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There are several categories of travelers. Some, consumed with the notorious instinct islander, tend to go in search of new sensations, experiences and knowledge on any island. And there, on all sides surrounded by the sea or ocean expanses, selflessly, with full dedication, they are given a passive-active recreation. Sunbathing, exploring the seabed and its inhabitants and enjoy the solitude. Others, overcoming difficulties, walk in the mountains, wade through the jungle, descend into caves and volcanic craters and enjoy the exotic natural beauty and testing yourself for strength. And there are those who are to complete the sensation tends to study the life of large cities, opening them for themselves from various angles. It is this type of travelers and intended this article. After all, only they would think to go across the ocean to explore the sights of New York City.

Why the "Big Apple"?

In New York, no exotic and not "smell". Of course, apart from the famous Chinatown and Brighton Beach. But for now, this city is one of the major centers of tourist routes. Yes, we are talking about the city, the business center is in the stock market soar to the heavens or fall into the abyss of share prices of all known companies and enterprises, where traffic jams exceeds all imaginable limits and in Central Park which easily fit state Monaco. New York annually takes in his arms 50 million tourists. Crazy figure!

So what is so attractive to New York? And why it is called the Big Apple? Different sources can be heard or read many explanations. But the true is only one thing: one of the jazz band liked to call the place of his speech, "apple", but once in Manhattan, was shocked by the majesty of the city and added to the usual title word more. The next day in a newspaper, where he wrote a review of the performance of a jazz band, flashed the name of the "Big Apple." So, with a light hand, or rather a long tongue, New York, and received this name.

10 things to do in New York City

Despite the relative youth (well, really, how can New York to compete "age" with Rome, Prague or Paris?), There are enough places that can be safely called attractions. And it is their duty to visit their considers any self-respecting tourist. With great difficulty, from the long list we have selected for you 10 iconic places should definitely visit. So.

 New York City attractions

Undoubtedly, the hallmark of the city is the famous Statue of Liberty. It was her snow-white crown and raised the torch in the sky appear before the mind's eye when you hear the name of the city. And it begins with it your first trip to New York. Located on a small island Statue of Liberty Island. Its height, together with the pedestal is 93 meters. If you do not want to be a member of numerous excursions, then it can get to the creation of the Frenchman Frederic Auguste Bartholdi ferry and climb the 356 steps to the crown of the statue alone. Of the 25 windows of the crown extensive views of the New York harbor. The pedestal is a museum where the exhibition of the history of the statue.

Another hallmark of New York was the famous Brooklyn Bridge. This is one of the oldest suspension bridges United States, its length is 1825 meters. It is this bridge will connect the downtown area of ​​Manhattan with Brooklyn. Today, the Brooklyn Bridge is listed as a National Historic Landmark. And without his acquaintance visit to New York would not be complete.

Empire State Building, the 102-storey building, is also a kind of landmark in New York. Until 1972, to be absolutely accurate to the construction of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, this skyscraper was considered the tallest. But after September 11, when the collapsed infamous Twin Towers, Empire State Building once again regained the title of the tallest building in the city. (If you're in Manhattan, be sure to visit the monument erected in memory of those killed on September 11).

Attractions in New York - is not only architectural monuments, but also entire regions. One of these areas can be safely called the famous Chinatown. This area of ​​Manhattan, like an island in the middle of the ocean east of Western civilization. Most interesting is that when you visit Chinatown, you can easily forget that you are in the heart of New York City. Because the atmosphere of the East discreetly shrouds, covers and lulls, forcing to contemplate the bustle of the world with a truly Confucian serenity and wisdom.

 Sights in New York - what to see

One can not imagine a trip to New York without a stroll down Broadway. It is a center of bohemian, theatrical life in New York. Here, they give their ideas all the famous troupe. And the name of musicals pleasant ache somewhere in his soul. After all, every one of them - the pearl of theatrical art. "Hair", "Cats," "The Lion King," "Chicago" and, of course, "Phantom of the Opera." By the way, Broadway theater productions are far from the usual for us representation. Here, the performance of each pick your room. Therefore it is useless to know the address of the theater, you just need to choose the setting, buy her a ticket, and then to find out where you can see this. And go to the Broadway musical a must! Otherwise, you will never forgive yourself, do not see a musical at the place where it was invented.

The cable car or the breaking of the bridge 2, Roosevelt Bridge and the Queensboro Bridge, you have to get on Roosevelt Island. On this patch of land, located in the narrow Strait of the East River, located as much as 4 attractions in New York. Octagon - Octagonal fantasy architect Alexander Jackson Davis, built in 1839; right here is the largest set of solar panels. Lighthouse Island Lighthouse Blackwell, Blackwell House - one of the oldest buildings in New York City, the construction of which dates back to the eighteenth century. And the Chapel of "The Good Shepherd", the creation of architect Frederick Withers, built in 1888godu.

