where you can sample the best of French cuisine while admiring the sights of Paris from the bird's-eye view. But especially admire night views of the city, bathed in the golden lights from such a breathtaking spectacle!

At the foot of this great symbol majestically spread across France Champs Elysees, which has many years beckon luxury showcases, fashionable restaurants and cozy coffee shops. This is where employees spend working weekdays most famous French companies and prefer to live famous Parisians.

Triumphal Arch

 sights of Paris Photo

Paris is unthinkable without the whole world celebrated the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in the square. It embodies the greatness once invincible Emperor, achieving all of the French monarchy and its people. So there were circumstances that great commander could not admire this architectural masterpiece, the building of which was delayed for decades. The history of this monument is connected one piquant detail. The fact that up to a certain point arch ensemble organically supplemented horses in bronze, which, as a trophy, Napoleon Bonaparte took off from one of the Italian church. Later they had to return to the legitimate owners.


 Louvre Paris attractions

From the Arc de Triomphe on the victorious symbolic route, you can get straight to the Louvre. And this is no coincidence, because today it is the world's greatest museum, and once the Louvre was a fortress and construction, and one of the royal residences. Starting from the XII century, one of the ruling kings sought his own way pereinachit Castle, supplementing it with a variety of artistic elements and the whole architectural ensemble. Thanks to their efforts we can admire this unusual and harmoniously connected into one whole ideological structure. The most recent upgrade of the Louvre is considered the construction of a pyramid-shaped glass dome at the end of the last century.

Today the Louvre is perhaps the most popular object for tourists, as well as other sights of Paris, he seemed a magnet for visitors from around the world. Even indifferent to the historical cultural heritage of the people consider it their duty to visit the mine of masterpieces of world art, unique simply does not exist. Tours of the Louvre are not like idle wanderings from museums, they help to go back to the previous era, in touch with the greatest creations of human genius.


 sights of Paris Versailles

One of the most luxurious castles of the French monarchy, is also one of the main attractions of Paris - Versailles. This lock has come a long way of formation, introduced at the beginning of his life as a small settlement of villagers and became a sumptuous palace much later, to whom he made the Sun King Louis XIV. The idea of ​​giving the palace the form that we know today, Louis came to envy to his finance minister, who in the village of Vaux-le-Vicomte was a magnificent palace. It indulging a whim, the French king decided that his castle has to surpass a hundred times in luxury palace minister. Yes, the Kings have never been able to deny themselves the "small" weaknesses!

Today is so easy to imagine his mind's eye as the green, landscaped grounds of Versailles walking ladies, accompanied by fashionable gentlemen and its dark corners administer palace intrigues.

Notre Dame

 best sights of Paris Photo

Absolutely all the sights of Paris are worthy of attention and admiration. But perhaps none of them are not glorified as the world famous Notre Dame Cathedral, which even the deep convictions of atheists is an exciting thrill. No wonder this masterpiece of world architecture devoted no less famous eponymous novel by Victor Hugo, this Frenchman and a true patriot of his country.

The temple in the Gothic style is striking elegance of forms, well thought of every detail, exquisite decoration, the entire architectural ensemble is permeated with harmony. This building can not fail to captivate. Before you go inside, fascinated roam the perimeter, admiring by how genius can be the handiwork of men, as it can subtly convey the beauty in the stone, and how this beauty remains immutable for centuries.

Notre Dame de Paris, as the French call it, the result of more than one dozen architects, it was built for several centuries, and its construction using the best materials, advanced technology and unique artistic realization. It is the work of thousands of people who have invested in the construction of his whole soul. And perhaps this is why the small island of the Cite, which is separated from the bustling city calm waters of the Seine, for hundreds of years people hurry from around the globe.

Be sure to have a look here and you to enjoy the rest and feel the majestic words of inexpressible harmony that reigns here. In addition, from the height of the cathedral offers a wonderful view of the city, in the quiet of the church, you can safely watch the bustle of the metropolis. And here you can walk through the most unusual gallery - Gallery of Chimera.

Without exception, all masterpieces of Paris fill the soul with a sense of beauty, harmony are proof of our world and the genius of the human mind. There are a lot of different information carriers capable of capturing the sights of Paris: photo, video, canvas, but, believe me, they are the most reliable to remain in your pleasant memories and in your heart that Paris won once and for all.

 Paris - the sights and their history