Pattaya attractions

On the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand lies a vast number of beaches and hotels. It was here that are the best seaside resorts, and one of them - Pattaya, perhaps the most famous area for holidays in Thailand.

It is hard to imagine that twenty years ago about this little fishing village not even heard in the world, with the exception of the Thais themselves, but the Europeans who came here to work. Now it brings Pattaya Thailand resort glory. Sandy beaches, clear water and coconut palms attract millions of people.

Patttayya - it's not just sun, sea and sand as it may seem at first glance. Of course, a man going here for the first time and talks. But there is something to see, where to go, where to relax. And the best attractions of Pattaya will open its doors to you!

A place that just can not not like it

You should definitely visit the crocodile farm. And do not be fooled because of the name - there are not only crocodiles. Coming here, you will never find yourself in an amazing place - a park millionletnih stones. If you are a fan of hiking and sightseeing - this is what you need! A variety of bizarre rocks, scenic hiking trails, flower-filled garden, a sparkling waterfall flowing into the lake - is it possible to remain indifferent to such a landscape ?!

But that's not all. A small zoo in the park will introduce you with ostriches, zebras, exotic birds, and even white tigers. The lake fish are found incredible size, but quite friendly. They love to beg for food from tourists.

And, of course, crocodiles. Here you can meet individuals of different sizes and ages. Looking for the first time in the cages may get the impression that they are not alive at all - lie on the beach, opened his mouth and did not even move. However, so much fun as feeding, dispel all your doubts about the authenticity of the animals. This happens in the following way - you will be given a large bamboo pole with a piece of meat on the end, and go! Feed not your health! You can even tease a little bit - not terrible, because you're a top, toothy bottom, and each tries to grab the first meal.

At a certain time held here crocodile show - quite a fascinating insight in which several trainers will show you that toothy not that terrible and they can be worn on the hands, put in your mouth head, feed the palm - in short, courageous people, what can I say ! Leaving crocodile farm you will the sea of ​​emotions and lots of great pictures.

 Pattaya's attractions on a map

Place unification of the four elements

On the north coast resort is located is another unique attraction - the Temple of Truth. Although the temple is not an ancient monument as its construction is still going on, do not visit this place, so do not see the main thing is not to feel the spirit of these amazing places.

Just a huge temple and its architecture immediately catches the eye, it can be regarded indefinitely. And the interior is not inferior to the outside. Here you will see elaborately carved woodwork scenes depicting ancient mythology and religion of different countries: India, China, Thailand. By the way, the church is completely wood - working on it the best craftsmen carving.

Here, like a fairy tale, there are four elements: water, fire, earth, air. Each element has its place - the bas-reliefs at the corners of the building, and one looks strictly in a certain direction, on opposite sides of the world.

This landmark solar Pattaya attracts people of all over the world, no wonder it is recognized artistic value of religious art.

Coral islands around Pattaya attracts its clear water and white sandy beaches. Forty minutes by boat - and you find yourself in paradise! There is entertainment for all beach lovers: jet ski, skydiving in emerald water, scuba diving. You can take a glass-bottom boat and sail, enjoying the sun, sea and underwater life.

After outdoor activities, go to one of the local restaurants and try the excellent seafood and fishing enthusiasts can enjoy dinner, caught with their hands.

Buy souvenirs

That's where paradise for shoppers! The vast expanse of water, on which there are shops and restaurants, built on stilts. Walk on the market is carried out both on foot and by boat, where you can purchase local handmade souvenirs, products of the finest silk, and also try the Thai national dish.

Be sure to see the different shows, which offers tourists a floating market. Thai boxing over the water and on the stage, traditional dancing, playing various musical instruments, and even glasses.

Very interesting place, and not a lot of tourists, no hustle and bustle. Here you can spend the whole day and watch the stunning sunset.

If you look at the sights of Pattaya on the map, you will find that they are not so much. But all of them are of great interest. Each place is unique, and in each you will find for yourself something special.

The locals are quite friendly to tourists, it is no wonder Thailand is called the "Land of Smiles". And if you speak English, the communication will become and not stressful. The main positive attitude - then your vacation will be like a real fairy tale!