Riverside Park stretches along the waterfront of the Hudson River for more than four miles. Inside the park is a huge number of monuments, which give an idea about the history of New York.

The famous New York Stock Exchange - the symbol of the downtown area. Of course, if you do not take account of the famous Wall Street. But if you want to feel the real spirit of a lot of money, the Stock Exchange Building - is the place where you easily can. After all, under the roof of this building are the largest trading. By the way, from the market, or rather the process of their implementation, you can learn on the tour inside the building. Do not miss out, learn a lot of interesting things.

 famous landmarks of New York

And, of course, the famous Central Park in New York. It was here, on a large meadow in the park, hold their annual performances Big Philharmonic Orchestra of New York and the Metropolitan Opera. This is one of the largest parks in the world, it is more than a hundred years, and with an area of ​​3, 2 square kilometers. In order to understand what is Central Park, it is necessary to walk through its many alleys, visit the castle Belvedere and sit out on the bronze figures of characters from "Alice in Wonderland." Share this unreal words, it is necessary to see everything for yourself. But if you are thinking to get around and explore the park area in detail, it may take you a whole day.

Here are just a small part of the world famous licenses and the achievements of modern civilization, which will see the traveler who chooses to visit this relatively young, but so bright and attractive city. And if you want to see the sights of New York close, take a look at the yellow taxi or visit the famous Prada boutique, their feet go bustling streets amidst concrete jungle of skyscrapers and neon lights to admire the stunning city at night - do not hesitate for a minute. Friendly New York will open its arms to you, share their secrets and take into captivity its indescribable charm.

 New York City attractions - monuments of modern civilization

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 Travel India

This country is not for nothing called the mystical and mysterious, fascinating and shocking, harmonious and contradictory. She is an expressionist painting of the artist, excites and compels admiration stop to understand the other, invisible at first sight sense. And if you're in search of the way to understanding the inner harmony, then you need to go on a trip to India.

Make plans, buy tickets

Before you go on a trip to India (as well as in any other), you should plan your route. India - the country is not rich in sights and small, so it is best to indicate what you want to see.

Most tourists prefer to travel on so-called "Golden Triangle": Delhi - Agra - Jaipur. And if you're going to go for the first time in India, then you can become the optimal route. Lovers of natural beauty, you can choose to travel the eastern and southern part of India: Periyar National Park, Bandipuh famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Those who are interested in the country as a center of Buddhist culture, it is best to go to the northern part of the country: Puri, Varanasi, Jhansi and Sarnath.

Direct flights "Moscow - Delhi" is from several airlines. "Aeroflot" and Air India - the most popular ones. But the cost of the flight there and back will cost about twice as expensive than airplanes "Turkmen" and "Uzbek" airlines (the cost of a return ticket without taxes and fees will be about 400 euros). But these airlines have a substantial negative - they do not carry out direct flights to Delhi.

Another point that is worth considering when planning a trip to India - a visa. You can easily get it at the Embassy of India in Moscow within five working days. The cost of a single entry visa for a period of one month up to six months is 2800 rubles.

 Travel to India

Shocking riot of colors Delhi

Europeans, unaccustomed to such a riot of colors, smells and unusual sounds, India shocked with the first step. Or look or a sigh. Delhi - or rather, its oldest part, cramped, noisy and stuffy, "falls" on the tourists, with his head spilling over and involving the exotic bustle.

It should be noted in particular that the old part of Delhi is best to learn gradually .  Too high probability of a culture shock .  Once in India, if you "drop out" of a familiar reality and move into a kind of theatrical show, it is not entirely clear, but attractive and inspiring .  Scurrying through the streets of rickshaws, motorcycles and mopeds, cars moving lanes contrary to the laws of physics .  And on any rules of the road in general it is difficult to say .  It seems that they are not at all .  Streets drown in the wild cacophony of signals, horns and sirens .  The roofs of buses packed with passengers and bags, the front door of the bus are not closed because the stretcher sure someone hangs and drives away screaming pedestrians climbing just under the wheels .  Endless shops selling gold jewelry and statues of Buddhist gods and goddesses .  Bright saris and bells on the ankles of women and girls, kindly cows roam, endless beggars and beggars .  From such a kaleidoscope of unusual sounds, smells, images and feelings confused and wonder .

In this country, here is this "lost" tourist faces the possibility of becoming a victim of street thieves and swindlers. Therefore, travelers in India should follow a few simple tips: dress up, going on a trip, it is best to simply and unobtrusively, without weight wrong expensive photographic equipment and do not stop at every little shops. Believe me, places where you can buy souvenirs, on your route will be enough.

