where to walk in Moscow

Moscow - a beautiful city, of which the whole world knows. I do not think that this is a big metropolis, where crowds of people, air pollution, and there is absolutely no place for walks. Quite the opposite! If you love and know how to relax - a place that will bring lots of positive emotions. As they say - he who seeks will always find! Do not hesitate, where to walk in Moscow, just go and walk!

In spring and summer, when it's all in bloom, and pulls us to get out of the stuffy apartment, take a walk in the park cool, go to a cafe-ice cream. But with the onset of cold weather, we prefer to sit at home, not knowing what actually lose! In winter, we celebrate the New Year, which means hope and believe that he will bring something special in our lives. No need to wait, you need to look for it by "something." After all, as you know, happiness is waiting for us there, where we did not expect to find!

If before you there was a question: "Where to take a walk in the winter in Moscow", then all is not lost, and you still know how to enjoy life at any time of year and in any weather!

Listed in mind all the interesting places of the capital, the first thing that comes to mind is the skating rink, which is located in Gorky Park. Rink really great, its area is 15 000 sq. meters, so do not be afraid that it would be pandemonium, and you can not roam - room enough for everyone. It runs a rink without weekends, from early morning to late evening. For children, a special area where there are instructors to help, as well as hold an entertainment program to one of the children do not get bored. Men can play hockey, and women spend time on the dance rink. So if your dream is to learn how to skate, feel free to go to Gorky Park, and the rest with benefit! After an enjoyable pastime, you can go to the cafe, which is located nearby and drink hot chocolate!

 where you can walk in Moscow

But what if you do not want an active holiday, but just have a desire to take a stroll and enjoy the winter. In such a case, where a walk in Moscow? Winters in our capital are so beautiful that I want to consider snow-covered trees, admire the beautiful paintings on the windows, which creates a cold or just enjoy the fresh air. To do this, open all winter, parks, each of which is a unique fairy-tale winter, bearing in our lives a little wonderland. For example, the park "Northern Tushino" offers horseback riding. A Biruliovsky forest park can be enjoyed just unsurpassed trees and fir trees, which beckon to come back again and again. And in Glebovo park can feed the ducks, who were hoping that the locals will help them through the winter!

Do not forget the garden - the Hermitage, there is, what to see, not only in summer but in winter. In winter, when the evening included lights, snow sparkles beautifully, and I want to catch snowflakes hands zagadyvaya desire, and believe that they are sure to come true! It is also satisfied with the skating rink, which is divided into two parts. The first part is filled with artificial ice, the second part is made from real ice, so if you're an important difference, you can make a choice. Well, then, have the opportunity to go to a restaurant, eat some soup, drink tea with the most delicious cake, and with the good mood to go home, knowing that miracles there, the main thing to learn to see them in all that happens.

If you are thinking where to walk in Moscow, so the children had fun, then boldly go into the "Boring garden." Here in the winter running a whole program for families with children. Employees of the park create a lot of slides for all tastes: small slides, large slides, straight, flat, twisted, etc. You can also look on the Pushkinskaya embankment, where he created a winter paradise for children. Interesting and mysterious mazes for the very young and for older children. You can also view and even create their own hands ice sculptures, of such beauty children are always thrilled. And to cheer up and amuse the child, you can take a ride with him on a dog sled or watch the reindeer! After these trips provided not only good mood, but also a great dream with the most fabulous pictures!

Well, if you're a fan of skiing, then you can not even conceive of where you can walk in the Moscow winter. The fact is that in virtually every park has a ski trails and special slopes that are suitable for both beginners and old-timers!

 where to walk in the winter in Moscow

A perfect place for a winter holiday in Moscow is the park "Sokolniki", he goes for a walk alone, and his family for a walk, and to walk in love couples! Here you can ride on a sled, and skiing, and ice skating. You can go to a cafe and sipping hot tea, enjoy the beautiful winter. And you can visit the museum of ice figures. Here everyone can find a "room", where he received a lot of fun. For the romantic personalities created beautiful flowers, and for children there is a large number of cartoon figures. There are a variety of fantastic and mystical heroes who always cheer up and help you go to a fabulous trip! After all, the choice is yours!

If after all the above, before you even still there is a question - where to walk in Moscow, then go to the "Apothecary city." In winter, he just blow your mind! Every winter there is a festival of orchids, where more than 300 compositions, each of which blooms. And not to be bored baby, you can look into the room, where there are carnivorous plants, for many it will be a real discovery.

Do not forget that sometimes useful and interesting to reconnect with nature. By asking the question about where to walk in Moscow, do not forget the Bitsa forest park. This park is home to a lot of squirrels and a variety of winter birds that visitors are always welcome. They can feed the nuts or seeds, because they are absolutely not afraid of people, but rather running to meet them! Animals and birds - it is always great, because only they give their views of indescribable happiness! In the same park you can ride on a sled with the slides created by nature. You can also take a ride on skis, and even hire a snowboard, and at least for a few hours to feel like a champion in the winter sport!