 Top attractions in Pattaya

 Berlin attractions

A trip to Berlin can be considered as acquaintance with the history of the whole of Germany, and will be particularly interesting sightseeing tours around the old city for domestic tourists in the school time to learn German. The unique architecture of Berlin and its surrounding attractions attract lovers of history and architecture, willing to look at the remains of the wall separating the city and the restoration of historical buildings, is almost completely destroyed in the last days of World War II.

Acquaintance with the city will surprise lovers of flora and as functioning in the territory since 1844 Berlin Zoo collected rare species of animals, and to walk along the cages and enclosures can be a big day.

Where to start sightseeing in Berlin?

Planning a trip to Berlin, map sites are so vast that in one visit is rarely what the tourist will be able to explore all the monuments and unique museum exhibitions, be sure to purchase a guide, and planned its own guided tour according to your interests.

To really understand the history of Germany after the division of its territory into four zones of occupation - the British, French, Soviet and American inspection is possible only after the remnants of the Berlin Wall.

Wall, almost three decades divided Berlin into East and West zone was erected in 1961 to put the residents of the GDR, disgruntled Socialist regime, to move to Germany, attracting Germans democratic regime and a developed economy. After the collapse of the socialist regime and the reunification of Germany fateful hated concrete wall was almost completely dismantled, and now her remaining hundred-meter site on Kochstrasse Street is a major tourist attraction of the German capital.

If you are interested in old Berlin attractions which are reminiscent of recent history, you can visit the unusual museum "Checkpoint Charlie." The exposition brings tourists during the construction of the Berlin Wall, the existence of checkpoints section of the German people and involving a risk to the life of the inhabitants of the Soviet zone of attempts to cross the barrier. You can go down to the subway station "Kochstrasse" which in the old days was the focal place where spending subway train East and West Berlin, and carriages flew past her without stopping.

 Berlin and its attractions

The most interesting monuments in Berlin

Looking around the monuments of the city, it is impossible not to pay attention to the Reichstag - grayish one-storey building with a central dome and the side towers, was built in 1894 in neo-Renaissance style. In 1933, the building started with the infamous reign of Hitler, and in May 1945 with the hoisting of the Red Banner on the Reichstag mouthed thousands of bullets for millions of Soviet citizens over the Great Patriotic War.

Schloss Charlottenburg is a shining example of palaces, constructed in the era of the German emperors, and its baroque architecture impresses every tourist who decided to visit Berlin. Palace complex, the center of which stands the romantic tower and wings are characterized by symmetrical shape, was built for the wife of Emperor Frederick I - Sophie Charlotte.

Now Charlottenburg Castle is open for visitors, and tourists can see and private chambers of the German emperor, and the sumptuously decorated Reception Hall with numerous reliefs and niches, and the Porcelain Room, the walls of which exhibited a rich collection of Chinese porcelain.

In the heart of Berlin is a magnificent architectural monument - a massive Brandenburg Gate on Pariser Platz. They represent the twelve Doric columns arranged in pairs, which hoisted the portico, decorated with sculptural composition - Quadriga, a central element of which is a statue of the Goddess of the World.

 Berlin map of attractions

Museum Berlin - a perfect introduction to

Remember that Berlin and its attractions - it's not only the history of the recent past and the Renaissance to life masterpieces of architecture, but also many interesting museum collections. So, in the eastern part of the city is the Museum Island, formed by diverging in different directions sleeved local river Spree. This place is the best five of Berlin's museums, each of which has the richest collection of art. Thus, in the Pergamon Museum, which consists of three buildings, you can see the masterpieces of ancient heritage found in the excavations of the ancient Greek city-states and colonies. Here are the unique exhibits from the Near East, each of which has its own history as well as ancient Egyptian rarities.

It is impossible to ignore the building of the Old National Gallery, the food represented the immortal masterpieces of sculpture and painting of the XIX century, and among the exhibits you can see the amazing works of the French Impressionists, fresco work in the territory of Rome Nazarenes, as well as the creation of Caspar David Friedrich. Bode Museum, which opened in the romantic Museum Island until 2006, introduces visitors to the art of medieval Italy and the masterpieces of the Byzantine period.

On the island there is a lot of museums, cultural activities attract fans, and each traveler can decide for yourself with the historical heritage of any age to get acquainted in the first place - to walk in the halls of the Egyptian or the first to get acquainted with collections of contemporary art.

 Berlin and its attractions

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