In Delhi, a huge number of monuments worthy of the attention of tourists. Red Fort, built by the Mongol Emperor Shah Jahan. There, hidden behind high walls of red stone, a shaded gardens and palaces built of marble and numerous harems. During the British rule many of these palaces were residences of the British rulers. And today - the numerous museums in the shade where you can escape from the bustle of Old Delhi.

Jama Masjid Mosque - the largest in India, under its arches can fit twenty thousand pilgrims. This mosque is considered one of the finest examples of Mongolian architecture. But do not forget that this is an active mosque, and its careful examination of their attention not to interfere with the faithful.

The temple, built in honor of the gods Vishnu and Lakshmi - Brla Mandir - is also located in Delhi. One of the most famous temples in India, a great place to carefully review the basics of Hinduism.

The largest community in New Delhi Jain Temple - Digambara Jain. It is famous because it is located at the Bird Hospital, where all neighborhoods of Delhi dumped sick and wounded birds. A recovered "patients" every Sunday released into the sky. Followers of Jainism believe sin to harm any living being. They sweep the road in front of you, not to crush a living being, and cover their mouths with small handkerchiefs to inadvertently inhale even the small insect.

Choosing accommodation in Delhi is big enough, and if you have not booked a place in the hotel in advance, you will be able to stay in any hotel around seventy dollars a day. However, if you settle in Tibetan colony on the outskirts of Delhi, accommodation will cost you half the price.

 travel itinerary in India

The Sign of Four

Traveling in India can not be considered valid without a visit to one of the seven wonders of the world famous Taj Mahal. Tears of love as yet call this tomb is located in Agra. Shah Jahan ordered to erect this beautiful masterpiece of Mongolian architecture in a sign of love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal after her death.

In the predawn haze snow-white Taj Mahal is especially beautiful, a great number of tourists from all over the world "flock" to his foot, to visit the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daula. Despite the fact that the ticket price is 750 rupees, wanting their own eyes to look at the white marble embodied in the certificate of love keeps on giving. So get ready to crush in advance.

On Fridays, the Taj Mahal is closed, and if you are visiting Agra took only one day, try to make this afternoon did not Friday.

To estimate the amount of money you need, try to calculate the potential costs. In this paradise for gourmets and vegetarians lunch will cost half to three dollars. Traveling to India, in any part, you can easily hire a guide to accompany local residents about five to ten dollars a day. A hotel stay two people cost about twenty or thirty dollars. Think about what part of the money you can afford to spend on souvenirs and tickets for attractions and thus knowing the duration of his stay in the country, you can easily calculate the budget of your trip to India.

 Travel India Summer

Ganges - river of life and death

Another undoubtedly shocking ordinary tourist, but an important part of a trip to India, will visit the pier ritual - Manikarnika Ghat, situated in Varanasi, the holy city of the god Shiva, the destroyer.

This place is considered the most sacred in India, take a dip in the waters of the Ganges is a living means to wash away the sins of the earth, and to be cremated on the banks - to get a direct hit nirvana. Round the clock blazing funeral pyres on the pier. Numerous tourists sailing on the waters of the Ganges, surprised eyes looking at them on live, immediately taking a bath in the holy river. Funny combination of life and death appears in all its diversity is in this picture. However, Indians are easier to death, considering it was only a temporary stop on the long journey.

In the neighboring gatah life goes on every night on the shore of the Ganges many monks go out to commit ritual ablutions (puja) in honor of the life-giving goddess Ganga.

In the morning on the coast attracts numerous believers to wash away sins, and to drink water purified by faith. You will in any case should not do the same thing on the unsanitary conditions prevailing in India, to learn more of the many guides than their own experience, "picking up" any E. coli. From the tap in the hotel too, can not drink water, even if you boil it. For drinking water, as well as dentifrice buy bottled while carefully look to the neck of the bottle was sealed.

Immediately, there, on the banks of the caste of laundresses and scrape away beats on coastal rocks clothes stripped from the dead before cremation. By noon, all the banks of the Ganges dot colorful silk saris, making it look like a sheet of drawing paper, painted a talented self-taught artist.

In many areas of towns and cities in India can be seen, perhaps the most beautiful act. Dance street dancers. The beauty of Indian dance is able to fascinate and conquer even the most indifferent. At the dance moves have names - "Come," "I love you", "I'm sad." This is a unique method of meditation that can enter into a kind of trance any viewer. The smoothness and precision of movements, gestures, music, and even views.

Whichever route of travel to India you choose to stay in at least one city more than a couple of days, you risk to remain there forever. No, you will not be forced to remain a special philosophy of life of Indians can turn a short trip to India to permanent residence in one of its numerous cities. Such "ex-travelers" there are many. All they conquered indescribable atmosphere of harmony and correctness of what is happening, are to have at least a moment to reach the promised numerous beliefs enlightenment - to see the whole world in one flower. Therefore we must find the strength and shook off the dust of Indian roads, go home, feeling sorry for a short vacation.

 Travel India: Tips