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What comes to mind first when we hear the name of the island? Mount Etna, the Sicilian Mafia, Archimedes. Yes, indeed, the most famous Sicilian, a resident of Syracuse - Archimedes - opened all sorts of laws of mechanics, centuries later named after him. And the earth is hardly a person who does not know his name. On the volcano we will tell you, but to talk about the Mafia Sicilians do not like.

Island at the foot of the Italian "boot" - the birthplace of fine wines and a place where butterflies have their own house. All of this can be rightly said about Sicily? and do not lie to a single word. If you prefer a noisy island continent, the rest in Sicily will be your good choice.

The island more than 25 thousand square meters. It is conveniently located between three seas - the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean. It is a land where everything is worthy of wonder - the history, nature, climate, people.

Throughout its long history of Sicily has seen many rulers: it conquered the Greeks, the Romans and the Phoenicians. And all the fertile land of their conquerors and the people inhabiting it, will be replicated and left their descendants only the best - the architecture, culture and cuisine. Nevertheless, Sicily has not lost its identity: although the island is an autonomous region of Italy, they say on their special Sicilian dialect, which people speak Italian, understand the difficulty.

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Nature and sights of Sicily

Tourists from all over the world go for a vacation to Sicily, to admire the active volcano Mount Etna, on the island which occupies a huge area. The volcano has been simmering ever, noisy and angry, spewing lava from its countless craters. The flow rate of the lava is so small that you can get away from her own feet. Scientists say that every century Etna height is reduced by about 60 meters. For centuries, the lava cooled down feeds the fertile ground on which smelling grow vineyards, citrus orchards, olive trees.

The unique nature of the island of Sicily, made a tourist pearl of Italy, and the islanders are delighted such an influx of visitors - they have something to show and to be proud of. Surprisingly mild Mediterranean climate, endless sandy beaches, which stretch along the coast of Sicily for a good one and a half thousand kilometers, moderately hot sunny summer beach vacation do in Sicily heavenly delight and attract many tourists to the island.

Most popular with Etna can be compared except the main town in Sicily - Palermo. In this city, a great number of palaces, churches, cathedrals, museums and catacombs, bearing the imprints of a century of history and traces of bygone cultures into non-existence of peoples. Vacationers in Sicily must visit the Palazzo de Normans, the Palatine Chapel, the National Museum of Archaeology and the Cathedral. Of particular note is the National Museum of Dolls, where the colorful show.

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Kitchen Sicily

The national cuisine of Sicily is extremely diverse, there are many dishes borrowed from the peoples who inhabited Sicily many centuries ago. Lovely Sicilian climate is growing here gives fruits and vegetables a unique flavor. This, in turn, makes traditional Italian dishes - such as pizza, pasta, cheese, seafood and fish - especially delicious and appetizing.

From the Arabs Sicilian cuisine borrowed rice and spices from the Spaniards - bell peppers. Only here will prepare dishes such as "skoppularikki" - roast squid and cuttlefish, or "Stokke and missnizi" - dried cod with vegetables, or the famous "Falsomagro" meat Sicilian - rolled into a roll minced meat stuffed with boiled egg , ham and cheese.

The Sicilian cuisine a variety of unusual and original desserts. Pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, filled with honey, jam made from green courgettes have an unforgettable and very unusual taste. Cannoli - sweet rolls with cream or cottage cheese are considered purely Sicilian dessert.

True connoisseurs of fine wines and travel find that holiday on the island of Sicily is associated with a constant sense of good taste on the lips of Italian wines. In Sicily, produce a variety of high-quality wines from various grape varieties. Marsala wine is known throughout the world for its pungent aroma and taste. The biggest secret of Sicilian wine is an artificial restriction of the grape harvest. When allowed to ripen on the vine no more than two or three bunches of grapes, he gets the best out of the earth and the sun, and wine, respectively, to get higher quality.


In Sicily, it built the biggest mall in Europe - Etnalend. It has a zoo with many rare species of animals listed in the Red Book, and a water park with various kinds of water slides and trails. There is also an unusual park, strongly reminiscent of the famous "Jurassic Park," Cameron, in which "live" dinosaurs are huge, made a life-size, and that you can touch. Fans of extreme kinds of pleasures are not indifferent to the attraction «CROCODILE RAPIDS» - white-water rafting, populated by hippos, flamingos and elephants, constructed in full growth. On the way to the travelers could "attack" a flock of bats, or a whole horde of crocodiles!

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Butterfly House

There is an amazing house in Sicily - Butterfly House. This small room in the town of Via Grande, the most densely populated by different species of tropical butterflies from all over the world. If you come to visit them in bright clothes, they will take you for a flower, fluttering among the exotic flowers, you can sit on the head, shoulders or hands. Next to the house with a beautiful garden cyclamen, and the house is located in the majestic forest-reserve. Come to visit the butterflies better than a sunny day, as in cloudy weather they do not like to fly.


It is impossible to imagine a tourist who would not dream to immediacy of the child to explore not only the land but also the sea bottom around the island, the underwater world which is able to impress with its beauty and fascinate any oceanographer variety of marine life.

Especially popular scuba diving - scuba diving. Holidaymakers are attracted by the fact that the coastal area of ​​Sicily has remained in a relatively pristine purity, due to the absence on the island of any industry. Under the water a huge amount of grottos that beckon and explore their mysterious depths. Relax on the beach in Sicily, you can visit the diving school, of which a huge amount, and only lazy people do not learn to scuba diving or snorkeling with mask. However, on the rocky beaches it is possible to do a mask, as amazing crystal clear water helps to contemplate the beauty of the underwater world, not far from swimming away and deep in the sea.

Snow and lava

Frozen lava on the northern and southern slopes of Mount Etna covered by snow in the winter and attracts lovers of winter sports. On the south side of Mount Etna Nicolosi ski station is located, and from there an unforgettable view of the city of Catania, with its bay and all the Sicilian coast from the city to the city of Regalbuto Leontine. North Ski Area - Lingvaglossa offers views of the Taormina and the continental coast of Calabria.

What makes a ski descent from Mount Etna memorable because it is a combination of snow, fire and water. The dazzling white snow, lurks here and there masses of black basalt lava, and far down in the sun sparkles sparkling Ionian Sea - these kinds of dazzling, it is impossible to forget. It's worth noting that not only the Etna volcano, but also one of the highest mountains in Italy, and the descent from her skiing at a constant change of scenery is stunning - a maximum of fun and excitement.

Sicily - a unique place not only in Europe but throughout the world. It combines so many different cultures and at the same time unique and colorful Sicily is like a piece of Italy. Once tasted, what is a vacation in Sicily, it is impossible not to want to go back there again.

 Holidays in Sicily - from diving to ski slopes