Moscow - a city where every weekend you can celebrate in a special way, above all a good plan to time everywhere. And then, even the cold days will not force you to stay at home, how can you miss all those emotions that can give you the parks parks, skating rinks, and the exhibition area? Where to walk in Moscow? Yes anywhere! You can simply dress warmly, take a loved one or to capture his family and go on your heart, pleasant emotions are guaranteed. After all, the winter - this is the season of the year, which is full of miracles, knows and old and young. And let adults know exactly what Santa Claus does not exist, they still believe that miracles happen, and this winter will bring a piece of happiness!

 Where winter walk in Moscow?

 World Airports

Going into the trip, the travelers to thoroughly study the country in which to visit: the climate, political climate, hotels and cuisine. And few people with the same care studies airports around the world, from which most often begins acquaintance with the country. Many simply traverse the globe on airplanes of the usual and ordinary point A to lust and the unknown to B, and then, passing terminals are sent on to the end point of his journey. Of course, the choice of the airport, where you have to carry out landing, or spend some time in between flights, does not depend on your wishes. Yet, unfortunately, not all airports can be considered quite comfortably, accurately and safely. Otherwise, why the company Skytrax, an annual ranking compiled airports in the world?

The most amazing thing that the quality of service at the airport does not depend on how much it is big. Or whether you are traveling to Europe or to Asia. If you believe this to rating, European air gate is not so good and comfortable, as, for example, Asian, because it is the Asian Hong Kong airport for many years ranked first as the most comfortable and convenient for many passengers. But let's order.

The hospitality and comfort of Asia or the best of the best

Try to answer the simple question, what is the basis of the rating by selecting the ten best airports. I have to say the criteria when choosing a lot. But the main one is the comfort and safety of passengers and, oddly enough, the accuracy. This, if we talk about the airport. And there is also an annual ranking of the magazine Neyshnl Geographic, which selects the most unusual in terms of the architecture of airports. But you, as a traveler, should be interested in your safety, comfort and precision of departure, so you do not have to like the hero of Tom Hanks in the movie "The Terminal", spend a few months getting acquainted with the infrastructure of the building from the inside.

Despite the fact that "Europe is ahead of the rest", a dominant place in the ranking of "best airports in the world" is not the first year take Asian airports.

Best Airport in 2011 was the Hong Kong airport. The efficiency of passenger service and accuracy of arrival and departure of aircraft deserve special praise. There are rare cases of lost luggage. And the comfort of waiting rooms can be folded legends. And this is despite the relative youth of the airport. In addition, the Hong Kong airport provided all kinds of bonuses in the form of a modern 4-D theater, hall with computer games, including the wonderful flight simulation, and massage parlor. The main thing is not to forget that you were going on a journey, and do not miss your flight.

Second place goes to Changi Airport in Singapore. He is known not only to the fact that the passport control each passenger is issued caramel, but also the fact that while away the time between flights can be sitting in the Jacuzzi or pool. A five flowering gardens contacted all known tabloid world. If your flight is still detained or just so happens that you have to spend the night in Singapore, you will not have to live in the waiting room. You can park quite comfortably, without going through the tedious procedure of immigration control, as the airport is located on the territory of the hotel "Ambassador".

Three leaders closes the Seoul Incheon Airport. "This is comfort! "- Exclaims any, first got into the golden gates of the South Korean Air, a tourist. The passengers not only a nightclub, where guests are always welcome, but numerous gambling halls. Directly from the airport you can go on an excursion to the nearby temple or the exhibition of pottery. Choice is great, and some travelers say, that the agency, which is the first to offer its clients a tour of Asian airports, will have a constant stream is not willing to join the Asian hospitality and luxury.

Airport in Dubai is considered the best for location, friendliness, cleanliness, efficiency of information and registration services. And the large number of duty-free shops and convenience of their work to tourists Dubai Airport airport ahead of Hong Kong and Singapore. In addition, banks provide services around the clock to return tax revenues, and currency exchange. ATMs are located right in the waiting rooms, mailboxes and fax machines - around the airport. There is a rental service of mobile phones, showers and bathrooms, restaurants, bars, cafes, casinos.

To the airport, who honor the tradition of Asian hospitality, it can be attributed to Beijing. Despite the presence of all three terminals, service quality, accuracy departures and comfortable recreational areas, this airport ranked fifth in the ranking of the most-most. And for good reason. He is considered the most beautiful and the most technologically advanced airport. Its unusual architectural beauty is worth mentioning separately. Looking at the complex of buildings from the airplane, passengers compared to the Beijing Airport with a dragon, lurking at the edge of the field.

