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If you try to see the coast of Italy in terms of congestion surprising beautiful, picturesque places of our home planet, you can not help sneaking suspicion that this part of the globe walked generous Demiurge .  One of the prints of his feet rose above the surface of the azure Mediterranean Sea between Corsica and Sicily and turned into the island of Sardinia .  Even the shape of the island with a bird's-eye view resembles a huge sole sandals .  It is already difficult to find the truth in a variety of fanciful legends about the origin of this paradise .  However, for those who have decided to arrange a holiday on the island of Sardinia, the opportunity themselves to hear each of them from the local ethnographers, with fanatical thoroughness collected and the legend of the nephew of Hercules Sarduse, and set foot for the first time on earth is here God, and a dozen different versions of the origin of this unique island .

EDEM? No. Sardinia!

Anyone who first steps on the ground of the island, at first could not understand where it ends the firmament, and where there are endless azure expanse of the sea. The nearest mainland as much as 200 kilometers of pure salt water. The nature of the island affects brightness and a variety of colors. Even the air in Sardinia special, filled with the scent of flowers and trees. Light notes of endless lemon trees, spicy scent of myrtle and astringent - pine groves, flowering oleanders heady aroma and bougainvilleas. It seems that at some point you just left the solid earth and ended up in the heavenly tabernacles. It has it all: sand dunes, spectacular cliffs and caves, quiet coves and numerous hills. Like someone special natural beauty from everywhere gathered and united in this natural oasis; but because Sardinia - Holidays, which are waiting for and dreamed of.

 vacation in Sardinia

Open-air museum

Maybe it was in an effort to find paradise on earth many conquerors came to the island. The Spaniards, Phoenicians, Sardis, the Greeks and the Arabs at different times visited in Sardinia, as evidenced by numerous monuments of architecture are, to this day adorn the island.

Sardis (by the way, some scientists believe that these ancient tribes gave the name of the island) left a Nuraghe, considered one of the main attractions of the island. The time of their construction will undertake with certainty no historian. But approximate estimates they date back twelve or thirteen century BC. Incidentally, the purpose of these buildings, is shaped like a truncated cone, is also a mystery. Whether they were the leaders of the dwellings, or fortifications.

The ancient Romans left behind a carved into the rock amphitheater. For twenty centuries, this magnificent building is decorated with Sardinian capital Cagliari. Amphitheater area is 6000 square meters and can accommodate about 10,000 spectators. Surprisingly, it is practically not touched the monument. To this day, its walls are concerts and performances. And many tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible acoustic properties of this building.

Evidence on the island became a Spanish town. The so-called "Little Barcelona" or Alghero. The city has many names. City of Light called the white walls of the houses, and the "Coral City" - due to the fact that its coast is dotted with these "living" stones. All the old part of the city - the old streets and magnificent palaces (Palau Reial, Palazzo Carcassona), Gothic St. Mary's Cathedral and Church of San Michele - bear the imprint of prim beauty of Spain.

 Sardinia holidays

Nature Workshop

For many tourists who choose to vacation in Sardinia, the island is attractive not only creations of human hands, as many unique natural monuments.

The same Demiurge, Russell flocks of pink flamingos in the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari, or come from the myths of the ancient Greeks Sardus generously crumbled off the coast of the Maddalena Archipelago. Sixty islands rising out of the sea, became a national park, protected by the state. Granite rocks of various shapes and sizes are considered a model of the most beautiful landscape in the world. In the coastal waters of the archipelago - Whale Sanctuary. However, if you are fond of diving, the seabed will reveal many wonderful secrets. And many dolphins here and there without fear scurrying in the clear waters of the sea to keep you company.

World-famous Caves of Neptune are similar to the fantastic royal palace. Centuries-old growths stalagmites and stalactites form the pillars supporting the arch of the cave. Natural stone arches and lace adorn the walls. And one of the songs resembles a real church organ. Lamarmora surface of an underground lake, stretching for about a hundred meters, the floor is in this underground castle, created by nature itself. And a small fee seems steep descent of hewn into the rock 675 steps to the eyes to see the enchanting beauty.

Molentardzhus Park - one of the most incredible and in Europe. Here are numerous species of endangered waterfowl. White and egret, black cormorants, Pochard and the beautiful pink flamingos - only a small part of the fauna, comfortably settled in 1600 acres of wetlands and water. Some naturalists have come to Sardinia just to visit this park.

 holidays in Italy in Sardinia

Tourist Mecca

Such an abundance of natural beauty, historical monuments and the famous white beaches (by the way, the white sand beaches of the island is considered one of the most valuable treasures of the island) made Sardinia a mecca for tourists. And not only for the common people. Famous Hollywood stars, prominent politicians and even the notorious Silvio Berlusconi chose to rest this unique island. Why is that? And because, in the words of many travelers, "tourists in Sardinia can only be good, and no further." Whatever type of holiday you do not prefer, you can easily find it here.

Those who travel to Sardinia in search of a variety of spa treatments, privacy and luxury, best suited Forte Village Resort, a complex of nine high-quality hotels. It is such a small state within a state, where time flies. 25 hectares of land and sea, intended for recreation for every taste. A famous spa complex Thaermae del Forte Village with patented techniques algae therapy - is the source of eternal youth and beauty.

It is on Sardinia concentrated 25% of all the beaches of Italy. But do Sardis prefer to relax on wild beaches. If you went for a vacation with the kids or just want to lie on the white sand, the six-kilometer beach Poetto will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for you. The beach, where 50 meters wide - shallow water, is a great place for kids to splash without threatening life. And this beach is considered the most comfortable.

Numerous boat trips leave a lasting impression in the memory. Check on these deep-sea fishing can be an exciting adventure, where you will feel the usual Sardinian fisherman and impregnated with the salty sea breeze. And then for you of you caught the fish will be prepared traditional dishes sarsdkih fishermen.

 holidays in Italy in Sardinia

Story about the holiday in Sardinia is complete without mention of the traditional cuisine. It goes without saying that the bulk of the diet are seafood. But you can be sure that they are fresh. Not to say about the famous smoked meat and salami, prosciutto, impossible. Just as porseddu - young pig baked in leaves myrrh. Gourmets say, that the flesh melts in your mouth. In addition, Sardinia is famous for its sheep cheese. Some of them can only try in the island, because it is forbidden by law to take out sour milk is a treasure beyond the island.

But what kind of cheese without wine? That's right, the wines are considered the best of Sardinia in Italy. And you will be able to see this, if you go on an excursion to the famous wineries Ardzhiolas or Sura. There you will not only talk about the modern methods of wine production, but also performed in the famous wine cellars of family Ardzhiolas. It is a treasure trove of Italian wines Sardinian production. Each bottle is worth. At the end of these excursions are usually fine wine tasting, to the greatest delight of tourists.

Every day on the island of Sardinia - a holiday full of experiences and the sensation of being in an earthly paradise.

 In the footsteps of God, or a paradise vacation on the island of Sardinia

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