Holidays in Cuba


  • Pearl of the Caribbean
  • Incomprehensible and mysterious Havana
  • A paradise for divers - Varadero

Left, here right now - from winter to summer! Leaving behind everyday life, bustle of the morning subway and heavy metal rich air of a big city. It is an understandable desire to periodic visits of any person. As we know, even a short holiday abroad begins with obbivaniya threshold passport and visa service, and all this tedious fuss "kills" Half the fun of the upcoming holidays. But there is a country to visit which you need to have a correct formulation of foreign passports and flight there and back. And thirty days of cloudless hot summer in the middle of winter will be at your disposal whenever you wish. Arrange a holiday in Cuba, what could be easier? All you need - to select the optimal route for the trip, book a hotel room, and - go! For your dream holiday!

Pearl of the Caribbean

Throw away all the knowledge that you have learned on the Internet, we have learned from the lessons of geography or received from friends and acquaintances who have visited Cuba. Whatever the stories of people in this country, vacation in Cuba at everyone. Someone is going to admire the colonial-style homes, someone - to taste real Cuban cigars and rum, someone - to go diving, well, someone - to breathe real air of freedom, and wander through the white sand beaches. But why would you go to Cuba, trust me - you'll get all this and a little bit more.

 Cuba vacation

Incomprehensible and mysterious Havana

Magnetism Havana, based on its natural and in the air joyous, will win you over from the first minute of your stay in the capital of Cuba. Castles and luxurious palaces, built by the Spanish at the time, in harmony with the neighborhoods of Vedado, where there is no hint of the luster of the old town. But here you can satisfy your thirst for the exotic in full, happened to be a witness of a voodoo ritual or dance in the street by primitive rhythms of the Cuban-African music. Art lovers will surely attract the National Museum of Fine Arts, which presents the web is not only painters of the colonial era, but also impregnated with true love of freedom Cuban paintings by contemporary artists.

If you absolutely want to buy something "artistic" that Havana "Arbat" - Obisla feces - it will be a place where you can easily exercise their desire. Holidays in Cuba and, in particular, in Havana, is rich not only day trips, but also sweeping its openness, naturalness and passion of a truly African nightlife. As soon as the sun disappears behind the horizon and the night falls, in Havana begins a completely different life.

House of Music - a kind of temple of entertainment, where every night are the professional dancers and DJs till dawn twist on its "Rainbow" club music. Tropical - example of this Havana, where beautiful girls and boys vytantsovyvaetsya incendiary pa salsa, rumba, reggaeton and cha-cha-cha. A theater in a five star hotel "Nacional" - the realm of Caribbean music and African drumming. For those who prefer luxury entertainment, and there will be more refined entertainment and dancing. Cuba offers vacation for everyone!

Ten days two people staying in hotels in Havana, according to the "Star" will cost you the amount of seven hundred to one thousand five hundred euros. Loving Havana accept with open arms anyone who can appreciate its unique naturalness and beauty.

A paradise for divers - Varadero

If holiday in Cuba have been associated with beaches, drinking Pina Colada under the warm rays of the sun and diving, the Varadero - a place where you have to visit. It is impossible to imagine a vacation in Cuba without a visit to its white beaches. And the best beaches are located exactly on Varadero. There are six in Varadero truly iconic sites without having to visit that no tourist can take your holiday on the beaches of the peninsula Icacos held.

Park Hosono. Here assembled the most complete collection of plants growing in Cuba. Palm trees, exotic flowers and cacti. And most importantly, why tourists tend to visit this park - it is colorful macaws, imposingly flit from branch to branch directly overhead.

Barracuda Diving Center. A true paradise for divers. And if you vacation in Cuba - Diving, then you've come to the right place. Caves and Gorge, the stall barracuda, passing by, predatory eyes gleaming, two-meter morays, taken a liking to the unusual landscape of the seabed, crabs and lobsters. And the present graveyard of sunken ships! The unusual "design" look at the bottom of the lures every natural cave in search of undiscovered treasures.

If you do not have enough adrenaline near the barracudas, the International Centre for skydiving fill the lack of it. This is where you really "shake up". AN-2 aircraft, made in strict accordance with the design of the Second World War, will take you to a height of three and a half thousand meters, and instructors with a solemn expression on their faces will drop you down. Straight into the sea. A parachute opens in forty seconds, but these moments coast is more than enough to the level of adrenaline in the blood of any high level.

Jazz lovers will not pass by maloprimetnogo bar "Benny", named after the Cuban jazz stars 50s - Benny Moré. His velvety tenor is heard from speaker audio system, penetrating to the heart.