The largest airports in the world, too, were on the list of the best. Striking in its infrastructure Amsterdam Airport Siphol like a small city within a city. Every day, its walls are open all sorts of art exhibitions. Here you are unlikely to idly wander in search of fun, if you have the opportunity to fill up your cultural baggage. In addition, young people offers four different wedding ceremonies in the air bridge or in the cabin. What is called a gift for newlyweds or for those who are slain by an arrow of Cupid. This may be especially true in the Valentine's Day. Here you can enjoy a range of spa treatments. It's nice that the builders of the airport took care of the children and for them created a large play area.

Swiss airport, though not the largest, but it was named the most accurate. But what to expect from the country, which produces the most accurate and expensive watch in the world. Only politeness of kings. But this is not the only criterion on which the airport was in the top ten of the best. Right in the airport terminal, you can take a ride on roller skates. By the way, give them a small fee at the rental desk. You can go on a bike on a short journey to the nearby surroundings. And if you want to enjoy the city from a height, and this service is available here, you can climb to the observation deck. The airport has a variety of lounges, which offers a variety of treatments. And that's not counting the comfort zones for the rest of passengers. This is where, indeed, the Swiss provided all.

The top ten list of "the best airports in the world" closes Copenhagen Kastrup in Denmark. The relatively small airport. He was ahead of even the world famous Tokyo airport, and after many years, this airport is surely among the top ten. What is special about this airport? Functionality and concise use of every centimeter of space a little, according to generally accepted standards of buildings. Clarity in the staff, the lack of delay in preparation of documents and baggage.

But if all the airports could be called the best, then the rating would have been useless. Unfortunately, not everything is as it should be an avid traveler. And in addition to the list of the best, there is a list of airports in terms of specialists with not very well-organized work and, as a consequence, unloved by tourists.

 the largest airports in the world

All is not gold that Europe

What is the most important for the traveler descended from the plane? Of course, a quick and painless crossing zone of passport control, luggage safety, and if will spend some time waiting for the next flight, comfortable waiting room. So, the old Europe, or rather its airports, does not cause travelers rave reviews. Quite the contrary.

So, for example, Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, one of the ten largest in the world, known as the "black hole", which could easily have lost your luggage. If the luggage is successfully delivered, the queue to receive it can be compared to the notorious queues for scarce goods during the builders of world communism. Also - unsanitary conditions, a large number of insects, the homeless, which guards the airport did not fight, apparently believing their local landmark, rude airport staff. You may well feel itself not in the center of Europe and in some developing country. By the way, if you decide to save money and not spend time in the hotel and in the waiting area of ​​Charles de Gaulle Airport, and stock up on food, note that many seats are not designed for easy hanging.

London Heathrow, despite the fact that there are quite comfortable and safe for take-off and landing runways, is known for its high cost and red tape to passport control. But in comparison with the previous airport, it can be called almost comfortable. Especially if you are in a zone of the fourth terminal. It is quite possible to get in relative comfort, of course, if you do not mind the chilly cold. By the way, most travelers complaining about the wasteful use of space Heathrow, here you can easily get lost and wander all the time between flights. Well, if you have time to find and not to be late for his plane.

Closes rating of "the worst airports in the world," too European. Rome airport Fiumicino, as, indeed, and all of Rome as a whole, choose their place of residence are numerous birds, and norovyaschie snatch you from the hands of something edible. And on the bench to rest at the airport it is best to sit down, making sure that there are no fresh bird droppings. By the way, to sleep in the waiting room, not flinching from the annoying attention of numerous "security", there can be only in the morning to five in the morning. All the rest of the time you have and then politely be asked of a plane ticket and documents.

The entire list of the most terrible airports of the world looks like this:

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo - by the way, it unflattering comments about not only foreign tourists but also citizens of Russia, not pampered comfort.
  • London Heathrow.
  • Los Angeles County airport, famous for its overly vigilant guards and squeaky staff.
  • New York JFK, where you can eat only during the day, at night and in the morning hours at the airport did not work, no cafes.
  • Delhi and Bombay airports differ insanitary conditions and horrible smell. Many who have visited these airports, joking that the drafters of the rating is clearly not happened in India, and therefore unfairly placed European and American airports to the beginning of the list.
  • Manila Airport is nice that many tourists here extort money, and none other than the guards and attendants. And if at that airport security needs to pay a fee or fine, you may well require a receipt for payment. And not just can, and must do so. After you have the information, and thus armed against extortionists in the service.
  • Another American, Chicago airport, made the list because of the uncomfortable seats and not enough high-profile announcement of boarding the flight. There are cases when passengers are simply passed crash of his plane because of the unavailability of information.
  • Bringing up the rear Rome airport - Fiumicino.

Of course, list all the airports of the world and talk about the quality of their work within a small article is difficult. But we hope that, thanks to the above information, you can be prepared for different eventualities and therefore minor troubles associated with the operation of airports, will not spoil your impressions about the upcoming holiday.

 Airports of the world, what they need to know about the tourist?