Well, what kind of holiday with Cuban flair without visiting the plantations of sugar cane? The factory museum Central Azukareyro you fall the opportunity to learn about the technology and history of the production of cane sugar. For information, because of production waste molasses and made the famous Cuban rum. At the end of the tour you will be treated with cognitive juice from sugar cane, and possibly rum.

Visit Cabaret "Pirates Cave" - ​​a symbolic place of night life in Varadero - will be a real journey into the realm of Latin American dances. Hot rhythms, without which it is impossible to imagine a Cuba captivate you for a present under the arches of the cave, which houses the theater. And at the end of the traditional show you will have the opportunity to try just pas seen on the dance floor.

The cost of the ten-day stay in hotels in Varadero is quite high. For example, in a five star hotel, it is two thousand euros for two people, and comfortable - about a thousand euros. And, of course, the cost of each tour or rental of equipment for scuba diving should be considered separately. But believe me - when compared to other resorts in the Caribbean, prices are quite modest Varadero.

This is only a small fraction of what you will on Liberty Island. Truly a great holiday in Cuba reviews are full of exclamation marks. A heart for many months will beat to the rhythm of the passionate, freedom-loving, unique beauty of Cuba.

 Holidays in Cuba: extravaganza of feelings and a riot of colors!

 London Attractions


  • Big Ben - symbol of England
  • Tower
  • Tower Bridge
  • Buckingham Palace
  • British Museum
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Madame Tussaud's wax museum
  • The famous English pubs

London - the one and only, grand and unshakable .  If the country can change its borders or even disappear from the face of the earth, then this city will remain forever .  London has more than 2000 years of age, observing the power of the Roman Empire and the invasion of the Vikings, who saw the reign of Tudor and Stuart, has a rich history among the other capitals of the world .  It brings together under his headship not only England, but also the rest of the Great Britain .  On the one hand, this is a conservative city, like all the old and good England .  But if you look from a different perspective, this ultra-modern, bustling metropolis and fun .  The unique identity of London expressed in ancient architecture, monuments, traditions, style, and even in the current direction of the English queen, adored by most Britons .  In short, this city has something to boast and show it to anyone who wishes, be it an ordinary tourist, a visiting businessman or an advanced student of history .  And the sights of London - is generally a separate topic .

Big Ben - symbol of England

It is legitimate, if we start with the character of Britain, which has long been a hallmark of the city. Big Ben - the so-called clock tower and bell, erected in the Palace of Westminster in 1858. The height of the tower is 96 meters, but you can only go up the narrow spiral staircase. But, rising, we can see a huge bell with a diameter of almost three meters and a height of two meters. At first, this is the bell and was named Big - Ben, then in the course of the history of this name came to be called the whole tower. Before you hit the first note the second hour, the main bell and a large group of bells chime via knock out the word - "Through this hour the Lord keeps me, and His power will not back down to anyone."

For the production of the famous clock that adorn this building, the British Parliament approached very scrupulously. The parliamentarians decided to create a clock with perfect precision to the second, and the master, make a clock, it succeeded. Of course, Big Ben has an error of 1, 5 seconds per day, but this was solved in an original way. At certain times in the heavy pendulum clocks put coin in a penny, and then, when necessary, removed. So watch Big - Ben discourage the exact time. All Londoners check their watches with the sounds of the bells of the capital master clock, and the sound of their battle in the air all over the world through a radio channel BBC BBC. All four clock face looking at different sides of the world, alerting about the exact time. The basis for each dial inscription: "God save our Queen Victoria! ".

Unfortunately tourists inside the Big Ben can only get staff. Everybody can enjoy the tower only from the outside, but go near Big Ben to feel the surrounding atmosphere and everyone can. This masterpiece of architecture and engineering is brought in a catalog of World Heritage of Humanity.

 London attractions


London Attractions also include the famous tower - a fortress built in the XI century by William the Conqueror on the north bank of the Thames. This is a grand, powerful fortified complex consisting of the palace, the fortress walls, prisons and warehouse for arsenal. Earlier Tower could accommodate a mint store royal treasures, vast observatory, and even a zoo. The whole history of Britain is concentrated in the Tower. Wilhelm, worried about the protection of London, ordered to build a wall up to 30 meters high and 5 meters thick. Subsequently, King Richard the Lionheart erected several towers, and further expanded the different kings and finish building a fortress.

Who has not been held in this famous prison! It languished kings of England, Scotland and France, as well as dignitaries and famous historical figures. English king Henry VIII spent through the prison fortress near the milestones of their wives, who were not able to give him an heir. The same monarch began to mint silver coins from the destroyed Catholic churches and monasteries. All the money was in the production of mint fortress is also kept important government and legal documents. Armory, which served as a warehouse for the royal arms hides many historical secrets, and royal treasury keeps valuables which still use the royals. Today, the Tower - a huge museum, which passes through a huge number of visitors and a variety of excursions.

Tower Bridge

It should be noted yet another symbol of London - Tower Bridge. It is located near the fortress above, hence the appropriate name. His image is familiar to many who once saw pictures or photos of the capital of Britain. It's hard to forget the two majestic Gothic towers, connected by a pedestrian spans the top and bottom of the drawbridge. If we consider the Tower Bridge at night, the night sky can be seen impressive grand spectacle. A special highlight of the bridge looks mysterious and majestic.

 the most interesting sights of London

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is another famous London landmark. This remarkable building is the official residence of the Queen of the English court. Here he lives and performs his duties royal family. English King George III bought from the heirs of the palace of the Duke of Buckingham in the XVIII century, and supplemented it with various buildings. In particular, he built a beautiful royal library, which contains the most valuable collection of books. Inside the palace is elegant art gallery, exhibits many of which are real masterpieces of world art. Buckingham Palace later became known as the "Queen's House". On the square in front of the palace is a monument to Queen Victoria, it was during her reign, the notion of "United Kingdom of Great Britain."

Interior decoration and all 775 rooms of the palace correspond to his royal status. The rooms and halls is Chinese, French and, of course, the English refined furniture. And the famous gardens of Buckingham legendary. All this luxury and beauty can be admired, when the velvet season Queen Elizabeth leaves his monastery for two months (August - September). During this period, state rooms can accommodate tourists and visitors.

British Museum

In a city like London, a huge number of museums. To thoroughly investigate all need more than one month, or even year. Therefore, among the attractions of London must especially mention the British Museum - the main repository of the history of the ancient world, was founded in 1753. The museum contains more than seven million exhibits on various subjects. That's paintings, sculptures, coins, engravings, armor, weapons, ancient and medieval books and manuscripts. Here are stored the values ​​of ancient Egypt, Roman and Greek culture of antiquity. Entrance to the museum is free, except for some traveling exhibitions. If you would like to donate funds for the maintenance of the museum, you will find special boxes for donations. If your generosity will exceed one hundred pounds, you will be given a certificate of honorary member of the British Museum with all its privileges.

 detailed map of London landmarks

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey - a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. It is a place sacred to the whole British nation. Many historical figures associated with the abbey. There were crowned and took the power of the majority of British monarchs. The first record is stored, it contains information about the coronation of William the Conqueror. Many kings and poets are buried in the Abbey. The Poets' Corner found the last resting place Charles Dickens, Samuel Johnson, Tennyson and others.

Madame Tussaud's wax museum

Map of London landmarks sure to point you to the wax museum Madame Tussauds. This museum contains more than 400 exhibits of wax celebrities. Here, the "live" kings and members of their families, world-famous politicians, athletes, actors, and even fictional personazhi.Nedaleko from Madame Tussauds London Planetarium is one of the largest in the world. Where you can contemplate the distant galaxy and order a virtual journey across the expanses of the universe.

Decker bus - "Dabldeker" - probably the first thing that comes to mind to anyone who asked about the sights of London. Indeed, his view of childhood is familiar to every Russian schoolboy. Who would not dream ride on the British capital on the second floor of the bus? It is an essential part of the London streets, and the whole culture of Albion.

The famous English pubs

Being in London, be sure to check out the most ordinary English pub. If you were in London, and went there, consider that you have visited in vain in the UK capital. Pub - a classic beer culture. The main meal is, of course, beer or English ale. It can be flavored with strawberries, garlic, or something else tasty. Wooden interior, TV, low ceilings create an atmosphere of home where you can gather to watch football or talk heart to heart. In general, in London a huge variety of drinking and entertainment, and if pubs traditionally closed early, it is still in this city until morning reigns revelry in nightclubs and restaurants. In London you can choose a restaurant for every taste, ranging from luxury restaurants in the Renaissance and ending with clubs art equipment.

Tell briefly about all the famous places in London is impossible for that to write a directory of several volumes. Moreover, this metropolis is constantly growing and evolving. Visit London - its attractions are so varied that you will have a long time to disassemble the pictures over and over again admiring this magnificent city.

 London Attractions